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Chapter 303: The Dispute Over the Medicinal Dans, and Guan Qing Han’s Breakthrough

    Chapter 303: The Dispute Over the Medicinal Dans, and Guan Qing Han’s Breakthrough

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    Grandpa Jun wasn’t worried on the first day. Jun Mo Xie's strength wasn't weak, and he had full confidence in his own abilities. In fact, he had stated that he could defend himself against a Great Master if need be. Could anything be more dangerous than that? Grandpa Jun had no idea where Jun Mo Xie had gone off to, but he was more focused on planning a Great-Grandson for himself…

    However, Grandpa Jun and Jun Wu Yi couldn’t help but get worried on the next day. [He hasn't come home for two days and two nights. What's the matter? This has never happened before! Could it be that he is busy indulging himself in pleasures and has forgotten about his duties towards the Family?]

    Finally, they lost their cool on the third day. After all, his claims of being able to defend himself against a Great Master hadn’t been confirmed…

    Grandpa Jun became extremely anxious, and ordered an emergency throughout the capital. He also dispersed his troops everywhere. The Jun Family's secret force was dispatched, and they searched every corner of the city. Then, the Jun family dispatched more troops in disarray since they couldn’t find him. Hai Chen Feng and the Jin Yan Gang also initiated a comprehensive search. The gangsters and the soldiers had taken initiative to work hand in hand in this instance! Grandpa Jun and Third Uncle personally led the search, and were thorough like a sieve. They searched each shady area in the city — multiple times.

    Third Uncle's complexion was extremely unsightly. He was extremely vicious during this search. Each word that came out of his mouth was unsuited for a cultured man’s speed. He would first strike a person, and then… he’d abuse. Grandpa Jun's speech was also very fierce. [Damn it! I will carry out a detailed search… even if the sky falls! And, I’ll kill anyone who doesn’t cooperate!]

    [I’ll break your legs if you dare to utter a word! You dare to slack-off after I broke your legs? Should I go for your skull as well?]

    The brothels were shut down and raided. The same was especially true for the wretched Spirit Fog Lake's most infamous establishment: Ni Chang ‘Rainbow’ Pavilion[1]. That was certainly on top of the list.

    They further went on to take the Madame and the pimps of the ‘Rainbow Pavilion’ into custody. They even intercepted and arrested Lady Yue'er. Apparently, Lady Yue'er had been touring every influential family's residence in order to show-case her skills. Every brothel was falling-over itself in an attempt to hire her. But, she had planned a big tour. And, she was barely done with half of it when she was intercepted by the soldiers led by Jun Wu Yi, and was then taken into custody

    But why?

    What reason could they have to capture a prostitute?

    Everyone knew the relationship between the Second Prince and the ‘Rainbow Pavilion’. But, this incident marked the first time when the Second Prince sent his own ‘Mastermind’ — Fang Bo Wen — to intercede on his behalf. He had counted on the Jun Family's honor. He was ordered to return only after they had released Lady Yue'er. But, Jun Wu Yi's face was extremely cold when he passed his judgement, "Get lost!"

    It was said that the venerable Mr. Fang flew into an epileptic rage on the spot.

    Then suddenly, the Third Young Master Jun re-appeared… in the midst of all that chaos.

    The beggar-looking Young Master Jun appeared in his courtyard like a starving re-incarnation of a stray dog. He sped to Jun Family’s Kitchen like a fish that had just escaped its net the moment he appeared.

    Little Ke had bathed her face with tears. She jumped in fear at his arrival. Though, she couldn’t even see his shadow when she turned her head to look at him.

    Little Ke then hurriedly went and informed Guan Qing Han. In-turn, she informed Jun Wu Yi that the Third Young Master Jun had returned safe and sound.

    After that, the two females proceeded towards the direction Jun Mo Xie had disappeared in. They were extremely shocked when they reached the kitchen.

    Jun Mo Xie's dress was ragged, and his hair was disheveled. His face was pale, and there were two pouches beneath his eyes. He looked like a wretched animal. His hands were skinny and black like a chicken's claw, and his boots had holes which revealed his toes. He’d grabbed a fish with his left hand, and put it into his mouth. He then pulled hard in the opposite direction; only the fish's skull and bones came out of his mouth.

