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Chapter 301: We Just Need The Eastern Wind!

    Chapter 301: We Just Need The Eastern Wind!

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    The original Jun Mo Xie would’ve used the same means as Tang Yuan if he had faced a similar situation.

    The present Jun Mo Xie and the previous one were very different from each other. Jun Xie was an evil spirit, and was also regarded as a ‘free bird’, but his bones weren’t made of the same debauchery that consisted Tang Yuan and the original Jun Mo Xie’s. Jun Xie had always relied on his own self. In fact, he wouldn’t even alert the police if he were to spot a vicious crime; he’d treat the evil as his own enemy and would deliver justice himself.

    The original Jun Mo Xie had a habit of oppressing people using his power. He would use it to push them down. These two people had such different characteristics; so, how could they be so easily integrated?

    However, Tang Yuan’s divine inspiration came ‘in the nick of time’ to help Jun Mo Xie settle his urgent matter. Time was of the essence, and Jun Mo Xie was merely a rookie at refining a Dan. In fact, he hadn’t even practiced the most fundamental basics. Besides, there had always been a shortage of medicinal ingredients. But, Fatty Tang had solved the Young Master Jun’s greatest problem. And, Jun Mo Xie wasn’t going to blame him even though the methods he used were extremely despicable. Anyway, they had compensated the frightened shopkeepers with a lot of silver. So, that would justify as ‘compensating for their losses’.

    [This was naturally unfair to them. However, is this world ever ‘truly fair’? This Young Master has crossed-over to this world; can they do that? Isn’t that unfair too…]

    The world doesn’t exist in a balance of fairness and justice. So, what was the need to conceive such perfection?

    [However, it doesn’t matter if it was fair or unfair. I have to refine the Dan by tonight!]

    This was very important, and Jun Mo Xie was looking forward to it. [What would be the result when I refine these ingredients?]

    Then, suddenly a loud and dragon-like roar echoed. The Cold-Blooded Master, Lei Wu Bei appeared in the sky above the Jun residence. His expression was indifferent as he spoke, “Solitary Falcon, why haven’t you left when the entire manpower from the Silver Blizzard City has departed? How long do you plan to procrastinate? Do you not fear the Xuan Beast uprising?”

    Careful eyes would see that the Cold-Blooded Master’s complexion wasn’t good. His eyes were somewhat bloodshot, and his vital conditions weren’t good either. The person responsible to bring him to such a condition should’ve been very proud of themselves.

    “I’ll go if I want to go. And, I won’t go if I don’t want to go. So, I’ll only go when I feel like it. Do you have a problem with that?” the Solitary Falcon replied in a bad mood.

    Solitary Falcon was depressed. [This nonsensical summons has come at a key moment. Couldn’t you have waited till I had finished mastering the ‘Nine Claws of the Ghostly Falcon’? When will I be able to come back and practice in the calm if leave for Tian Fa right now When will I get an opportunity like this? On top of that, I might miss out on the medicines too!]

    Lei Wu Bei snorted coldly, “It’s important to go. You and I are both in The Tian Xiang City, Old Falcon. I know we have some grudges between us. But, when the supreme summons comes — we are to set everything aside. You’re one of the Great Eight Masters; you ought to know the consequences of ignoring the supreme summons. This Old Man wishes to travel with you. But, I didn’t know that you’d be so unappreciative of such kindness.”

    Not only Solitary Falcon… Jun Mo Xie was also alarmed by Lei Wu Bei’s words.

    The Cold-Blooded Master wants to travel with the Solitary Falcon? This was extremely strange!

    No one was aware that Lei Wu Bei had gone mad while searching for his personal enemy Chu Qi Hun. He wanted to find the man so that he could kill him. He would be extremely tense all day, and was always on-guard against his ‘imagined’ foe since he believed that the number-one assassin could deal a fatal attack from the shadows at any moment. Eventually, Lei Wu Bei’s body had become tired, and his mind had become exhausted. In fact, this Great Master was nearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

    Then, the supreme summons came. Lei Wu Bei realized that a mountain-forest or a lonely inn on the way to Tian Fa would pose as a very convenient setting for Chu Qi Hun’s ambush. Moreover, his enemy was evil, and intelligent. Lei Wu Bei realized that his entire life’s work would go wasted if he weren’t careful. So, he came up with the idea of travelling with the Solitary Falcon. …The two Great Masters had some grudges, but it wasn’t like they had a life-long hatred which couldn’t be mediated.

