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Chapter 244–Young Master Jun’s Rogue Tricks

    Chapter 244: Young Master Jun’s Rogue Tricks

    Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

    The fact was that the Princess Ling Meg hadn’t anticipated that the three princes would follow the Emperor. Shockingly, their carriages had travelled on the road side-by-side and had kept bashing sideways into each other. Luckily, this street was wide enough to accommodate them. Otherwise, perhaps even the houses on the side would have been affected by the three, and would have collapsed.

    [I still don’t know what father aims to achieve by this plan of his. Could it be that he is not satisfied with the usual infighting, or does not consider it fierce enough? Would he have those three compete, expose their weaknesses, and humiliate themselves in front of everyone? With my three elder brothers’ current behavior, this is not entirely impossible!]

    However, the scene that the Princess Ling Meng had just imagined would not come true.

    Because the carriages of the three princes had managed to battle their way into getting cramped, they had also managed to reach their destination at the same time, without anyone falling behind the other. As a result, the tension between them had quickly eased. The street where the Magnificent Jewel Hall and the Aristocratic hall were located was very wide. However, it still had its limitations and the three Princes’ convoy ended up cramming the street to its very limits. In fact, their carriages ended up crashing into each other on the sides.

    Though this wasn’t a very opportune thing, fortunately there was another carriage which lacked timing. This carriage belonged to the Prince Equivalent.

    There were five royal carriages present, with four of them crammed up together and knocking against each other, [I’m afraid that it is very difficult to avoid a problematic situation in such circumstances. Is all this really accidental? Or is it intentional?]

    This situation made Princess Ling Meng somewhat dizzy. The only thing worth celebrating here was that the Emperor’s brother, in the end, was also a part of the Imperial Family. Since he was one of their own, if her three elder brothers agreed to yield even a little bit, she was convinced that mediating this matter would not be too difficult.

    Several youngsters clad in white with the responsibility to welcome the guests, came out from the Aristocratic Hall. However, they were left staring foolishly at the situation. The street where the Magnificent Jewel Hall and the Aristocratic Hall were located was considered the best location within the Tian Xiang City; it was widest street in the city. In fact, this street was actually capable of accommodating three carriages at once without them crashing into each other. Needless to say, a pile-up such as this had never occurred before here.

    Moreover, because the Magnificent Jewel Hall was also present on this street, no event had ever escalated to a situation like this. People who were eligible to come here usually knew the origins of the Magnificent Jewel Hall. No one was foolish enough to cause trouble on this street.

    However, at present…

    The carriage from the Prince Equivalent’s carriage was the first to stop. Two white clothed maidservants uncovered the carriage’s curtain screen. A child stepped down from the carriage with support. The child was the Equality Prince’s son; he was the same boy who Jun Mo Xie had jokingly dubbed ‘Adorable little sister’ — Yang Mo.

    Princess Ling Meng moved aside in order to make way for the Equality Prince. He was a member of her own family. Moreover, excluding her father, he was the only other patriarch of the royal family in his generation. Even though her father was aboard her carriage at that moment, she still moved aside. Not to mention, she was also very fond of her little cousin. On top of that, the Equality Prince was also one of the owners of the Aristocratic Hall. Therefore, it was only proper for her to allow him to proceed inside first.

    However, the situation with the convoys of the three princes was still the same. They were still battling it out with each other to arrive first, and things only got worse as they made their way towards the gate. This caused a rather noisy ruckus.

    In the midst of the Princes’ group, there was a black robed person whose cold eyes watched the three princes’ convoys attentively. He observed the activity in and around each of the three carriages. However, he did not say a single word throughout, though his eyes were as sharp as a knife.

    By now, Jun Mo Xie had already received information about all of this. Faced with such an embarrassing situation, he could not help but rush out.

    Young Master Jun incessantly cursed in rage, [You three brothers cannot distinguish good from bad? Looks like your commotions are going to create a lot of trouble for me! If I had known earlier, I would have sent the invitation to only one of you to avoid all this annoyance.]

