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Chapter 243–Collision in front of the Aristocratic Hall

    Chapter 243: Collision in front of the Aristocratic Hall

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    An imposing bronze colored chariot was galloping at full speed. The four pairs of beastly war-horses which pulled it were level four Xuan Beasts. A tender and beautifully blooming golden mums flower adorned the carriage, and shone with an abnormal brilliance. Eight horsemen valiantly strode around the chariot on their imposing horses.

    The Murong family had arrived at last.

    On the face of it, it would appear that the Murong family could not compare to the Li Family in terms of power and influence. It couldn’t compare to the Jun and the Dugu Families either. In reality though, the Murong family was actually one of the most influential families inside Tian Xiang City. After all was said and done, it was the most ancient and the robust family. Moreover, it also has the most intimate relationship with the Imperial Family.

    Murong Family’s influence simply couldn’t be ignored.

    On top of that, the Murong Family was the only family which was related to the Imperial Family by the means of a marriage.

    None of the other noble families enjoyed this honor.

    It could be said that the Li Family was powerful enough to disrupt all levels of society. Moreover, Li You Ran was considered to be an outstanding youngster with a lot of impressive talent. However, even though he had set his heart to win over Princess Ling Meng three years ago, the Emperor had neither consented to this, nor given any opinion on it. The Jun Family was a family of martyrs, which had sacrificed many men to the service of the nation. The Grandfather Jun then had no choice but to lay down his self-respect in front of Tian Xiang Empire’s Emperor, to seek a relationship by marriage. This proposal was also tactfully declined. No one could trust that debauchee, even though the others were considered reliable. Therefore, if the Jun Family’s proposal to join the two Families by marriage was refused… then one could imagine how difficult it had to be.

    The Murong Family’s importance in the eyes of the Imperial Family was extremely difficult to replace.

    Some time ago, Murong Qian Jun had passed wrong information. This had created a huge commotion, and a big mishap had occurred wherein Jun Zhan Tian had brought about a purge in the capital city. By the end of it, he had massacred almost one-third of the Imperial Cabinet Ministers in that purge. There is no need to say that if it had been anyone else, they would have been executed ten thousand times over this matter. However, Murong Qian Jun was simply removed from his post to never be hired again.

    Nothing more.

    This clearly showed how close the Murong Family and the Imperial Family were, and how big an influence the Murong Family had on the latter. Therefore, how could anyone ever look down upon their power and influence?

    The carriage suddenly came to a stop. The eight horsemen jumped down from their steeds with a loud thud. Amongst these, the guard in the lead turned a handle and set the carriage free of its horses. Then, he swiftly moved on to the ornamented door and opened it. He then stood up straight like a ramrod, holding the door open with one hand.

    A short while later, a tall and handsome youngster walked out from within with a straight posture. It was none other than Murong Qian Jun. Then a pair of tender feet stretched from the door, marking the arrival of a young lady, clad in splendid bright yellow clothes. Her face refleacted arrogance as she leisurely got down from the carriage. Soon after, an old man appeared. He coughed and trembled as he got down from the carriage, with two men supporting his frame from underneath.

    The bystanders inhaled a breath of cold air.

    The Murong Family was worthy of the Aristocratic Hall in every sense of the word.

    The grand Murong Family had surprisingly sent their second in command, who was the old master Murong Fēng Yún’s younger brother, Murong Feng Yu.

    Perhaps, their reputation was even a match to the Jun Family, the Tang Family, and even the Prince Equivalent.

    Murong Qian Jun and the young maiden dressed in yellow supported Murong Feng Yu as they started to walk inside.

    “Murong Family? It’s quite extraordinary, right? But they are very arrogant!” suddenly, a cold taunt was heard, which was accompanied by a peculiar sneer. Every person of the Murong Family stiffened, and many of their men placed their hands on the hilts of their swords. All of them looked angry. Who in Tian Xiang City had dared to mock the Murong Family? Especially at a time when some of their leading members were present? Weren’t they afraid for their lives?

