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Chapter 269: Is It… Is It Him?!

    Chapter 269: Is It… Is It Him?!

    Translator: Novel SagaEditor: Novel Saga

    “Ye Gu Han’s injury is very serious. I’ll try my best, but I’m not sure if I can fully cure him. Also, his right hand is broken beyond repair. Therefore, he will find it difficult to hold his sword with it… even if his health is otherwise restored. His body would take 70-80 days for a recovery. Therefore, you should make some false announcements to avoid future trouble for him. You will have to announce to the world that Ye Gu Han has died due to his injuries. And… it’s better that you go through me when you wish to meet him in the future. And I’ll make the required adjustments. You don’t have a problem with that, right?”

    Princess Ling Meng bit her lip and nodded. She knew perfectly well what Jun Mo Xie meant when he said “avoid future troubles”. These two had developed a tacit understanding by now. They didn’t need to explain their words anymore.

    Princess Ling Meng sighed when saw Dugu Xiao Yi weeping. She then walked over to the little girl, fished out a handkerchief from her clothes, and softly wiped Dugu Xiao Yi’s tears.

    “Silly little sister. I won’t compete with you. Is it possible… that we sisters… would have such a cruel fate? You… just for this guy… is he worth it?” She was going to say “debauchee”, but then she recalled her oath and didn’t say it.

    The sound of Dugu Xiao Yi’s crying abated somewhat. She then opened her tear-filled eyes, “Really? But you… just a moment ago…”

    “That is true. However, I did it because I had no other choice…” Princess Ling Meng smiled gently. The Princess was almost the same age as the little girl. However, she seemed so much more mature all of a sudden, “I will ask my father to get me married to Jun Mo Xie so I can complete my oath. But only after you do the good deed of marrying him first… I promise that this is only to adhere to my oath and nothing more. Is it still unacceptable?”

    Dugu Xiao Yi blushed. Her tears had turned into a smile. She ‘hummed’ for a moment and then said, “You are elder to me, so you first…” Though she had spoken these words, but anyone could tell that she felt insecure.

    Jun Mo Xie had walked past them. He was now sitting beside Ye Gu Han. He almost fell headlong when he heard these words.

    [There’s no sign of success yet. So, why are these two women talking like that?]

    [I still don’t have any intention to look for a wife Yet these two women are in a rush to marry me?]

    [I have no plans in this regard yet!]

    Jun Mo Xie’s expression became indifferent as he started to pour pure aura into Ye Gu Han. He then spoke coldly, “Miss Sun!”

    Sun Xiao Mei apologized in a low voice, “You needn’t say anything. I know what you’re about to say. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry!”

    “You are Fatty’s fiancée and also this little girl’s sister. So I’m dropping it for now. But if you ever do it again — I will kill you. What I loathe the most is… betrayal!” Jun Mo Xie raised his eyelids. A strong murderous intention flashed in his eyes. He then exuded a strong murderous aura, and the three women became cold all over.

    Jun Mo Xie’s words reeked of murderous intentions. No one would ever suspect the seriousness of his threat. They wouldn’t dare to provoke him since they knew that he would carry out his threat.

    Sun Xio Mei was silent. She knew that Jun Mo Xie wasn’t joking. [Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi were talking without restraint. In fact, he didn’t refrain from speaking his mind in front of Dugu Xiao Yi either. This shows that he considers them to his people. He believes that they wouldn’t betray him. If they had divulged his secret to Princess Ling Meng… he would have considered it to be a mistake… but never a betrayal…]

    [This fact won’t change regardless of circumstances or reasoning!]

    [Have I always turned a blind eye towards Jun Mo Xie’s true behavior? This youngster’s nature is of the type… ’obey me; you will die if you don’t.’ It is a tyrant’s disposition.] Suddenly, Sun Xiao Mei started to tremble. She had been very frightened by the words he had spoken to her.

    [Are you that kind of a man, Jun Mo Xie?]

    Princess Ling Meng was shocked. She looked at Jun Mo Xie with her eyes wide-open. [Since when did Jun Mo Xie have such an imposing personality? Has he… has he changed?]

    [Is that the reason why Dugu Xiao Yi fell madly in love with him?]

    Princess Ling Meng wasn’t sure. She slowly walked over to Ye Gu Han. She leaned to look at Ye Gu Han’s thin and deathly-pale face. The Princess grieved in her heart at that sight, but hid her tears.

    “Xiao Yi!” Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes as he exerted his entire strength to transfer the aura.

    “What?” Dugu Xiao Yi’s mood was quite cheerful now. Her mood had a tendency to change very quickly. She had already dried her tears, and was feeling embarrassed about her earlier tantrum. She jumped up when she heard Jun Mo Xie call her name.

    “Go to Third Uncle and ask him to send someone to the Aristocratic Hall. Ask him to have these medical ingredients brought back.” Jun Mo Xie listed the names of the herbs without any hesitation. “The earlier I have them — the more useful they will be.”

    Dugu Xiao Yi nodded and then disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

    Princess Ling Meng moved closer to Jun Mo Xie. She had never been this close to him before. She observed him as he sat there with his eyes closed and transferred the aura into Ye Gu Han. His face didn’t look cold or greedy. But it seemed as if he despised all creation under the heavens. She couldn’t help but feel moved inside.

    Then, she felt a faint yet familiar sensation in her heart.

    [It’s a very familiar feeling and… a very safe one. This incomparable warmth and comfort… where have I felt like this before?]

    [Why do I feel this warmth?] Princess Ling Meng frowned as she pondered hard…

    Suddenly, a light flashed in her mind, [this feeling… why is it so familiar…?]