    [This is an important moment and I still have a lot of work to finish. I have painstakingly managed this huge place for the auction. Do you think this is a joke? Be good you three dirty things; I don’t have time to play with you!]

    Fatty Tang and Song Shang were the main hosts of the auction. They obviously could not come out. Even if they did, it was not certain that they were capable of handling such a situation. After all, the status of these three people was just too high. Because of that, they simply could not use force to handle this predicament. Admittedly, Jun Wu Yi, the Third Master of the Jun Family could handle this. However, if Jun Wu Yi appeared personally, it was possible that he would get involved in the rivalry of these princes. That really wouldn’t be of much help. Therefore, he would be an inappropriate choice for now.

    As for the other candidate…

    General Dugu Wudi could also possibly come out and roar at these three. Most likely, he would be impartial as well. The three Princes were too high to reach in other people’s eyes; nevertheless they did not hold any importance in the general’s. However, these three were Jun Mo Xie’s guests. Drawing support from external sources wouldn’t be pleasant.

    Besides, Jun Mo Xie figured that even if he won that bet, he wouldn’t have the nerve to accept General Dugu’s compensation if he were to truly exploit the man’s power to settle this dispute. [Other people had helped you solve this problem.] Therefore, the Great General Dugu Wudi was out of the question.

    It could be then assumed that Jun Mo Xie was the only remaining candidate. However, even though Jun Mo Xie’s status was still far below the three Princes, he still had to handle this matter. Hence, using the Jun Family’s renowned Debauchee’s reputation, which continued to devolve into that of a hoodlum and a rogue, was no doubt an effective strategy. Therefore, after receiving the information, Jun Wu Yi and Tang Yuan immediately looked at the Young Master Jun’s face.

    “Mo Xie, it is important that this matter is settled. It will require some rogue-like means. Hence, only you are qualified to handle this,” Jun Wu Yi had said.

    [What manner of calling me out is this? Why is it necessary to compare me to a rogue or a scoundrel?] Young Master Jun became gloomy.

    “Boss, as they say, it takes an evil to deal with an evil. Your personal involvement would be the best option,” Tang Yuan patted as he flattered him.

    Fatty’s flattery left the Young Master Jun raging in anger, [it takes an evil to deal with evil? How am I an evil person?]

    These derogatory words of flattery made the Jun Family’s Young Master curse, [Motherf**ker!]

    [What did he say? Do you really think I’m that evil? This is really ridiculous!]

    However, a problem of this level could only be solved by someone very able.

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie hurried to the scene where all the noise was arising from.

    However, before he could reach his designated destination, he ran into Xiao Han, Mu Xue Tong and Han Yan Yao’s younger sister. A high-ranking member of the Murong Family was also accompanying them.

    Mu Xue Tong smiled slightly and nodded, whereas Xiao Han snorted at him coldly. He then arrogantly raised his head and pretended not to notice Jun Mo Xie. Only the little girl looked at Jun Mo Xie directly in the face, and then caught the lapel of his jacket. She pouted her mouth as she glared at him and said, “Jun Family’s youngster, greet your young aunt and she will be good to you.”

    Jun Mo Xie was not in a good mood at the time. Hence, he rolled his eyes and replied, “I have already told you that your elder sister and my third uncle aren’t married yet. Moreover, all we can consider right now is that they have only shown their intention to marry. So can you please shut your little mouth? Oh, you know something young aunt? Looking at you, your chest is as flat as a slab; your waist and your butt are not at all curved; looking at your hair, it seems you are yet to shed your feathers; even the smell of breast milk is yet to wear off from you. Yet you are under this delusion that you are of from this man’s elder generation? You first wait for yourself to properly develop into an adult before talking to me and pretending to be of my older generation.”

    Jun Mo Xie had spoken these words out of sheer irritation. In reality, he had been given no reason to talk like that.

