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Chapter 245–I Just Like to Bully You

    Chapter 245: I Just Like to Bully You

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    “Who? That Debauchee? He’s interesting? This person’s appearance is interestingly loathsome. The man is vile, arrogant and lacks grace. He lacks even the least bit of quality. Just looking at that man makes me sick!” Princess Ling Meng was seething with anger when she saw Jun Mo Xie. There were other things in her heart which she didn’t dare to speak, [I don’t know what Xiao Yi sees in that rogue of a man.]

    The Princess knew these words would be harmful, since her father always avoided delving into such things. Therefore, she did not dare to speak these words out loud.

    “Everyone has their own way of looking at things,” the black clothed person said in a profound manner. However, it didn’t seem to be in the pretext of the Princess’ argument. He continued to watch Jun Mo Xie’s back in mediation.

    [Jun Zhan Tian’s grandson is really not that simple. My youngest son had needlessly picked a fight. However, this boy dealt with the whole incident in a short period of time with just a few words. He made the problem vanish with just a light strike from the opposite side of the spear. His method was indeed dishonorable, but it was also the quickest and the most efficient one.]

    [Moreover, no matter what method one employs, it is a good method if it deals with the problem quickly. It wouldn’t have been possible to resolve the situation if he were to blindly argue like my son. As his father, how could I not be aware of my own son’s nature? It was wrong that he was born in the Imperial Family. It was wrong that he got the status of a prince. In fact, he is the sort of person who will rely on his parents’ achievements, and eat his own if required. He is a useless man who doesn’t have any talents.]

    [It doesn’t matter what kind of a method it was. As long as it was quick and effective, it was a good method. Jun Mo Xie had clearly adopted the best method available.]

    [The rumor about the debauchee has not lived up to its hype. He doesn’t seem to live up to his rumored name in reality ah…]

    The black gowned man frowned thoughtfully, as he didn’t know what to believe.

    Jun Mo Xie started to politely greet the guests from the Imperial Family one by one, and then accompanied them into the Aristocratic Hall. However, each invitee could only take two more individuals with them, while the rest of their entourage had to remain outside.

    However, the Second Prince insisted on taking three other individuals inside, when it was his time to enter. Jun Mo Xie saw the three people who were accompanying the Prince, and noticed that the first man was actually a repository of wisdom for the Second Prince. Therefore, he obviously had to allow the man to follow the Prince inside. The second person was a pretty and frail looking lady who looked quite hateful towards the Young Master Jun. She was the Second Prince’s acquaintance, lady Yue Er from the Ni Chang Pavilion on the spirit fog lake. She had often proclaimed that she was purchased for her skill in music, and not for prostitution. It was not at all surprising that he had to allow the Second Prince’s close female confidant to go inside.

    Then there was Cheng De Cao…

    Young master Jun raised his hand without a trace of politeness, and obstructed Cheng De Cao’s entry as he said, “I’m sorry, each card permits the entry of only three people. This also includes the distinguished guest himself. I’m afraid that I cannot let you enter, as the Second Prince already has two other people accompanying him. However, we offer refreshments to those waiting outside.”

    “Why can’t I go in?” Cheng De Cao glared as if he was just about ready to devour Jun Mo Xie. [This guy has not stopped anyone else from entering. What’s the meaning of acting biased against me alone? Is he looking down on me?

    The Second Prince had already gone ahead with the other two. However, he turned around at this moment, and glared at the scene. The Second Prince could not abandon Cheng De Cao, because he needed people of such influence with him in order to succeed. Therefore, lacking a better option, he braced himself and entered because he believed that his identity as a prince would come to his aid. Many people had turned a blind eye to such things in the past because of his status. However, he had been unable to anticipate the extent of Jun Mo Xie’s shamelessness and ability to create trouble. The audacity Young Master Jun was capable of demonstrating was more than enough to damage the Prince’s reputation.

    If it were someone else in this man’s place, Jun Mo Xie may have actually turned a blind eye and allowed the said individual to slip by. However, this was Cheng De Cao… a man he would simply not help.

    [Let alone allowing you to break the already existing rules… I would’ve created new rules to cause problems for you if you weren’t breaking the any.]

    [You’re a two-fold omen of unpleasantness. First your name sounds awful, and then you’re irksome to look at.]

    “You’re embarrassing your companions,” Jun Mo Xie craned his neck. It seemed from his expression that he was looking at a monkey in a zoo, “You’re intending to shout? You have violated the rules of this hall. Therefore, in accordance with the law of this place, I absolutely cannot let you inside. It would destroy the hall’s prestige if everyone started breaking the rules according to their whims.”

    “Why?” Cheng De Cao asked anxiously.

    [Everything would have been alright if I had not tried to enter. But now I’m already here, and just a step short of getting inside. Won’t I become a joke if I return now?] “I came here with the Second Prince. So why can’t I go in?”

    Jun Mo Xie deliberately sneered at him in a frivolous manner and nodded, “Your argument actually makes sense. B***s usually go together. However, there is a possibility that they cannot go into some places, right? So why are you pestering me if you are so clear about it yourself? Could it be that you’re special? If such is the case, then you’re a very talented person. It would definitely be of use to let you in.”

