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Chapter 250–Locked Onto Their Respective Targets

    Chapter 250: Locked Onto Their Respective Targets

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    Li You Ran was entrenching his position step by step whenever he spoke, and was drawing Hai Chen Feng into an ambush. Hai Chen Feng was a seasoned Sky Xuan expert and was usually calm. However, he had suddenly gotten angry, and had started behaving violently because of a few spoken words.

    This scheme of Li You Ran was as profound as the ocean. He was indeed a formidable enemy.

    Jun Mo Xie was certain that Li You Ran would eventually stop bidding if Hai Chen Feng would continue to blindly increase the price. He felt so because if it were him, he would’ve compelled the price to rise high, and then retreat at the opportune moment.

    [Your plan was really good Li You Ran. It’s a pity that you met Hai Chen Feng… and behind him — me. And you were doomed in that. This plan would’ve swindled any other person to fail!]

    [You are indeed worthy of applause.]

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had decided to act decisively, and put a stop to Hai Chen Feng’s impulsive actions.

    “Ha Ha Ha… ” Hai Chen Feng was very experienced in worldly matters. And although Li You Ran had riled him up for a while, he had instantly gotten back his bearings with just a small warning from Young Master Jun.

    It was extremely embarrassing for Hai Chen Feng to imagine himself standing atop the table. This was a disgrace to his identity as a Sky Xuan expert. Nevertheless, the lofty and towering Hai Chen Feng suddenly burst into laughter, “The Li Family is worthy of being called ‘one of the greatest families of Tian Xiang City’! It is indeed incomparably rich! He He He, I am a mere gang leader. Who am I to provoke the Imperial Preceptor’s family? He he. These fifty bottles aren’t the only ones with this wine. Keeping in mind Young Master Li’s reputation, I will withdraw from this bid since he is so determined to get this batch.”

    He calmly stepped down after saying this. Then, in the middle of this gathering, he cupped his palm towards Li You Ran as the corners of his mouth rose in a faint smile. “Young Master Li is really fond of this wine. Therefore, I congratulate you for your successful bid in the first round of this auction.”

    A few words had completely turned an awkward situation around. And those words were truly incisive.

    Li You Ran was astonished for a moment. Though no one could make that out since his expression was hidden by the veil he was wearing; not a single ripple of the storm broke past the veil.

    Li You Ran was completely puzzled. Hai Chen Feng was falling into his trap. In fact, it had seemed that he preparing to shout ten million judging by the degree of his emotional upheaval. However, Li You Ran had never expected that the leader of Jin Yang Gang would stand down and beat the drums of retreat at such a crucial time. [How is this possible?]

    [Do I want the wine? This is a joke! Of course the wine is important to me, but I know that the first two rows are bound to get their fill. In fact, they won’t even have to spend a very high price. They may even get it at the base price. How many bottles have I obtained after spending these precious five million silver taels?]

    Li You Ran felt that a matter had not gone according to his calculations for the first time in his life. [But Hai Chen Feng’s anger didn’t seem false. So what’s going on? Could one really control themselves in the nick of time? Not only did he withdraw form this meaningless struggle, but he also prevented hurting himself from hurting his reputation. He was almost about to prove that he uses force to bully people… ]

    [Hai Cheng Feng surely doesn’t have such insight, right?]

    [Is there a skillful person behind him who might be providing instructions? If there is someone who stopped him when they saw the matter getting out of hand… what method were they using to transmit their instructions?] He was completely puzzled.

    This troublesome train of thoughts ran in his mind for a period of time. Li You Ran was staring blankly at first, but he was then obliged to smile and act cordially the next moment. He got up and cupped his hands calmly. He then said, “I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to Gang Leader Hai for allowing me to win this bid.”

    He laughed gently in self-ridicule before continuing, “I figure that this young master has fallen into his own trap. Gang leader Hai understood the dirty game I was playing. I admire gang leader Hai’s wisdom. I hope to seek the brilliant Gang Leader Hai’s wisdom whenever I get the opportunity.”

    Upstairs, Jun Mo Xie could not help but sigh, [Li You Ran handles matters in a watertight manner. He is extraordinary!]

    A person discerning this matter would see that Li You Ran had deliberately tried to disrupt the bidding. Moreover, it was clearly visible that he had raised the price in a way which would certainly embarrass Hai Chen Feng. Everyone jeered at him when his plan unexpectedly failed, and he had to spend a monumental five million silver taels to obtain those fifty bottles.

    However, Li You Ran’s manner of speech suddenly became very frank. He had then taken responsibility for his actions, and admitted defeat with a smile. This act demanded a lot of courage and strength of character.

    The two black clothed men behind Princess Ling Meng looked at each other. Their eyes were full of admiration, “He adapted to the situations as they arose. This Li You Ran is some guy! He is a rare individual in this generation,” Mr Wen smiled as he said this in a low voice. “Could it be that you don’t think him to be clever?”

    The other black robed man was the current Emperor of the Tian Xiang Empire. His vision was sharp and profound. He answered in an equally low voice, “Indeed, I think he is quite worthy. However, the man behind Hai Chen Feng is even more commendable. He gave his instructions without leaving a trace; no trace will be found even if you look for it. Moreover, I believe that person’s wisdom is in no way inferior to Li You Ran’s. In fact, it’s possible that this man may even be better than Li You Ran!”

    “Another man behind Hai Chen Feng?” Mr. Wen did not understand.