    The growth period in girls starts earlier than in boys. Even though Han Yan Yao’s little sister was fifteen and a half years old, her figure hadn’t yet fully matured. However, it could be said that it was beginning to show promise. If she were compared to Dugu Xiao Yi, she wouldn’t come out lacking in any aspect. Therefore, in no way was the Jun Family’s Young Master accurate when he called her figure ‘as flat as a slab’.

    “You… You,” Han Yan Yao’s sister heard the Young Master Jun’s senseless taunt, and stamped her foot. She could not help feeling a mixture of shame and anger. She angrily stamped her small foot on the ground once again, as her pretty and petite face turned red. Then suddenly, her eyes changed their direction and she said in a careful manner, “I don’t care. However, you look like you’re in a bit of a hurry. So I will not let you pass until you call me ‘young aunt’. Do whatever you want! In any case, I’m not worried,” Her tiny hand tightened its grasp on the lapel of his jacket.

    Her status was quite high in the Silver Blizzard City even though she was the youngest. However, her status didn’t matter because every other individual in the city was of an older generation. Naturally, she had to address them as such - ‘teacher, master, uncle, great uncle, grandfather, great ancestor’. Moreover, since she was the youngest in her Family, she even had to address the people from her own generation as ‘Elder Sister’ or ‘Elder Brother’.

    Ever since she had come to Tian Xian City and had met the Jun Family’s youngest son, she had wanted the little devil to show her some respect. Especially when she realized that if her elder sister married his uncle, Jun Mo Xie would surprisingly be considered to be of a younger generation than her. That was indeed a joyous occasion for her. It was like she had found a treasure in a place where she had least expected it. How could she let him off so easily? She would naturally pester him, and fight tooth-and-nail for the honor of being called ‘young aunt’.

    “Hey… ” Jun Mo Xie could listen to the sounds coming from outside, and they were getting louder and louder with every passing moment. Therefore, he suddenly stomped, “Well, I’m afraid to inform that calling you that is absolutely out of the question. Young… pig! Is young pig fine?”

    He had sounded a bit vague, and had said these words very softly. Hence, the little girl wasn’t able to listen to it properly. Even though it had seemed somewhat fishy to her, she had still thought he had just called her ‘young aunt’. Pleased with herself, she raised her little chin, puffed-up her small chest, and released her grip on Jun Mo Xie’s jacket as she waved her hand and said, “Go, well behaved child. But on one condition — in the future, you will say ‘young aunt’ before you say my name, and this young aunt will protect you.”

    It was as if Jun Mo Xie had deceived his way into getting an Imperial Pardon. He disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

    “Oh, he just now called me young aunt… why doesn’t it seem right?” The young woman suddenly came to herself.

    “He called you ‘young pig’ when he was supposed to call you ‘young aunt’,” Murong Qian Jun had been seeking to woo Princess Ling Meng, and Jun Mo Xie had been a tough opponent. Moreover, this young woman was also quite beautiful. Hence, he immediately resorted to making things worse for Jun Mo Xie, in the hope of winning a favor with this young maiden.

    Han Yan Meng’s mouth resembled a tea-pot as she pouted. She turned around with great regret in her heart, only to see Jun Mo Xie’s back in the distance. She clenched her tiny fists.

    “Get lost you B*tch!”

    Xiao Han and Mu Xue Tong fiercely glared at the same time, “Shut up!”

    Both men from the Silver City had a blank expression on their faces. They had both been sensible in staying out of each other’s way since they never agreed on anything. However, it appeared that for the first time in their lives, two mouths had spoken the same thing. They looked at each other at the same time, snorted at the same time, and then turned their heads away from each other… at the same time.

    Mu Rong Qian Jun suddenly silenced his mouth in fear.

