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Chapter 258: Unexpected Misfortune

    Chapter 258: Unexpected Misfortune

    Translator: Novel SagaEditor: Novel Saga

    The little girl could see that Princess Ling Meng was distressed. She was aware that she had spoken something unwarranted. She wanted to comfort the Princess. However, she was dumbfounded, and didn’t know what to do.

    The three women remained silent for a long time. Sun Xiao Mei eventually broke the silence as she answered Dugu Xiao Yi’s problem…

    “You both know that my body experienced great and sudden changes in childhood, and now appears like this. This also made my nature calm and tranquil.” The corners of Sun Xiao Mei’s mouth rose bitterly, “I never dared to leave home. I didn’t eat for several days to lose weight… but to no avail. …until that year… when I met my master.”

    She heaved a long sigh and spoke, “I’ve had this bewildering illness since the age five. And it has already been fifteen years now! I’ve learned to see through things and understand them over these past thirteen years. I don’t care about my appearance anymore. Do you think I would measure people by their beauty? I only perceive people’s feelings when I look at them. As to how good they look — external beauty is only something one can show-off… its secondary.

    “The importance lays in a person’s nature. We can clearly understand a person’s intentions and capabilities by paying attention to this point.” Sun Xiao Mei smiled a ‘somewhat’ mournful smile, “Little sister Xiao Yi, Jun Mo Xie always shows a different side of himself. He always acts like a debauchee. He goes amuck whenever he wishes without fearing anything. And I worry that he may not be pretending. I fear that it is his true nature. He and I could meet only for a short while. However, it was clear that he never gives anyone importance, and only does what he wants. That man will never hold anyone highly in his eyes.

    “Therefore, I called his nature ‘arrogant’.” Sun Xiao Mei’s smile was indifferent, “It may even be called ‘evil’!”

    The little girl was convinced deep inside. So, she stayed still and listened to her elder sister Xiao Mei with rapt attention, “However, I saw another defect with this person. Though, it might not be seen as a defect by the person himself And with regards to this… The Young Master Jun is more ruthless than anyone else! Therefore, you haven’t ascertained him properly. You have already been moved by him once, but you mustn’t invest too much into your relationship with him…! It will be very painful for you.”

    Dugu Xiao Yi pursed her rosy lips. There was a resentful look in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything. She knew that Xiao Mei was deeply concerned about her, and did not have any malicious intention.

    Sun Xiao Mei sighed inwardly. She was aware that her little sister was not listening to her.

    Princess Ling Meng was on the side. It seemed as if she was in a daze. She seemed to be walking ‘in between the conversation’; she appeared to be listening and not listening. Her mind was a complete mess, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. She became aware that her sisters had suddenly become quiet.

    “Ling Meng, you don’t seem well. It’s better if you return to the palace and rest.” Sun Xiao Mei looked at her with a worried expression.

    “I don’t wish to go back! I won’t go back!” Princess Ling Meng was afraid of returning to the palace. She didn’t know how she would behave… or what frame of mind she would meet her “family” in…

    “Elder sister Ling Meng, let’s go and find Jun Mo Xie if you don’t wish to return to the palace.” Dugu Xiao Yi raised her eyes as she made this suggestion. “That guy is quite amusing.”

    Her ‘cherished’ Little White suddenly grunted and poked-out his little head as she said this. His round eyes were very wide open. He had already reached level eight. Hence, he had very sensitive ears. How could he not feel elated when he heard his owner talk about meeting ‘that’ man?

    “This sounds good. I also wish to examine this guy since Xiao Yi admires him so deeply. In fact, I will also try my best to think highly of him. And I will finally get to see how outstanding he really is!” Princess Ling Meng said as her spirits rose. She smiled as she mocking herself, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see how amazing a person he is. Have I been blind these past ten years?”

    Dugu Xiao Yi’s face turned red. She knew that the princess’s words weren’t like her elder sister Xiao Mei’s. Her elder sister had given her a warning out of pure goodwill, but Princess Ling Meng had just taunted her. So, she couldn’t help but retort, “Of course you are prejudiced. You look at him with disgust… so, how can you find anything good in him? In any case, I’ve got good eyesight!”

    Sun Xiao Mei smiled. Her two sisters were sticking to their own opinions and were refusing to come to an accord. The three women leisurely paced towards the Jun Family’s residence; their six maids followed in their suit.

    The bickering between Dugu Xiao Yi and Princess Ling Meng somewhat pacified the mood as they walked along the way.

    The distance to the Jun Residence wasn’t much, and the streets were bustling with people. Other pedestrians were admiring the two beautiful women walking on the street. Everyone, without exception, feasted their eyes on the two pretty women. After all, many hadn’t seen outrageously beautiful woman such as these in their entire lifetime. Now they were actually two of them walking together…

    Some dignified nobleman would even take a hasty and covert look at them. They would then turn back and move on. They would keep that image in their hearts, [this is my kind of beautiful.]

    Then, suddenly…

    There was a strong gale, and two azure lights reached up to the void sky. Then, these two lights suddenly shot towards Princess Ling Meng, who was amongst the pedestrians. It was like two blue arrows had been shot from a bow; such speed could not be avoided!

