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Chapter 299: We Fell Head-First!

    Chapter 299: We Fell Head-First!

    Translator: Novel SagaEditor: Novel Saga

    Xiao Bu Yu’s voice was gentle, yet it echoed heavily; it seemed as if a volcano was about to burst. He was unable to restrain his emotions, “Did you see anyone go out?”

    The twelve experts who had covered the escape routes looked at each other in dismay.

    [We weren’t able to discover him when he infiltrated the place. So, how do you expect us to find him now? Nobody came out. Ah!]

    “Be at ease, Second Brother. The twelve of us have set up a very tight cordon. Even a mosquito won’t be able to fly out and escape. Therefore, I request Second Brother to make the move.” The Third Elder touched his sword’s handle. He had spoken those words in a respectful manner. His white hair was like strands of silver; his beard was as white as snow, while his sword shone with a cold light.

    “Third Elder Brother is right! Please be at ease, Second Elder Brother!” everyone echoed their agreement. It seemed like they were making a solemn vow.

    Xiao Bu Yu would’ve been gratified if he had heard these words earlier. In fact, he would’ve even felt proud. After all, the abilities of his junior brothers could never be doubted.

    However, at present, their bold words sounded ridiculous to his ears. In fact, he felt somewhat ashamed of them. An incomparable feeling of helplessness arose from his heart. He looked up and let out a long and desolate sigh. Then, the Second Brother slowly descended to the top of the Magnificent Jewel Hall, and stood there in a daze.

    “Is something wrong, Second Brother?” Everyone could see that his mood wasn’t good. So, they couldn’t help but crowed around him, and enquired with concern.

    “We fell head-first…” Xiao Bu Yu sighed deeply and looked into the distance. His expression was melancholic and desolate. It revealed the utter humiliation his heart was suffering.

    [Who was this man who stole the Soul Replenishing Jade?]

    [Who in this world could possess such Godly and clever methods that we couldn’t even track them?]

    [He came-in without exposing his tracks… or even a shadow!]

    [He left without leaving a single trace!]

    [Could Master Yun Bie Chen and the other legendary characters have pulled this off?]

    “We fell head-first? Second Brother, what are you saying?” Each one of the other twelve experts turned pale without exception. After Xiao Bu Yu had said — “Someone is stealing the Soul Replenishing Jade,” everyone knew what had happened. They had presumed that that mysterious man had finally appeared. Everyone was in high spirits, and was rearing for a fight. They wanted to see who was superior between them and that man. However, they couldn’t even find his shadow. Everyone assumed that it was a false alarm. But then, they heard that they had “fallen head-first” from Xiao Bu Yu’s very mouth.

    Could someone have lived long-enough to reach their age if they couldn’t even comprehend the meaning behind this sentence?

    “Could it be…?” Everyone looked at Xiao Bu Yu and noticed his expression. Their words were inquisitive in nature. Their expression revealed their disbelief, but the tone of their voice suggested that they had already started to believe it.

    “Yes, you’ve guessed right. The Soul Replenishing Jade has fallen into the hands of that man,” Xiao Bu Yu’s gentle voiced seemed gloomy. In fact, he couldn’t talk properly because of his dismal, “I couldn’t even see that person’s shadow. And, the jade has disappeared without a trace. We couldn’t see the man even though we gave him an immediate chase. You people obviously couldn’t spot that needle in the haystack either. This is one tumble the Silver Blizzard City has taken head-first…”

    “How can that be? Second brother, we mustn’t forget that you had used your Divine Inhibition on the jade.” The Ninth Elder stared wide-eyed, “But with the precautions we took… wouldn’t it be easy to find him if we wanted to?”

    Everyone had a “you are an idiot” expression on their faces the moment those words left his mouth. [Would the Second Brother show such a mournful expression if his methods were of any use now?]

    However, everyone’s expression underwent a huge transformation as they thought of this.

    “It’s of no use. The moment that man laid his hands on the Soul Replenishing Jade — his superior method eliminated my Devine Inhibition, and the 500km Soul-Scent Lock. We can’t use them now.” Xiao Bu Yu looked-up at the small green eagle that was soaring above. He felt very helpless.

    “How’s this possible?” The twelve experts gasped a mouthful of air, “The Divine Inhibition links itself to the target’s body once it makes contact. So, how could a person break-away from this connection without a trace? Moreover, what kind of strength did this person possess to pull this off? Furthermore, the 500km Soul-Scent Lock is a secret substance of the Silver Blizzard City. It literally sticks to a person’s soul once it makes contact with its target. Only the special antidote from the Silver City could remove that smell. Otherwise, it would remain stuck to a person throughout their lives. So, how was this man able to remove it? This entire matter seems completely inconceivable!”

    “Are you sure, Second Brother?” a stern voice asked. Everyone turned to the source of the voice, and realized that the Fifth Elder had spoken those words. Out of the nine brothers — he was the most cautious one.

    “I’m sure!” Xiao Bu Yu sighed and frowned. It seemed that he had aged ten years in an instant. Then, he continued softly, “My main concern right now is that… he was able to eliminate the Devine Inhibition, and the 500km Soul-Scent Locking… So… we can’t say that his strength is ‘number-one under the heavens’, but it is many levels above ours. So, I reckon that if he wants to obtain our Soul Replenishing Jades… he could do it with ease. In fact, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to compel us into surrendering the remaining Jades by attacking the Silver Blizzard City… so…”

    Everyone understood the meaning behind his words very clearly, “Yes… if he’s truly an unrivalled expert… why would he willingly shoulder the reputation of a thief throughout his life? His name would be tainted with that reputation. And, he won’t be able to remove this stain if he were to become famous throughout the land in the future. This doesn’t make any sense!”

