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Chapter 278: Soaring Rage

    Chapter 278: Soaring Rage

    Translator: Novel SagaEditor: Novel Saga

    The ‘Malicious King of Medicines’, as the name suggests, was an individual with a malicious heart. He was the most prestigious and famed doctor according to the rumors. He was considered ‘without an equal’. However, this doctor was the most expensive in the world.[1]

    In fact, not only was the fee he charged exorbitant; there was another crucial point. One would owe him a favor if they were to seek him out for a treatment — no matter what the final result of the cure was. And one would have to return the favor whenever he wanted. As the capability of the person seeking treatment increased — the matter he’d wish them to deal with increased in difficulty.

    There was one particular rumor regarding the ‘Malicious King of Medicines’ which had spread far and wide. It was a matter that had happened over 40 years ago. The Yun Family was one the most influential Families in the world of commoners. Their patriarch’s little concubine had been critically injured, and he eventually went to the ‘Malicious King of Medicines’ for help. The Medicine King took one-million silvers from the Yun Family, and made their patriarch promise him to deal with a certain matter. However, the Medicine King didn’t tell him what that matter would be.

    The Yun Family’s patriarch readily agreed to these conditions owing to his love for that concubine. Consequently, she was saved. Two years passed, and the ‘Malicious King of Medicines’ sent a late yet important request. He wanted the Yun Family’s patriarch to kill someone. And this person was the Yun Family’s ward by marriage.

    How could the Yun Family’s patriarch do such a thing? What face would he show to the world if carried out this request? Therefore, he flatly refused. The ‘Malicious King of Medicine’ laughed heartily; he didn’t consider this a ‘problem’. He then vanished into the dust; he left without a trace.

    Later, the ‘Malicious King of Medicine’ spread some news. He asked anyone who owed him a favor — no matter who they were — to do one thing: annihilate the Yun Family. Even their family’s chickens and dogs weren’t to be spared. The entire family was to be annihilated; straight down to their ninth generation. [2]

    The ‘Malicious King of Medicine’ had accumulated several favors over tens of years. How could it be trivial? His favors were mostly qualified individuals. And most of them were high-level Xuan experts. A majority of them were dealing with illness they couldn’t have cured otherwise. However, strength alone can be a limited resource. But, many rich and powerful people owed him favors too. And they became extremely formidable all-together. Their combined power was rare and powerful-enough to shake the world.

    This order was a death-dealing blow. The whole of the ‘secular’ world boiled over because of it. This resulted in the entire Yun Family’s slaughter. Their relatives and clansmen weren’t spared either; they had ensured that even the chickens and the dogs didn’t survive — as was the wish of the ‘Malicious King of Medicine’.

    The rumors state that the heads kept pillion outside the ‘Malicious King of Medicine’s’ place. The massive amount of blood was said to have covered kilometers of the lands…

    Heaven knows what strange favor that man would demand if Lei Wu Bei decided to deliver his disciple to the ‘Malicious King of Medicine’…. Lei Jian Hong knew that his Master was one of the ‘Great Eight Masters’! So how could the conditions be easy?

    However, their worries were removed and replaced with grievances.

    Lei Wu Bei’s expression changed as he arrived at the side of the bamboo-walled side-room. He said, “Why’s there such a thick stench of blood here?” The five people looked at each other. They could sense that something was terribly wrong. They cried out in dismay and pushed the door open.

    The four disciples were heartbroken at the sight, and exclaimed in grief. They were dumbstruck and could only look around blankly.

    The scene drove them mad with anger.

    Three dead bodies lay on the beds. They had been chopped into pieces. Blood was still flowing inside the room. It had coagulated in some places, but continued to pour-out slowly from others.

    The entire room was had turned into a scarlet pool of blood.

    Lei Wu Bei’s eyes had reddened as he stepped into the room. His clothes didn’t even sway as he moved. He was extremely angry and was forced to use his supreme Xuan Level to restrain himself. He had even controlled the movement of his clothes by doing that.