    He held a lump of beef in his right hand. He didn’t even seem to chew it as he stuffed it down his throat. A bowl full of soup was placed in front of him. He’d occasionally choke and let out a strange cry. Then, he’d lowered his head, and smashed it in the bowl. He’d ignore the strange sounds of his actions as he’d empty half-the-bowl in one go.

    Beneath him… was a pile of bones, fish bones, and bits-and-pieces of meat

    The chubby chefs in the kitchen were behaving as if they had been struck by lightning. They stared foolishly at the famished incarnation of the Young Master. Their faces twitched. He was eating too much.

    [Crap! Even a pig… no… even a wild boar can’t eat so much at such an unbelievable speed!] They felt dizzy as they witnessed that spectacle.

    Guan Qing Han and Little Ke rushed over and caught up. They were very indignant. [You little debauchee! You disappeared to god-knows where. You left home for three days without even leaving a message! Could you at least think about how worried everyone else is?] The sister-in-law wanted to teach her brother-in-law a lesson. After all, she was an elder relative. But, she was dumbstruck by this sight, and was unable to say anything.

    [These kind of table manners?!] The eyes of the eldest daughter of the Guan Family opened wide. And, she covered her small mouth as her expression turned to that of shock. The generally cold and beautiful face of the young woman had revealed this look for the first time

    Little Ke’s delicate and small mouth opened-wide as she stared startled; one could stuff two duck-eggs in her mouth.

    Eventually, Jun Mo Xie sighed with satisfaction. Then, his head went down again to finish the last bits in the soup bowl, and raised it back once its white base was visible.

    Then, he raised one leg and kicked at the pile of bones… which had nearly reached his ankles. The Young Master then hiccupped in satisfaction. After that, he took-out his throwing knife, and calmly started to pick his teeth. He then saw everyone's expression… the one that had surface on their faces after witnessing such a strange event. He couldn’t help but ask in bewilderment, "Is my face flowering?"

    Everyone was speechless.

    They were speechless for a long time. They wondered if anyone could say anything after witnessing something so shameless.

    "What have you been doing these past days?" His sister-in-law, Guan Qing Han, asked in a dignified and interrogative manner once she came back to her senses.

    "Me? In the past few days? Hah" Jun Mo Xie immediately guessed what had happened. He then sighed as he shook his head, "I was extremely busy these past few days; extremely busy! Unlike you all — who slept till they were hungry, and ate till they were satisfied. You had nothing to do… except for taking care of your physiological needs."

    [What did he say?] Guan Qing Han bristled as she spoke fiercely, "What did you say?"

    "What did I say? He He I said that sister-in-law and Little Ke look increasingly beautiful every time I see you. Especially sister-in-law! Not only do you look very attractive, but you also look younger. I believe that people who don’t know that you’re my sister-in-law will think that you’re my younger sister if you carry-on at this rate!" Jun Mo Xie honeyed his words as he uttered this nonsense.

    Guan Qing Han and Little Ke were stunned. They knew that his words were an overstatement, and were aware that he was only trying to flatter them. But, they still felt delighted at being praised. Their mood changed, and a funny expression surfaced on their faces as they started at him speechless. Guan Qing Han’s face became taut after some time, "Third Uncle has returned. He’ll make you feel better." She finished and pulled Little Ke away with her.

    Qing Han had been right. Moreover, she hadn't exaggerated one bit.

    The Grandpa Jun and Third Uncle rushed back to Jun Mo Xie the moment they heard of his return, and burst-in furiously like a storm. The Young Master Jun's hair turned white at the sight of this, and he started to splutter

    The Young Master Jun was barely able to withstand the concentrated thunderstorm of the berating. But, he wanted to show-off his achievements. So, he then cleared his throat and took out the Mysterious Yang Dan, the Devil’s Heart Dan and the ‘Ten Years’ Dan. But, the two big shots continued to scold him violently.

    Erm these Dans were very good. Though, they couldn’t be taken in concentrated doses. The Mysterious Yang Dan could be taken once every ten days. And, it would be fine to take a regular dose for health purposes. But, the ‘Ten Years’ Dan was a one-time affair; it would be useless to have it regularly in fact, it would be a complete waste.

    Grandpa Jun and the Third Uncle picked the Dans with their fingertips. But, judging by their facial expressions… they didn’t look very convinced. After all, the Young Master Jun had said that the efficacy of these Dans were miraculous. They looked at Jun Mo Xie with doubtful expressions. [You cheating demon! This little Dan can increase cultivation by ten years? That’s rubbish!] The same thought emerged in both men’s brain.

