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Chapter 270: Reprimanded

    Chapter 270: Reprimanded

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    “It’s a good blade!” Princess Ling Meng looked at it with envy. She seemed reluctant to parted with it. She had recognized her “mystery man” in her mind by then. However, she wasn’t ready to divulge this matter to anyone.

    She felt that… [Jun Mo Xie plays the debauchee, and flaunts his immoral behavior everywhere. Isn’t that a means to conceal his real self?]

    [He can perform amazing deeds; deeds that require bravery, chivalry and courage. His easth-shaking medical knowledge could create uproar in the entire capital! He should’ve been standing at the summit of this world. He could’ve enjoyed everyone’s admiration — the entire younger generation’s devotion. However, he has chosen dirt upon himself for his family’s sake…]

    [So, what he said before is true? His heart actually didn’t lay in wait for me!]

    [He and I, aren’t suited to be a match. However, he in no way unworthy of me — it is I who is undeserving of him!]

    [His life must’ve been full of bitter hardships!]

    [Someone capable of such great feats should be a proud and noble youngster. Yet, he has no choice but to suffer everyone’s condescending stares and taunts. But he continues to display an extremely nasty personality in public! He can’t show-case his achievements… this must be a great torment for him!]

    [This requires a very far-sighted vision. How broad-minded, calm and talented does one have to be to face this…?!]

    [Who doesn’t want to be desired? Who doesn’t wish to be worshipped by hoards of people? Who doesn’t wish to stand at the top? However, Jun Mo Xie had no choice but to suffer the world’s humiliation due to his family’s circumstances…]

    Princess Ling Meng suddenly felt her heart grieve.

    [He’s about the same age as me… but he has experienced a-great-many things than I have… moreover, he never wants his name to be credited for the good deeds he does. He never asks repayment for what he does. In fact, he would rather suffer the scorn of the people he saves…]

    [How can someone like Li You Ran even compare to such a man?!]

    Suddenly, the image of Jun Mo Xie changed from a scoundrel who wouldn’t shrink away from any crime to a lofty individual bathed in bright rays of light in the Princess’s mind.

    It was similar to a promotion from the ‘bottom of eighteenth layer’ of hell to the ‘thirty-third level’ of heaven. And that too in an instant!

    Princess Ling Meng suddenly felt that her blood oath… wasn’t unacceptable anymore… in fact, there was a faint… feeling of delight in her heart.

    It was a pity that the Young Master Jun wasn’t aware of these feelings. Otherwise, he would’ve laughed loudly, “What a mental disorder!” He would have sighed, “Heavens and Earth! This Princess’s imagination is so enriched. She harbors fantasies I can’t even dare to fathom!”

    The real Jun Mo Xie never pretended to be a debauchee and a hoodlum. He was a genuine wastrel. There was no false imaging about him. As for the new Young Master Jun… he always went about things his own way. He didn’t care about other people’s point of view…

    To summarize this change in the image of Jun Mo Xie from a ‘good for nothing debauchee’ to a ‘tall and lofty person’ in the pure and innocent head of Princess Ling Meng… Well, it was a complete and beautiful misunderstanding…

    Dugu Xiao Yi saw the ‘spellbound’ manner in which the Princess had held that knife; it seemed like the Princess liked it too much to let it go. The little girl’s heart tensed at this. She then snorted, [You don’t consider your sister’s feelings. I will never show you this knife again!]

    She seethed with anger and pursed her lips. She then said, “I presume Sister Meng has seen enough? It is just a knife; it’s nothing that rare.” She then reached-out and grabbed the knife. Dugu Xiao Yi then proudly narrowed her eyes and smiled, “This knife isn’t very rare… but my Brother Mo Xie said that this knife is unique and unmatched — whether in quality or style…”

    “Unique? Not really; right?” Princes Ling Meng didn’t know why she felt so uncomfortable upon seeing Dugu Xiao Yi this pleased. She couldn’t help herself to speak in a ‘ridiculing’ manner, “I have several knives that resemble this one. They are just smaller in size…”

    “You have several such knives? I don’t believe you. That big villain said that he’d get this jewel-studded knife made for me; especially for me!” Dugu Xiao Yi cried out. Her big eyes were opened in circular shapes, “How is that possible?”

    “How is that ‘impossible’? Why can’t there be several such knives?” Princess Ling Meng smiled mysteriously, “Would you like to spare some time to see them?”

    Princess Ling Meng couldn’t help but satisfy her desire to satiate her ego. She was aware that the throwing knives she possessed had been crafted by the Young Master Jun had. However, she had gotten them purely by chance. They hadn’t been given to her as a gift; let alone specially made for her. In fact, she knew that there were probably several like the ones she possessed. And she was aware that she couldn’t tale the knife out right now since Jun Mo Xie was nearby. She knew that he wasn’t interested in seeing his ‘tokens of faith’. She could incur his displeasure if she showed-off those knives. But that was secondary. How could she afford to lose face in front of her sisters?

    “We surely have time to examine Elder Sister Ling Meng’s treasures!” Dugu Xiao Yi smiled as a sharp light flashed in her eyes. Princess Ling Meng also had a smile across her face. These sisters were smiling like flowers, but one could feel a strong hostility between them.

    This confrontation had already surpassed the category of ‘young adolescent women’; it had reached the category of grown-up women. Women could commit all manner of unscrupulous crimes to defend their position in their love lives. This ‘sisterly’ feeling could in no way stand in the path of that…

    Sun Xiao Mei had noticed this intense hostility and jealousy between the two women. However, the ‘very clever’ Sun Xio Mei couldn’t help but gape in astonishment.

