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Chapter 296: The Xuan Beast Uprising in the South…

    Chapter 296: The Xuan Beast Uprising in the South…

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    Jun Mo Xie remembered putting the condition in front of Long Crane and Big Bear — if they were able to cause a ruckus at the Xue Hun Manor, and break the legs of its Young Master — then he’d help them advance in their cultivation and break through their bottlenecks. This would be their reward for dealing with the Xue Hun Manor.

    They had said that they would take half-a-month to complete their task. But, he had relaxed the time-limit to one month. He had anticipated that they’d finish the task in a very short period of time since they had spoken about it in a very easy-going manner. However, he had received no information about them for a while. Therefore, he had started to feel strange.

    [And, now there’s this sudden Xuan Beast uprising. Who apart from those two guys could be behind this?]

    [I had merely requested them to put a temporary check on the Xue Hun Manor. I never asked them to act so aggressively. And, now the situation is on the brink of a war. How are these two things the same?]

    This matter remained a mystery to Jun Mo Xie; no matter how much he wracked his brains over it. [There’s a lot at stake here. Didn’t those two realize this? But, why did they do this? Did they have some other reason behind it?]

    Jun Mo Xie admittedly didn’t know much about the Xuan Beast uprising. Those two Tian Fa King Xuan Beasts had left him extremely gloomy at the prospect of venturing south.

    [The Heavens’ plans supersede our own!]

    It had seemed that dealing with the experts of the Xue Hun Manor wasn’t a big thing for those two Xuan Beasts. Moreover, they didn’t need to confront the enemy head-on. They were merely required to stir up some trouble. That would’ve been enough.

    However, they hadn’t anticipated that their appearance in the Tian Xiang City would alert Shi Chang Xiao — the Master of Life and Death. After the fray for the Xuan Core had come to an end, Shi Chang Xiao had left southwards for the Xue Hun Manor to make enquiries regarding the same…

    The King Xuan Beasts had come out of the Tian Fa forest; how could this be a trivial matter?

    The Tian Fa forest was located near the Xue Hun Manor. Therefore, it would’ve been curious if the Xue Hun Manor hadn’t been alerted when the King Xuan Beasts had left the Tian Fa forest. Then, another curious coincidence had taken place. The Heavenly Master Li Jue Tian was in the process of making his return to the Xue Hun Manor after getting tired to his travels…

    What should certainly be happening… and what shouldn’t have happened — had coincidentally happened at the same time. This had given rise to a large-scale commotion.

    Long Crane and Big Bear had rushed-over to the Xue Hun Manor. They had decided to carry-out Jun Mo Xie’s request very energetically. So, they arrogantly kicked-down the Manor’s gate and stormed-in. They first ransacked the entire place, and then beat-up the resident-experts. They had stopped once they had caused enough trouble to mark the end of the first request. Then, they had decided to proceed towards the second one. They started to look for the Young Master of the Manor since they needed to break his legs. They had planned to grab the youngster, spank his buttocks, and leave the Manor.

    How would the Xue Hun Manor respond to this? Their so-called ‘Lord’ would be disgraced because of this.

    Those two King Xuan Beasts possessed supreme cultivation, and their bodies were absurdly strong. The Xue Hun Manor had many Spirit Xuan experts and numerous Sky Xuan experts. But, these two powerful sides weren’t a suited opposition for each other.

    A Master is a Master and a King is a King. Big Bear and Long Crane were like two tigers in a flock of sheep. Those two fought in high-spirits, and didn’t hold anything back. They were very proud of their origins, and firmly believed that they could even confront a Great Master on their own. Therefore, they took advantage of the chaos, entered the Xue Hun Manor, brought down the eastern wall, and set fire to the western side. The Spirit Xuan experts of the Xue Hun Manor were obviously enraged by this. However, they were unable to deal with this threat since their strength was scattered in their numbers. They were beat-up instead of being able to punish their infiltrators.

    The two of them were like ferocious monsters who took joy in causing chaos. However, they weren’t able to enjoy themselves for long…

    The Master of Life and Death, Shi Chang Xiao had earlier hurried to the Xue Hun Manor. He arrived in time, saw the situation, picked his opponent, and started to engage Big Bear. Meanwhile, the rest of the experts combined their strength to face Long Crane. The chaos paved the path to a huge battle, and the situation reversed very quickly. Long Crane and Big Bear were soon at a disadvantage.

    It wouldn't have mattered if the two King Xuan Beasts had decided to retreat at that point. Their task was by-and-large complete. However, they were both King Xuan Beasts; so, how could they lose face like that?

    They couldn’t make their return so easily. How could they face the mysterious man who had promised to help them breakthrough their bottlenecks when they hadn’t yet carried-out his task properly? They had merely burned down a few houses. How could that be considered as ‘wreaking havoc’?

    Besides, they had specifically requested to break Li Teng Yun’s legs. However, they hadn’t been able to spot him yet. Would they be able to fool that Mysterious Master so easily?

    One must say that those Beasts were indeed quite genuine at heart. They had decided to loyally carry-out the task that had been entrusted to them by the Mysterious Master. [Shi Chang Xiao is just one guy, right? We’ll come back tomorrow if we’re defeated today. Then, we’ll see who beats whom!]

    [Can it be that you humans have more endurance than us divine beasts? That’s nonsense!]

    Besides, those two Xuan Beasts possessed extremely tough skin. A powerful strike didn’t make much difference to them. They had been surrounded, but they valiantly issued the battle-cry, and effortlessly killed many more people. The Xuan Beasts then acted without any grace, and continued with their wanton destruction… while completely ignoring Shi Cheng Xiao.