    However, they felt their cultivation shoot-up frantically after they took the pills under Jun Mo Xie's administration. They felt their skills had risen to a level of ten years or more. Their expressions turned green as the Young Master’s. They stared at the Young Master Jun like a pack of… hungry wolves!

    "This is such an amazing thing! How many of these are there? Hand them over to this Old Man! I'm happy again. So, don't make trouble for me! I'll have none of your nonsense, you little brat!"

    This was Grandpa Jun’s roar. His face had flooded with excitement. He grabbed the front of Jun Mo Xie's gown, raised him in the air, and shook him like he was drying a dead fish in the wind.

    The Old Man greedily opened his mouth wide as he spoke those words in a tyrannical manner.

    "Since your grandfather has opened his mouth first… you must serve his needs before anything else. I’m not that important. You come round to me as you wish. Just hand over a hundred dozen bottles to me. You must give the remaining to your grandfather; no matter how many you have in total." That’s what Jun Wu Yi had said. He wanted more than a hundred-dozen bottles of these Dans.

    [This father-and-son duo thinks that these Dans have fallen from the sky? And, one can just pick them from the ground? These are medicinal dans with genuine efficacies!]

    Jun Mo Xie groaned. He had been dizzied by the shock

    [Even if I could merely pluck them from the ground… I’d still need to work my back! These medicines are amazing supplements… But, these two think that they are like cabbages? How can they demand such a large amount]

    Could these two men kill Jun Mo Xie over these pills? They had conveniently forgotten about their grandson/ nephew / and their Family’s sole heir in the lure of these Dans! Grandpa Jun was pulling Jun Mo Xie’s cheek in hostility, and had nearly transformed his appearance into that of a pig’s. Jun Wu Yi was slightly gentler in his approach. He was only addressing to Jun Mo Xie’s logical sensibility. Else, Jun Mo Xie’s face would’ve turned purple from all the ‘pulling’.

    [Did he faint in front of us? We have misjudged this brat’s intentions. We have erred and counted our chickens before they hatched!]

    The Young Master Jun let out a blood curdling cry. He wanted to burst into tears, but couldn’t find any tears to shed. "I can't do it anymore I will faint I can't do it anymore you two… please let me off!"

    "You cheating devil! I just saw that you took out several bottles of those! Now calmly hand them over to me. Are you looking for trouble?" Grandpa Jun caught Jun Mo Xie by the ankles, and pulled him up. Then, he started to wave him around ferociously. It appeared as if an urchin was hanging from date tree’s branch. But, the only difference was… he was upside-down…

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t bear this treatment anymore, "Let go I'm dying! I'm feeling very dizzy! I’ll give I’ll give isn't that enough?"

    Grandpa Jun put his grandson down, and stared at him like a tiger looking at his prey. He didn't even blink.

    Jun Mo Xie crawled away and slapped his face. [You really had to show off, didn’t you?! Didn’t you know that you'd be inviting trouble? You’re well aware that this stuff can sway people's hearts. You knew that your grandfather and Third Uncle will lose all sense of relations when lured by the desire of such amazing Dans!]

    He still felt this was wrong. [I anyway refined the Dans to increase the Jun Family's strength. So, why am I getting the miserable treatment that is meted out to rebels?! So many different kinds of torture! It’s like they are forcing chili water down my throat!]

    He moved slowly and took out one bottle of the Mysterious Yang Dan, Devil’s Heart Dan, Multi-Cure Dan and Ten Years Dan each. He then kept them on top of the table for display. "That’s all I have!"

    "I don't believe it! Take out more!" the two older men roared in unison.

    "That’s really all I have!" Young Master Jun's face revealed a sincere expression. "These will be enough for hundreds of people. My master gave these many to me" he thought; [You want them all for yourself? I made them to upgrade the strength of the troops under my command but, I won’t give to the unreliable ones. So, I’ll keep the remaining with myself.]

    "These bottles have enough for a hundred people?" the two older men were full of disbelief. Such precious medicines were extremely rare. The Third Uncle had asked for over a hundred-dozen of these bottles, but was he was merely joking.