    Xiao Han obviously loathed Murong Qian Jun. Just by looking at Xiao Han’s face, one could discern that he really wanted to beat the kid up. What enraged him even more was that Han Yan Meng was the object of his nephew’s affection, and had already been approved by the Xiao family as a suitable daughter-in-law. He obviously couldn’t allow this to happen in front of his own eyes. [You, a junior generation member of the insignificant Murong Family, intend to make such a move? Do you believe that a toad can eat a swan’s meat? You truly overestimate your capabilities.]

    As for Mu Xue Tong, kicking someone when they were down was a reprehensible act. Therefore, he naturally did not look too kindly upon Murong Qian Jun.

    By the time Jun Mo Xie got there, the Third prince was already with the Prince Equivalent’s son Yang Mo. In fact, he had already started causing more trouble.

    The adorable little Yang Mo had passed through here several times with Jun Mo Xie. Surprisingly, he was usually quite happy to see this pain in the ass, hoodlum and a complete scoundrel and debauchee for an elder brother. He enthusiastically got down from his carriage and ran towards the Aristocratic Hall. This whole area was quite familiar to him because he had come here quite a few times before.

    The first and the second prince were still inside their respective carriages, since they were still trying to maintain a ‘this isn’t very important’ aura about themselves. However, the Third Prince was quite unhappy. Previously, he had tried to cram in with his two brothers and was barely able to. Even his strength was the weakest among the three brothers, and once again it seemed that all the bad luck had gathered in one place for him. He had tried his hardest to squeeze in with the two, but had still found himself falling behind. This obviously made his mood very gloomy. Though, at this moment, he viewed himself as a Prince, and felt that he could still not go in. However, Yang Mo, the little child had overtaken all three of the Princes, and had entered before them — what honor would they be left with now?

    He had completely taken this kid for granted. However, he had forgotten that the Prince Equivalent’s family owned a third of the Aristocratic Hall.

    “Isn’t that younger cousin Mo? Don’t you know that you are to greet your elder cousin when you see him? How is it that the older you grow, the more you forget your manners? You belong to the royal family. Don’t you have enough etiquette to not run around and bump into people? The people from the Prince Equivalent’s family are all quite rude. Don’t they even know how to wait upon their lords?” The Third Prince’s figure was somewhat thin, and his face a bit pale. His voice sounded rather gentle as he got out from his carriage. He stationed himself at a higher ground as he wantonly scolded his cousin, [At least one individual will not leave me behind.]

    “Oh… Third Prince… greetings,” Yang Mo glanced at him timidly. Yang Mo was unable to say this but he really loathed this ‘elder cousin’ of a third prince.

    “What about the Third Prince? The First and the Second Prince are also waiting over there, and you have not said a word to them. Your etiquettes are horrible! Do you think everyone else is beneath you? Could it be that you have never learned manners? Hmm?” The Third Prince looked down at Yang Mo arrogantly; he was finally enjoying himself since he could vent out his frustration.

    He knew that Yang Mo was naturally not to blame. It was just that he wanted an individual with enough status, on whom he could vent out his feelings and deliver himself of this frustration. Yang Mo was very young but his status was quite high. Moreover, this kid had a very soft personality, which made him a perfect target. On top of that, although the Prince Equivalent had a lot of power and was his senior, he was still living a simple life and had never shown any interest in matters of royalty. It could be even said that his influence in the imperial court was minimal. Therefore, the Third Prince wantonly humiliated the little Yang Mo, who was standing in front of him without any misgivings. In fact, he didn’t even bother about the fact that this child had the same family name as him.

    Inside Princess Ling Meng’s caravan, the black gowned man’s expression became gloomier and gloomier as he saw all this.

    Yang Mo was just a child of ten. How could he endure such a hateful manner of criticism? Moreover, even the kid knew that it was not his fault. Therefore, he naturally felt wronged. Because of that, the rim of his eyes started to get red as tears started accumulating in them. Soon, the corners of his mouth started to twitch, and it seemed like he was about to cry.

