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Chapter 291: I Will Abuse You Till I Don’t Die!

    Chapter 291: I Will Abuse You Till I Don’t Die!

    Translator: Novel SagaEditor: Novel Saga

    “Young Master Jun, our two Masters are very graceful. They’ve always considered victory and defeat to be like mist. Therefore, they aren’t bothered about such temporary gains or losses. I disdain the very thought of coming down to your level, however… I think it is impediment to ask Third Young Master — what is the appropriate counter-verse to your riddle? If an exceptionally good counter-verse exists… kindly tell us and broaden our minds,” a tall scholar from the Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute spoke as he stood up. Apparently, he wasn’t convinced of their defeat.

    “Or are you a bigger hypocrite than that Li You Ran?”

    Jun Mo Xie looked at him with a stunned expression on his face, “I request that you please use your brain before you speak. Please don’t use your butt to deal with every problem! Would I deliberately make things difficult for everyone if I had an appropriate counter-verse? Were you kicked by a donkey in your childhood? How can the Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute produce an idiot such as you?!”

    “Oh I see… are you deaf apart from being stupid as well? I clearly stated that no one has been able to solve it before I set this problem before everyone! I merely borrowed it; from which ear did you hear that I created that verse myself? I think that you either have no brains… or that it suffers from a fungal infection! You want me to provide you with a counter-verse? You have some nerve to open your mouth! This institute demands payment when it wins, and starts a fight when it loses? Isn’t this unreasonable?”

    No one spoke in rebuttal when Jun Mo Xie said these words. After all… he had clearly stated that the verse wasn’t his own… but someone else’s. It showed ‘how tough it was to bring the man to book’. The scholars were unable reply to the verse. Therefore, one of them had asked this question in an attempt to bring back some measure of honor to their Institute. Nevertheless, it was a failed scheme. What’s more… his attempt provoked a few scoffs from others.

    That scholar turned red with anger.

    The others had no idea what to do. Then, Li You Ran suddenly opened his eyes. [What’s the matter with this man? He has somehow involved me in his problem… What do you mean by “A bigger hypocrite than Li You Ran?”]

    [Damn it! What is this guy even saying? How was I being a hypocrite?]

    “Is it possible that the Masters may have turned around to send an apprentice to raise a scene after they conceded their defeat? Is it possible that the Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute is a sore loser?” Jun Mo Xie appeared very angry as he spoke, “Anyway, it doesn’t make any difference to this Young Master if you can’t accept a defeat. I may not be a good man, but I respect the wise and venerate the worthy.”

    [So you’ve known that you aren’t a good person?] Everyone in the great hall rolled their eyes.

    [Do you respect the wise and venerate the worthy in practice? It seems like you’re trying to pull those two old men’s image down to hell.]

    “Yan Feng, stand down! A defeat is a defeat; it’s pointless to argue. Why would you try for an incomplete victory? This is merely the first level; do you believe that our Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute can’t pull-back in the next opportunity?” Kong Ling Yang’s lips trembled as he used those harsh words to scold and discredit his disciple.

    [We don’t aim for half gains…] The venerable Master Kong was unable to keep his thoughts to himself due to his anguished state of mind. This was the way it was — there was always victory or defeat. However, he had seemingly lost the respect accorded to a Master. He had always attained comprehensive victories in the past. However, this feast had always been held on an island in the middle of the Moon Lake. And the Emperor would never be present for the occasion. However, the venue was the Imperial Palace this time around. Therefore, the Emperor was present… moreover… there was no shortage of the Empire’s high-ranking officials. The importance of this feast was much larger than before. However, he had lost this time…

    How could he not feel depressed…?

    Fatty Tang had seemingly been the debauchee whom the entire Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute had hated the most. However, the Fatty had suddenly gone down those rankings, and had been replaced by the Young Master Jun at the top. It seemed that the people at the Wenxing Heavenly Literature Institute would never forget their hatred for him even after tens-of-thousands years. Their hatred for Jun Mo Xie had suddenly been embedded in their very bones.

    “He he… respected Master Kong spoke the truth. A scholar only ponders on counter-verses during his leisure time. The true embodiment of an educated man’s talent resides in his poems of accomplishments…” Li You Ran smiled without batting an eyelid, and continued, “Is it possible that the Institute won’t be able to match up to the Young Master Jun in this regard as well…?”