    If he could get the Solitary Eagle to help him… the two Great Masters could possibly jolt Chu Qi Hun’s nerves… and he may not dare to attack either one of them.

    A person’s shadow flitted across as the Solitary Falcon appeared before Lei Wu Bei, “Speak the truth Lei Wu Bei — what sly plan have you formed in that head of yours?”

    “Are you afraid?” Lei Wu Bei snorted in provocation.

    “Me? Afraid? Ha ha ha… this Old Man is aware that this is an indirect method of yours to get me to go with you. I can see the trick you’re trying to play!” the Solitary Falcon laughed heartily.

    “Stop!” The Young Master Jun couldn’t stay calm as he realized that the Solitary Falcon might leave with the other Great Master. So, he quickly moved into action in order to stop them. He knew that the Silver Blizzard City was a step ahead, and may be waiting in ambush for the Solitary Falcon. The Young Master Jun hadn’t anticipated that Lei Wu Bei would seek the Solitary Falcon’s company in order to guard-against Chu Qi Hun. Moreover, he believed that Lei Wu Bei was unlikely to render any aid in case the Solitary Falcon was met with any mishaps on the way. In fact, he was likely to step-on the Solitary Falcon if it were to serve his purpose.

    “What’s the matter?” the Solitary Falcon frowned.

    “This young student has to pass-on many things before the Master’s return,” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes turned.

    The Solitary Falcon’s heart jumped when he heard those words, and he became extremely excited with anticipation, “What things?! You brat, you’ve made me happy with those words.”

    Lei Wu Bei was somewhat alarmed. [Who is this youngster’s Master? How strong is he? He made one of the ‘Eight Great Masters’ jump around with joy using only a few words…?]

    “My master told me to recite the following lines to you, “The falcon soars in solitude; like a cloud floats in the empty sky — it is dissolute in this empty solitude. The dead falcons don’t exist in the solitude of the sky. And, ten thousand laws don’t exist in the solitude of the sky. The ten thousand laws are the solitude.” Jun Mo Xie wasn’t very verbose about it. And, he stuck close to Solitary Falcon’s name in order to create his mnemonic chants for him.

    “The falcon soars in solitude; like a cloud floats in the empty sky — it is dissolute in this empty solitude. The dead falcons don’t exist in the solitude of the sky. And, ten thousand laws don’t exist in the solitude of the sky…” the Solitary Falcon frowned as he contemplated. It was like he had the meaning in his hands, but was unable to grasp it properly. His eyes revealed how perplexed he was.

    “This is a very clever and creative line. It can be understood, but not described. I can’t express it in words. Master knows that you will have to rush to Tian Fa; he knows that you will be involved in several battles. So, he has preponed the time of my telling you this line since he didn’t wish for these incidents to interfere with your cultivation”

    “Many thanks!” the Solitary Falcon’s rough face appeared very grateful. He then cupped his hands.

    “Master also told me to inform you that Six Spirit Xuan experts from the Silver Blizzard City are already a step ahead, and may try to way-lay you on the way to Tian Fa. They’ll be accompanied by their seven swords. I request you to be extremely careful, and move as fast as you can.”

    “Six Spirit Xuan experts? The Seven Swords? Could it be ‘THE’ Seven Swords from the Silver Blizzard City?” the Solitary Falcon’s expression turned grave as his heart sank. He wouldn’t have believed this if someone else had told him this. But, the Solitary Falcon believed this news since it had come from the mouth of that Mysterious Master.

    “Then, I shall travel with Lei Wu Bei. There may be some disadvantages in that, but there can be many advantages if we co-ordinate properly. So much so, that the former outweighs the latter,” the Solitary Falcon mumbled to himself for a long while. Then, his expression changed, “What else did the Master say?”