    He looked around and saw Li You Ran stand motionless in front of a wall. Li You Ran’s posture was strange. Lei Wu Bei’s mind suddenly understood the reason behind it. He then shouted, “Get out of the way, You Ran!”

    Li You Ran showed an ugly expression. He then weakly spoke, “Master…”

    “I told you to get out of the way!” Lei Wu Bei roared in rage as he hit Li You Ran hard on the face. The youngster was sent flying-out with a loud ‘Bang’. Lei Wu Bei then looked at the wall. Lei Wu Bi gawked at it for a while. His face had turned red and he suddenly let out another enrage roar. The band on his hair-knot got torn into a million pieces as his hair straightened. They rose-up to the heavens un-scattered for a long time.


    Lei Wu Bei violently belched scarlet blood from his mouth. And that blood instantly turned into mist. Master Lei cried tears of blood; thereby damaging his liver as he howled, “This scoundrel is shameless! He acts such with me! No matter who you are — I’ll kill you! I will annihilate your family down to the ninth generation! Even chickens and dogs won’t be spared! My name isn’t Lei Wu Bei if I don’t fulfill this claim!”

    He again spouted blood as his lean body tottered forward. The act of bringing the world-famous Cold-Blooded Master to such a condition by leaving a mere message had demonstrated that person’s unprecedented talent…

    The three remaining disciples were perplexed. Therefore, they leaned in closer only to find two blood-stained lines written on the wall. The message was crooked and had been written in freehand. It was obvious that something had been dipped in the victims’ blood to write that message.

    The first line read, “I wasn’t satisfied after killing those four people. So I’ve killed these three too. But they were already half-dead… so how could I be satisfied? Wait for a few days; I’ll hack-open the final three as well. But if I’m not satisfied with that — then it will be your turn, my dear Cold-Blooded Master, Wu Bei…”

    The second line read, “Elder Sister Lei Wu Bei, I did your mother… la la la…”

    The three disciples felt a burst of darkness; it was nearly as strong as that of Lei Wu Bei’s. They spat blood; this was too much. That person had killed their brother-disciples. Moreover, he had called the fearless Lei Wu Bei… ‘Elder Sister’. And what’s more… he had hurled abuses at their Master.

    [This is a huge insult! Especially to Master! Just that line ‘Elder Sister Lei Wu Bei…’ will never die… and will continue to ferment hatred. Not only has that person killed our brothers, but he has insulted Master’s ancestors. That man’s conduct is incomparably vile and nasty!]

    “Master… ” The four disciples worriedly knelt in unison. They crawled two steps forward. They then held on to Lei Wu Bei’s legs and burst into tears.

    “This matter clearly occurred moments ago! The blood hasn’t even dried yet. You weren’t far from here. And none of you sensed it? Who can tell me why?!”

    Lei Wu Bei’s body swayed for a little while. Then, he suddenly flew into a rage and let loose four kicks on the kneeling individuals. The bodies of the four disciples flew into the air, and they started to vomit blood violently.

    “Waste! The four of you are a waste!” the Cold-Blooded Master, lei Wu Bei, exploded. He had never shown such anger in his life. His eyes were red, and his expression was fearsome and frightening. It seemed as if he was looking for someone to lash-out on.


    The whole of Lei Wu Bei’s Xuan Qi exploded at once. It collided with the room’s roof. The roof broke-off and soared high into the night’s sky; it almost seemed like a floating umbrella…

    The walls toppled, turned into thin dust and disappeared. The bamboo grove outside the room looked like it had been hit by a tornado. It had been uprooted and thrown into the air before being crushed…

    Lei Wu Bei still hadn’t moved from his spot. But, his heart was gradually calming down. He then thought of a possibility. The only ‘rationale’ which could explain this matter was…

    Lei Wu Bei’s eyes had turned into deep pools of blood. He took a deep breath. He then spoke extremely slowly, but his voice was full of hatred, “Chu Qi Hun! You and I cannot co-exist in this world any longer!

