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Chapter 271: You Three Are Very Stupid!

    Chapter 271: You Three Are Very Stupid!

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    Princess Ling Meng’s entire body started to trembled. Jun Mo Xie’s devilish expression had frightened her. So much so that she didn’t even dare to cry.

    “In fact, you didn’t try to escape when Ye Gu Han sustained seriously injuries! Indeed, it is very good of you! You are very formidable! Your Highness, you’re very attached to him. You were willing to do so much for your Uncle Ye! This is so moving! I admire you so much!”

    Jun Mo Xie gnashed his teeth and nodded ferociously. He then let out an earth shattering roar, “You didn’t even think of the other people with you! You didn’t think about your two good sisters! You got so emotional that you wouldn’t escape no matter what. But did you think they would abandon you and escape? You could’ve caused them great harm; in fact, you could’ve gotten them killed! All three of you would’ve been killed and turned into a pile of rotting flesh if the assailants’ intention had been to assassinate you instead of kidnapping you! You’re beauty wouldn’t have been of much use then! Your death wouldn’t have been that much of a tragedy if you were the enemy’s target. However, you managed to involve your two innocent sisters as well! How would you have felt if something had happened to them?”

    “But…” Princess Ling Meng felt a sense of foreboding deep in her heart. She also felt somewhat ashamed. Hence, she didn’t dare to meet Jun Mo Xie’s eyes. Moreover, she didn’t even dare to look at her sisters who stood beside her.

    “But what?!” Jun Mo Xie’s voice and expression were very stern, “However, and when Ye Gu Han was lying on the ground… on the verge of death. What was going on in your head then? This is such a piece of muddled logic!

    “Let’s say that Ye Gu Han doesn’t die while defending you… And you are safe; then there would’ve been no problems in that situation. In fact, if Ye Gu Han had died in order to protect you — it would have been a willing death! But he put his life on the line to cover for your escape — your escape was to be the price of his life! But not only did you not escape… you remained motionless! You would’ve made his death entirely meaningless! It would’ve been for nothing! He would’ve traded his life to give you a chance to escape. But he would’ve died a discontent death because of you!

    “Stupid woman! But how will you be able to understand? Your head is full of curd! Huh. You’re stupid… and beyond help! You believed that your brain is not that bad? And you even boasted your intelligence. You felt that you’re something that I should not be looking down upon… bah!” He felt delight and a sense of accomplishment in bullying her. This was only natural since the Princess had previously disregarded and disdained his existence.

    “And you!” He pointed at Dugu Xiao Yi, “The knife I gave you — do you find tying it to your arm very amusing? …Why don’t you tie it inside the crotch of your trousers?! Don’t you know that the Knife law fits you? And using it with this knife can yield excellent results?! But how’s tying it to your arm of any use? Has your head been kicked by a donkey?”

    Jun Mo Xie was panting heavily, but he continued to scold, “Why are you reluctant to do it? What else do you plan to do with it? It’s a knife! What is it used for? Knives aren’t used as ornaments; nor are they used as decorations. Knives are used to cut people; to chop enemies and to kill! What would you accomplish with it by tying it to your arm? I forged it with so much effort. Didn’t you guess that your everyday sweat and smell might corrode this knife since you tie to your arm? Do you know how much mental and physical effort, time, and energy it took me to forge this beautiful knife? What a waste!

    “Stupid! You are incorrigibly stupid as well! If her head is full of curd… yours must be flooded with water! Someone needs to shake that nonsense out of your head!” Jun Mo Xie pointed at Dugu Xiao Yi. He almost spluttered on her face. Dugu Xiao Yi’s face became pale as she made an effort to evade his spit.

    “Moreover, their objective… wasn’t you! Princess Ling Meng wasn’t willing to escape. But you two didn't hurry-up the road to look for reinforcements. You just foolishly looked-on until the enemy arrived! The enemies were Sky Xuan experts! Do you understand what a Sky Xuan is? You are like beggars declaring their intent to revolt against the King; that’s exactly what you are in front of them! The enemy could’ve torn your weak bodies with their fingertips. They could’ve crushed you two into pieces by pressing their fingers! No! Not even a single piece of your body would remain! You were like an ant trying to shake a tree. The only praise I can give you two is for… insulting those Sky Xuan level enemies with your actions!”

    “You’re the second stupid woman of this gang!” Jun Mo Xie drew a long breath as he made his conclusion.

    “And you! You think you’re very smart, right?” Jun Mo Xie wasn’t about to let Sun Xiao Mei off either. “They didn’t understand… but are you stupid too? You couldn’t get it either? Are you aware that you should’ve been escaping… and not enjoying the view of the street? Weren’t you supposed to flee for your life? And that stupid escape route you picked was something only a brainless person would choose. You wouldn’t have found many winding roads ahead. But there were houses on both sides of the road. And there would’ve been many whose front door would’ve been connected to a back door. That would’ve lead you to an alley at the back. That would’ve been safer, right? Yet unexpectedly, you madly rushed onto the main road! Do you think your speed is faster than a Sky Xuan expert’s?!

    “I know that your looks aren’t good. Therefore, you behave in an unconventional manner. You look at problems. You look at people, and you look at matters in an incisive manner! Therefore, you’re very cocky in this respect! But your pride is worth a fart! How is it useful? You never look at yourself. You only scrutinize others; and most of that is bogus as well! Do you have a brain? Xiao Yi isn’t very logical regarding such matters and Princess Ling Meng’s mind was very muddy. You were the only clear headed individual there. So, couldn’t you just knock-out the Princess and then leave with her? I’m sure that you could’ve escaped with ease if you had knocked-out that stupid woman early-on. And even Ye Gu Han could’ve escaped if you would’ve done it. You tell me; am I right or am I wrong?!