    “Master said that the senior’s spirit will soar like a Falcon by the time he returns," Jun Mo Xie chuckled. He then cupped his hands, and said, "God-speed! Tread carefully!"

    "Goodbye!" the Solitary Falcon bowed in a rare instance of respect, and cupped his hands. "Again, give my sincere thanks to your Master. Solitary Falcon holds him in very high esteem. I take this matter regarding the Jun Family very seriously. Tell him to feel relieved." The Solitary Falcon let out a long roar after he was done speaking. Then, he soared up into the desolate sky. Lei Wu Bei laughed out loud, and followed after him. The two figures flitted in the sky for a moment before they disappeared without a trace.

    "A Great Master isn’t to be trifled with, ah…" Jun Mo XIe let out a profound sigh, and turned to walk inside the room.

    Many Xuan Experts gathered in the Tian Xiang City that night; regardless of their level or backing. Then, they rushed towards the Tian Fa forest; whether in groups or alone.

    After all, this was the Supreme Summons. No one could take it lightly.

    Even Song Shang and Hai Chen Feng asked permission to leave for Tian Fa since they had a mind to go and lend aid. But, Jun Mo Xie forbade them from doing so, "What are you doing? Do you have a dislike for long lives? I prohibit you from going there. You’re staying here. Song Shang, get back to fermenting wine; I’ll cancel your apprenticeship if I find you slacking-off. And as for Hai Chen Feng — get back to looking after your gang! You needn’t involve yourself in others’ matters. You must focus on developing your gang.”

    This was a joke. The Young Master Jun was in no position to stop the Solitary Falcon if he wished to leave. But, he had marked these two as ‘men of the Jun Family’. So, how could he allow them to leave?

    What would happen if Jun Mo Xie left the Jun Household with ordinary men? But, if both these experts stayed behind… they could take care of the Jun Household even if something were to happen. In fact, the Jun Family would be considered the strongest in the area. And, Jun Mo Xie had made-up his mind.

    Coming back to the original issue… he wouldn’t allow them to leave even if they weren’t required to look after the Jun Household. This was because they had been labeled as ‘men of the Jun Family’ now. So, sending them to Tian Fa would be like using them as cannon fodder against the Xiao and the Li Families. These two men were Sky Xuan experts, but the Tian Fa forest was crawling with Spirit Xuan experts at present. A Sky Xuan expert would be akin to a dog in the south. Therefore, they would be better used in Tian Xiang.

    [I’ve selected the members of my factions so carefully! So, why would I throw them away at Tian Fa? The Xuan Beast uprising? What difference would it make to me if a lot of people die, huh?]

    Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang had gone to meet Jun Mo Xie in very high spirits. However, they had no choice but to return embarrassed after they had listened to Jun Mo Xie's words.

    ~The Second Prince's Residence~

    The Second Prince was in a very cheerful mood. He was feeling extremely happy.

    He felt that all men under the heaven were coming to his aid. Two Great Masters had issued the supreme summons just when the Xuan Beast crossbows were about to arrive. So, the well-known, and the not-so-well-known experts had started to leave for the Tian Fa. The Tian Xiang City’s experts were no exception to this.

    The Capitals’s strength would be reduced incomparably since so many experts were leaving. He could use this chance to transport the deadly weapons safely. Moreover, these weapons would deliver far better results since his men wouldn’t have much competition. So, the tiger could grow wings when the time was ripe, and could move-in to fill the power vacuum of the city. Would he be able to seize the city with ease?

    The Second Prince and his councilor were embroiled in a tense discussion in his secret chambers. Everyone seemed very excited.

    "Mr. Fang, inform the Spirit Storm Guard to hurry up to the Capital. Tell them that they are to leave the southern provinces, and come here as fast as they can," The Second Prince looked amiably towards his mastermind. "Mr. Fang, I would request that you proceed with the future plans."

    "I request the Second Master to be relieved. This is Fang Bo Wen's job, and you can be assured of safety."