    “I will kill you!” Lei Wu Bei looked-up and issued a long roar. It was similar to that of the mythical ape crying into the night; extremely mournful and shrill. The lengthy roar was extremely loud. It spread far and wide. The citizens of the Tian Xiang City had heard it loud and clear. It endlessly echoed at a low pitch. Each person in the Tian Xiang City awoke from their sleep frightened and uneasy; without exception…

    ~The Jun residence~

    The Solitary Falcon got undressed and sat down. He frowned and resentfully looked in the direction from where the roar had come. He then cursed, “Murder; Murder! Da*n you! You’ve screamed twice this evening! Are you confused or what? Da*n you! The older you get — the sicker you become! F*ck you old uncle! Why are you putting pressure on me?! And this ‘targeting of Chu Qi Hun’, do you wish to hasten your death?” The Solitary Falcon cursed for a bit, and then lied down.

    Jun Mo Xie was inside his room when he heard that lengthy roar. He rolled his eyes and muttered, “I should’ve written the entire poem! Unfortunately, my language is quite limited. Therefore, I couldn’t write it… Old Lei, the words I left you were deficient in literary talent, but they must’ve been easy to understand. However, you needn’t have been so emotionally moved. Oh, I had forgotten to mention the name of my fellow assassin. How did you decide it was him? This matter doesn’t concern Master Chu, it was my work. But this Young Master doesn’t mind if the mad dog bites someone else in confusion. So don’t look for me if you feel like losing it…”

    He was in a happy mood. So he sniggered for a while. But the ‘talented’ Young Master Jun was very tired after a day and night of hard work. Therefore, he lied down and fell into a deep slumber. Jun Mo Xie envisioned several pleasant dreams throughout the night. There was even one in which he was inside a hot spring. And he was surrounded by outstanding beauties; each of whom could cause a nation’s downfall. They were pure and lovely. Yet they had one common characteristic… they were naked and each one of them was silently inviting him…

    However, the Hit-man Jun felt a bit strange even though he was only dreaming. [I wasn’t aware that one can produce such dreams in everyday life. It seems that my morals are degrading with every passing day! It seems that even gentlemen cannot overcome this… this implies a significant fall from the grace of morality…]

    He suddenly transformed into a tiger. It was only natural for a tiger to consume his meals once he enters the forest. The naked tiger courageously leapt into that beautiful forest, and started to bite. He waged wars everywhere, slaughtered his prey, and emerged victorious each time.

    Someone had crept into the Young Master Jun’s room. But the little girl had been frightened by the ‘canopy’ under her beloved’s blanket, and bounced back.

    Jun Mo Xie was sound asleep in front of her. His expression was shockingly lewd and nefarious. This smile was similar to the one the Young Master Jun used to frequently display about half-a-year ago. The people who’d see it would feel that it was… unbearable.

    She lightly cursed since she felt embarrassed to see such a vulgar smile. The little girl then shifted her gaze downwards. Her small mouth suddenly opened and became round in shock. She almost screamed in shock. But luckily she had moved her hand to cover her mouth it in time…

    [This is extremely scary!]

    [I almost fell down!]

    The naïve-and-chaste little girl had nearly fainted. Her body trembled for a while. Then she hastily fled from the room. Only then did she feel that sensation in her fragrant cheeks. She wasn’t aware when they had become this scalding-hot.

    She covered her burning pretty face. She couldn’t sleep; she only tossed and turned the entire night. Whenever she’d close her eyes — she’d see that smiling face of her beloved Young Master.

    The Little Girl held the top of her quilt firmly as she covered her head with it…

    [He’s a big, big scoundrel! How can you…? Will I get pregnant now…?] The little girl’s heart started to thump as she engaged in her fantasies…


    King of Malicious Medicines = Malicious King of Medicines. The slight tinkering suits him more.

    Don’t spare the dogs and chicken either: It means to kill even remote connections of someone.

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