    This sentence was very vicious.

    If the Wenxing Institute was to concede at this point of time… in front of every civil and military leader of the country… wouldn’t it be akin to admitting that the entire Institute didn’t possess the skill to match a great debauchee like Jun Mo Xie? How could the Wenxing Institute fall to such a level? How could they agree to leave the matter be?

    They drew their daggers once again.

    [I can see it now. This Li You Ran’s intentions aren’t good. This pretty boy doesn’t mean well. He forced that Master’s dagger in an effort to compel me to show my cards!]

    Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and leaned to one side. In fact, he nearly came intimately close to Dugu Xiao Yi’s face. Then, he smiled and nodded as he brought out his pre-planned card, “The WenXing institute has brought several scholars, but we also have a large talent pool on our side. How could the Young Masters from each of the great families shy away at this juncture? This will be a charming tale since this Young Master and Young Master You Ran have joined hands to face the Wenxing Institute — regardless of who the final victor is. In However, Young Master Li You Ran has just spoken that he admires this Young Master for many things. He he… this means that this Young Master has surpassed him. In other words… I’m much better than Young Master Li… he he he… did everyone hear that? Therefore, there’s no reason to challenge me if you’re not even on the same level as Li You Ran. This Young Master is very busy; each moment of mine is measure in gold. Therefore, I shouldn’t waste it!”

    These words had made for a beautiful counterattack. Not only did he tie in every Young Master present to his warship in one move — he had made Li You Ran the primary scape goat. These words had played an offensive role and a defensive role. In fact, he had executed this move very cleanly.

    Everyone exclaimed and changed their gaze. However, the object of their attention wasn’t Jun Mo Xie — it was Dugu Xiao Yi. Jun Mo Xie had leaned towards her, nodded, smiled, and then spoken those words. These words had allowed him room to attack, and then retreat. Even a dumb person could see that he had been trapped in a tough spot. They could make-out that he had brought Dugu Xiao Yi’s pretty face inside the frame as a distraction. [How could such a shameless bastard speak such a long phrase without half-a-trace of obscenity in it?]

    [This guy’s words were unnatural for his nature. It sounded like a general endorsement of himself, but there was not a single word of profanity in it! That was bizarre. It seems like he had practiced this beforehand!]

    Everyone watched as Jun Mo Xie fell back onto his chair and closed his eyes. It was evident that he wouldn’t explain what he had done even if he were inquired. Everyone from the Wenxing Institute felt powerless. Therefore, they turned to Li You Ran since they didn’t have a better option. “So, we turn to Young Master Li You Ran for advice in the second round.”

    Li You Ran stood up and nodded his head slightly, “I am extremely honored.” He surprisingly didn’t hold any resentment towards Jun Mo Xie for pushing him to the front in this manner.

    The Young Master Jun had won that round in all honesty. It didn’t matter whether the victory was glorious or not. A win was a win. He believed that he was the heaven’s favored child. So, how could Li You Ran defeat him?

    The Emperor’s gaze invariably flitted across the hall from atop the Imperial throne, and settled on Li You Ran. However, he continued to observe Jun Mo Xie, who sat beside Dugu Xiao Yi, from the corner of his eyes. His inner thoughts were incomprehensible.

    “We’ve heard the opposite side’s verses. But everyone knows about Young Master Li’s famous flute songs. So, how about we compare the melody of our instruments? I, Jin Yin Zhen, hope to ask Young Master Li for guidance on the notes,” A scholar got up and walked towards the Emperor and the big shots. He then turned to face Li You Ran after he had adhered to the necessary ceremonies. He calmly moved his hands and lightly took out a white, jade-shafted, flute.

    “Young Master Jin Ying’s tunes can move the heaven and earth! How can this You Ran ever hope to compare with you? We needn’t compete this round; I admit defeat,” Li You Ran smiled bitterly. However, Li You Ran’s deliberate admission of defeat had a different purpose behind it. He didn’t wish to exert himself unnecessarily. After all, he was in presence of the Emperor at the moment. Therefore, he wanted to form a favorable impression on him. He was looking to achieve the same with a timely effort.

