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Chapter 267: I’m Sorry… There’s Nothing I Can Do!

    Chapter 267: I’m Sorry… There’s Nothing I Can Do!

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    “What? Are you saying that Uncle Ye’s condition is hopeless? I don’t believe that! Imperial physicians, I beg you… please find a solution!” The Princess’s delicate body and pretty face became ghostly white when she heard the diagnosis of the three distinguished experts. She chocked, and it seemed as if her small mouth was filled with blood. Her expression had become incomparably dull. However, she wasn’t willing to give up. Therefore, she repeatedly begged the head of the three experts, Fang Hui Sheng, to find a solution.

    “Princess, please allow me report… besides suffering tremendous blood loss, Mr. Ye has also suffered serious physical injuries. The bones in his ribs are broken. His five vital internal-organs have been severely damaged, and he has suffered no less than ten serious internal injuries. This isn’t pleasant to hear… but there isn’t the least bit of a chance to save Ye Gu Han…”

    Fang Hui Sheng’s tone was extremely serious as he explained, “Even a supernatural entity would find themselves powerless in front of such a case. We can support him for a little while, and you can get other people’s opinions until you’re satisfied about the… rarity of his case… ”

    Princess Ling Meng couldn’t support her body anymore. She trembled for a few moments, and then fell down.

    Fang Hui Sheng sighed and shook his head along with the other two physicians. He didn’t wish to trouble the Princess. So, he put his medical equipment in order, and left.

    “Uncle Ye…” Princess Ling Meng muttered absent mindedly. The beauty of her face could bring down a nation However, its complexion was the same as the near-dead Ye Gu Han at the moment.

    It seemed from Dugu Wudi’s face that he couldn’t bear it anymore. He sighed and shook his head. He didn’t wish to disturb the two either. Therefore, he left the courtyard and made his way towards the Jun Family’s main hall.

    Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei remained in the courtyard to keep Princess Ling Meng company. They were afraid that another mishap might happen to their sister.

    Sun Xiao Mei couldn’t see the heart-broken Princess. She hesitated for a moment, but was unable to bear it any longer. She then quietly and quickly whispered a line into Princess Ling Meng’s ear, “Jun Mo Xie can save Mr. Ye.”

    Sun Xiao Mei wasn’t a beautiful looking woman. However, she was very talented and extremely intelligent. Her wisdom was comparable to that of Li You Ran. She had heard the conversation between Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi, and had faintly sensed that Jun Mo Xie might be able to save Ye Gu Han. However, she couldn’t understand why Jun Mo Xie wouldn’t undertake that task… Moreover, she had a soft spot for the Princess. Sun Xiao Mei couldn’t help but feel her heart soften when she saw Jun Mo Xie keeping his mouth shut despite the manner in which the princess was grieving. Hence, she decided to inform Princess Ling Meng about Jun Mo Xie’s capability.

    The Princess believed the information that was given her ‘good’ sister; without doubting a word of it. She didn’t have any faith in Jun Mo Xie. However, she could never doubt Sun Xiao Mei.

    The Princess would regard this as an absurdity under normal circumstances. However, she had no choice at the moment. She would grasp firmly at any straws she could find… just in case it turned out be the one and only way to save Ye Gu Han’s life. Therefore, she would necessarily give this a try… even if the chances of saving him with this method were negligible.

    [I must save Uncle Ye’s life — at any cost!]

    Everyone had already left. However, Jun Mo Xie had still here. This small courtyard was his residence, and the injured Ye Gu Han seemed to have taken control of his nest. In fact, Ye Gu Han was lying on his bed. How could Jun Mo Xie abandon his own lair? That was the only reason why he had stayed behind…

    Jun Mo Xie was sitting cross legged on the only chair in his room. His eyes were closed. The Young Master Jun was considering things. [I must help Ye Gu Han since I’ve promised Third Uncle that I’ll save him! However, his condition is genuinely difficult to deal with. So, how do I go about the healing process?]

