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Chapter 310: We’ve Lost Another One!

    Chapter 310: We’ve Lost Another One!

    Translator: Novel SagaEditor: Novel Saga

    Lei Jian Hong’s sword suddenly turned into a blue tornado in the midst of that battle’s confusion. There were rapid explosions as he resolutely smashed the defensive circle that had been made by the members of the Devine Storm Guard.

    Loud explosions echoed as over ten members of the Devine Storm Guard bore the brunt of the attacks. That exceptionally ferocious attack made them spit blood as they went flying upside-down. Lei Jian Hong didn’t neglect this chance. The blue light that had covered his body wrapped around his long sword as he slashed at the men in the circle. The seven or eight people who were in the sword’s range were cut into two.

    Lei Jian Hong had intended to open-up a gap in their defense using the entire might of his strength. However, the strength of his previous attack had crumbled, but the new attack hadn’t yet replaced it yet. This was a crucial moment. And, Zhan Cun Xiao, along with the other members of the Devine Storm Guard, quickly rushed over to fill the gap. And then, thirty swords fell on Lei Jian Hong with the intention to behead him. Lei Jian Hong’s was able to muster his Qi in the given time-frame. So, he fell into a defensive position as he parried continuous blows from around a dozen swords. However, he was a Sky Xuan Peak expert at the end of the day. So, he was able to withstand the numerous enemies in a stable manner. He then mustered his powerful Xuan Qi as he defended against many sword attacks, and gave out a loud roar. His tyrannical sword power had been replenished by now; around a dozen men sustained serious injuries and fell to the ground.

    Lei Jian Hong had gained a good foothold by breaking through that defense. However, he had exerted a lot of effort to resist those multiple counter-attacks. And then, he had roused his powerful Xuan Qi to use that murderous maneuver. This had somewhat injured his meridians. Moreover, he had received strong attacks from over ten enemies’ swords — twice at that. His high Xuan Qi cultivation had made his skin as hard as iron. Therefore, he didn’t receive any wounds on his body, but his clothes weren’t able to escape their fate. His clothing had been slashed to strips. His clothes now looked like those of a beggar. Lei Jian Hong then quickly turned around, and retreated away.

    Lei Jian Hong merely needed a little time to recuperate. All he had to do… was to harmonize his breathing for a moment. And then, he’d be able to reinstate himself to his original state.

    However, the outcome of Lei Jian Hong’s powerful attack had been very shocking. He had thoroughly opened a gap in their defenses on his side. That was when the Li Family’s elite warriors shouted in unison, and rushed-in like a powerful sea-tide. The other two Sky Xuan experts employed the same tactic in the other two directions. They made a gap… and when that gap in the Devine Storm Guard’s defenses was exposed the defending troops were thrown into disarray.

    Lei Jain Hong and his two companions had initially conserved their strength to deal with the Blood Sword Hall’s experts as-and-when they’d show-up. However, those people didn’t show up. They presumed that the enemy never had any reinforcements. Therefore, the three Sky Xuan experts became relaxed, and embraced a blitzkrieg-ish attitude. And then, they displayed their true strength. They didn’t spare any expenses when it came to consumption of their Xuan Qi, and pounced at that flock of sheep like tigers. They then commenced the slaughter.

    "Stop… don’t kill me! I’m the Southern Trade Union’s Vice-President! I I… I surrender!" Someone’s mournful shout pierced the blue dome of the heavens. It was Meng Xiao Song.

    His side was being defeated. So, he couldn’t repress that feeling of abject fear in his heart; nor could he repress his thirst for life. Therefore, he put forth his surrender.

    Zhou Jian Ming — Lei Wu Bei’s second disciple — was facing him. He was thoughtlessly about to chop down with his sword when he unexpectedly came-up against this person who wasn’t really very weak in terms of strength. However, how could he bear to fight an opponent who just went down on his knees? And whose face was covered with tears and snot? "Let me go… I… please great hero… have pity on me. I have a hundred year old mother back home. I have hungry and crying children…"

    Meng Xiao Song cried as he continued to whimper, "Great hero… boo hoo… I don’t want to die!"

