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Chapter 263: Get Someone Else to Do One’s Dirty Work?[1]

    Chapter 263: Get Someone Else to Do One’s Dirty Work?[1]

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    Jun Mo Xie wouldn’t have agreed irrespective of what his uncle would’ve said — except that he mentioned that incident. And this moved the Young Master Jun deeply.

    Jun Mo Xie’s heart shook. He suddenly remembered the manner in which Jun Zhan Tian had issued a call to war; the manner in which his grandfather had led his troops to commit that purge in the capital. This memory suddenly warmed his heart.

    This memory moved Jun Mo Xie the most.

    Hit-man Jun was aware that his third uncle’s decision was based more on sentiment than reason. However, it would result in a lot of harm to the Jun Family if Jun Wu Yi truly undertook that task — regardless of his success in saving the Princess. However, the heavens find a way when a man of noble character sets out on a righteous task.

    It would be difficult to cover-up his uncle’s involvement if the well-known general was to get involved in the matter. However, if Jun Mo Xie himself undertook the task, then…

    “Fine then; I’ll go! Damn!” Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath. Then, he quickly transferred the pure Xuan Qi into Ye Gu Han’s dry meridians to keep him alive for the time-being. “But you need not accompany me, Uncle — I alone will be more than sufficient. So, you first return home. But ensure that his body doesn’t sway much on the way back…”

    “I understand these rescue operations; unlike you,” Jun Wu Yi interrupted him. “But I will unwillingly step back.”

    “You’re correct to have faith in me… however; those are five Sky Xuan experts,” Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly. He got up and mounted his horse. Then, he pressed his legs to the horse’s side, and prepared to speed away.

    “You… scoundrel! You… be careful!” Dugu Xiao Yi’s heart was suddenly seized by her affection for Jun Mo Xie. She was ‘very well aware’ of the Jun Scoundrel’s strength. She felt like blocking his way to prevent him from leaving. Dugu Xiao Yi was extremely anxious. So much so, that she temporarily harbored a selfish thought… [its better to keep this scoundrel safe than rescue the Princess.]

    Jun Mo Xie mounted his horse and paused for a moment. He decided that he wouldn’t look back since he had chosen a course of action. His horse neighed and raised its hooves. It then galloped-off at great speed.

    Dugu Xiao Yi’s delicate body trembled. Sun Xiao Mei slowly came up beside her, and held her hand. She then said, “Don’t worry; nothing will happen to him.”

    “Elder sister Xiao Mei, I was too much… compelling him like this… what would I do if something happened to him?” Dugu Xiao Yi asked hesitatingly. She was worried out of her wits.

    “He won’t; relax!” Sun Xiao Mei thought, [How did you force him? It was the Third Master Jun’s words. He probably wouldn’t have listened if you had tried to force him ten thousand times. You couldn’t have forced him. I’m afraid that the present ‘you’ in incapable of compelling him to do anything…]

    However, these words would’ve left Dugu Xiao Yi heartbroken. Therefore, Sun Xiao Mei could only think about it.

    As chance has it… the attack on Princess Ling Meng, Ye Gu Han’s arrival, his fierce battle, him getting seriously injured and finally, Lei Jian Hong grabbing the Princess and leaving — all of it had been observed by an individual hidden in the darkness.

    This person was none other than Mr. Wen. He had followed Princess Ling Meng into the Aristocratic hall as the second black-clothed man. The Aristocratic Hall allowed each invitee to have two companions. The Emperor had taken one place in Princess Ling Meng’s party. Mr. Wen had then become her second guest, and had filled the last spot.

    Besides his status, Mr. Wen possessed enormous strength. So much so, that even Hai Chen Feng wouldn’t be able to deal with him. Things would’ve naturally been very different in case he had decided to lend a helping hand.

    It was a pity that he didn’t.

    Mr. Wen admired the loyalty and affection which Ye Gu Han had displayed. He felt the urge to assist Ye Gu Han several times during the battle. However, he unfortunately could not. The Emperor had made a plan to draw out that mysterious Master, and this plan would’ve come to naught if he had attacked.

    That Sky Xuan expert had become a nightmare for Tian Xiang’s Emperor after he had saved Princess Ling Meng! The Emperor simply couldn’t allow such powerful and unknown Sky Xuan experts in his Empire; especially when he couldn’t keep an eye on them.

    It wouldn’t have mattered if this man were just a hermit. However, he had some connection to Princess Ling Meng and could get involved in Imperial disputes. The possibility of such a powerful entity’s involvement in Imperial matters wasn’t good news to the Emperor’s ears. Therefore, the Emperor couldn’t tolerate his existence.

    His intentions may have been good. But it was still important to understand this man. The Emperor wouldn’t be at ease until this man’s position was clear to him.

    This mysterious Sky Xuan expert was one matter. But the mysterious man behind the Aristocratic Hall had also turned into a nightmare for the Emperor.

    Mr. Wen felt a sense of contradiction within himself… for the first time since his birth.

    He had helplessly looked-on at Ye Gu Han as he fell to the ground, and lay there in silence. Mr. Wen was usually a calm man… however, he had grinded his teeth so hard that they almost snapped off. [He’s a great man! He burned every bit of his energy in order to help the Princess. And the person who could’ve actually helped the Princess is being forced to sit and watch from the sidelines!]

    [Conscience? What conscience? Ah!]

    However, Princess Ling Meng had been captured. [That mysterious Sky Xuan Peak expert must be drawn out. And nothing should happen to the Princess!]

    The Emperor had entrusted him with this task.

    [What to do with Ye Gu Han? He’s breathing his last breaths!]