    However, Jin Ying Zhen was a formidable opponent. It would be extremely difficult to beat him in this particular field. Every man in his family was handed-down the traditional flute skills after they turned fifteen. Their music was well-known in the entire continent. So, how could Li You Ran possibly win this match? The Wenxing Institute had dispatched him with the hope that he’d win-back a round, and tie the two sides in a draw. This battle had started to turn rough.

    “He he… Young Master Jun and I are ashamed. Our skills are inferior in this aspect, and we’re willing to concede defeat.” Li You Ran’s expression didn’t change as he continued, “The next round will be taken by Young Master Jun. Li You Ran wishes the Third Young Master the very best.”

    [I, Jun Mo Xie, says fuck off! This brat made no efforts. He straightaway conceded his defeat. This is too much… If I had gotten a tough opponent — I would’ve still roared-out a popular song from my throat! I’d prefer to die than to be intimidated to death!]

    These feasts would usually start with mutual provocation by poetry. That was generally followed by the regales of the many accomplishments of great and learned men. After that, it would be time for strategies, tactics, welfare policies, foreign policies, etc. — till every art had been deemed as ‘discussed’ in its entirety.

    Jun Mo Xie’s words had prepped the two factions for a mutual confrontation by now. However, the gun powder like acrid smell of their rivalry was much more intense than of any confrontation he had experienced in his previous life. Each person who had previously participated in these feasts was aware that the Young Master Jun and Tang Yuan were participating in such a fierce competition for the first time. Therefore, they lacked the obvious experience.

    They had surely participated in fierce competitions in the past. But… their competitions usually centered-around topics such as… picking-up young girls. Those circumstances couldn’t remotely be mentioned in the same breath as this one…

    The Minister of Rights — Sun Cheng He — would now consult with others, and set a theme for poetry. The contestants would then compete fiercely, and then the winner would be adjudged based on their merits.

    “The theme for this discussion is 'Knowledge'. I ask both the sides to choose their candidates," Sun Cheng He looked at Jun Mo Xie, shook his head, and sighed. He could already judge the winner and the loser.

    [Jun Mo Xie isn’t going to win; he’s going to make a laughing-stock of himself.]

    A scholar clad in blue stood up. It could be gathered from the introduction that he was called Qin Qiu Shi. It was obvious from his name itself that his parents had an obsession, and wanted him to obtain scholarly honors to sate it.

    "I request Young Master Jun to grant me a consultation," Qin Qiu Shi cleared his throat and spoke. Half-the-incense-stick had burned down, and he had spent then entire time straining his thoughts.

    The court eunuch assigned the task to write-down the poem prepared himself. He put his elbow on the desk, suspended his wrist in the air, and waited for Qin Qiu Shi to start. He was supposed to record everything.

    "The brave man had scaled the sky-high icy-mountain,

    He had dared to cross the sea of knowledge.

    His heart was diligent — he needed no road,

    The stars in the sky weren’t far.

    He had hoped for his country's blessing in that life,

    His ardent blood had cast a rainbow bridge.

    He seemed to be moving inch-by-inch,

    Yet, he didn't give up — he brandished his writing brush."

    Qin Qiu Shi was very talented. He had no option since the incense stick had burnt-down to half of its length. However, this verse was rather unexpected. His creative-concept wasn’t first-class, but it was well-balanced; it could be considered ‘good’. He had clearly explained the concept of ‘learning’. Moreover, he had showcased the country's lofty ideals, and the grandeur of his personal aspirations.

    The court eunuch finished recording the poem. He then respectfully gave it to the Emperor so that he could go over the verses. The Emperor turned to look at Qin Qiu Shi's face. He looked at him in a profound manner; but there wasn’t a single change in his expression. Then, he waved his hand and handed the poem to the court officials so they could pass it around until everyone had looked at it. The court officials nodded after they had looked at it; they proclaimed it to be ‘good’. The officials were very talent as individuals. However, they thought that if they were in the same place as this young man… under such enormous pressure… tasked to come up with a poem… with only half an incense stick left — they reckoned they might not have been able to produce such a result.