    Ye Gu Han had lost a lot of blood, and that was a huge problem for those three medical experts. However, this wasn’t an issue for the Young Master Jun since his mind had retained the medical knowledge of his previous life. The issue of blood-transfusion wouldn’t be a problem with Jun Mo Xie’s power and skill as long as he could find someone with the required blood type. He could then assist in the blood-transfer with his innate spiritual talent. Therefore, he didn’t consider that angle to be a big problem.

    Jun Mo Xie was confident that he could cure the internal wounds that had been made by the swords as well. He had a treasure trove of medical ingredients, and they had nourishing spiritual properties. This would assist in the healing process. Ye Gu Han’s life wouldn’t be very inconvenient even if he had only one arm remaining post his recovery… comparatively.

    However, the man’s ribs were the ‘genuine’ problem. His condition was very serious in that regard, and it was also a rare occurrence. Shockingly, fifteen of his ribs were broken in multiple places. His chest had sunken inwards due to this. In fact, his ribs were broken in about 35-45 places…

    [This is a very difficult problem!]

    [This problem doesn’t seem to have any solution!]

    [It wouldn’t have been a problem if it were a simple bone injury. The injury would’ve slowly healed as long as he could’ve borne the pain. However, his life-force is very weak at the moment. And he suffered so many internal and external injuries… Therefore, connecting the bones would result in losing Ye Gu Han. It would rid him of his small chance of survival as well!]

    Ye Gu Han had very little life-force remaining in his body. And most of the Xuan Qi in his body was foreign to it. The Solitary Falcon and Jun Mo Xie had imbued his body with a lot of pure and high-level Xuan Qi. However, even that had reached the peak of its limit. Re-applying this method wouldn’t be able to support him during the operation.

    [However, if I treat the flesh wounds first, and then replenish the Xuan Qi inside of him… he might have enough life left in him to bear the burden of the mending bones for some time… though I reckon that Ye Gu Han’s bones have been deformed for good.]

    Jun Mo Xie frowned; his eyes were still closed. He thought hard on this muddy puzzle, but couldn’t find a single clue to solve it…

    [It is a pity that this world doesn’t have anesthetics! Ye Gu Han’s treatment wouldn’t be so difficult if I had some anesthetics…]

    [Hold on… anesthetics?!]

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly became excited, and firmly slapped his thighs. He then opened his eyes in astonishment because his thigh didn’t feel his hand when he had slapped it…

    His hand obviously felt the clap, but the thigh didn’t feel this slap. This was strange…

    He opened his eyes. The Young Master Jun saw Princess Ling Meng covering her face with her hand. A few tear drops had streamed for her eyes. Her pretty face had five crisp and red fingermarks on it, and had started to swell…

    Shockingly, the palm had struck the Princess’s face!

    He had landed an incomparably hard slap on her face…

    “What are you doing? Why are you crouching like that?! Did you walk over here like a ghost? Couldn’t you have made some noise? I didn’t know… do you like to scare other people to death?” Jun Mo Xie’s head burst with an ache. He had been thinking hard and had set his mind on solving that problem. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when the Princess came over.

    …he had accidentally slapped a beautiful face instead of his thighs. And that too the beautiful face of a princess!

    His luck with women was… truly hopeless…

    The Princess was clearly in pain and her small face had started to smolder. But contrary to the Young Master Jun’s expectations — she didn’t seem the least bit angry. In fact, her eyes seemed to be begging him. She then opened her mouth to ask, “This… I plead Young Master Jun… you save my Uncle Ye, ok?”