    Everyone went silent.

    If everyone-present fought with heart and courage — their strength would’ve possibly been enough to prevail over the Great Eight Masters. However, this man hadn’t revealed himself. And, those thirteen experts from the Silver Blizzard City had fallen head-first into a tumble against this mysterious man. So, everyone felt frustrated. But, they were also afraid of him. In fact, they were extremely scared…

    [We’re lucky that he only wanted to steal the Jade! Had he intended on fighting with us… Wouldn’t he have been able to pinch us to death like we were nothing more than river snails?]

    The Seven Swords of the Silver Blizzard City stood expressionless. However, they were clenching the hilts of their swords so sharply that their bones were visible.

    “I’ve held my head with complacence in the Silver Blizzard City for the last thirty years. But I’ve unexpectedly been handed a defeat today…!” Xiao Bu Yu moved his hands behind his back as he stood at the summit of Magnificent Jewel Hall. He pensively gazed at the Tian Xiang City. The city seemed ablaze with lights under the luminous starlight. He then let out a long sigh, and stood motionless for a long time.

    The twelve experts felt a somewhat stifling sensation in their chests. The mere process of breathing had started to seem like a tough task… as if the vast sky above the Tian Xiang City was suddenly pressing down on them. They felt as if layer-upon-layer of heavy pressure had started to descend upon their minds.

    “Hurry up and fly to the Silver Blizzard City. Inform them about today’s mater. We shall leave for Tian Fa soon. This place hasn’t been benevolent to us. We must hurry.” Xiao Bu Yu’s white hair, beard and gown rustled as they floated in the wind. His voice was extremely desolate and bleak. It seemed that the pride and arrogance — everything he had cultivated throughout the years — had left his body as he spoke those words. There was an air of unspeakable dismal about him…

    It felt as if this was… the end of the road for a hero!

    “Second Brother!” the twelve Experts called-out in concern.

    Xiao Bu Yu waved his sleeve, “Too much thinking isn’t good for you! Everyone must go and rest.” His body moved as he finished his sentence. Then, he suddenly vanished from the rooftop; leaving behind a heavy and desolate aura.

    Jun Mo Xie had smoothly put the Soul Replenishing Jade in the HongJun Pagoda in a split second. Then, he had put all of his effort into initiating the Yin Yang Escape, and had stood motionlessly in the corner of Xiao Feng Wu’s room. The Young Master Jun had decided to quietly observe the situation, and any changes which would occur thereafter.

    However, Xiao Bu Yu had burst-in the moment he put the jade away. The Elder’s sharp Xuan Qi had dispersed in all directions; along with his Divine Inhibition. It was as if a thousand sharp swords were swinging wildly in the air. It had almost made it difficult for Jun Mo Xie to breathe. He couldn’t help but be astonished.

    [This person from the Silver Blizzard City is no small fry. His imposing aura is slightly inferior to the Solitary Falcon’s; but not by much.]

    [No wonder the Silver Blizzard City was so confident about their plans.]

    After that, Jun Mo Xie settled-in to watch the drama unfold — free of cost. He could only feel one thing about these experts from the Silver Blizzard City: [They are amazing]. He was nothing more than a ‘small fry’ in front of them. However, these great shark-like Spirit Xuan experts had praised him, and had nearly declared him the ‘number-one expert’ under the heavens.

    This was very pleasurable for him! In fact, it was almost too pleasurable…

    It was only natural that the Young Master Jun was merely observing everything from the side-lines at the time; nothing more. He wasn’t going to make his opinions known at that point. So, when Xiao Bu Yu was standing depressed — Jun Mo Xie stood not far away from his side. He had placed his hands on his knees, and looked at the elder’s face with interest. The Young Master Jun was deriving joy in his sadness.

    Jun Mo Xie unexpectedly felt very relaxed when he witnessed Xiao Bu Yu make a sudden decision go to Tian Fa. He was aware that these people would try to make things difficult for him and his uncle in the Tian Fa Forest. In fact, they might even try to kill the Solitary Falcon; but, he wasn’t worried about it.

    He was aware that the effect of his Aura would be far worse in the south than it was here. So, would he need to fear them?

    That would be a big joke!

    However, he was worried about the possibility of these people from the Silver Blizzard City intercepting and attacking Jun Wu Yi’s army en-route. The chances of this taking place were very slim. In fact, it seemed ridiculous. But, this was Jun Mo Xie’s main concern.

    Everything else was unimportant in contrast.

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie didn’t leave since he had decided to keep watch from the top of the Magnificent Jewel Hall. He would only feel relieved after he’d see them leave. Then, he would try his best to delay the movement of the army since it wouldn’t be good for him if these people were to attack the army midway…

    The next morning, Jun Mo Xie saw the Silver City’s six Great Elders, seven Sky Xuan peak experts, Xiao Han and Mu Xue Tong again. The pale-faced and weak Xiao Feng Wu, and Princess Han Yan Meng — and her luggage — were accompanying them as they departed in a grand manner. He saw them leave the Tian Xiang City, and trailed them for half-a-kilometre. He noticed that they were completely engrossed in their journey. So, he felt relieved and set-off to return home.

    [You’ve finally fled! Tian Xiang is my world now!] Jun Mo Xie returned home feeling as light as a feather. He felt incomparably relieved.

    He had barely reached the gates when his nostrils were assailed by an extremely acrid smell. He nearly tumbled. [What is this matter about?] He carefully tried to ascertain its origin, and jumped-up in fright. [My Heavens! Ah! What’s this?!]

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