    “That’s enough, Third Brother! The child is not saying anything, so why are you scaring him?” Princess Ling Meng could not bear looking at it anymore. In fact, she was just about to run out of her carriage and towards them to ease her anxiety further. However, just then, the calm and collected black clad man behind her pulled her back.

    “Boy? This boy does not understand etiquettes at all. We are members of the Imperial Family. We are the nobility of Tian Xiang City. So how can you compare him to a common child? I am just educating him, because it is important for him to understand how to greet with courtesy. Later on, when he starts handling matters himself, he shouldn’t behave poorly. He should not bring disgrace to the royal family’s reputation!”

    The corners of the Third Prince’s mouth rose as he smiled coldly. He did not give any importance to his own younger sister, or took her seriously.

    “Oh… oh… oh… isn’t that the Third Prince? Very huge drop in etiquette! In fact, a huge drop in character! How come you are just standing at the door and not coming in? Won’t this result in my Jun Family, the Tang Family and the Prince Equivalent losing face?”

    They all heard an eccentric voice as Jun Mo Xie stepped out. His eyebrows were slanted, and there was a devious look in his eyes. He took a few steps forward arrogantly, swaying with each step, and stationed himself in front of Yang Mo. Then with one foot forward and the other one behind it, he twisted his waist in the opposite direction and poised his body in an inclined and excellent looking posture.

    His hand brushed in the air as he drew out a golden fan. It was late autumn at present, and the extreme heat had all but disappeared. In fact, it could even be said that it had already become a bit cold. Yet, here Jun Mo Xie was leisurely shaking his fan in an elegant demeanor. This clearly belied his lack of morality. Anyone who looked at him couldn’t help but feel like getting mad at him.

    “Third Master Jun, this Prince is teaching his younger sibling a lesson. This matter does not concern you,” The Third Prince despised this debauchee. In his eyes, this youngster was nothing more than a leech that was sucking up to his parent’s deeds - in other words, a complete waste.

    “How can you say this matter does not concern me? Third Majesty, you have just intercepted the third great boss of our Aristocratic Hall and are preaching to him endlessly. This is directly resulting in our auction getting delayed. So how does this matter not concern me? Is such a thing reasonable anywhere under the sun?”

    Jun Mo Xie looked at his face. In the eyes of the Young Master Jun, this person was someone who could only depend on people from his father’s generation. In fact, this man was unlikely to survive if he were left to his own measures. Moreover, what made him even more useless was the fact that he was ambitious, even though he did not even have the least bit of talent.

    Jun Mo Xie pretended a loft and ambitious demeanor with a straight chest. His body was swaying a bit, and it seemed that he was unable to stand steadily as he continued, “This small matter relates to my Aristocratic Hall earning some shining white money and glistening yellow gold. In fact, this is important matter because when we make money, we pay taxes to the country. If you obstruct it, then you will obstruct our country’s taxes. If you obstruct those taxes, it will influence an important means of people’s livelihood! Are you trying to revolt to the system?”

    As the Young Master Jun’s mouth danced, his saliva sprinkled everywhere — some of it even made its way to the Third Prince’s clothing, including the hat that was fastened to his head.

    The Third Prince trembled with anger, “What nefarious nonsense are you talking Jun Mo Xie? You really think I’d want a revolt?”

    Jun Mo Xie looked contemptuously, “Have you finally let down the people of Tian Xiang City? The common people of this country provide you with a life of luxury, one of high position and great wealth, of ruling status and powerful senior positions… and yet you still want a revolt! You… You… You… why? Don’t you have any humanity?”

    Jun Mo Xie appeared to be brimming with grief and indignation, “You were born into the Imperial Family. In fact, you are one of the three magnificent Princes, and yet you are unsatisfied? Don’t tell me that you have determined to set brothers against each other? Just so that you can climb up and attain the senior most position? Are you willing to give up on family for that? Could it be that the Imperial Family is not your flesh and blood?”

