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Chapter 276: I’m Not Satisfied Yet

    Chapter 276: I’m Not Satisfied Yet

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    “No, Elder Brother. But your Junior Brother appreciates your feelings,” Li You Ran seemed pained as he shook his head. “Elder Brother, do you know? When I close my eyes at night… I see the four seniors standing in front of me. They’re drenched in blood and covered in scars. I… I… I… Li You Ran, am ashamed to face them! The Second Prince will use his entire strength to escort these crossbows to the Capital. The number of secret experts will be too many to count. If anything bad happened to you, Elder Brother — your little brother… might as well… die!”

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but inwardly curse when he heard that emotional sigh. [What?! What?! This Li You Ran is too pretentious! He is at the greatest level! This guy could even beat me…]

    [Why did you deliberately mention it to them if you didn’t wish for them to take action? You’ve just told them the rationality and the threats of this course of action. And then you stated your desire to refrain from participating in it…]

    [But now they won’t stop no matter how hard you try to restrain them. They’ll be touched when your words convey that you don’t wish for them to go… so much so that they might even leave without telling you. This scheme is amazing! And I was belittling this brat before?!]

    [You want them to become cannon fodder for you. But you want them to be moved-enough to volunteer for it themselves. You wish for them to feel that they owe you. And you wish for them to feel that your concern for them will cause you big problems…]

    [You’re hot and numbing; at the same. You’re pretending to be real while you pretend.]

    [That’s for sure!]

    “How’s that possible?” three voices shouted in unison. “How can we sit and watch as our younger brother’s family slips into a dangerous situation? What are we then? What kind of people does Little Brother treat us as? We’ll relax only once the Li Family obtains those crossbows. This matter doesn’t need so much deliberation. It’s already decided. When the time comes — we three will act! We’ll win the Xuan Beast Crossbows for Li You Ran; we’ll hand them over to you. If Younger Brother Li is still uneasy… then you can send some of your men to support us!”

    “Eldest Brother… Second Brother… Elder Sister…” Li You Ran had seemingly been moved-speechless. However, he seemed to become more and more resolute as well. “But how can your younger brother respond? I… your younger brother am ashamed… and my conscience is uneasy…”

    “A man acting ‘effeminately’ indecisive?! What are you doing? You are decisive then why don’t you go to that place?” This was apparently the voice of the Female Senior, “Younger Brother Li! Why won’t you let us go? Do you want us to watch while your Li Family slowly descends into danger?”

    “Master has been very generous. I won’t let Elder Sister and the Elder Brothers walk into danger!” Li You ran could be heard speaking these words. It seemed as if he was resolutely gnashing his teeth.

    “This is rubbish!” his three seniors shouted angrily and pounded the table. Then, Lei Jian Hong started to speak, “Younger Brother Li, we will refuse to recognize you as a fellow disciple if you continue to talk like this and look down on us! I’ll kick your buttocks. And I’ll never look at you again!”

    It seemed as if heroism had reached its pinnacle. It felt as if both parties were treating each other with the utmost sincerity.

    The Young Master Jun was still hiding in the soil. He almost broke into laughter. [What is this? What trash has Lei Wu Bei taught his disciples? Lei Wu Bei wouldn’t volunteer to personally take action, right?]

    “If this is the case… you… Big Brother… must be very careful!” Li You Ran’s diction wasn’t very clear. It seemed that he was choking with emotion, “I beg my seniors to be very careful. It doesn’t matter if I get those crossbows… you must return safe and sound! I will assign you the maximum number of troops. Please don’t be stingy with the man power. And I won’t care if they are sacrificed to ensure your safe returns. You mustn’t hesitate to spare any expense!”

    “Be at ease; we will take care of everything. And prepare for the good news, Younger Brother!” The three people patted their chests. They were brimming with feeling of heroism; one which could even lead them to die for their friends.

    Jun Mo Xie didn’t laugh this time. Instead, he let out a profound sigh. [It seems that they will spare no effort to help Li You Ran. Apparently, Li You Ran has completely brainwashed these three individuals …]

    [Lei Wu Bei’s eldest, and these two other disciples, are in a pitiful situation! It’s no wonder that these five powerful experts managed such a bleak result when the encircled and fought a lone Ye Gu Han!]

    [Men without wisdom are pathetic!]

    “Many thanks Elder Brothers, Elder Sister! According to my information — I believe those crossbows should reach the outer reaches of the Capital in thirteen days. We’ll make our move when the time comes!” It could be assumed that Li You Ran must’ve taken a deep bow before he had begun discussing the specifics of his plan.

    Everything was clear to Jun Mo Xie after he had listened to them for a while. He had no interest in listening to Li You Ran play with those idiots. Moreover, he had suddenly formed a new plan in his mind…

    Of course… it was for later.

    It was time to kill a few people now. The Hit-man Jun had never forgotten the original purpose of his visit. Over-hearing this important information hadn’t interfered with Jun Mo Xie’s determination to kill.

