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Chapter 297: Femme Fatale?

    Chapter 297: Femme Fatale?

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    However, who was Li Jue Tian? He was second-only to the most powerful Great Master, Yun Bie Chen. So, wouldn't it be a problem in the future if he handed-over his son under these circumstances? It wasn’t that no one from either side came forward to negotiate, but every effort at negotiation was short-lived, and failed miserably. So, each side started to attack in an increasingly vicious manner. Soon, the Xue Hun Manor was completely exhausted, and was about to be wiped-out by the Xuan Beasts; It seemed that they’d become their meal, and later… their excrement.

    Therefore, Li Jue Tian and Shi Chang Xiao had no choice but to issue a joint statement, and summoned all Xuan experts in the world to their aid.

    And, that’s how Jun Mo Xie and the others got to know about the prevailing situation.

    This matter had already turned into a big problem

    Everyone was confused as to why such a thing was happening? They wondered as to what could have provoked those two King Xuan Beast.

    [They’ve taken-up arms against the Xue Hun Manor… but why? I don’t understand…]

    This question not only made everyone gloomy, but also made them feel victimized. Li Jue Tian and the others from the Xue Hun Manor were very confused and angry. [Whom did we provoke? Why has such a heavenly calamity befallen us? Who is behind all this? This is very strange!]

    Li Jue Tian had asked Long Crane and Big Bear several times, "Why? We’ve lived in peace for so many years. What's more, we’ve even had business dealings between us. So, why are you suddenly attacking us? Even if we have to fight… can you at least tell me the reason for it?"

    Li Jue Tian’s question wasn’t unreasonable. In fact, it was a very fair question. Shouldn't there be a good reason for the two large forces to go to war?

    However, the two King Xuan Beast were unable to answer him every time; [wouldn't it be wrong to tell him that we lost a bet to someone, and your Xue Hun Manor is an eyesore to that person. So, we’ve had to come here to break your son's legs… nothing more…?]

    [Wouldn't we lose a lot of face because of this?]

    [It would seem that we’ve reduced to the status of ‘hired thugs’… carrying out the orders of another person.] Being interrogated like that made Big Bear lose his temper; [aren’t you the Second Great Master? And, you dare interrogate us like that? Do you know who we are?]

    Li Jue Tian didn’t inquire further after Big Bear said those words. But, the attacks from both parties became even more ferocious. In fact, if the Xuan Beasts were to retreat at this point… Li Jue Tian would follow them, and raid the Tian Fa forest.

    Everyone was annoyed…

    Then, Big Bear came up with a classic line and spoke, "Why not? You’re not pleasing to my eyes. I’ve been watching your Xue Hun Manor for a long time, and I think it needs a spanking! You had bullied the two of us that day, right? Now, we’ve come with so many beasts in order to bully you; how about it? Fuc*ing old bastard! You were more than 80 at the time, and yet you played with young women to make them beget you a son! Even if you aren't ashamed of this — I, your neighbor — feels extremely embarrassed! So, I’ve decided to teach you a lesson!"

    The hundred-year-old second-strongest Great Master almost vomited blood. After that, the ferocity of the battle between the two sides increased further since the Great Master was extremely outraged to hear those words.

    At that point, the two sides reached a point where there was no room for negotiation

    Therefore, innumerable people and Xuan beasts amassed to fight at the risk of their lives. This led to the formation of a huge mountain of corpses, and a sea of blood. But, they didn’t understand the reason for this hatred; neither were they aware of the truth behind these events

    Even the architect of this mishap — the Jun Family's Young Master, Jun Mo Xie — was confused and stunned.

    [I had only instructed you to wreak havoc, right? But, now I see that you’ve instigated a world-war!]

    [I can’t be blamed for this battle! I didn’t intend this to happen; I’m innocent!]

    Li Jue Tian devoted half-his-life to set-up the Xue Hun Manor. But it was on the verge of destruction. However, if he got to know that the ‘real’ reason for his predicament was his desire to get a young concubine for his treasured son — it wouldn’t be surprising if he turned red with anger and died.

    What’s a femme fatale? No man could guess this term’s meaning under these circumstances. But the corpses of the countless Xuan Beasts, and the blood the innumerable Xuan experts searched for this truth in the heavens above, and eventually came to know about the truth of the matter…

    Since time immemorial, there had been legends of beautiful women who had caused problems between countries. However, no woman had ever caused a problem between the human martial world, and the beasts…

    Guan Qing Han, this young lady from the Jun Family was unprecedented. She could leave any other woman in the dust!

    If a list were to be drawn up regarding this — the Jun Family's young lady, Guan Qing Han would surely be adjudged the number-one ‘beauty’ in the universe! It was only natural for such beauties to cause a ruckus in successive generations. And, these beauties had one thing in common they were innocent.

    And, she was the most innocent of all!

    Guan Qing Han was unaware of this entire matter from the start. She was thousands of kilometers from this place of sorrow and tragedy. So, how would she know that a mountain of corpses was being formed because of her?

    In fact, this entire matter would remain an unresolved mystery for an eternity!

    At the moment, the Six Spirit Xuan experts on the ground floor of the Magnificent Jewel Hall were coming-up with random conjectures. Similarly, Jun Mo Xie also frowned and pondered over this problem while hiding underground.