    Jun Mo Xie applauded loudly, "I must concede defeat. You’re too quick, too quick"

    "Many thanks for this praise, Young Master Jun. I have little knowledge and talent. So, you and the elders embarrass me by over-praising me" Qin Qiu Shi spoke humbly of his profound verses. He then continued. "Still, I must ask for the Young Master's guidance in this subject. This person wishes to hear your reply."

    “My reply? This Young Master doesn’t have so much talent. I can’t be that quick; it's not in my nature to finish my artwork so fast," Jun Mo Xie hurriedly and modestly declined the invitation. However, he sounded very disorderly to everyone present.

    Tang Yuan burst-out laughing. He was unable to control his laughter. He even clasped his belly after some time. His face twitched with spasm; it seemed as if he was on the verge of death. Tang Yuan had endured Jun Mo Xie's influence for a long time. He had clearly understood the concealed jab Jun Mo Xie had landed with regard to his ‘lasting ability’. However, other people hadn’t understood the Young Master Jun’s words. Fatty, nevertheless, had understood their true meaning, and couldn’t stop himself from bursting into laughter

    Everyone else looked at Tang Yuan with disdain since they hadn’t understood the mystery of these words. [This Fatty is very insincere! You’re here with Jun Mo Xie, but you start to laugh the moment you see his defeat… Such an individual is truly contemptable!]

    "The Young Master Jun is very talented; so why did he concede defeat? This won't do; he must recite a poem so that everyone can evaluate it," Han Zhi Dong jumped-up and shamelessly egged Jun Mo Xie.

    "Does the Young Master despise the thought of competing with us?" Mei Gao Jie's eyes turned to Jun Mo Xie as he continued in an awe inspiring manner, "This is a completely unacceptable way of treating scholars!"

    "Young Master Jun belongs to a military family… So, it is unavoidable that he doesn’t much literally talent," a gifted scholar chuckled. He was brimmed with a sense of contentment and happiness at this achievement. He seemed very pleased to see Jun Mo Xie's state of humiliation, “So, how’s it surprising that he has conceded defeat in this matter?"

    These lines were intended as a corny joke which wasn’t supposed to make anyone laugh. However, everyone laughed; and their laughter was full of malice.

    [That’s a fact; I do look down on you!]

    Jun Mo Xie was unlikely to speak these words out loud. [But now you’re asking for me to abuse you; and that too with persistence. It seems that you didn’t get enough the last time. You’ll feel sorry for yourself soon…]

    Jun Mo Xie snorted coldly, "I won’t be impolite since everyone is waiting so earnestly for my poems. However, I haven’t come across much of poetry during my scholarly studies. Therefore, I shall casually compose a song for everyone’s pleasure…”

    "Casually compose a song? The Young Master Jun is exceptionally talented! His every movement is akin to a poem in itself. He’s so admirable; he’s very admirable!" It was once again Han Zhi Dong. He had come to hate Jun Mo Xie ever since he lost to his verse. But, how could he allow himself to be beaten by Jun Mo Xie? A loss at such an event would be akin to the destruction of his future prospects.

    However, he had been presented with an opportunity to take revenge. How could let it slip by? He wasn’t doing it for the sake of the WenXing Institute — rather… he was doing this for his personal revenge.

    "WenXing Institute gifted scholars" Jun Mo Xie tilted his head and gave a meaningful smile. "Is this the proper way to behave? I would be better off riding my horse to the brothel, taking women, and then act in all sorts of tyrannical ways… without refraining from any crime of debauchery if this is the kind of up-and-coming young men the Institute has to offer to the Empire? Why do you behave with such a political mindset… and act like a groom who wants to change his bride every night?"

    He spoke those lines very lightly; in fact, it seemed as if he was casually dishing-out an abuse on the road. However, the intended listeners paid due interest to them. The Emperor's eyes shone and his expression became thoughtful.

    The bigshots stared pensively as well.

    Everyone suddenly recalled that the WenXing Institute’s desire to emerge victorious had always been strong and unbridled in every competition in the past…

    Suddenly, everyone's gaze turned towards Jun Mo Xie; [was this kid genuinely not interested in this contest? Or did he point this out intentionally?]

    Everyone looked very disappointed. [The very thought of this… is too… wretched.]