    He silently surfaced above the ground, and found himself in the middle of a huge but empty courtyard.

    Jun Mo Xie looked up and realized why he could not locate the Li Family’s main operation center — it was located outside the Li Family’s residence; it was located in the area next to the Li Family’s residence.

    [So that’s why!]

    He then turned as he heard a voice of someone’s groan; the person seemed to be in pain. It came from a side-room. This room was surrounded by green bamboos. Jun Mo Xie’s mouth bent into a cruel smile as he moved into that room; as quick as lightning.

    The room reeked with the smell of medicines. Three of the disciples were lying on soft mattresses inside the room. They were mostly stationary; except for an occasional twitch. And they looked deathly pale.

    [Ah! It’s pitiful to look at you in so much pain, Elder Brother. Let this Little Brother free you from this world of suffering!] Jun Mo Xie sighed compassionately. Then, a sword which hung on the wall — which might have belonged to one of those three patients — suddenly rose on its own. The sword then started to move like a meat cleaver…

    “Puff! Puff! Puff!”

    The three men had been fatally wounded during their excursions. It was amazing that they had been able to persist for so long after. But one mustn’t delay more than one breath’s time if they wish to resist fate.

    Blood and flesh splattered…

    The ‘speedy’ sixth disciple was the last one left. He stared blankly when he saw the sword ‘float’. He couldn’t believe his eyes initially. Then, he saw it come down like lightening on his senior and junior brother disciples who lay at his side. He felt weird when he saw their head separate from their bodies, and then roll-about like watermelons. He was extremely frightened by this sight. He was about to cry-out in alarm, but something unseen covered his mouth and he was unable to shout. The thing that covered his mouth seemed to be a ‘hand’. It was warm. But, why was it invisible?

    [Why is it invisible? Does this world really have ghosts?] He had just thought this when he saw the unmanned sword chop-down on his neck…

    Jun Mo Xie stopped his hand from making more chops, and coldly picked up a piece of cloth. There was blood everywhere. He smiled mischievously and crookedly as he dipped the cloth in the blood and wrote several characters on the wall, “I wasn’t satisfied after killing those four people. So I’ve killed these three too. But they were already half-dead… so how could I be satisfied? Wait for a few days; I’ll hack-open the final three as well. But if I’m not satisfied with that — then it will be your turn, my dear Cold-Blooded Master, Wu Bei…”

    But he didn’t feel satisfied with these threats. Hence, he added several more characters. He left the room once he was satisfied with his work.

    The distance between the side-room and Li You Ran’s location was barely over thirty meters. The Hit-man Jun had used a method which had increased the speed of his movements exponentially, and his actions had been urgent. He had been able to kill the three people without any resistance. No loud sounds had been emitted over the entire course of his covert operation — just a highly subdued “pfft pfft pfft”… and the entire mission had been completed. This was the basic skill that was required from a good assassin; it wasn’t considered to be something amazing in this line of work.

    [Besides… this sword is very sharp…]

    He was convinced that if anyone heard him… they would merely think that they heard a lot of ‘fart’ noises. Therefore, no one would know that the men in that small room had been relieved from their mortal suffering and had gone to heaven until Jun Mo Xie was finished with his task …

    The Hit-man Jun had barely escaped that courtyard when he saw the silhouette of a man floating towards his direction. The man’s hands were dirty. His movements were calm; they were neither too fast, nor too slow. He was frowning slightly, and it seemed that he was having difficulty with some problem…

    His name could shake all land under heaven; he was the Cold-Blooded Master — Lei Wu Bei.

    [You old bastard, you’ve arrived too late!] Jun Mo Xie smiled ruthlessly, and deliberately brushed passed him.

    Just as Jun Mo Xie brushed past him — Lei Wu Bei seemingly sensed something. There was no change in his body posture, but he surged his powerful Qi in a split second and it frighteningly burst-out.

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt the burst of powerful Qi hitting him and became gloomy. Jun Mo Xie stuck-out his tongue in a tease, and moved into the Hong Jun Pagoda.

    [You think that I can’t hide from you? I’m in-here now… try to find me if you like.]

    [However, no one has ever sensed my presence like this. So how come Lei Wu Bei was able to?] Jun Mo Xie crouched in the Hong Jun Pagoda and thought hard. [Could this wonderful Yin-Yang Escape have some shortcomings?]

    [Or is it possible that Masters with such high level of cultivation can detect my anomaly?] Jun Mo Xie suddenly recalled that he had just killed some people. This meant that his body must be emanating a cold-killing intention.

    He reckoned that Lei Wu Bei must’ve felt this dangerous killing intention. Moreover, his aura contained a massive feeling of hostility towards Lei Wu Bei. Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie realized that this incident may have been a normal occurrence.

    So, I can hide easily when I’m not hostile or I don’t have the killing intention about myself. However, I might fail once I get into that mood. He obviously dispelled the idea of stealthily killing the Great Master…

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