    Mr. Wen didn’t have a choice. He didn’t have the heart to ignore this. However, he couldn’t do anything about it. Therefore, he looked-on with regret as Ye Gu Han’s body fell on the ground, and sighed with remorse. Then, he shot-off in the direction where those assailants had escaped with the Princess, and started to give them a chase.

    A strong wind blew in his face as he started pursuing them. And at that moment, he realized something. This whole plan was put together to draw out that mysterious expert, and to find the culprit behind the attacks on Princess Ling Meng. However, he knew the Emperor well. [The Emperor may have other selfish motives behind this matter!]

    They had never talked about it since the great and wise Emperor obviously must’ve been embarrassed to admit it. However, Mr. Wen could understand — Ye Gu Han’s existence was a matter of anxiety for the Emperor. In fact, it was a matter of great anxiety.

    No man could endure another eyeing his wife for more than a decade. It was out of question to discard such a situation even when it came to the Great Emperor’s heart. The Emperor was, after all, also a man. In fact, his desire for control would be greater than others — it certainly couldn’t have been weaker.

    It didn’t matter that the man hadn’t crossed the line. As long as the thought was there… it was a huge crime warranting no pardon from a capital punishment.

    It was necessary for Ye Gu Han to die.

    This thing was the real purpose among several other more pressing matters. The Emperor had in fact killed with a borrowed knife.

    [He planned this arrangement!]

    [No wonder the Princess’s bodyguards were so weak, and had no desire to act… no wonder he sent just me to rescue the princess; and no one else! No wonder! It was almost the same as a ‘ban’ on any other help… so that’s what’s going on!]

    Mr. Wen had no choice but to admire the conduct of the country’s Emperor. His plan was precise and accurate. His thinking was cautious and meticulous. [My own schemes can’t be as malicious as his.]

    He could see the three people in the distance ahead of him. However, Mr. Wen was having a tough time in understanding his own emotions.

    Jun Mo Xie rode his horse swiftly and quickly crossed several streets. He was ruthless whipping the horse, and it was travelling at the speed of an arrow. The corners his powerful horse’s mouth had started to foam. The Young Master Jun quickly looked around to see that no one else was there. Then, he tightened his grip on his horse using his legs. He then tossed away the reins. Then, Jun Mo Xie’s towering silhouette disappeared from on the horse’s back…

    The horse let out a long neigh and stopped as the Young Master Jun disappeared. The reins thrown away by the Young Master Jun got entangled in a nearby tree, and formed of a tight loop.

    He would either do something or not. But when he did act; he’d do it with a sense of swift decisiveness. He would give his all.

    This was the Hitman Jun’s code of conduct. Nothing would matter once he had made up his mind.

    It wouldn’t have mattered if Princess Ling Meng was hacked to pieces in front of him if he had decided against saving her. Hit-man Jun would just calmly look-on. In fact, he might’ve commented on how the knife technique wasn’t good… or how the weapon wasn’t sharp enough. However, since he had decided to save her — he would ensure that not a hair on her body was harmed. He would rescue her whole, and then escape.

    Strong Aura was flowing all around. It was as if a meteor-shower had slammed forcefully into the ocean, and had evoked large waves in the sky. These waves then rolled around in all the four directions; endlessly.

    Jun Mo Xie initiated the Yin-Yang Escape. His speed increased tremendously in comparison to his regular swiftness. He was like an illusion; he was at one place at one moment, and at another the next. There was no one who could see this mysterious scene. However, the Young Master Jun was really enjoying himself.

    Jun Mo Xie had realized that he had started to get increasingly proficient at controlling Yin-Yang Escape ever since he had unlocked the second level of the Hong Jun Pagoda. In fact, he could now use it according to his desires. Jun Mo Xi was wholeheartedly making use of this skill right now. He felt fully integrated with the world, and had a feeling of detachment from all worldly matters. It felt as if he could go anywhere in this vast world; no place was beyond as long as he desired it…

    The Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune was flowing like the Yangtze river[2] inside his body; unending and unlimited. Aura was continuously seeping out of the Hongjun Pagoda… the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune was working without any clogs. There was a flow of unceasing Aura within his body since he had opened the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune. And this entire Aura was going straight into the Hongjun Pagoda again…

    These things had apparently taken the form of a loop; a perfect loop.

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but recall some of the Daoist teachings from his previous life even though he hadn’t been able to understand them at that point — Life is like a sea of misery, and the human body is the only raft available to cross it.

    Jun Mo Xie felt that those words were very much in line with his present condition.

    The Young Master Jun wanted to remain in that wondrous state for a longer period of time. However, the prevailing situation didn’t allow him extend the time period for which he could remain in that state. It was truly a pity…

    How could reality ever fulfill people’s expectations?

    Suddenly, there was a change up ahead.

    Jun Mo Xie ‘whooshed’ across and silently covered over thirty meters in one step. He only left behind one whirlpool of wind after another in that illusory state. And these whirlpools were slow to subside…

    Three people were continuously changing direction as they moved towards the outside of the city. They were like wisps of smoke. Their movements were swift and nimble. The motion of their limbs was smart. However, he could see that those three people were quite formidable. These people would somehow know of if someone was coming towards them from the front. They would then shift their positions to avoid meeting the person. These people hadn’t bumped into anyone the entire way; except for a few common people.

    And a common person wouldn’t be able to detect them given the speed they were moving at. He would just feel a burst of cool breeze blowing towards him, and the assailants would continue without leaving a single trace.


    To get someone else to do one’s dirty work/ to kill with a borrowed knife, is an art of Warfare Deceptions. More details can be found in the 36 stratagems of Chinese warfare.

    Yangtze river; Long river in China. One of the longest in the world.

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