    “Don’t ever think you can understand others without understanding yourself first!” Jun Mo Xie pounded the table. “And don’t by-any-means think that you’re so clever that you can understand everyone’s intentions! You think that you can understand a man’s psychology and a woman’s weaknesses? Let me tell you! The thoughts of men and women are their own, and no one would ever want someone else to control them. Don’t ever weigh someone else’s personality with your pitiful wisdom! It anyway seems that you’re still very lacking! Even a small ‘random’ can be dangerous enough to kill someone. And what happened to Ye Gu Han is a great example of that!

    “It’s okay to be stupid on your own. However, you should never involve anyone else in it. Especially those close to you!” Jun Mo Xie roared.

    Then, Jun Mo Xie stopped raining curses. His spittle was everywhere. Though, his heart was content. He had gone about scolding a Princess and the daughters of big families like he was lecturing his grandson.

    “But… it’s like you just said that… we are Gold Xuan level… far from the Sky Xuan level. Moreover, we had to resolve everything despite that huge and unconquerable difference in our strengths. And we could only depend on ourselves. So how could I do it?” Sun Xiao Mei snorted as she pointed at his nose. She had straightened her neck and had shot back; somewhat resentfully. This little girl wasn’t like the Princess and Xiao Yi. She was very proud. Therefore, she argued back.

    “You think strength falls out of the sky?” A snorting sound came from Jun Mo Xie’s nose. “Don’t you dress-up and adorn yourself every day instead of training for your tyrannical strength? Do you think you can have an exceptional strength when you treat yourself like a delicate flower vase and remain protected? Do you know the cost of becoming a genuine expert; a really strong individual? That is obviously something which you young ladies will not be aware of. One should put all his life and soul into attaining even the most ordinary understanding!”

    Jun Mo Xie smiled, “You’re very young, yet you’re already Gold Xuan experts! In fact, you can even be considered extraordinary talents amongst the younger generation. Many people will consider your feat of reaching the Gold Xuan level at such a young age as a remarkable one! And I’ll admit that it’s true. The cultivation of Xuan Qi is against the natural order of things. And to walk this troublesome path means to expend a lot of wealth and energy. And the most important part is to give up on world. You’ll be in conflict with your body every day! However, you’re at the best age throughout a woman’s lifetime! There have always been many talented women in existence! However, only the women who gave-up on their good looks and youthfulness and were successful in becoming unrivalled experts. They are few and far in-between all these years — from the ancient times to now!

    “I say these things to ensure that you don’t make stupid mistakes like you did today! Your strength is weak. And I’m certain that an incident like today will happen again! But I’m sure that no one wants Ye Gu Han’s sacrifice to become worthless. Do you understand my words?”

    Jun Mo Xie hummed for a while. He had lost interest in venting his feelings. Jun Mo Xie walked over to the chair and leaned into it. Then, he closed his eyes. He then said impatiently, “Don’t dispute the truth I say to you. It’s useless! It might do some good if you’re confident that you can use that bullshit logic to convince the enemy. If not… then shut up. This Young Masters has been working hard for too long; he needs to rest.”

    The three women were flushed with anger at first. Then, they realized that Jun Mo Xie’s words were very reasonable even though they were extremely difficult to hear. They couldn’t help but hang their heads and ponder on his words.

    Dugu Xiao Yi drummed her mouth and turned. She then snorted and gave a supercilious look. She wrinkled her nose and mumbled, “You’re so unreasonable! Humph! Whenever I get irritated… I take that knife out… it feels like I’m looking at you…”

    Then suddenly, they heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming from outside. At first, it seemed that a monster the size of an elephant was wildly stomping towards their direction. The speed of its progress was scary. It was not scarily fast — it was scarily slow.

    The three women looked at each other. They gasped. Then, they heard a voice calling from outside, “I say Young Master… you deliberately made me run on my broken leg! Poor me… I must’ve sweated around 5kg on this journey. What was so important that you demanded these medicines so urgently? Moreover, why was it necessary that I bring them over personally? I deserve a special treat for this! Let’s go to the Spirit Fog Lake this afternoon!

    “Tch Tch… just think of those powdered and delicate women, brother! My mouth slobbers at the thought of them! I’ll wish to seek out several of them, and then I’ll try your ‘If you don’t pay for it, you don’t but it’ trick. Indeed, the Young Master is a true genius. This little brother admires you; he bows in front of you!”

    It goes without saying who the new arrival was…

    The color of the faces of the women inside the room changed into that of a boiler’s base. It was dark and scary. The three women’s face showed the same intention in unison — murder!

    It was a very oppressive intention!

    The Tang Family’s Young Master dragged his huge belly to the door’s threshold as he panted. It was accompanied with the sounds of complaints and flattery. He then passed gas very loudly. He could barely hold-up his stomach with his hands as he finally stepped in. Suddenly, he was shocked to see the three young women staring fierily at him. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and let his belly go. Then, he looked around the place in a distracted manner and let-out a blood curdling scream, “AAH! …”

    He let go of the medicines, and spilled them on the ground. Then, he quickly broke into a run and left.

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