    It would’ve been enough if one bottle could provide for 3-5 people. So, how could they not be flabbergasted to hear the Young Master Jun speak that these tiny bottles could provide for hundreds of people?

    “That’s right. My master has used all his strength to refine these medicines. Why else would I have asked for those herbal ingredients? But, my master suffered a serious injury in refining these medicines. He may take up to 3-5 months to recover. Moreover, he may not be able to refine such Dans for a very long period of time. So, we need to be careful with the usage of these medicines." Jun Mo Xie was naturally exaggerating a few things. But, if the two men came to know that these Dans could be refined repeatedly… wouldn’t they force him to refine those Dans every day for the rest of his life?

    The two men thought this to be reasonable. It was reasonable if Jun Mo Xie's master couldn’t refine these 'divine medicines' again and again. After all, wouldn’t it be too much of a child's play if such medicines could be mass-produced?

    The two older men extended their hands pushed Jun Mo Xie aside. Then, the two of them pulled at each other as they tried to grab…



    "Bang! Slam! Thump!" it was quite obvious that the two men had reached out for the Dans

    Jun Mo Xie disappeared from the hall like a wisp of smoke. He paid no attention to those shameless ‘good for nothing’ men. In any case, there wouldn't be a mishap… no matter how much they tussled. But, they had sent the ground rumbling. [I better make a run for it…]

    Intentionally or otherwise, Jun Mo Xie wobbled into Guan Qing Han's courtyard. She was quietly sitting under the blossoming tree. The young woman was calmly looking at the tree with a calm and content face. She had obviously heard Jun Mo Xie's footsteps, but she had remained as before; in fact, she didn’t even turn around to face him.

    "What's the matter?" she asked unenthusiastically.

    "Nothing major. I just brought a few medications. You should try tasting them, but they're not too delicious. Ha Ha" Jun Mo Xie gave a hollow laugh.

    "Oh?" Guan Qing Han slowly turned her cold and beautiful face to look at him. "What kind of medication?"

    "I’ve refined many kinds of medications. Their effects are pretty good too. Would you dare to try it?" Jun Mo Xie yawned these words. But, there was only one word in his mind — aphrodisiac. Though, he didn’t dare say it out loud.

    "What dare? You think I'm scared that you'll poison me?" Then, Guan Qing Han went beyond Jun Mo Xie's expectations and… she actually smiled. Jun Mo Xie temporarily forgot about moral integrity when he saw that stunning beauty smile it was stunning shocking absolutely unexpected

    "Jun Mo Xie, I can’t stand you at times, but I’ve come to realize that you’re not the type of person who’d always use despicable means. And anyway, I’ll always be your sister-in-law." She stretched her hands to receive the pills from Jun Mo Xie. Three pills; woman’s quota. The Missing Yin Dan, Devil’s Heart Dan, and the Ten Years Dan. She looked at Jun Mo Xie indifferently. Then, she raised her head and without any hesitation, and swallowed the medication.

    Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes wide. He was about to tell her to wait till she had started to cultivate. But, she had already opened her mouth, and had taken the medication by then. This really amazed him.

    A bubble of regret emerged inside Jun Mo Xie when he realized that Guan Qing Han trust him so much that she took the medication without a second thought. [I would’ve refined that aphrodisiac if I had known that she trusted me so much. This is a huge blunder! Bah! This must be that old Mo Xie's spirit haunting me and causing mischief. I’m so pure… how can I be that kind of a person?]

    Guan Qing Han was about to ask about the Dan and its effects when she felt a warm sensation well up in her dantian. Suddenly, her body felt warm and comfortable. It was an indescribably comfortable sensation. Then, the Xuan Qi started to move through her meridians on its own accord. It moved like a strong tide of a flooding river. Her dantian became increasingly warmer as the Xuan Qi continued to move through her meridians. In fact, it was getting converted into an exceptionally pure variant of Xuan Qi

    Jun Mo Xie's mysterious Dans promoted a person’s abilities in a miraculous manner!

    Guan Qing Han was shocked to discover this. She felt a little regret at doubting him. However, her cultivation was presently at the Silver Xuan realm’s peak. In fact, she was about to break through to the Gold Xuan realm. But, she could feel that her breakthrough to the Gold Xuan realm was imminent since a lot of power had started to rush through her body after taking the Dans.

    However, this was also a very frightening moment. And, there was no one there to guide her at such a crucial time… besides her brother-in-law

    [Why didn't that little brat explain this? How could he be so careless? I thought that it was a candy!]