    [Dugu Xiao Yi’s obsession with Jun Mo Xie is a known fact. So her behavior isn’t strange. However, Ling Meng… her attitude regarding the Young Master Jun has undergone a sudden and tremendous change. This is completely inexplicable.]

    Princess Ling Meng had taken a blood oath to marry Jun Mo Xie. However, it was done unwillingly because of the prevailing conditions. Princess Ling Meng never had a favorable impression of Jun Mo Xie according to Sun Xiao Mei’s understanding. In fact, the Princess detested him. [So why have these two ‘sisters’ become ‘legendary rivals in love’ so suddenly? Moreover, how’s the sense of hostility so strong despite the strong sisterly bond they share? What’s the matter? ]

    [This is confusing; very confusing…]

    Sun Xiao Mei had always considered herself very capable. She could employ her large brain to any situation. But it had short circuited in this moment.

    Jun Mo Xie heaved a long breath. He had finally exhausted himself. He had grabbed Ye Gu Han’s hand, and had recklessly poured aura into him for such a long time. He had poured-out a huge amount of it by now. But the injured Ye Gu Han’s condition had stabilized. Ye Gu Han’s Xuan Qi had been expelled from his body, and it had been replaced by Jun Mo Xie’s powerful heavenly aura in its entirety.

    Moreover, the broken bones had been carefully enveloped by the Young Master Jun’s aura.

    There would be no further problems as long as no one moved his body or messed with his bones.

    Jun Mo Xie was very exhausted. He opened his eyes to look at the three girls, and then sighed in a dejected manner. He didn’t feel like talking. A single woman was like a thousand ducks in the eyes of Hit-man Jun — long-winded and confused. But he was facing three of them…

    This was a very terrifying issue! And if there was only one man present among them… the fate of that ‘man’ would be very, very tragic.

    “How’s he?” Princess Ling Meng asked as she moved forward. Her expression had a hint of flattery.

    “How’s he?” Dugu Xiao Yi’s head barged in-between. The nostrils of her slender nose were flared, while her eyebrows pulsated unceasingly. Jun Mo Xie could feel her breath. He could even smell her sweet fragrance.

    “Are you exhausted?” Sun Xiao Mei didn’t dare to take the opportunity to join in-on the fun. However, she still put-in a word after she took a seat.

    The three women had together inquired of the tired Jun Mo Xie. He couldn’t shout with his mouth, but his eyes certainly filled in its stead. He thought of a few things to say as he opened his eyes. He tried to keep his expression blank as he looked at the three women; it was cold like an ancient block of ice.

    His cold gaze swept over them, and the three women shivered with nervousness. They felt ashamed for no reason. They felt as if they had done something wrong. Even the little girl was no exception…

    “Women; ah women!” Jun Mo Xie’s mouth arched downwards. He raised his hands to his temple with effort and started to massage it. His face twitched with irritation, “I didn’t wish to talk nonsense with you, but now I think it is necessary! Otherwise, you’ll burden this Young master to death; sooner or later!”

    “What?!” The three women were astounded. They looked at each other for a while. They were at a total loss.

    “Firstly… You! You made a huge mistake!” Jun Mo Xie pointed his finger at Princess Ling Meng. There was no trace of politeness in his demeanor, “Take today’s matter as an example. It was unnecessary to sacrifice anything. However, you managed to create this situation from nothing! It’s all your doing! Ye Gu Han shouldn’t have sustained such injuries. He could’ve easily retreated with light injuries! But things have turned out in this manner because of your ignorance! Your Uncle Ye made such a huge sacrifice for you. And now you’ve made a blood oath for his doctor. It is very touching. I feel very bad for Ye Gu Han. His situation is extremely tragic. And it was all for something so worthless! It’s too sad!

    “I got to know about this matter from your sisters. Princess Ling Meng, you’re at the Gold Xuan level. You may seem like a very strong expert to an average person. However, you can’t fight against such powerful assassins. But Ye Gu Han had already blocked the enemies. So couldn’t you have you’re your skills to escape? Moreover, this incident happened within the Imperial Capital. So why didn’t you run to each and every Major Family that resided nearby? Did you attach that much importance to your tears? Those unreal things have done so much harm to Ye Gu Han!

    “The only thing you can do when such an incident occurs — in fact, the only thing which you should do — is seize the opportunity and escape! The farther you would’ve run, and the faster you would’ve run… the more Ye Gu Han would’ve been able to relax. You shouldn’t have been concerned about Ye Gu Han’s safety. Or, thought that you’re abandoning him. You should’ve only thought of escaping yourself! You should’ve thought of your own safety since Ye Gu Han was fighting for that reason alone! Ye Gu Han would’ve thought about retreating once you were safe. He may not have been able to retreat wholly un-injured. But it wouldn’t have led to something like this! But did you do that? No. You didn’t. You just looked back until Ye Gu Han had been seriously injured to the point of dying. In fact, you hadn’t even run three hundred meters! And you wouldn’t have covered that distance if it weren’t for Xiao Yi and Sun Xiao Mei pulling at you… do you have curd inside your head? What were you thinking?”

    Jun Mo Xie reprimanded the Princess; impolitely and ruthlessly. Princess Ling Meng’s eyes had become red, and she was about to cry.

    “Don’t cry! I will throw you and your Uncle Ye out if I see another tear fall from your eyes today. I never asked you take that bullshit blood oath! What a stupid thing to do! As if tears are going to be useful to your Uncle Ye…! Your Uncle Ye is dying because of your wretched tears! But will it be useful for me against the enemy? Crying is worth a fart! Can you do anything else besides crying? You try to cry again, and see what happens!” Jun Mo Xie roared ferociously.

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