    Then, Jun Mo Xie frowned, got up, and slowly made way from his seat. His crooked neck was very stiff as he took eight steps. It seemed that was moving forward from the movement of his legs and lower waist. However, in reality… his entire body was moving backwards. It seemed as if an unseen hand was pushing him backwards. His chest shuddered… like he had gotten an electric shock. The Young Master Jun's movements were very strange and unnatural… yet… free and easy.

    Anyone from his previous world would’ve recognized his actions in an instant. Those were the very moves of Michael Jackson — the legendary ‘Moonwalk’ and the ‘Robot’! These two world-renowned moves from his previous world had now made an appearance in this one…

    A learned man from his previous world would’ve started to scream by now: [That shock move was amazing! That neck angle is insane! That moonwalk is the best! Wow! It seems that you’ve been possessed by Michael Jackson’s soul!]

    It was a pity that no one amongst this world's plebeians could appreciate the art of it. These people were completely blind to the Young Master Jun’s charming and coquettish moves. [Ah…To have talent, yet no one’s there to recognize it… But they’ll judge the moment I start to abuse them? This world doesn’t understand talent! So, I don't expect these people to understand this. I won’t stop until I abuse to my heart’s content! I won’t back away from this today!]

    Everyone inside the main hall stared at him like fools. They felt that they couldn’t bear to watch it anymore. [Jun Zhan Tian's grandson is a buffoon; how can the Jun Family come up with such a piece of work?] Everyone was speechless

    They then saw him twist his waist… and come to what was a standard ‘electronic’ stance. His right hand then brushed-up and rested on top of his head, while his left hand made a quick gesture as he snapped his figures. It then went down to his abdomen. He then started to move in a coquettish manner.

    It had to be admitted that if Jun Mo Xie had showcased those moves in his previous life… they would’ve been considered as extremely hard dance-steps, and would’ve been labeled as masterpieces of dance. In fact, these couldn’t have been done without a proper foundation and training. But how could Jun Mo Xie perform these moves? If it were someone else doing it — they too would’ve been considered a top dancer.

    However, the people of this world could only associate those extremely difficult and artistic high-level movements with the actions a man makes in the bedroom; even the women felt the same way about his dance moves. They looked at the high-speed and provocative movement of his lower body parts [this is… unbearable!]

    "Aooo!" Jun Mo Xie screamed; it seemed as if he was groaning. The main hall had the Princess… along with several other notable young ladies and the Empress… seated inside it. They all cursed in rage; [this man is extremely vulgar! He has no shame! He acts in this manner in front of so many people!]

    Dugu Xiao Yi's eyes had started to shoot flames, while Princess Ling Meng's beautiful face had become deathly pale. Their desires had been plunged into the ground; that lecherous beast had broken them into pieces! [This is extremely disgraceful! This is too vulgar!]

    "Listen to me… ‘cause I speak with passion;

    Ugly ones won't do;

    Don't tell me you love me,

    I’m too bad;

    Don't be infatuated with this elder brother,

    This elder brother is a legend;

    Don’t provoke me,

    I’ll make you spit blood."

    Jun Mo Xie sung the verses under the public’s gaze. However, the tone of his voice was intolerable to everyone’s ears as he continued;

    "Don't be smug with me,

    Elder brother is your daddy;

    Don't mess with me,

    I'll cut your tiny thing;

    Elder brother's heart is a desolate place,

    I'll kill you and burn everything;

    You dare to embarrass me?

    Fu*k that!"

    As Jun Mo Xie finished — his fingers pointed towards the gifted scholars of the WenXing Institute to indicate whom he was referring to. His expression was one of rage and murder; [I haven’t abused you yet, you old fart! You think you can embarrass me? Bullsh*t! Don't you know who I am, you old man?]

    There was an uproar in the audience.

    Who were his audience? They were sly public officials who had been speaking their view-points for most of their lives. They’d endure every insult and consider their words in order to relinquish their speech of vulgarity. However, Jun Mo Xie had directly pointed at his opponents and abused them.

    Each verse was that of a hoodlum — each line was that of a rascal. Then, he had pointed his finger towards the WenXing Institute’s scholars at the end, and had hurled abuses at them. Moreover, he threatened and insulted someone of the elder generation.