    Cheng De Cao was extremely angered by the Young Master Jun’s words. In fact, he almost vomited blood, for Jun Mo Xie’s analogy had drawn out a very shameful comparison in context of a person.

    The two men behind Princess Ling Meng could not help but laugh after hearing what was said. They closed their mouths soon enough, as they felt it would be wrong to laugh at this. However, their bodies continued to shake wildly with laughter.

    Everyone who had heard these words turned red. In fact, it seemed as if they were covered in chicken-blood, because they were barely able to keep themselves from bursting out laughing. The First and The Third Prince were among these people, but they did not take any offence. A member of their second brother’s posse was being humiliated like this, but they were still cheerful.

    Though the analogy Jun Mo Xie had used was far too mischievous, the Second Prince and his companions were the only ones not smiling. In fact, the Second Prince was very angry and a sinister expression was clearly visible on his face.

    “Jun Mo Xie, stop bullying me!” Cheng De Cao panted. His eyes were bloodshot as he glared back at his aggressor. In fact, it seemed as if he was on the verge of erupting.

    “I am bullying you? Are you kidding me?” Jun Mo Xie twisted his posterior to look at him arrogantly, and then twisted his waist to the other side. The lower part of his body swayed back and forth in a rhythmic manner, “Bully you! Bully you! I want to bully you!”


    Cheng De Cao glared at Jun Mo Xie with eyes full of boundless hatred.

    “Such big eyes! This Donkey is trying to scare me? Are you threatening me? Bah!” Jun Mo Xie spat. He then turned around to face the Second Prince, who was looking at him murderously. The Young Master Jun laughed as he explained, “You mustn’t by any means… You mustn’t misunderstand my words… these words really were directed at you… ”

    His explanation only added more fuel to the fire.

    There was a frown across the Second Prince’s forehead as he snorted and walked inside after flicking his sleeve. Everyone followed suit. However, from time to time, someone would find it difficult to control their snigger. They would eventually clap a hand on their mouth, and cough in order to muffle their laughter.

    This was especially the case with the two people who were accompanying Princess Ling Meng. These two men had no qualms about laughing, which made Jun Mo Xie notice them in particular amongst everyone else.

    Jun Mo Xie was quite surprised to notice that Princess Ling Meng’s entourage had two men clad in black, who didn’t even look very young, [The Princess came without any handmaidens?]

    [What is going on?]

    The Young Master Jun was very suspicious of things and paid careful attention to this matter. Though he didn’t show any indication of his suspicions on the surface and was laughing and joking along with everyone, he was still mindful of everything.

    [These two people are quite amiable and easy to get along with.]

    [Moreover, these two people have beards. So they aren’t court eunuchs.]

    [Princess Ling Meng doesn’t look like she is being forced. So that means she knows them well.]

    [It also seems that the Princess respects both these individuals unconditionally. These two men definitely aren’t ordinary people.]

    [On top of that, Ye Gu Han is unexpectedly not at her side. His aura is not anywhere within even thirty meters of her! What reasons can he possibly have to leave Princess Ling Meng alone like this?]

    [Judging by Ye Gu Han’s temperament, who would he instill so much trust in the Tian Xiang City on?]

    [This is quite confusing.]

    [Or maybe… the answer to this riddle is in the identity of the two people accompanying her. If so, then understanding who these two people are will make everything clear.]

    Just then, Jun Mo Xie suddenly remembered hearing a rumor that Ye Gu Han and the Empress had been close friends since childhood. [Could it be that I’m over thinking such a small incident? But why are these two here? I could understand the situation clearly if it really was him… but who is the other person with him? It seems that I have no knowledge of this person.]

    Jun Mo Xie contemplated incessantly.

    Up ahead, the entry point to the Aristocratic Hall’s auctioning chambers had been flanked by two large Osmanthus(1) flowers. Their stem and leaves were lush green, while their petals were golden. In fact, the blooming flower showed no signs of withering, and its rich and strong fragrance filled the entire area.

    Everyone was quite surprised when the doors opened and they saw the big hall inside. One could even call it a public square owing to the amount of space available.

    The Young Master Jun had worked very hard to create this effect. Almost all the adjoining rooms to this hall had been brought into its fold. The columns used to support this linkage had been carved with shapes of dragons and phoenixes.

    A hundred tables were neatly arranged inside. Not more, and not less - just a hundred.

    There was only one chair behind every table. Two additional chairs had been placed some distance away from each table. These chairs had a small coffee table to keep them company.

    A pair of bonsai plants had been placed on each side of every table. These bonsai plants had lush green leaves along with tender and beautiful flowers. There was a distance of at least 3 meters between every subsequent table. Moreover, the distance between any two adjoining tables was the same. This set-up had been arranged keeping Fatty Tang in mind; therefore, even a person of Fatty’s dimensions could move around with ease here. That being said, Fatty was one of a kind. It was almost impossible to find another person with his build under the heavens.

    Over three hundred people had entered the hall, but unexpectedly it did not feel crowded. In fact, it felt quite spacious. The air was fresh and clean as the long windows overhead had been opened. Therefore, no one was worried about feeling stuffy. Walking into this hall was like walking into a garden in spring time; it could soothe anyone.


    A yellow colored flower, primarily grown in East Asia. Also known as the Flower of O.

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