    However, there wasn't enough time for her to think these things. The extremely powerful and pure energy from the Dan was surging through her limbs. She was resolutely stepping into the Gold Xuan Realm. But, she suddenly started to feel ill all over. Her consciousness also became somewhat fuzzy.

    Guan Qing Han’s cultivation level was very low. It was merely at the Silver Xuan Realm. In fact, her cultivation level was even inferior to the Young Master Jun. Jun Wu Yi and Grandpa had been able to ingest the Ten Years Dan without any scruples since they were Sky Xuan experts. They had been able to control themselves with ease through the enhancement process. In fact, they could’ve even made a breakthrough without any issues if the moment had demanded it; without any issues.

    This was because they had a strong foundation.

    However, Guan Qing Han was on the verge of death. The difference between her cultivation, and that of the other two, was over ten levels! She had only been cultivating for ten years. And now, she was experiencing the enhancement process of ten years in one go. This was nearly the sum-total of her cultivation before she had taken the medication. Moreover, the Qi flowing inside her at this moment was much purer than ever before. On top of that, she had never been put through Jun Mo Xie's cruel training methods… so, how could she persist? Fortunately, she had also taken the Devil’s Heart Dan… else, she would’ve burst into flames by now.

    Guan Qing Han felt as if she was about to burst. Her consciousness had become fuzzy. She felt despaired; [will my life end due to such a mysterious reason?]

    Her brother-in- law had changed for the better with such difficulty. He had used ‘Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune’, and had come up with such divine medications. Moreover, he hadn’t forgotten to include her needs amidst all this. This showed how much he had improved! But, he hadn’t considered that her ability to control Xuan Qi was lacking by a fair margin. The divine medication was unexpectedly going to kill her by force.

    Guan Qing Han felt somewhat ridiculous. In fact, she was somewhat reluctant to let-go. If this had happened a few months ago — she wouldn’t have felt anything similar. In fact, she would’ve actually felt free. But, why was she reluctant to give up?

    She smiled happily as she thought; [see you again.] Then, she closed her eyes. But, she quickly opened them the moment she closed them… she was in utter shock.

    Guan Qing Han recalled she hadn’t said, "I have come," in the face of death. Instead, she said, "See you again." [Why did I say "see you again?" Who am I reluctant to leave behind?]

    Guan Qing Han realized that she didn't have time to think about this.

    Then suddenly, she felt a cool palm touch the center of her back. She then felt a warm energy penetrate her body. This warm energy cleared her spiritual consciousness. It was like she had become very dizzy due to the extremity of the summer heat. But then, she had suddenly dived into a pool of cool water. She felt elated to her very bones

    Then, she felt as if pure strength had emanated from that palm, and had started to flow into her meridians. She could sense it methodically guide that frantic flow of Qi through her meridians

    The flow of Qi had been extremely frantic a moment ago. But, it became very obedient since the arrival of that warm strength. It had started to flow wherever that strength directed it to

    There was a loud noise inside Guan Qing Han's mind. And then, she became aware of the incomparable sensation of her meridians opening wider. Even her spiritual consciousness entered into a new heavenly realm.

    Guan Qing Han had broken into the Gold Xuan realm with the help of that hand at her back!

    This timely help was rendered by none other than the Jun Family's Young Master — Jun Mo Xie.

    Guan Qing Han had panicked; it could be said that she was inexperienced in such matters. But, Jun Mo Xie was aware that the Dans he had refined were strong; not overbearing. He had also given her have the Devil’s Heart Pill to assist in this enhancement. So, there was no way that she’d suffer a Devil’s Bite and die. Her consciousness may have faded away for a few days, but her skills would’ve continued to surge ahead. But, this was a golden opportunity, and Jun Mo Xie was no gentleman. So, how could he let it pass? After all, there should be some pleasure in helping others!

    He had placed his hand on her back. His hand was only separated from her skin by a mere two layers of clothing even though it was late autumn season at present. Guan Qing Han was a Silver Xuan expert. Therefore, she had a decent resistance to heat and cold. Hence, she obviously wouldn’t put-on too many layers of clothing. That is why, she had felt a burst of tenderness when Jun Mo Xie had put his hand against her back. She felt so comfortable that she nearly wanted to shout and call that individual…

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