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Chapter 298: The Jade is Running Away…

    Chapter 298: The Jade is Running Away…

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    Xiao Feng Wu was wholeheartedly absorbing the energy from the jade. With that, the injuries to his body and meridians were getting healed. He knew that he was being used as bait because of his Soul Replenishing Jade. And, it would false to say that he wasn’t afraid. There was a chance that the Mysterious Master wouldn’t kill him since the youngster was too beneath him own self in terms of rank. However, Xiao Feng Wu was panic-stricken at the thought that his injuries may not be able to fully heal if the Mysterious Master was to show-up very early… though, that fear was baseless. He’d have to suffer this pain for a few more days…

    Therefore, he diligently and wholeheartedly continued to absorb the pure energy from the jade. The effect of this pure energy on his meridians was such, that he could distinctly feel as if his entire body was soaked in a warm spring. He felt warm, relaxed, safe and comfortable. His seriously damaged meridians were getting restored at an astonishingly rapid speed. This amazingly and comfortable feeling almost made him feel like moaning. It was as if his mind was floating; like he was at the limits of the heavens. Xiao Feng Wu felt he was intoxicated, and in a dream.

    Then, the jade he held suddenly disappeared during this period of comfort.

    Xiao Feng Wu hastily opened his eyes in alarm. He saw that the jade wasn’t on his chest, but was in-fact floating in the air. However, it was going away from him rather quickly. What was most-astonishing to Xiao Feng Wu was that he could neither see a shadow, nor sense any person’s aura. It was as if the jade had sprung a pair of legs, attained life, and was escaping on its own.

    [How’s this happening? What’s happening? Is that Mysterious Master using Xuan Qi to manipulate the Soul Replenishing Jade away from me…? But there’s no fluctuation in the Xuan Qi either.] Xiao Feng Wu couldn’t distinguish the truth of what he was witnessing.

    Xiao Feng Wu’s consciousness felt a bit fuzzy; he felt as if he was in a dream. He cocked his head to regain some sense. He realized that the jade would soon disappear. He was dismayed at the thought of losing the miraculous Soul Replenishing Jade. He was initially very reluctant, but he gathered some courage and exerted himself to shout mournfully, “Someone… come here… the Jade is running away!”

    [The Jade is running away?]

    Jun Mo Xie almost laughed and gave away his position in the nothingness. [Damn! This guy is very talented! The jade is undoubtedly a marvelous thing. But, it’s still an inanimate object. To say that… ‘it’s running away…’ I’m truly speechless…]

    However, Xiao Feng Wu was desperate. Moreover, he was at a loss as to how he’d explain what was happening in front of his eyes. As for someone snatching it from him and running away with it… well, he couldn’t see anyone… In fact, he couldn’t even see the shadow of a ghost. Therefore, Xiao Feng Wu had shouted in desperation, “The jade is running away…” — not realizing how ridiculous it sounded. Though, his words had managed to accurately describe what he could see.

    “Someone is attempting to steal the Soul Replenishing Jade!” Xiao Bu Yu was in the other room. But, his white eyebrows shot-up the moment Jun Mo Xie snatched the jade from Xiao Feng Wu’s hands. He had initiated his Devine Inhibition, and it had instantly transmitted a message to his mind. Then, a delicate green eagle quickly flew out of his chest, and flew straight towards Xiao Feng Wu’s room.

    This result was something which he didn’t expect. In fact, it was beyond reason!

    The Third Elder had described the Mysterious Man’s tyrannical strength and temperament. And, since the former had already discounted the status of his opponent and snatched away the younger generation’s treasure — it was unlikely that he wouldn’t attempt to take the other half as well. In fact, he had no doubts about it.

    However, the room was covered with many layers of Spiritual Essence at that point of time. Thus, it had a very powerful defense mechanism. Even the First Great Master, Yun Bie Chen, would find it hard to conceal his position. So, it would be impossible that a normal person wouldn’t trigger the Spiritual Essences’ that were being used to guard it. But, this mysterious person had managed to infiltrate without giving anything away. Such skill was extraordinary and extremely rare.

    The next moment, Xiao Bu Yu’s slim body quickly flew-out; light as a feather and swift as the mist.

    He flew to the secret room where the injured Xiao Wu was getting healed.

    Xiao Bu Yu simultaneously let-out a gentle yet shrill and scream. The volume of the scream wasn’t very high, but it was uninterrupted, and alarmed the entire Magnificent Jewel Hall. The Spirit Xuan Experts reacted with an amazing speed. In an instant, there were twelve experts who had surrounded Xiao Feng Wu’s room in accordance with the plans set-out earlier. Everyone in that cordon focused their full attention, and seemed prepared to react at any moment.

    This man had infiltrated several layers of Spiritual Essence, and had stolen the jade. He wasn’t a ‘regular’ foe. Everyone understood this.

    [This man is a major enemy!]

    Xiao Bu Yu’s shrill scream hadn’t yet ceased. His eyes were brimming killing intention. The elder then took initiative, and rushed into Xiao Feng Wu’s room.

    He attacked the thick-red-sandalwood door with his Xuan Qi when he was about seven feet from the room. The door then silently disintegrated into small fragments and disappeared mid-air. Xiao Bu Yu ducked into the room like a young dragon. The speed of his movements had been as fast as lightning.