    Jun Mo Xie was shocked by the look on her face. Then, he understood what was happening, and became very angry. His expression became that of an acute lightning. Like point of a spear, his gaze quickly turned towards Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xio Mei. And his knife-like stare left them with a desire to curl-up and shiver…

    This little girl had quite some tolerance. However, the heart of the Sun Family’s eldest daughter quivered since she this accident had been caused by her. She hadn’t crossed paths with Jun Mo Xie very often. But it was very clear from the Jun debauchee’s behavior that… [He would retaliate for today’s matter, right?] She hoped that his reprisals wouldn’t be too harsh since she was Fatty’s fiancée…

    “Save him? How can I save him? The Empire’s top-three medical experts couldn’t do anything. So what can a debauchee like me do? Your Majesty, you have sought the wrong man! This joke of yours is not funny; it’s really not funny!” Jun Mo Xie’s nostrils flared as he snorted. His mind had been completely engrossed with how to save Ye Gu Han’s life. However, he had given-up on that idea now.

    This had nothing to do with the Princess. [If I wanted to save someone… I would save them even if countless people tried to stop me! However, Princess Ling Meng had no idea about my skills. Yet she has just come to ask me this favor. It must’ve been either Dugu Xiao Yi or Sun Xiao Mei who told her. Though I don’t think the Little Girl would’ve divulged that information. So that leaves Sun Xiao Mei, the Sun Family’s eldest daughter.]

    Jun Mo Xie felt somewhat betrayed by this.

    This feeling transformed his ‘good’ mood into an ‘angry’ one… that too in just a split second.

    A betrayal in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes was a betrayal indeed.

    There was one thing that Jun Mo Xie couldn’t accept — people threatening him.

    An Jun Mo Xie had always detested people who had a tendency for betrayal.

    Princess Ling Meng couldn’t help but feel despair after listening to Jun Mo Xie’s cold and detached answer. She suddenly gnashed her teeth, and her eyes revealed a determined expression. She slowly stood up until she was standing straight in front of the Young Master Jun. Then, she suddenly went down on her knees.

    She knelt firmly on her knees.

    “I beg you! I beg you; please save my Uncle Ye! I beg you, I beg you, I beg you…” Princess Ling Meng prostrated herself. The expression on her face was reckless and crazy, but it displayed inexhaustible distress. “My Uncle Ye has suffered countless grievances because of my willfulness… he has suffered so much harm because I’m not sensible… there is nothing I can do to repay him. But he lies dying now… and I am willing to sacrifice everything for his life!”

    “Jun Mo Xie, I… I bow before you!” Princess Ling Meng dropped heavily to the ground. There was a loud “Boom!” which resonated. This was proof that she had exerted all of her energy to kowtow in front of him. This was not at all a frivolous endeavor.

    Dugu Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei were emotionally moved.

    What noble behavior from a country’s Princess! She had knelt resolutely in front of a vassal, and was begging him… just to save the life of her bodyguard!

    The Imperial Family has been fighting for power since ancient times. There’ve surely been many people in that family who were emotional and just. However, Princess Ling Meng’s actions were unprecedented.

    The Royalty must behave within the scope of the Royal Dignity. But Princess Ling Meng had ignored all of it. The Princess had kneeled in front of Jun Mo Xie like she was kneeling in front of a highly respected senior.

    Anybody could make out the Princess’s determination by the manner in which had knelt.

    No matter what the cost… or the chances of success. No matter how nonsensical the hope is… she wouldn’t hesitate.

    Jun Mo Xie’s outer appearance was as calm as the surface of still-water. But he was badly shaken on the inside. He had never expected Princess Ling Meng to take such a step for Ye Gu Han.

    Dugu Xiao Yi took a huge stride forward as she tearfully said, “Bastard, why do you hesitate? The Princess is kneeling in front of you and begging; what more do you want? Hurry up and do something if you can help! Is us-two kneeling in front of you not enough?”

    Jun Mo Xie’s expression was cold as he extended his hand and pushed Dugu Xiao Yi aside. He then looked at Princess Ling Meng in an indifferent manner. Then, he spoke without showing any trace of emotion, “I’m sorry… there’s nothing I can do.”

    Sun Xiao Mei’s entire body trembled. She had quickly figured everything out. She realized that she had made an unforgivable mistake by informing the Princess about Jun Mo Xie’s abilities…

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