    This had never happened before.

    On turning to see who it was, their gazes fell upon two middle aged people wearing white clothes and cold expressions. One of them had an angry look spread across his face. His snow white gown had been bathed in the mud and dirt. A beautiful young lady stood beside him.

    It was Xiao Han’s three-man party!

    Those without power simply aren’t capable of doing the unprecedented. However, what if the inciter was more than a mortal?

    The Silver Blizzard City was simply too high to reach in the eyes of a worldly family.

    Xiao Han had been feeling that everything was going against him lately, which had left him feeling very gloomy of late.

    He had become quite sullen since his arrival at Tian Xiang City. Previously, he had walked over to the Jun Family to insult his rival over his disability, but hadn’t expected the younger generation of the family to make him look like fool and hurt him. Moreover, Mu Xue Tong had added more insult to his injury by beating him up further. However, what had made him really furious was when Han Yan Yao actually sent a gift to Jun Wu Yi in secrecy. He simply couldn’t bear the flame of jealousy.

    After that, his own nephew was seriously beaten-up by a mysterious master, shortly after the boy’s arrival in the Tian Xiang City. Fortunately, the boy’s recovery was not an issue after he had been diagnosed and treated using some of the best medicines available. However, this only meant that he had failed to take proper care of his nephew.

    Then he heard the news that the Jun Family’s cripple had unexpectedly recovered fully from his affliction.

    This eventually pushed Xiao Han to his breaking point.

    Right now, three families had joined hands to open the Aristocratic Hall right opposite the Magnificent Jewel Hall. They were obviously trying to compete with the Magnificent Hall. However, the part most unbearable for him was that… one of the members in this ‘three family alliance’ was the Jun Family.

    He could not tolerate this.

    Then, he had strived hard to find his place as the Magnificent Jewel Hall’s representative for this event. His mental status had improved after he had managed to oust Mu Xue Tong’s strong opposition to the same. However, then a carriage had splashed mud across his entire body just as he was walking over to the Aristocratic Hall’s doorstep.

    Could he really have no respite in life? He was almost on the verge of exploding to death because of the anger he felt.

    He rained curses unrestrained as he smashed his heel into the ground. The impact of his stomp was so forceful that he dislocated his own heel. Such was Xiao Han’s present mental anguish.

    The anger in Xiao Han’s heart kept increasing, and it soon spread to his guts as he looked fiercely at the Murong Family members who had just gotten off the carriage. Anyone could tell that his stare was deliberately meant to provoke them, since his eyes had no trace of benevolence.

    On one side was Xiao Han, who was obviously not in a jolly mood, while on the other was Murong Qian Jun, who was as angry as the former. After all, someone had insulted them in front of the entire Tian Xiang City. He lifted his leg to rush over, “You, you really wish to court death so early in the morning!”

    This youngster had been faced with several adversities of his own. His pursuit of Princess Ling Meng had been largely unsuccessful. Moreover, he had been relieved of his duties at the Imperial Palace after he had spread that incorrect message. Hence, it was rather obvious that he was also quite frustrated with his life, and was just looking for someone to vent it all out on.

    The old man Murong Feng Yu used one hand to cover his coughing mouth as he pulled the youngster back with his other hand.

    Murong Feng Yu’s movements were not at all quick, and seemed exasperatingly slow. However, he outstretched his hand just in time to block the ‘dashing’ Murong Qian Jun’s path.

    Murong Feng Yu was quite experienced, and his eyes could make out that Xiao Han and the others in his company were of extraordinary origins. He had been able to decipher all that from just the curses this man had thrown at his family. Moreover, seeing that the three of them were clothed in pure white and had walked out from the Magnificent Jewel Hall, he had managed to guess the opposite party’s origins.

    “What did you say, you little bastard?” Xiao Han’s murderous mood violently flashed on his face.