    Xiao Bu Yu had counted the chickens before the eggs had hatched. He believed that his troops would simultaneously move into action if he took the lead. However, he needn’t have every man burst into the room. That would result in a chaotic situation, and would instead help the mysterious man to escape.

    Therefore, he had decided that only the strongest person would burst through the door, while the rest of them would form a huge encirclement around the room. They could then initiate strict surveillance, and block-off any route the escapee could attempt to use. In that case, the thief would have to face one of them head-on if were to step out of the room — no matter which escape route he’d try to take.

    If the one blocking that mysterious man’s path brought-out his full power, and managed to stop him for even a moment… that would be enough for the rest of them to surround the enemy and mount a joint attack.

    Xiao Bu Yu had full confidence in his people; even the weakest one amongst them. They could even make it hard for the strongest of the ‘Eight Great Masters’, Yun Bie Chen, to break through as long as they had put their life on the line; forget about other people.

    Xiao Bu Yu wouldn’t believe that there was someone in this world who could escape his line of sight at this juncture. Moreover, five Spirit Xuan Experts and the Silver Blizzard City’s Seven Swords were waiting outside!

    That mysterious man was able to infiltrate the room very stealthily, but it would be a joke to think that he’d be able to escape such a tight cordon.

    This arrangement was absolutely flawless, and secure. There was no chance of any mishap.

    However, Xiao Bu Yu hadn’t realized that mishaps often happen unexpectedly.

    He broke-in and flew inside Xiao Feng Wu’s room. He was covered in Spirit Realm Xuan Qi from head to toe, and had burst-in like a massive cluster of tornados.

    He had heard the rumors about that masked man’s terrifying strength. Though, he wasn’t afraid of that. He had also been provided a description of that man’s character by the Third and the Sixth Elder. And, he feared it. He was worried by his own negligence could help that masked man escape. So, could he dare to be careless at that point?

    His body was covered with Xuan Qi as he entered. Then, he quickly spun in a circle on his toes. It appeared as if a ballerina was trying to perform a very difficult move. However, Xiao Bu Yu couldn’t find anything strange in the room.

    Only Xiao Feng Wu was present inside the room. He stood with a foolish expression on his face.

    “Where is that man?” Xiao Bu Yu yelled. He thought to himself. [Don’t tell me that we’re too late! This is impossible! The Fragrance-Eagle also flew in this direction! What did we do wrong?]

    “Which man?” Xiao Feng Wu was at a loss as to what his grandfather had just asked him. So, he asked in confusion.

    “The man who stole your jade! Are you an idiot?” Xio Bu Yu felt like vomiting blood because of his own grandson. [Damn it! That man snatched that jade from his hands, yet he asks, “Which man?”] It was a good thing that Xiao Bu Yu had enough cultivation. Otherwise, he would’ve caught fire due to his own rage.

    “There was nobody here,” Xiao Feng Wu was dazed. He looked at his empty hands, and then at his angry grandfather. He was at a loss as to what had just happened, and was endlessly confused. [How did that jade fly away from me? This is extremely strange. Did it turn into a ghost?]

    “Nobody? Nobody took away your jade from your hands? Are you telling this old man that the Soul Replenishing Jade sprung wings and flew away on its own?” came a loud rebuke in reply.

    “Yes, grandfather. It was very strange. The jade didn’t grow wings, but it did fly away on its own… really…!” Xiao Feng Wu’ face was truly earnest.

    “You’re a piece of trash!” Xiao Bu Yu rained curses in anger. His clothes made a ‘whooshing’ sound as he leapt into the air. His face was dark with anger. [I have seen useless individuals… I have even seen idiots… but I’ve never seen ‘trash’ such as this. And unexpectedly, this kind of ‘trash’ is my grandson!]

    “Well… I’m telling the truth… the jade flew away… it didn’t grow wings… but it flew away… and it did so very quickly…” Xiao Feng Wu mumbled as he stood in front of Xiao Bu Yu. He felt wronged, and felt that he was being treated unjustly. [Why do I even speak the truth when no one is ready to believe me nowadays? I’m only speaking about things that I’ve seen with my eyes!]

    “I’m your grandfather! You scoundrel, how dare you speak such nonsense in front of me!” Xiao Bu Yu rained curses while in mid-air. The Qi congealed in his palm came down like the wind, and hit his grandson’s face with a “Bang!”

    Xiao Feng Wu staggered a little bit, and fell down. His face swelled up.

    Xiao Feng Wu covered his face in resentment. But he kept his feelings to his heart. [Bullsh*t! You’re my grandfather? Then, find that person. But you’re no grandfather of mine if you can’t find that person…]

    Xiao Bu Yu’s body shot-up like a meteor in the horizon, and rose thirty meters above the Magnificent Jewel Hall. He started to roam around in wide circles. He was as quick as lightning. His eyes took-in everything under the starlight for around five kilometers. However, he couldn’t find the tiniest of clues.

    [Can that man’s movements be this stealthy?]

    The small Fragrance-Eagle also circled around with him. It was evident that it had also lost bearing of its target.

    [How is this possible?]

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