    “Mr. Wen, think. Li You Ran’s words had pushed Hai Chen Feng into a very perilous trap. He knew that Hai Chen Feng would compete when he raised the price by five hundred thousand. However, he had left Hai Chen Feng with no choice but to get angry when he added just a single copper. Moreover, Hai Chen Feng was in a completely confused state of mind. And then Li You Ran added only two coppers in his third bid. Hai Chen Feng was already unable to restrain his anger by then. It was improbable that he would think clearly from there-on. He was likely to become a ‘mad bull blinded by anger’ and would’ve resolutely charge forward. In fact, he would charge stubbornly even if he up against a thick wall which was had to break through.”

    Mr. Wen closed his eyes and looked back at everything that had happened. He realized that it was true. Hai Chen Feng had forgotten the manners of a Sky Xuan expert, and had gone into a fit of rage. Shockingly, he had jumped on top of his table in extreme anger; completely disregarding his image. It had seemed as if he was about to explode.

    “He then jumped on to the table, and said this, ‘You, boy, you go too far! I… ’ After that, he suddenly stopped. This is the point when one usually doesn’t stop. It was as if a massive river had been suddenly halted in the middle… by something. Then he calmly stepped down from the table, and cupped his hands to admit defeat. This was an exceptional counterattack. In fact, it can even be said that this was a very dangerous counter attack.

    “Just figure this; Li You Ran isn’t looking around the hall. I reckon that he and I have the same suspicion. Therefore, nobody can understand what sort of an enlightened person that man is. Or what kind of method he is using to instruct Hai Chen Feng. This is why I said that the man behind Hai Chen Feng is truly difficult to deal with. Whether it is his wisdom… or his extraordinary methods,” His Majesty the Emperor smiled.

    Mr. Wen evaluated at the situation accordingly. Li You Ran was deliberately not looking all over the place. However, he was still spying around secretly. He naturally couldn’t keep this hidden from Mr. Wen’s eyes.

    His Majesty’s eyes were sparkling with the splendor of his wisdom and foresight, “Wen, if you or I were in Hai Chen Feng’s place, and were receiving such insults — we also would not have been able to control ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree? That is why I believe that Hai Chen Feng was stopped by someone else. And that person chose a very suitable moment to act. He caused that Li You Ran to suffer by making him incur a huge loss. This person may be the main reason behind Hai Chen Feng suddenly taking control of the Jin Yang Gang. He He, the original leader of this gang was called Jin Feng Lie, right?”

    Paying attention to a great many events, the country’s Emperor had surprisingly remembered the name of the head of an underworld faction — one could say that the Emperor was truly prodigious!

    “I also suspect that this person may be the true organizer of this auction,” The Emperor’s expression was a bit cold. “We might be able to glean some information about this person if we observe Hai Chen Feng.”

    Mr Wen looked at Hai Chen Feng. His eyes were shining as he said, “If that doesn’t work, this old man will seize Hai Chen Feng and interrogate him slowly. This old man can extract information from him even if he is strong and hard-headed.”

    Mr. Wen’s tone was simply too much. Hai Chen Feng was a Sky Xuan expert. Only a few people were stronger than him. And now this person was talking about capturing and interrogating him.

    “Hai Chen Feng is the Blue Master’s apprentice.” His Majesty smiled, “We cannot provoke the Blue Master. In fact, we must not provoke him. The gains we will achieve will not make up for our losses.” Then he leisurely looked at Tang Yuan, “There are many methods which can be used to gather information.”

    Li You Ran indifferently deposited the money he was required to pay. And he did it under the public eye. A man from the Aristocratic Hall followed him, and made preparations for handing over the wine. Li You Ran, however, took a seat and rested in peace.

    “This Li You Ran is a formidable character,” Young Master Jun concentrated as he looked at the man downstairs. To him, that man was a definition of a threat. And according to his accurate intuition, the threat from Li You Ran was actually quite huge.

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t allow any threat to exist owing to his instinct as the number-one assassin in his previous life. Especially something that could threaten his life. Usually, his first thought in such situations was to destroy the threat.

    Jun Wu Yi smiled as he intentionally-or-otherwise looked in the same direction, “Li You Ran is the eldest grandson of the Imperial Grand Preceptor. He is also the leading figure amongst the Li Family, the Meng Family and many other smaller families’ younger generation. He has never attended this kind of an event before, Mo Xie. He is here in person to show face in Grand Preceptor Li’s stead.”

    “I do not care about their face. Their face can be as big as an ass. It has no meaning as far as I am concerned,” Jun Mo Xie smiled. “What I genuinely care about is… him spending that much money,” A ray of light flashed in his eyes as he said this.

    [I must keep Li You Ran in my line of sight!]

    Hit-man Jun had secretly decided.

    The first batch of the fifty bottles had been sold for an unexpectedly high price of five million silver taels… and two coppers. Tang Yuan was very excited as he brought out the second batch of fifty.

    “This person bids one million silver taels for those fifty bottles. I don’t know who else will increase the price?” Hai Chen Feng stood up once again. He was more than qualified to make this bid.

    It was only natural that he would make this bid. Moreover, it would be considered very strange if he didn’t make any more bids.

    “I bid one million five hundred thousand,” A sharp and sweet sound resounded; it did not sound too urgent… nor did it sound too slow.

    Everyone turned to the source of the sound and were surprised to see that it was Princess Ling Meng. She had unexpectedly bid such a high price!

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