    An angry cry was heard. A person glowing with a glamourous azure light appeared. He was dressed in black. There was a long double-edged sword in his hand. The sword seemed to be congealed in brilliant rainbow-like aperture. And then, a lonely light came towards Princess Ling Meng. A single sword had suddenly held back many others… of Sky Xuan Level!

    Ye Gu Han had arrived!

    “Bam! Bam!” the sound of the collision echoed twice. The three people retreated simultaneously. The two other Sky Xuan experts were dressed in black, and their faces were covered with masks. They fell back at first, but charged forward once again. Brilliant blue lights flickered from both of them as they moved towards Ye Gu Han. Ye Gu Han smiled coldly. He didn’t seem frantic as he held his double-edged sword at an inclined. It emanated blue light as he pointed in towards the enemy; as if ready to do vital damage. It seemed as it wouldn’t succumb to the opposition.

    The crowd exclaimed at the sudden outset of this incident, and quickly scattered in order to escape. The bustling city street had quickly become deserted.

    The three people including Ye Gu Han tumbled and entangled. Suddenly, there was a loud whistle. Three azure lights appeared, and shot towards Princess Ling Meng at great speeds; she was behind Ye Gu Han.

    Ye Gu Han’s voice trembled as he shouted. He got away from his enemy, and retreated with a sense of urgency in his movements.

    He didn’t evade any of their attacks and bore them on his palm and leg while still fighting his two enemies. His body sprayed blood on getting hit, and was sent spinning backwards. He fell in front of Princess Ling Meng; his long sword issued a ‘clanging’ sound as it fell. His hair and beard were dishevelled, yet he still didn’t step back further; not even a little.

    The other three men arrived simultaneously.

    The other two assassins had followed Ye Gu Han’s retreat as well. They caught up with him at lightning speed. Ye Gu Han’s angry complexion quickly faded away. It was replaced with a blood-red, yet tranquil expression.

    His sky blue Xuan color became stronger and stronger. Even his swords killing intent grew sharper. His power seemed like that of an insane tiger. However, his sword’s movements weren’t chaotic; they were precise. Surprisingly, one Sky Xuan was taking-on five other experts of the same level — alone with his own strength.

    His hands were full as he fought off the assassins. However, he still caught hold of Princess Ling Meng’s slender body. He put all his effort to throw her away… as far as he could. He then howled, “Quickly, run!”

    The Princess’s delicate body flew for about thirty meters, and then fell to the ground. Her eyes were red and teary. She choked with emotion, “Uncle Ye…”

    Most people of the senior generation would only think about their own good. …only her uncle Ye was different…

    Sun Xiao Mei’s eyes twinkled. [The target of the assassins is obviously Princess Ling Meng. And Ye Gu Han won’t be able to keep five Sky Xuan experts at bay. We can only request for quick reinforcements in order to deal with this situation!]

    However, these five great Sky Xuan experts could be considered the strongest in all of Tian Xiang City. So even if all the great houses of the Capital were to lend aid… and even if their reinforcements arrived on time — it was doubtful that they would be sufficient to deter the threat.

    “Xiao Yi, quickly send Little White to call for reinforcements!” Sun Xiao Mei was very intelligent. She saw Little White at Dugu Xiao Yi’s bosom. She looked at his eyes and realized that he had understood the plan. She had calculated that no one would be able bring help on time… much less escape help them escape. However, Little White was different — Little White was still very young and not very strong. However, he was still a level eight Xuan Beast. His ultra-speed was unmatched. Even a Spirit Xuan expert was unlikely to catch-up with him. Moreover, his small size would make it very difficult to catch.

    Dugu Xiao Yi immediately came to her senses and grabbed Little White from her bosom. It didn’t matter if he understood what she was going to say or not, “Little White, I’m depending on you. Hurry up and inform my father. Tell him to come as quickly as possible, and save us! Hurry up and go!”

    Sun Xiao Mei urged anxiously, “Why are you dawdling?” She quickly drew out a blade. She resisted the pain as she cut her arm with it. Then, she quickly tore a strip of Dugu Xiao Yi’s clothing, dipped it in her own blood, and tied it to Little White’s leg. She then tossed him away…

    As long as anyone from the Dugu Family saw that blood stained piece of cloth — they would immediately understand that Dugu Xiaoyi was in danger, and would quickly rush-over to their rescue. Beyond that… these women could only wait.

    Little White whimpered loudly, and shot like an arrow. One of the five assassins grinned fiendishly, “Come here, you little whelp!” He reached out with his hand. He had thought that it was just a little cub, [what could it possibly do?] And so, he attempted to grab it.

    He thought…

    Little White was angry. He jumped and suddenly its small mouth bared a set of very sharp teeth. He ruthlessly chomped down on that man’s hand. And simultaneously, Little White extended his sharp claws with lightning speed and scratched the man’s arm. He took out a chunk of the man’s flesh while doing so. Then he proudly hummed and scuttled away to escape from that place. He vanished from everyone’s eyes like a wisp of smoke.

    That black-clothed assassin howled bitterly in pain; the pain was sharp enough to cut through to his bone marrow. The Sky Xuan expert had underestimated the enemy, and had thought it to be merely a small cub. However, that small enemy had left him in this condition…

    He was completely unaware that the young cub was already a level eight Xuan Beast!

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