    Zhou Jian Ming stopped and stared blankly.

    He could never have imagined that there would be someone in this world who’d be so greedy for life, and so afraid of death. [This shameless person is kneeling down when the two forces are clashing. Unexpectedly, he’s the Southern Trade Union’s Vice-President… Isn’t this humiliating for him? He’s indeed without any sense of shame; he’s extremely shameless! His shamelessness knows no limits…]

    "Bullsh*t! Come crawling to the Master you coward! Tell me where the Xuan Beast Crossbows are kept, and I’ll let you go. In fact, I’ll make a way for you to escape!" Zhou Jian Ming yelled in anger.

    "It’s… it’s… those crossbows…" Meng Xiao Song tried his best to become beady eyed. [Wouldn’t I want to tell you if I knew? Do you think I know where they’ve hoarded those crossbows? Do you think I consider them to be more important than my life? I really don’t know ah!]

    "Hurry up! Damn it! What are you turning all ‘beady eyed’ for, you coward?! Do you want to die? Nod if you’re that unhappy with life!" Zhou Jian Ming yelled loudly.

    "Great hero… spare me! I… I’m useless… I don’t know where those crossbows are kept!" Meng Xiao Song was extremely scared. He suddenly kowtowed with a "Slam!" — that was actually the sound of him touching the ground!

    "I’m going to fu*k your mother! Your surrender isn’t worth a fart! It’s no good; you don’t have the tiniest bit of usefulness for me! Fu*k you, you coward!" Zhou Jian Ming cried loudly. His eyes widened in a glare. He then raised his foot and gave a tight kick "Bang!" to Meng Xiao Song’s abdomen. His kick sent that man over three meters away, but he was left feeling gloomy.

    [This coward didn’t know anything, and yet he came to surrender… really?!]

    The airborne Meng Xiao Song was still shouting "Spare… my life…" He hadn’t finished his sentence when his voice suddenly stopped. A blood red sword had metamorphosed in the sky. It had easily cut the airborne man’s body into two. Then, it picked-up speed instead of slowing down, and shot straight towards Zhou Jian Ming.

    Meng Xiao Song’s body was cut into two, and sprayed a rain of blood everywhere. Then, a blood-red figure emerged from that rain of blood like a devil.

    This figure had penetrated straight through Meng Xiao Song’s body.

    A ray of light flashed forward like lightning, and chopped the leg which Zhou Jian Ming had raised to kick Meng Xiao Song’s body. Zhou Jian Ming hadn’t retracted his foot in time. The light cut the flesh as easily as knife cuts butter.

    [This attacker has grasped this moment of opportunity very accurately!] Jun Mo Xie was still seated on top of the tree’s branch. And, he was ‘all praise’ for the attacker after witnessing that attack. Considering that strike alone — Jun Mo Xie wasn’t sure that he could’ve done it better if he had decided to do it. This stealth attack had been executed perfectly. In fact, the level of perfection had reached amazing heights.

    This attacker had hid himself on the sidelines. He had picked the moment when Meng Xiao Song had surrendered and Zhou Jian Ming had let loose a kick on the former in his act of hostility. And, at that subtle moment… Zhou Jian Ming, Meng Xiao Song and the attacker were positioned in a straight line from a certain altitude. Therefore, he had been concealed from Zhou Jian Ming’s line of sight by Meng Xiao Song’s body for a brief moment.

    It was as if a thin leaf had covered the eyes of a person, and that person had been momentarily left incapable of seeing the whole forest.

    This was exactly the case of the so-called ‘leaf that had covered the eye’.

    And, that subtle point had been extremely vital. That ‘bloody garment’ assassin suddenly moved into action. He had gone along the straight line, and had penetrated Meng Xiao Song’s body. He had then moved straight towards Zhou Jian Ming. The latter was very gloomy and indignant at that point of time. So, his vigilance had been at its lowest.

    The sword came-off smoothly.