    The Third Prince felt very foolish, [This idiot is speaking non-stop of hatred and bitter hardship. He is blaming me in indignation, while the words he says about me are enough to show that he has a heart of cruel and unscrupulous intentions. Moreover, if I continue to let Jun Mo Xie speak, I do not know what he’ll say next. In fact, thanking everyone under the sun wouldn’t be enough if I live through this.]

    [This idiot doesn’t even know what topics are a taboo… how dare he say such things? You are a spendthrift and a debauchee who doesn’t know that these topics are to be avoided! And you think I’m the same as you?]

    Suddenly, the Third Prince started to feel ashamed, as it was his faction which would lose out now. What’s worse was that if a resolute person delivered the news of this to father’s ears…

    The Third Prince hurriedly stepped back as he firmly covered his mouth. The voice that came out from it was almost pleading in nature, “Young Master Jun… You… You… don’t say such things! You… You… You… I’ll die… maybe I made a mistake… I will not obstruct you ”

    The corner of Jun Mo Xie’s mouth rose as his appearance became tranquil. Then he groaned once, and his expression immediately became as radiant, “Woah! It is seldom that the Third Prince and Princess Ling Meng both honor my rustic hall with their presence. Wow, haha, the Aristocratic Hall and I are indeed very overwhelmed by your kindness. Please come in, do come in!” Then turning around, he roared, “What are you all doing? The Third Prince has been waiting for such a long time, and none of you have greeted him, or invited him in! I’m getting really angry! You’ve neglected His Majesty! This is a serious accusation. Who was managing this? I’ll personally escort His Majesty and the Princess inside the hall!”

    [Huh? Escort them into the hall.]

    Everyone had a strange expression on their faces. [He wants to escort the Third Prince and the Princess into the hall?]

    [Do you really think that the Princess and the Princes actually need an invitation to enter? That’s just what you think. This trip has really been worth it. Now, I’ve seen everything.]

    There were people standing in all directions. Even though they had all witnessed his actions, not many saw their true nature.

    For example…

    “What’s happening?” The First Prince asked his men with a gloomy expression.

    “It’s quite difficult to say!” an individual with a goat like mustache replied, “This Young Master Jun is very arrogant. It seems that he is quite keen on keeping with the rumors about him. He is certainly an ignorant and thoughtless individual. But nevertheless, the outcome of today’s incident was certainly quite clever. If Your Majesty is unable to get a grasp on what is happening and wishes to incorporate that man into his own side, I suggest he should observe this man carefully.” Everyone else sitting beside him nodded in agreement.

    “Hmm, this fellow is not what I expected him to be. I believed that he wouldn’t able to deal with the problem. In fact, I had merely laughed him off as a joke. However, that drama has certainly stayed on mind,” The Eldest Prince nodded and smiled, “However, this sort of rogue methods always give me a headache. Do you think it’s really worthwhile to observe him carefully? Ha Ha… ”

    They smiled together.

    As for another example…

    “This rogue conduct makes me feel extremely sick, just like it did in the past!” The Second Prince observed Jun Mo Xie from afar, while making no effort to conceal the look of disgust in his eyes.

    Cheng De Cao also gnashed his teeth said, “Such scums are a disgrace on the face of earth! This Young Master of the Jun Family is simply unbearable. It if weren’t for his Family’s name, I would have killed him a long time ago!” His eyes flashed coldly at that moment. [Jun Mo Xie, I have already arrived, and I see that you still act as arrogantly even after all these days. I will pay you back in double for last time’s humiliation. I await your death!]

    Beside him, the white bearded Fang Bo Wen looked on in contemplation and then said slowly, “Today’s matter is quite strange.” He shook his head after contemplating a bit more, “Very Strange!”

    The black robed man behind Princess Ling Meng spoke quickly, in a low voice, “This is the rumored Third Young Master of the Jun Family? Jun Mo Xie? He seems childish even at this age, even though he isn’t in reality. He is indeed a very interesting youngster.”

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