    Fang Bo Wen then muttered to himself irresolutely, "I know that the Zhao Trading Company has sent two hundred men as escorts. Two Jade Xuan experts lead them. Then, there is the Company's Vice-President… Meng Xiao Song… he leads a group of eighty experts. That Meng Xiao Song is an Earth Xuan expert. With him, there’s no need to be anxious. The Zhao Trading Company will move in the bright light — and the guild in the dark; they will move together yet separately. This would eventually go smoothly. The Spirit Storm Guard and the Zhao Trading Company will travel together. In addition, the Blood Sword Hall has been notified as well. They will send two Sky Xuan assassins, five Earth Xuan assassins and twenty Jade Xuan assassins. These assassins will secretly escort the convoy; just to make things absolutely safe. And, most of the power has left the Capital now. That leaves it vulnerable; so, the power of our means will guarantee victory!"

    "Humph! This Blood Sword Hall had never sent anyone higher than a ‘Jade Xuan’ expert in any of their previous missions for me! This had often resulted in their assassins’ failure to achieve anything. It had been a waste of labor and money. But, they suddenly dispatched two Sky Xuan and five Earth Xuan experts when it comes to the Xuan Beast tendon crossbows?! And, the lowest level assassins they're sending are Jade Xuan! They are merely trying to show their terrifying strength!" The Second Prince was extremely indignant. He spoke these words very angrily.

    "The Blood Sword Hall’s method of handling things has always been a profound mystery. This Old Man doesn't know the reason behind it." Fang Bo Wen frowned and continued, "These Xuan Beast Tendon crossbows are very important to them. Therefore, they are being cautious. And, this isn’t without reason. One should be better to oneself than he is to others After all, it is ‘every man for himself’.”

    Then, Fang Bo Wen suddenly stopped talking. There was a hint of doubt in his eyes. Then, he suddenly started to tremble with fear. It seemed as if he had recalled an extremely dreadful matter.

    However, the Second Prince hadn’t noticed his mastermind's unusual behavior. He was still seething with anger. He then spoke in a cold voice, "Let that be then! They will be of no use to me after I get those crossbows. And, that’s a good thing. I won’t be angered by their unfathomable way of working again!"

    Fang Bo Wen's snow-white eyebrows shot up, and a trace of fear condensed in his eyes. He wanted to say something, but felt that his idea was nonsensical. In fact, it seemed too fantastical. Therefore, he swallowed his words back. But, that expression of worry became even more profound in the secrecy of his eyes.

    He was in no mood to listen to the speaker.

    The Second Prince was just whining; nothing more. However, his words resounded like thunder on a sunny day to Fang Bo Wen's ears.

    The matters that were hazy before were becoming clear

    [Do I have to think of another way…? Will I have to retreat from this road?]

    The Second Prince leaned to the side, and put his hands behind his back. His face was full of confidence as he laughed. He was brimming with the confidence of a man who was on the verge of victory. The Prince then mumbled, "I can use this opportunity to deal with the First and the Third"

    He didn’t speak his thoughts, but his face had a very fierce expression on it. He then suddenly turned around, "That’s it! Mr. Wen, is Yue'er ready?"

    "There has been no news of Miss Yue'er for several days. She has made… very few public appearances. Our contacts in the Ni Chang Pavilion… don’t know much about this matter either. This Old Man is… very confused in that regard," Fang Bo Wen went through those words very slowly. In fact, he hadn’t stated them in a very fluent manner. He had stammered several times in between. It was evident that he was disturbed, and his thoughts weren't on the same matter.

    "Humph!" A cold light flashed in the Second Prince's eyes. He remained silent for a little while. Then, he finally spoke-up, "Let her be for the time being. Anyway, it's not like she can turn the tide with her strength alone. What about Cheng De Cao though? What has he been up to? Why hasn't he shown his face for so many days?"

    There was a slight look of loathing in Fang Bo Wen's eyes. It was obvious that the Young Master Cheng's reputation wasn’t good. He replied, "This Old Man hasn't seen Young Master Cheng for a long time. It seems that he’s busy with something. Though, he isn’t telling anyone about this matter. Also, the corresponding manpower is yet to arrive. He may have met with some mishap"

    The Second Prince frowned. He strolled around for a bit before he spoke in a gloomy voice, "Shelve the trivial matters for now everything will be determined with the arrival of the crossbows." His fair face suddenly revealed his murderous intention.