    The assassin’s Xuan Qi was indicative that he had reached the Sky Xuan realm, but his true strength was at most at par with that of Zhou Jian Ming’s. In fact, he could even be considered a bit weaker than Zhou Jian Ming. Therefore, the best result would’ve been a draw if the two sides had engaged in a full-frontal face-off. In fact, the assassin would’ve at most caused insignificant and minor injuries even if he had chosen to attack stealthily. However, he had ingeniously chosen this perfect moment, and had managed to chop-off Zhou Jian Ming’s leg!

    "Argh!" Zhou Jian Ming screamed with extreme pain as soon as he saw his right leg being cleanly cut-off. A fountain of blood gushed out. His eyes nearly popped-out of their sockets. He raised his head in pain. Though, the assassin hadn’t relaxed at that moment. He had chopped-off the right leg of his opponent, and had taken the advantage of the moment to completely cut-off the right leg from the very center… his sword had moved like a hot knife through butter.

    Zhou Jian Ming’s howl sounded very miserable. In fact, it didn’t even sound like a man’s scream. He anxiously tried to move backwards, but he had forgotten that he had just lost a leg. So, he fell down face-up instead of leaping backwards. His assailant’s elbows lit-up like blue sledgehammers as they resolutely bludgeoned his chest. Moreover, there were continual "Crack!" sounds from the breaking of the bones; Zhou Jian Ming’s ribcage had been broken.

    The screams coming out of Zhou Jian Ming’s mouth were similar to that of an injured animal that was nearing its death. His mouth spurted blood along with the damaged internal organs’ tissues. The mask on his face had disappeared long ago. The expert’s rough facial features had twisted like that of a young dragon’s. His blue veins twisted as they butted-out of his skin.

    A grim light flashed in the killer’s eyes. He still didn’t let-off on his attack. His hands clutched his opponent’s knees. His left leg fell as he raised his right one to kick. He used this style to hit Zhou Jian Ming’s lower crotch in a continual manner. Meanwhile, the assailant’s elbows were frantically striking Zhoi Jian Ming’s chest, while his hands dazzled with blue lights as they ferociously hit both of his opponent’s temples.

    "Bang!" Zhou Jian Ming’s seven orifices turned into fountains.

    …fountains of blood.

    The attacker’s legs incessantly moved up and down as he continued this frantic attack on his victim’s body from different directions. He had carried Zhou Jian Ming’s body several meters in a wink of an eye, and the latter had been forced to sustain those frantic and continuous strikes all the while. Zhou Jian Ming’s tall and burly body had been transformed into a lump of soft meat by the time this onslaught came to an end. He had become a mass of pulpy flesh. His entire body had withered down. Not a single whimper could be heard from his mouth.

    The bones in his body had been turned into fine powder.

    In fact, some of the broken bones had flown out of his body under the powerful impact of this unceasing and frenetic onslaught.

    "Second brother!"

    "Second senior!"

    Two grief-stricken and lung-rendering shouts echoed. Lei Jian Hong and his junior sister-disciple Fang Piao Hong had flipped-out. They abandoned their respective fights and came over. However, it was too late. Zhou Jian Ming’s body had been turned into minced meat. Not a single breath had been left in his body. He was undoubtedly dead.

    "Are you from the Blood Sword Hall? Who are you?!" Lei Jian Hong’s eyes reddened as he resolutely scowled at that blood-red figure.

    "Senior Lei’s eyesight is exceptional! This insignificant soldier is blessed to finally meet these two famed Sky Xuan experts!" The red clothed man smiled as he calmly rubbed his hands to remove the bits of meat and dregs of bones from them. He then turned to them and smiled, "I wanted to exchange greetings with you three famed personalities. But, your second brother has already transformed to dregs. But still, it’s a pleasure to meet the two of you. I lack a bit of mannerism. So, I request the two senior Sky Xuan experts to cut me some slack."

    Jun Mo Xie was still seated atop the tree. But, his expression had transformed into a very strange one. [This guy’s words are too overbearing. There was no trace of aggression in them… or in his heart. I would’ve probably done the same if I were in his place. In fact, his choice of words wasn’t very different from mine. I’ve made my decision with regard to this man — I shall leave his corpse intact!]

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