    Xiao Han hailed from the Silver City, and was wearing the formal dress of a member of the younger generation. Having any other color upon one’s dressing was tabooed in the Silver Blizzard City. This youngster had sinned by coloring his robes in a different color; something they would only do when in mourning. Not just Xiao Han, but anyone from the Silver Blizzard City would’ve been angered by this.

    “Ke ke ke, this youngster is truly rude and rotten. He would like to apologize to you, Mr.,” Murong Feng Yu’s vision seemed blurred as he looked at Xiao Han. The thick skinned person appeared quite sincere, while his smile resembled half a mums’ flower, whose petals had blown away in the wind and rain. “Just by looking at Mr.’s dress, one can see that he is actually an outstanding hero of the number one secret powerhouse of this world - the Silver Blizzard City. How does one address the unknown Mr.? And how is the Xiao Family’s Xiao Bu Yu?”

    Xiao Han’s body shook a little as he became even more depressed.

    This old man was too crafty. He had first compensated for his loss by apologizing, and then he had brought Xiao Bu Yu into the discussion. In this way, he had faintly pointed out that he knew the man while reasserting his old age at the same time. This rendered the man from the younger generation of the Xiao Family incapable of venting out his anger.

    Xiao Bu Yu was world famous, therefore there was always a possibility that the man could be lying. However, this was the Murong Family’s second-in-command. Moreover, he had stated this in front of many people, and so it was quite improbable that he woul be claiming a fake relationship.

    Xiao Han looked towards the old man and somehow controlled his anger, “The Xiao elder is indebted for your concern.”

    “He he, we aren’t strangers. There is no need to speak in such a polite manner,” Murong Feng Yu narrowed his eyes and lowered his stance, “We were wrong in the matter which had just occurred, and my Murong Family will confess properly to you. In return we hope that you will show us kindness.”

    Xiao Han groaned heavily, “There is no need for this!”

    Murong Feng Yu relaxed a bit as he knew that the matter had now been resolved. He opened his eyes and glanced at the Murong Qian Jun ferociously. He then immediately looked at Murong Qian Jun, who was staring at him blankly. Then, his gaze fell upon the beautiful young maiden standing next to Xiao Han; she appeared as beautiful as a flower which had managed to bloom even in the icebergs.

    He couldn’t help but contemplate in his mind, [If Qian Jun can woo this girl… won’t I then be able to pull my Family into a relationship with the Silver Blizzard City? However, this matter… I must take proper time to decide. This young lady is just a piece of swan-meat to my Murong Family, no matter what position she holds in the Silver Blizzard City.]

    At this point, the sound of several horse hooves could be heard in the distance. This was soon followed by the arrival of many ranks of troops. These were in fact the three princes’. However, riding in front of them was the carriage of Princess Ling Meng.

    There wasn’t enough time for Murong Feng Yu to properly exchange his greetings. Therefore, he hastily greeted Xiao Han and then walked inside, with the support of the people he had brought along.

    At this moment the sound of another chariot was heard coming from a different street. This carriage belonged to the prince equivalent, and had arrived at the same time. These highly placed personalities had arrived at the last minute, and all at the same time. Their arrival had been skillfully timed.

    Princess Ling Meng sat inside her carriage, with burdened thoughts plaguing her mind.

    She had not wanted to come today. It was neither her hobby, nor did she like keeping up false appearances. However, her father, the Emperor, had decided that he wanted to look around and had requested that she come here immediately. Then he and Mr. Wen had disguised themselves, and had followed her to this gathering.

    Left with no other option, Princess Ling Meng had to comply. Yet she did not know what her father was planning. He had kept ordering her carriage to stop and then proceed for the entire journey, forcing the three carriages carrying her elder brothers to do the same in the back. It had almost seemed as if he was intentionally trying to manufacture trouble for the three sons by forcing their carriages to collide on the broad road.

    As a result, the Princess hadn’t found any peace over the course of the entire journey.

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