    [Humph! A woman and a Young Master! Humph! You consider yourself as something important? So, you agree with me outside, but defy me in private? Yue'er, you mustn’t think that you can take advantage of the way I treat you! You'll regret this!]

    [This Cheng De Cao thinks himself to be a formidable person? The Second Prince can destroy you whenever he wants!]

    "Yes," Fang Bo Wen could sense the Second Prince's killing intentions. His white eyebrows quivered. The mastermind couldn’t help but tremble. [Your Majesty is already quite ruthless and without any pity. But, why are you being so shallow? Why are you being so domineering in such a minor matter? What will you do if you accomplish great things in the future?] Suddenly, he became bored to death, and hung his eyes. He shut his mouth, and kept his thoughts to himself.

    The Second Prince looked outside at the moonlight. A fiery expression suddenly swept across his face. It was zealous expression. His eyes seemed to burn with a hot flame. It seemed as if he already believed himself to be a great entity.

    … …

    The Jun Family’s residence; Jun Mo Xie was having a sleepless night.

    He had carefully filtered through the ingredients. The list of medications that Jun Mo Xie required was finally in order. He had unexpectedly received two hundred herbs. There were no rare or legendary herbs among them. And, there weren't any precious herbs ingredients among them either. But, there was a massive amount of low-level ingredients. Besides, there were some ‘never before seen’ low-level ingredients present in this stock-pile as well. It was almost like one could find anything in that pile. The entire stock had been piled-up in the special room in Jun Mo Xie's courtyard.

    He then dispersed the bystanders. He even shooed Fatty Tang away to take rest. Then, he selected two trusted helpers to sift through those ingredients.

    The so-called ‘trusted helpers’ were very few in number. In fact, there were only a total of four in the entire Jun Household as far as Jun Mo Xie’s count was concerned. But, he couldn’t dare to exhaust Grandpa Jun and Third Uncle. As for the other two… he had regarded it to be very impolite to make Little Ke do this work. Sister Qing Han was available too. So, he had unwillingly asked for her help as well since he needed more people.

    After all, Guan Qing Han was the daughter of a Xuan Qi Family. These drugs mustn’t be unfamiliar to her. So, she would be a great help to Jun Mo Xie. Moreover, she was one of his most trusted people to say the least.

    Jun Mo Xie sat at a place where the light of the lamp couldn’t reach. He sat there like a wooden figure; motionless. He frowned deeply in rapt attention. The two females assumed that he was immersed in deep thoughts about a very serious matter since he was frowning so profoundly. So, they decided against disturbing him, and allowed him ponder in peace

    The two tiptoed around. They even spoke softly in order to avoid causing disturbance to Jun Mo Xie's thoughts. Their hands worked quickly in accordance to his instructions. They first segregated the ingredients according to their weight. Then, they mixed them together; as per requirement. Afterwards, they wrapped the mix up, and put a serial number on each package.

    The work was not arduous in itself, but working continuously at a stretch for such a long time had exhausted them. The fact that it was a very monotonous and dull job also tired them out. The two worked hurriedly past midnight. They aimed to hand over at least five batches of prescriptions; each with a hundred items.

    The two women were drowsy-eyed by the time they finally stood up. They didn’t know why Jun Mo Xie wanted these medicines, but he seemed to want them very urgently. So, they didn’t dare to take it easy, and had worked incessantly throughout the night. And now, it was finally done. The two females stood up, and smiled bitterly at each other. They felt out of energy, and had a slight ache in their slender waists.

    However, the two couldn’t help but feel like being praised for completing so much work so fast. They smiled at each other, and then looked at Jun Mo Xie in unison. [So much work has already been finished! So, what’s he still frowning at? What problem could take such a long time to ponder over?]