    Princess Ling Meng couldn’t help but inch closer to Jun Mo Xie. And the closer she got to him… the stronger that feeling became. This slowly reminded her of something. Though, she couldn’t make out what it was.

    She sat aside, but didn’t utter a single word as she thought hard.

    Sun Xiao Mei was sitting beside her with a ‘somewhat’ vexed expression on her face.

    “Sister Xiao Mei… why are you at the Jun Family’s residence?” Princess Ling Meng was sitting idly. Hence, she suddenly recalled this matter and could not help but ask. The Princess’s mind was still haunting her decision of making that Blood Oath…

    “Little White led Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi to us after you were captured …” Sun Xiao Mei said plainly, “The Third Master of the Jun Family brought Uncle Ye here. And Jun Mo Xie set-out to search for you…”

    “What? Jun Mo Xie went alone to look for me?” Princess Ling Meng forgot her manners and asked in a loud voice. She jumped onto her legs as a shock spread across her face.

    She had been trying hard to solve that puzzle. However, it suddenly seemed as if the dark clouds in her mind had been split by a ray of sunshine; everything suddenly seemed very bright.

    The mysterious master had carried her as they had escaped from the cave. In fact, that mysterious expert with the throwing knives had always protected her. And what she felt in that man’s arms was just like what she… had just felt near Jun Mo Xie’s body…

    [Is it possible that…?]

    [But how’s this possible?] Princess Ling Meng shook her head vigorously to rid herself of that ridiculous thought. However, those two figures gradually began to become one in her mind…

    She recalled that Jun Mo Xie had been nearby at the time of the previous attempt on her life. He had then suddenly disappeared.

    [Could he be ‘him’?]

    Princess Ling Meng’s heart began to beat wildly. She looked at Jun Mo Xie in amazement. Her heart suddenly felt an unprecedented feeling. [He is quite handsome…] Her face suddenly turned red.

    Dugu Xiao Yi came back ‘skipping’ after she had finished her task. The little girl’s heart had recovered, and she was in high spirits. [He called me ‘Xiao Yi’ this time. It was so nice to hear. I hope he calls me that many times again in the future. Hee Hee…]

    “Little sister Xiao Yi,” Princess Ling Meng tried hard to restrain her emotions. The tone of her voice was very plain as she asked, “I heard that Young Master Jun had crafted a jewel-studded knife for you; is that right? I remember it had a pleasant name the last time you showed it to me, ‘the first pocket-knife of Tian Xiang?!” Could you show it to me again?”

    “You treated it with disdain the last time I tried to show it to you. But now you wish to take another look at it. Okay then… I’ll show it to you,” Dugu Xiao Yi mumbled. She then delved into her sleeve and drew out a slender knife.

    Jun Mo Xie nearly fainted after he accidentally saw this spectacle.

    “Dugu Xiao Yi! I gave you that knife so you could cut people apart… it’s not to be used as an arm band! What a waste!” Jun Mo Xie howled angrily. And he was very serious.

    This little girl had tied the knife to her arm. This meant that it would take her sometime to draw it out if need be. [What’s the difference between it and an arm-band? The battle will be over by the time she draws the knife to confront an enemy! So what’s the use of it?]

    Dugu Xiao Yi’s face turned red. She whined for a while out of embarrassment. Then, she replied, “This… you gave me… as a token of faith… I’ll use it if need be… why are you getting mad at me…?”

    She lowered her pretty face as she spoke. The little girl rubbed the lower hem of her gown out of embarrassment as she whined like a mosquito. She then asked, “My… Jade Pendant… you still wear it?”

    Princess Ling Meng’s blood oath hadn’t come from her heart. Yet, the Princess was still her biggest threat in Dugu Xiao Yi’s eyes. Therefore, she added the two words ‘token and faith’ in spite of the embarrassment when Jun Mo Xie asked her about the knife. The idea was to send the message that — “Whether you like it or not… I’m ahead of you! We’ve already exchanged tokens of faith!”

    [Humph! We may be good sisters, but I won’t hold back! I, Dugu Xiao Yi, will fight for my love till the end! Humph! And I too shall take a blood oath if you provoke me! You may not have done it voluntarily, but I will; then we’ll see who is afraid of whom?!]

    [The jade pendant? Token of faith?] Jun Mo Xie stared blankly. He didn’t know where this was coming from. As for that piece of jade he had received from her… [I had kept it somewhere… though I don’t remember where I kept it… ]

    Princess Ling Meng didn’t pay attention to Dugu Xiao Yi’s words. Instead, her hands trembled slightly. Her eyes shone with pleasant surprise as she looked at the blade. She then saw that strange light reflecting-off of the gem on the handle. It captivated her. The weapon was definitive. The handle of this knife, and the throwing knives, were clearly made by the hands of the same man.

    Whether it was the forging process, the craftsmanship, the decorative design, or even the casting method of the blade — it was all ingenious and original; along with the acute tip of the knife. This indicated towards one clear and undeniable fact!

    The blade was easy to hold. It was delicate, small and exquisite. It was suited for slashing as well as stabbing. Moreover, it wouldn’t injure the hand of the wielder. The point of the knife, its edge, its spine, its hilt… each and every part of the blade… including its curved arch had been thoroughly tempered and exquisitely evened. Moreover, the handle and the blade had been made without a cast… it was obvious that someone had spent a lot of time and effort into forging that knife.

    In addition, the handle was ‘somewhat’ short. It was obvious that this knife’s handle had been specifically intended for a woman’s hand. In fact, it was probably intended as such from the time of the collection of raw materials.

    The handled glittered. Its curving lines flickered like the stars in the night sky. It seemed as if the milky-way itself had fallen from the sky. The entire blade flowed like a river of light.

    The Princess suddenly felt very jealous as she looked at the blade, [he is nice to her… very nice…]

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