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Chapter 277: The Super-Misunderstanding!

    Chapter 277: The Super-Misunderstanding!

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    Hit-man Jun’s inference was reasonable. But it was slightly inconsistent.

    The Yin-Yang Escape was a wonderful evasive technique. So much so that even the Eight Great Masters couldn’t find Jun Mo Xie’s tracks. But the Yin-Yang Escape didn’t use the five key elements for the time being. One could go into hiding, but they’d still be discoverable for they would weren’t escaping into the void. The technique merely altered the flow of air to create this anomaly. This technique wasn’t much of an anomaly from this perspective. In fact, it was quite ordinary. A person would basically be walking around with some alterations in the flow of air around their body.

    The vast majority of people were unable to detect these subtle changes.

    However, who was Lei Wu Bei? He wouldn’t have been worthy of his name if he couldn’t detect these changes.

    He could easily notice even the most-minute changes in the flow of air. However, the situation in front of him was too weird. He had never witnessed such a strong killing intention. He could infer that the strength of the individual emanating it was quite profound. Therefore, Lei Wu Bei had released his powerful Qi in order to protect himself.

    However, Lei Wu Bei couldn’t sense it once Jun Mo Xie entered the Hong Jun Pagoda.

    Jun Mo Xie had realized this in time. He felt frustrated, and remained inside the Hong Jun Pagoda with a blank expression on his face. He stayed there for a while, and reckoned that he’d escape once Lei Wu Bei left. He came out to take a peek, and realized that Lei Wu Bei was unexpectedly rooted to the same spot. Moreover, the Young Master Jun had barely come out of the Hong Jun Pagoda… while being invisible… yet Lei Wu Bei’s eyes quickly turned to look in his direction…

    It seemed as if his eyes were a pair of jack-o’-lanterns.

    [Damn! This fart has a lot of free time!] Jun Mo Xie felt very helpless since he had no option but to return inside. He inwardly cursed Lei Wu Bei. [I won’t be able to get out of here before break of dawn at this rate. This isn’t good…]

    A Great Master would never doubt his spiritual sense. Though the Young Master Jun’s odor subsided in a flash, but it left a deep impression on Master Lei. And he wouldn’t dare to neglect it.

    Lei Wu Bei had nothing to concern himself with while he returned from his confrontation with Solitary Falcon. Therefore, he had slowed his speed down. Moreover, he had attempted to look for the mysterious owner of that ‘groan’ throughout the journey. This had slowed him down even further…

    He had barely returned to the vicinity of the Li Mansion. But he suddenly felt that blood-thirsty killing intention so close to his own body. He had no option but to mobilize his Xuan Qi as he prepared to move into action at a second’s notice. He had clearly felt that sharp killing intention. [It’s terrifying!]

    Only the world’s top assassin had the ability to emit such an intense killing intention. [Such a ferocious killing intention could even kill a Great Master like me.] Therefore, Lei Wu Bei didn’t dare to neglect it. He released his powerful spiritual pressure, and then waited alertly.

    Hit-man Jun’s killing intention and murderous aura were far beyond that of an ordinary person. And Jun Mo Xie was well aware of it. His strength may not have been very tyrannical. However, that didn’t lower his killing intention.

    Lei Wu Bei concentrated hard as he remained there silent, calm and unmoving. [That cold killing intention suddenly disappeared, and everything is calm again. In fact, there’s no sign of any danger… I can’t help but find this strange. Was I imagining it? But why would I imagine something like this?]

    He would’ve let his guard down since he felt that he had been overly suspicious a ‘lurking’ enemy. But, that murderous aura had momentarily resurfaced just when he was about to do this. Moreover, that murderous aura had appeared very close to his body. However, there was no one present near him…

    Lei Wu Bei was about to move into action when that extremely terrible and lofty killing intention suddenly disappeared; it had vanished without a trace.

    Lei Wu Bei was terrified! [What kind of a peerless killer would possess such a terrifying skill?!] Lei Wu Bei’s entire body was covered in cold sweat. This was because he had suddenly recalled a terrifying person.

    This person’s Xuan Level might not have been anywhere-near Yun Bei Chen and Li Jue Tian, but Lei Wu Bei’s chest had stiffened at the mere thought of him; this person was a very formidable individual. He had been active for dozens of years, and no one had ever escaped him once he had decided to assassinate them.

    This man was a legend among the community of assassins. Everyone avoided him like the plague. Even Yun Bei Chen and Li Jue Tian had never dared to take this man lightly.

    He was a frightening killer with mythical abilities — universally recognized as the living embodiment of death.

    He was the greatest assassin — Chu Qi Hun!

    [Who else could emit such a sharp, powerful and fatal killing intention? Who besides Chu Qi Hun is capable of hiding right beside me… without me becoming aware of their presence? Who besides Chu Qi Hun can disappear once I detected their killing intention?]

    [There’s no one else… not anywhere in the world…!]

    [Even Yun Bei Chen and Li Jue Tian wouldn’t be able to pull this off! They can defeat me. In fact, they can kill me! However, it’s impossible for them to hide right beside me without my knowledge… but Chu Qi Hun has.]

    Lei Wu Bei’s became more cautious as he became increasingly sure about this. And the more cautious he got… the more intense that feeling of fear became.

    Man is always full of doubts and fear when he faces the unknown. And the Great Master was no exception… especially since he was aware that he was facing a formidable enemy he couldn’t beat.