    [This Xuan Beast uprising… what’s its purpose? A battle of such massive armies? It’s a waste in my opinion]

    Jun Mo Xie stayed calmly inside the ground. His thoughts tossed and turned inside his mind. However, he felt as if he had failed to grasp the most important point of the matter. He felt that some unforeseen mishaps would exceed his expectations and preparations.

    In the end, he decided not to worry about it. [Does this Xuan Beast uprising have any direct relations with me? In fact, I think this is very a fortuitous event! Besides, I’m only going to the Tian Fa forest to hunt for treasures. The others may be going there to put a stop to this uprising. But I don’t have the time to do that…]

    [Moreover, these people above are really hateful. They plan to deal with Third Uncle and the Jun Family. In fact, they’ve gone as far as plotting to destroy our Jun Family in one go! This can’t be tolerated!]

    Then, Jun Mo Xie escaped into the distance. He silently made his way inside the ground. The Young Master Jun was very stealthy the entire time.

    This Yin Yang Escape was very mysterious. Even an extremely strong expert would be hard-pressed to find his silhouette. Earlier, Lei Wu Bei was able to detect faint signs of the Young Master Jun. But, he was unable to truly locate him in the end. Jun Mo Xie was truly amazed at the sharpness of the Great Master’s senses. However, his confidence in the Yin Yang Escape had increased many-fold. If a Great Master was unable to find his tracks — one could forget about the small fries then.

    Xiao Feng Wu wasn’t present in that meeting. Perhaps it was because of his status. Perhaps he wasn’t considered ‘qualified-enough’ to attend such high class meetings. However, Jun Mo Xie hadn’t forgotten the main purpose of his visit.

    [Only a genuinely good item can provoke such a reaction from the Hong Jun Pagoda… The Xiao Family's Soul Replenishing Jade? That name is very awkward to pronounce!] Jun Mo Xie criticized. The corners of his mouth became crooked. [Xiao Bu Yu's Divine Inhibition? Locking onto my soul’s scent for 500kms?]

    [Humph; humph. I will go into the Hong Jun Pagoda once I’ve grabbed my prize. Even an ancient immortal’s divine inhibition would be useless then, right? And, as for that soul scent locking technique… your technique may be awesome, but it won’t be able to detect me, would it?]

    [As a matter of fact, this is precisely like those saying, "Virtue is one foot tall, but the devil is ten foot in height." You’re strong, but I am better than you!]

    [It is rare for a Xiao Elder to show such good intentions. Xiao Feng Wu is isolated in a separate room; as if offering to be robbed. Such good intentions fit well with me. It's like they are offering a present with both hands! So, how can I disappoint such good intentions and turn-down this offer?]

    Jun Mo Xie would feel very guilty if he turned-down the Xiao Family's second elder's well-intended offer

    [This Xiao Family's second elder isn’t merely magnanimous, but he’s very easy going too]

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie started to search the entire building for the hidden treasure in high-spirits. [They’ve deliberately choreographed everything in a manner which would make it easy for me to steal the prize. So, it shouldn’t be very difficult to find it.]

    Jun Mo Xie's mind was calm as he searched each room in the building with his formidable spiritual sense. He realized that there one thing that was common in each room. Everyone had secretly dispersed a part of their faintly discernable spiritual essence — whether strong or weak — inside the rooms with the purpose of monitoring them. Whereas, a secret room in the middle of the building was covered with layers of these essences. Therefore, a person who broke-in wouldn’t be able to retreat without getting smothered these layers.

    Jun Mo Xie smiled since he didn’t feel any fear. He then stealthily started to move towards the secret room. [Bullsh*t! You think yourselves to be Great Masters?! You think your spirit’s essence monitors the room? Really? You think too highly of yourselves, and underestimate me too much!]

    Sure enough — everything was as-expected.

    Xiao Feng Wu sat crossed legged and straight-backed inside the room. His eyes were closed. His face was a little pale. His hands were placed on his chest to support and protect a jade. That jade was the Young Master Jun's main target — the Xiao Family's Soul Replenishing Jade!

    This item was the genuine thing; not a fake. Jun Mo Xie could feel a massive amount of pure energy concealed in it. The Xuan Qi cycled with every breath of Xiao Feng Wu’s. Bit by bit, it came out of the jade and was converted into absorbable Xuan Qi, and would start to flow through the young man's meridians. It could be seen that Xiao Feng Wu's complexion improved by an almost unnoticeable margin after every cycle.

    The usage of the Xiao Family’s Soul Replenishing Jade suddenly became clear to the Young Master Jun.

    The Young Master Jun could clearly feel the pure energy that Xiao Feng Wu was absorbing. The Jade concealed a lot of energy, but the Young Man was absorbing less than a fraction of it. However, Jun Mo Xie was very distressed at this; [How can this bastard possess this item! How can this lowly Xiao Family be allowed to hold such a precious treasure! How can they be considered a suitable owner for such an invaluable item?]

    [They shouldn’t be allowed to possess this Heavenly Item. Their attitude is outrageous. They anger the heavens and infuriate the people.]

    [Only this Young Master is capable of being a flawless-fit for that jade.]

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie flew across at a great speed without any hesitation. His hand became like an eagle's claw as it floated in front of his body. He then quickly grabbed the item.

    His movements were lightning-fast!

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