    "You, you, you, you you you…" Mei Gao Jie and Kong Ling Yang were revered scholars. How could they have ever been humiliated like this before? And not only had that debauchee insulted them before the high-level officials — he had done so in front of the Emperor! They were extremely enraged. Their bodies had started to tremble frantically; even their beards. Their fair faces had turned somewhat blue, and their eyes had rolled backwards… it seemed as if they were about to faint from excessive anger

    "You darned evil creature!" Jun Zhan Tian jumped up. His beard scattered as he descended angrily. He didn’t restrain his strength as he gave his grandson's butt a strong kick. Jun Mo Xie seemingly flew into the clouds at that exact, and was about to hit against the main hall's pillar. His brain would’ve burst-out from his skull if he had hit the pillar.

    However, a man had arrived to save him.

    But who?

    Standing opposite Grandpa Jun… was Dugu Zhong Heng.

    The two men had worked together for many years. So, how wouldn't one know the other's mood? He had stationed himself at the appropriate spot, and caught Jun Mo Xie. His eyes widened into a glare as he shouted, "Jun Zhan Tian! Are you that big an idiot? Do you wish to kill the sole remaining youngster of your family?!"

    This old man was something different… He had flatly asked if Jun Zhan Tian would kill the only youngster of his family, and seemed determined to stop him… if needed.

    "None of you try to stop me! I must kill this little animal! We’ve lost our honor! He has tarnished the name of the Jun Family! He’ll never turn a new page if I don't teach him a lesson!" Jun Zhan Tian had gone mad with rage. His eyes had gone red, and his red eyeballs were about to pop out. It seemed that he was going to flay his grandson to the bone.

    However, those words made the other civil and military officials despise the family; [what honor has he tarnished? Jun Zhan Tian, do you even know what honor is? Haven't you gotten used to your grandson's behavior by now? How many times has he tarnished the family-name today? But you only speak of killing him now? Suddenly, you've changed your attitude, and you wish to teach him a lesson? That’s very admirable!]

    However, they restrained those curses within their hearts and followed after Grandpa Dugu. Everyone rushed towards Jun Zhan Tian to hold his arms and legs in order to restrain him. How else would they deal with this situation?

    Tang Yuan cried out in alarm. His voice echoed, "He's dead he's dead; someone save him! Third Young Master, my good brother please don't die waaaah!" Tang Yuan's tears and nasal mucus rushed towards Jun Mo Xie like a rising tide from the sea.

    It suddenly got so noisy that the Emperor furiously hit the side of his Imperial Throne and angrily shouted at everyone, "Be quiet! Be quiet! What a disgrace!"

    The power that came from the throne was such that everyone immediately stopped in their tracks, and looked at each other. Their voices started to wheeze as they panted. They felt as if their strengths had been exhausted. However, there were some people who hadn’t expended any efforts in this ruckus…

    "Your Majesty, please do us Justice. Please punish this shameless and frenzied young brat!" Mei Gao Jie wept bitter tears as he knelt on the floor. Many young students had failed and succeeded over the years. However, had anyone ever humiliated him by the means of such a blatant insult? This instance had been extremely humiliating for him.

    Jun Mo Xie lay unconscious on the ground. The corners of his mouth were pulled downwards. He wasn’t budging.

    "I’m very disappointed with today's matter! Very disappointed!" The Emperor furiously flicked back his sleeve, "How can the great families bicker day and night? How can the WenXing Institute act so petty and narrow-minded instead of contributing towards the good of the common people? This matter ends right now! All of you go back home — and introspect!"

    Everyone was dazed by what they heard. The Emperor had spoken those words in a very serious tone.

    Just then — they all heard the sound of urgent footsteps. Suddenly, an alarmed voice rang-out, "Emergency conflict report!"

    The military officials were stumped as they coldly looked-up. A battle was something these blood-thirsty old men had longed for — but hadn’t been able to derive the pleasure of in a long time.

    An Imperial Guard hurried-in, kneeled, and presented a scroll to the Emperor.

    “A wave of Tian Fa Xuan Beasts is attacking our southern provinces? How is this possible?” the Emperor couldn’t help but frown. He doubted what he read aloud. His frown was very profound. "The entire humanity is in danger. Master Shi Chang Xiao and the Xue Hun Manner have issued a joint summon to everyone? Are things really that serious?"

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