    Lei Wu Bei was confident that his Xuan Level and strength was in no way beneath Chu Qi Hun’s. However, Chu Qi Hun was known to like making the first move; very unexpectedly at that. It would cost Master Lei very dearly to be caught off-guard. Getting ambushed by someone of the same level was no joke.

    Lei Wu Bei was somewhat… afraid.

    Chu Qi Hun was considered a Supreme Master of his arts, but he wasn’t counted amongst the Eight Great Maters. Consequently, that assassin would never attack from the front… even when killing an extremely weak person. So much so that even a person whom Chu Qi Hun could defeat by blowing air on him… was never attacked in a straightforward manner.

    This Supreme Assassin was extremely meticulous from the standard of assassins. He never left a single loose thread. His ability had reached the point of abnormality. His very name could give any man goosebumps. This was the main reason why the Supreme Assassin never got ‘public fame’ like the Eight Great Masters.

    Though Chu Qi Hun wasn’t considered one of the Eight Great Masters, but he was the most terrifying man in this world. This was a well-known fact. Even the Eight Great Masters had publicly accepted this.

    Lei Wu Bei paid careful attention to his surroundings as he spoke in a low voice, “Is the person who’s arrived the Supreme Assassin? Elder Brother Chu Qi Hun? Ah, I don’t know what offence I’ve committed that Elder Brother Chu Qi Hun has personally arrived for me. And it’s a great honor to have been taken so seriously. But we’re both counted in the supreme ranks… so greeting each other before a fight to the death would cause no harm, right?

    There was silence all around as… the autumn wind whistled… the dead leaves fell and spiraled into the air. But there was no reply.

    If someone had replied… then it would’ve meant that ghosts truly existed. The only spectator had no choice but to hide in the Hong Jun Pagoda. The individual hiding inside the Hong Jun Pagoda was obviously Jun Mo Xie. However, the Hit-man Jun had decided not to utter a word. He eagerly looked forward to watch Lei Wu Bei misunderstand the situation. The greater the misunderstanding… the better it would be for the Young Master Jun…

    “Won’t Elder Brother Chu give me face?” Lei Wu Bei gnashed his teeth. His voice was full of anger. “Has the Elder Brother changed his mind? Would he not battle me to death?”

    No sound was issued in reply.

    Lei Wu Bei calmed down, but his demeanor continued to become more imposing. He spoke in a deep voice; it sounded similar to the calm before a volcanic explosion, “He he… is Elder Brother Chu afraid to face Lei Wu Bei? That’s okay… Elder Brother can return whenever he’s gained his confidence. I shall eagerly look forward to seeing you again.”

    He had finished speaking. Then, his body transformed into that of a spirit dragon who was soaring towards the ninth heaven, and disappeared without a trace.

    Jun Mo Xie stepped-out from the nothingness of the Hong Jun Pagoda the moment Lei Wu Bei left. He had been stretching out half of his head to listen to Lei Wu Bei’s words. He had almost burst into laughter when Lei Wu Bei had addressed the air in such a serious tone.

    However, he was awestruck to realize that his fellow-assassin enjoyed such a terrifying reputation among the Great Masters. So much so that the mere thought of him had worried the Fifth Master of the Eight Great Masters. In fact, the Cold-Blooded Master had seemed scared.

    [This Supreme Assassin must be exceptional. The fact that an assassin could have this effect was an achievement on its own.]

    Jun Mo Xie returned home relaxed and unrestrained while marveling at that Supreme Assassin

    Lei Wu Bei quickly arrived at the small courtyard. His body floated as he opened the gate. The four people inside stood up at the sight of him, and greeted him respectfully, “Master, you have returned!”

    Lei Wu Bei snorted coldly. His face was expressionless as he took a seat.

    “Master, what was the outcome of this trip? Can we assume that Master has taught Solitary Falcon a lesson?” Lei Jian Hong was Lei Wu Bei’s son. However, he never addressed him as his ‘father’ in front of his fellow disciples. This was to demonstrate equality of treatment. But, he was the only person inside the room who had the courage to ask this question.

    “This matter is complicated; we’ll discuss it later,” Lei Wu Bei spat-out these words in a solemn manner. “You be more careful with your actions from now. The atmosphere in the Tian Xiang City is very treacherous! There are many Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons present in this city! You’ll have to think hard before acting on every matter…”

    He thought for a while, but then finally resisted. Lei Wu Bei had decided against mentioning the Supreme Assassin, Chu Qi Hun. He was aware that the name itself would’ve been enough to frighten his disciples. This would’ve made them hesitant to take actions. His disciples were at the Sky Xuan Level… but that was too meager. They would’ve gained no benefit from knowing of his involvement.

    [Chu Qi Hun has decided to make a ‘target’ out of me; I shouldn’t tell my disciples about it till the outcome of this battle is decided. Why should I make my disciples unnecessarily nervous by speaking of this matter?]

    The four disciples were no fools. They had heard the tone of their Master’s voice and had realized that the matter regarding the Solitary Falcon hadn’t gone as smoothly as they had imagined. They restrained themselves, and enquired no further regarding that topic.

    Lei Wu Bei got up and spoke in a tranquil manner, “Let’s go! Come with me to look at the Sixth! He seems to have lost his Xuan Qi. Let’s see if we can recover it somewhat. If that doesn’t work… then we’ll have no option but to send him to the King of Malicious Medicines.”

    Lei Jian Hong trembled and cried out in alarm, “Master!”

    Lei Jian Hong snorted since his master left the room without giving a reply. The four disciple’s complexions were heavy as they followed behind; listening to their Master mention the ‘King of Malicious Medicines’ had made their hearts heavy.

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