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Chapter 238–The Troublesome Iron Winged Panther

    Chapter 238: The Troublesome Iron Winged Panther

    Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

    Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud, and crossed his legs. He swayed for a while, and said, “May I know which of your sisters is so deeply attached to me? Ha ha… I’m one of the most bitterly detested individuals of the Tian Xiang City. In fact, I fear that eight-of-ten people would agree with this statement. But someone being ‘deeply attached’ to me… this is the first time I’ve heard something like this… I’m quite interested in knowing people with such discerning eyesight.”

    Dugu Xiao Yi nervously looked at Sun Xiao Mei upon hearing this; her eyes seemed to be praying for her friend’s silence.

    “I talk of a person who used to be far away; beyond the horizon ” Sun Xiao Mei smiled mysteriously as she ignored Dugu Xiao Yi’s impleading glance, “but has appeared right under your nose now! Young Master Jun, you have even exchanged a token of affection with her! And yet you’re confused?”

    “Exchanged a token of affection?” Jun Mo Xie was aghast with shock. Then, he immediately recalled when Dugu Xiao Yi had given him her jade pendant. [Could it be that… oh god…]

    The Young Master Jun turned sharply to look at the shy and timid Dugu Xiao Yi. Her small head was facing downwards, and was withdrawn into her collar. It seemed that she wouldn’t lift it up again; come what may…

    Jun Mo Xie sighed deeply. What doubt would remain after taking all this into account…

    He hadn’t expected that this silly-little-girl would try to approach a marriage in such a dubious manner… The thought of this depressed him a little. However, he also felt a little proud of himself for reasons unknown — the ‘original’ Jun Mo Xie was regarded a scum, and a bully by everyone. Therefore, it was only natural that no one would form a favorable impression of him. On the other hand, the Hitman had only arrived in this world a very short while ago. However, he had already gotten a beautiful woman to fall for him. In fact, the seeds of affection had been rooted so deeply that she was already trying to set up their marriage… he naturally couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of himself…

    Dugu Xiao Yi started becoming increasingly bashful; so much so that her mind turned a bit hazy… [sister Sun is being so straightforward and loud about this. I could almost die of embarrassment…]

    Sun Xiao Mei was paying attention to every subtle change in Jun Mo Xie’s expression. Finally she spoke, “Now I understand. My younger sister — who detests and hates you to her bone — is reasonable in doing so since her opinion of you is justifiable. As for the opinion of my other younger sister — it seems that her affection for you may not be without reason either… ”

    “Miss Sun, this discussion has been awfully puzzling… I find myself in a state of complete confusion.” Jun Mo Xie made a dispirited gesture with his hands, “I still haven’t been able to understand your intention ”

    “You don’t understand… that’s good too! It would be quite unfortunate if you were clearly able to comprehend everything.” Sun Xiao Mei smiled faintly. She then unexpectedly looked at him in a pensive manner, “Third Young Master, you’re not a good man; or at least not what they call an ‘upright gentleman’! In fact, I’m still quite curious to know how many people you actually deem important.”

    The Hitman was terrified! He suddenly raised his head, and asked in a serious tone, “What did you say?”

    Had he underestimated this woman…

    “Arrogance! Disdain for all under heaven! This prominence of this character trait can be clearly gleaned from your eyes! Perhaps your eyes appear serene and calm to most people; so much so that you may be considered cool-headed and peaceful. However, they constantly reveal your arrogance in reality. In fact, your efforts to conceal it are useless in front of someone who understands this!”

    Sun Xiao Mei smiled gently, “Now I’ll tell you this… as a customary gift for our first meeting, okay? — It will bode well to rein-in your arrogance and act amicably; no matter how much money you have, or how arrogant you are… After all, now is not the time for you to be so hubristic.”

    She smiled sweetly after saying this. She then stood up and went over to Dugu Xiao Yi, and started caressing her beautiful hair as she warmly addressed her, “Little sister, your way of looking at things is good, but it’s such a pity… ”

    “But what’s a pity? Sister Sun?” Dugu Xiao Yi’s face couldn’t hold that bashful shade as she anxiously asked.

    “It is such a pity that you’re still very young.” Sun Xiao Mei replied with a smile. Her heart wanted to say more, but she suppressed those words nonetheless: [Such a man cannot be tamed by any woman. You will taste a lot of bitterness for this in the future, little sister…]

    [This woman is very difficult to deal with], Jun Mo Xie’s heart shivered with cold, [she can perceive even the minutest of changes, almost as if she has a sixth sense. Otherwise she would’ve never been able to recognize the pride I conceal…]

    [Surprisingly, this woman is quite talented.] Jun Mo Xie pondered for a while, and then smiled as a devilish thought suddenly came to his mind. [If she marries Tang Yuan… wouldn’t I also gain a capable helper?]

    Sun Xiao Mei finished speaking, and went over to Tang Yuan. Then, she suddenly kicked his plump buttocks: “Stop playing dead! Quickly get up and follow me to my house. My father wishes to meet you!”

    Tang Yuan jumped up wailing, and started massaging his posterior as he chided her angrily, “Crazy woman! Don’t come near me! Who’d want to return home with you!? Whatever… just leave me alone!”

    Sun Xiao Mei’s face was blank as she suddenly reached out and tightly grabbed Tang Yuan’s big-and-fleshy ear. Then, she forcefully dragged him by it and took him outside. Tang Yuan’s initial curses later turned to pleas for mercy; his beseeching continued to remain audible inside restaurant until they had gone so far that he couldn’t be heard anymore.