    They retreated in order to catch their breaths, and returned the next morning to wreak more havoc. Those two Xuan Beasts had decided that they wouldn’t give-up till they had satisfactorily completed their mission! The two of them surely had a strong character-ethic in that regard.

    However, this became a cause of grievance for the Spirit Xuan experts of Xue Hun Manor. There were many Spirit Xuan experts in the Xue Hun Manor, but they weren’t always guarding the gate or the courtyard. And, those two supremely powerful Xuan Beasts were repeatedly ambushing their east and west wings. Even a divine entity wouldn’t be able to stop them…

    There were many experts who could take-on these two on their own, but they weren't strong enough to keep-up for long; let alone kill them

    The experts were getting increasingly exhausted, while the Spirits of the two Xuan Beasts continued to rise. The battles over these past few days had brought them much pleasure.

    Li Jue Tian returned to the Manor in the middle of the chaos

    Who could have imagined that the Second Great Master would find himself enraged upon his return? He had only been out for a few years, but had come back to find his home under a siege. Everything within a radius of three-hundred meters of his Manor was a complete mess. Things had been brought-down here-and-there, and many things had been overturned. [Is this really the Xue Hun Manor? Is this what I had built so painstakingly over so many years?]

    [This looks like a refugee camp!]

    Li Jue Tian's enraged counter-attack proved near-fatal for those two King Xuan Beasts.

    The two King Xuan Beast were extremely fierce and thoroughly enjoyed a tough fight, but they were no match for Li Jue Tian. Moreover, they had used-up their energies while trifling with their opponents earlier. They were extremely exhausted, and weren’t in their peak conditions.

    However, the two King Xuan Beast were gifted with very tough bodies. They cooperated with each other, and were momentarily able to cope up with Li Jue Tian; albeit with difficulty.

    The final result of the battle — the two Xuan Beasts managed to escape after sustaining serious injuries, while the Xue Hun Manor emerged victorious.

    However, it was a bit of an overstatement to call this a victory. Something that Li Jue Tian had painstakingly built over half of his life… laid nearly ruined. Many of his Spirit Xuan experts lay seriously injured. Li Jue Tian had defeated the two Xuan Beast Kings, but this victory could — at best — be regarded as a tragic one.

    However, Shi Chang Xiao had paid them a visit; their Old Master had returned, and the two King Xuan Beasts were nearly defeated — these factors became a cause for celebration. However, mishap reared its head again; that too on the very evening the celebration-feast had been held.

    A horde of Xuan Beasts, spreading as far as the eye could see, arrived without any prior indication.

    Low level, middle level, high level whatever one wouldn't expect… were there.

    What was even more frightening was that… a massive pack of blood-thirsty Xuan Beast wolves charged at them like a surging wave. Moreover, the pack comprised of an uncountable number of Xuan Beast wolves…

    However, this massive pack of the Xuan Beast wolves acted very unlike them, and retreated after they had caused a lot of damage to the Xue Hun Manor. In fact, the omnipresent beasts disappeared without a trace. They felt that their luck had favored them…

    Everyone had started to relax. However, at that very moment — a massive horse of Tian Fa forest’s man-eating Golden Ants showed-up.

    They weren't very lucky… in fact, they were quite unfortunate!

    They had barely been able to deal with these man-eating Golden Ants when all sorts of aerial Xuan Beasts started to attack them.

    It was said that there was no Sun over the Xue Hun Manor for two consecutive days…

    The two King Xuan Beasts hadn’t taken their defeat very well, and had instigated a Xuan Beast uprising.

    This was no longer a matter of completing that Mysterious Master’s task — this had turned into a matter of pride. The situation had turned very hostile. Two King Xuan Beasts had been forced to turn their tail and flee after being suppressed by a man… Xuan Beasts had been defeated! How could they call themselves ‘Kings’ if they couldn’t even avenge this defeat?

    Moreover, the Xue Hun Manor’s experts had cheered excessively when Li Jue Tian had defeated the two King Xuan Beasts. Those two had been bullying them around for a few days, but had finally been chased away by their Lord. These cheers had naturally been very unpleasant to the ears of the two King Xuan Beasts. A battle with Li Jue Tian may not have killed those two King Xuan Beasts, but they nearly died from excessive rage after they heard the cheers of the Xue Hun Manor’s experts…

    Thus, the two King Xuan Beast were angered and enraged! In fact, they had nearly pulled-out their feathers in rage.

    Then, another unforeseen event took place in the Tian Fa forest, and that allowed these two King Xuan Beasts to become even more unscrupulous. It was the so-called situation where there’s ‘no tiger in the mountain… so the monkey becomes the king’. Therefore, they took advantage of this situation. How could they be trusted to deal with bigger issues if they couldn’t even deal with such a small task, right?

    Therefore, the Xuan Beast uprising arrived like a reckless storm and engulfed everything in its path.

    Even Li Jue Tian had no option but to retreat in the face of such strength. However, the two Xuan Beasts didn’t accept that as the end. It seemed as if they were unwilling to let him be. It seemed that they’d exterminate them all.

    However, the two of them were only thinking one thing: [Old Man, we just want you to handover your son to us. We’ll break his legs, and leave. Don’t you understand such a simple request? We won’t shatter his legs… we’ll break them very gently… you’ll be able to fix-him-up in a couple of months! It’s merely a formality we need to carry-out for that Mysterious Master! It’s such a simple request. Why are you trying to turn this into a death-match…]

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