    Jun Mo Xie remained seat; same as before. His head had lowered a bit. The Young Master had a serious look on his face. His frown was so profound that it seemed as if he had encountered the mystery of the ages

    He was concentrating so hard that the two females were able to walk up to him without him detecting their movements

    "Ah! This bastard! He has swindled us into becoming his work-oxes! This bastard fell asleep long back!" Guan Qing Han observed him for some time, and came to that conclusion. She obviously became very angry. They wouldn’t have been to tell that his ‘breathing’ was ‘snoring’ in reality if they hadn’t walked so close to him.

    [He’s just too much! Who does such things?!]

    [We both tired ourselves out working busily throughout the night. You didn't say anything; neither did you help! We didn't disturb you since we thought that you were pondering over something important. But… you were actually sleeping the entire time! This is too much!]

    Anger rose inside Guan Qing Han’s heart. She rubbed her eyes, but was so tired that she was unable to open them properly. This made her even more sullen. She raised her leg, and gave that ‘shameless good for nothing’ a tight kick on his thigh.


    Jun Mo Xie fell from his chair, and woke up. He opened his eyes, and immediately understood the reason for that kick. Then, the Young Master calmly got up, and sighed as he put on airs. He then exclaimed, "This problem is very tough! I’ve thought-it-over all night, yet I still can't understand it. This is an amazing headache!"

    The Young Master Jun looked very gloomy. He continued to moan and groan in pain. Jun Mo Xie tried his best to look very concerned… as if he feared for the country. Anyone who looked at his face would fear that all the land under the heavens would perish if he was stopped from pondering over his problem.

    Guan Qing Han sneered. Her beautiful leg landed at the pit of Jun Mo Xie's stomach as she scolded, "Young Master Jun, is it normal for you to have so much saliva when you're focusing hard on a problem?"

    Jun Mo Xie made a ‘hiccupping’ sound. He then replied in a frustrated manner, "This is one of the many problems I have. I don’t pay attention to what my body does when I’m thinking long and hard on something important. So, my mouth opens when I think for a long time, and I forget to shut it. A lot of saliva ends up getting collected as a result"

    [What bullsh*t is this?!]

    Guan Qing Han was in a good mood, and found it funny. Though, her face was cold as she chided Jun Mo Xie. She then suddenly realized that the Young Master's eyes had changed direction. He then smiled, "Ah, Third Uncle! What are you doing here so late?"

    Guan Qing Han and Little Ke looked around frightfully. But, they didn’t even spot the Third Uncle’s shadow. They then realized that they had been tricked, and became very angry. Even the usually gentle Little Ke felt her face becoming hot as she turned to look back. However, their eyes opened in amazement once they turned around to face Jun Mo Xie. There was no one in Jun Mo Xie’s chair anymore. He had vanished without a trace

    Such speed was simply heavenly

    The two females looked at each other with blank stares. Then, they recalled Jun Mo Xie's funny appearance from a moment ago. "Pfft, Pfft" sounds escaped from their lips as they started to laugh.

    Little Ke pursed her lips and chuckled. She then looked at Guan Qing Han appreciatively, and exclaimed, "Young Lady, you have a very attractive smile. I’m seeing you smile after a very long time. You should smile more often it’s very, very pretty."

    "I’m seeing you smile after a very long time" this made Guan Qing Han’s body tremble. A frantic look passed through her eyes. Then, she resumed her cold expression and sighed, "It is very late at night; go and rest." She said this and silently walked out of the courtyard.

    Her silhouette seemed very lonely and desolate in the night-light. She appeared like a ‘Snow Lotus’ on a faraway mountain peak that was covered in snow and clouds — alone, proud and upright.

    "God!" Jun Mo Xie had hidden inside the HongJun Pagoda. [The two tigresses come up so suddenly! Why didn’t I hide before?] He hadn't slept for two nights and a day. That was the reason why he had fallen asleep like that. He was extremely tired. Another reason was that he was re-vitalizing his vigor in order to concoct the Dans.

    As for the selection of the ingredients and formulas was concerned — Jun Mo Xie had already combed through the Book of Folk Remedies, and was confident that he could refine 5 kinds of Dans.

    The Mysterious Yang Dan, the Missing Yin Dan, the Spirit Amassing Dan, the Multi-Division Dan, and the Connecting-Meridians Dan!

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