    At present, the only ones remaining in the hall were the Hitman — Jun Mo Xie — who was busy contemplating, and Dugu Xiao Yi — who still sitting giddy and red faced.

    Dugu Xiao Yi’s embarrassment was clearly visible on her face. She’s had always considered that woman to be quite clever. It was difficult for her to fathom why her elder sister would betray her like this since Sun Xiao Mei clearly knew about her feelings towards the man; [Speaking of it so bluntly in front of Jun Mo Xie was like leaving me to die of embarrassment…]

    Dugu Xiao Yi had become so self-conscious upon finding herself alone with Jun Mo Xie… that she wanted to stand up and run away! However, she would hate to leave at this point since she’d finally gotten to see him after facing a lot of difficulties. Moreover, it was difficult for her to foresee another chance of meeting him since her family was against this matter.

    [He’s just sitting there; frowning like a dumb-witted blockhead… I don’t even know what he’s thinking… he’s not even saying anything]

    It’s a pity this little girl was the last thing on the Young Master Jun’s mind. Right now, it was continuously reverberating with Sun Xiao Mei’s final statement, “It will bode well to rein-in your arrogance and act amicably; no matter how much money you have, or how arrogant you are… After all, now is not the time for you to be so hubristic.”

    This statement had sounded as deafening as the morning bell to Jun Mo Xie’s ears.

    The young master Jun had managed to learn some formidable laws after coming to this world, and effectively had a few supernatural techniques at his disposal. Moreover, the memories of his previous life’s skills were also intact. However, those memories weren’t alone to cross over to this world. The prideful, cruel and untamed soul of the ‘Evil Monarch’ had also followed…

    [There is no reason for me to not be arrogant. Why shouldn’t I be proud with so many of such high-level qualifications in my arsenal?]

    Whether it was this world’s Sky Xuan experts, Spirit Xuan experts or Great Masters — none held any importance in the Hitman’s eyes.

    In his opinion, this world’s inhabitants were second rate experts, and were nowhere near the ones he had come across in his previous life. As a result, he subconsciously acted arrogantly since he considered everyone beneath him!

    In addition to this, he didn’t give much importance to the concept of life or death. This obviously elevated in his arrogance to a more prominent position…

    Yet, Sun Xiao Mei had unintentionally pointed out his character’s greatest flaw in just a few words: Pride! Too much pride!

    If a commoner was allowed to have pride, then the Jun Family’s youngest heir was more than entitled to act arrogantly inside the Tian Xiang City; without anyone raising an eye. However, the Jun Family’s young dandy bore no qualifications which could justify his temperament in distant lands;

    Especially in these precarious times when he was involved with both, the Silver Blizzard City, and the Xue Hun Manor. The Jun Family’s young master was nothing for these two powerhouses. In fact, they could dispose him whenever-they-so-desired.

    It seemed the need-of-the-hour for him to better his attitude and rein-in the unnecessary arrogance.

    As he was thinking this, he heard Dugu Xiao Yi “humph”. She then shifted in her stool and changed its direction with her buttocks, before letting out another “humph”; and then continued with shifting the stool. She kept wiggling on her seat while changing its directions around the table. A dark expression was slowly spreading across her small and pretty face. Her small hands were incessantly rubbing Little White to no avail, which was left wailing miserably upon being so ‘rubbed’.

    “Is there a bug under your butt?” asked the bewildered Jun Mo Xie; [why is this girl constantly twisting her butt like there’s a maggot under it?]

    “There’s a bug under your ass!” Dugu Xiao Yi shouted back. “You don’t pay attention to me… you don’t speak to me, you… you… I hate you!” Dugu Xiao Yi retorted angrily. She whimpered and stamped her feet, for she felt more maligned with every passing minute; he had been ignoring her, and had hardly said a word to her… in-fact he had been giving her the cold shoulder ever since he had arrived!

    Jun Mo Xie was stunned, [why is this girl so angry?] He didn’t know how to confront this young miss’s temperament. At the end of his wits, Jun Mo Xie spoke somewhat impatiently, “You… ugh, stop shouting or I’ll leave!

    “You… ” Dugu Xiao Yi felt a burst of anger rising in her. She hurtfully looked at Jun Mo Xie for a while. Then, she bit her lip, controlled her rage, and said, “First, you cause me so much trouble… and now you want to leave?”

    “Trouble?” Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes, “When did I cause trouble for you?” [Aren’t you the one spurring all the trouble? Why are you reversing the facts?]

    “Just look at Little White! He… has turned my family upside down these last few days…” Dugu Xiao Yi bit her upper lip, “such a young level-eight iron winged panther is practically unheard of… and it suddenly showed up at my house! You think that’s not going to be problematic? Tsk, tsk, have you noticed the city’s situation lately? …and I’ve been carrying this around! My dad interrogated me… he almost hit me.”

    “Uh…” This was certainly troublesome but it couldn’t be helped. Regardless, Jun Mo Xie enquired further, “What did he say?”

    “After he got anxious, he said — you are asking me what the problem is? You came back holding that thing in your arms, and you’re still asking ‘me’ what the problem is? I’m completely confused! Why don’t I just cut you up, and send you to hell. Maybe you can then find his parents, and ask them what the problem is?!” Dugu Xiao Yi imitated Dugu Wudi perfectly, but couldn’t refrain from smiling thereafter.

    Jun Mo Xie was between laughter and tears.

    [I’ll cut you, and send you to hell so you can catch hold of its parents?] It was difficult to say how Dugu Wudi reached this conclusion. However, it was a good thing that the conviction of his argument made up for the lack of reason in his words…

    [He’s got some talents ah!]

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