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Chapter 312: Frantically Tortured to Death

    Chapter 312: Frantically Tortured to Death

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    Yet, what scared him the most was that his own Xuan Qi was fading away. Moreover, his dantian was reeling in chaos; not to mention the fact that he had no time to retaliate. In fact, he couldn’t have competed with his opponent on the basis of his own skills even if he had the time to retaliate…

    His opponent’s speed was extremely fast. Moreover, the red-clad man had been thrown into disarray. Xuan Qi was the only thing he could rely on. However, the only thing he could rely on had already started to disappear. He had even forgotten to defend himself, and was simply being knocked-about.

    "Bang!" the red clad man was hit on his crotch. Then, he was hit on the back of his head with a "Bang!" before he had the time to scream. He staggered two steps forward — only to find his attacker already present in front of him. Then, the red-clad man was forced to suffer a gale of countless crushing attacks within a split second.

    His opponent’s speed was like that of a ghost’s. The red-clad man felt his entire body — from top to bottom… each and every part of it — getting hit. Moreover, every spot that was struck could cause the death of a person.

    This mysterious attackers understanding of the human body had reached a very skilled and ‘easy-flowing’ level. It seemed that he was attacking randomly in either convenience or confusion. However, each spot he attacked made his victim feel extreme pain and discomfort; all these regions of the body were considered a taboo in martial arts.

    The red-clothed man’s consciousness was fuzzy. There was only one thought in his mind. [This person is even more proficient at killing than the men from my Blood Sword Hall. Who is this man?]

    The other two Sky Xuan experts were scared at witnessing this sudden change in the situation. They bellowed and moved forward to help their leader. They raised their Xuan Qi — only to discover the lamentable reality a bit too late. They didn’t realize when it happened… but their own Xuan Qi had already disintegrated. In fact, more-than-half of it had dispersed. The two felt as if their bodies had been affected by a high-level poison from the inside. They were flustered at being unable to save their compatriot’s life. The two experts tried their best to get their Xuan Qi to circulate. They had hoped to force the poison out of their bodies and reinstate their fighting strength by doing this. However, the more urgently they circulated their Xuan Qi… the faster its remnants dispersed. How could they not be frightened?

    It was a very scary scene since their men were slowly disappearing from the surroundings as more and more ghosts had started to appear on the mountain… They were like a disease which swiftly spread with thunderous speed.

    Each of these newcomers’ bodies flickered with glittering golden light. They didn’t show any trace of fear as they charged towards the Earth Xuan and Jade Xuan experts; in fact, they even charged towards the strong Sky Xuan experts without any hesitations. The swords in their hand chopped down. It seemed like they were treating the Blood Sword Hall’s assassins as a mere flock of sheep that had come for a slaughter.

    The strongest amongst this new batch of enemies were Gold Xuan experts. Therefore, the red-clothed assassins would’ve considered these newcomers to be ‘cattle waiting for slaughter’ if they hadn’t been poisoned earlier… perhaps even inferior to that. These newcomers were like ants to them — at best. It was important to know that the weakest members of this team of red-clad men were Jade Xuan experts.

    However, the roles had been reversed. These black-clothed men — whom they would’ve generally regarded as ants — had somehow started to seem like the tyrant kings of hell!

    The overbearing Ecstasy Fragrance had resulted in the crazy drop of their effective-cultivation in front of their enemy. And, their effective-cultivation continued to fall. This fact left the red-clothed men extremely frightened. In fact, they had already lost their will to fight-back.

    These cold-blooded assassins’ will to fight had been defeated by Ecstasy Fragrance.

    A person’s mentality wouldn’t even hold at par with an ordinary individual’s if they suddenly lost the immense strength they had always proudly relied on for their survival.

    Therefore, everybody was only thinking of a means to escape. In fact, they were as chaotic as a swarm of bees.

    Their Gold Xuan enemies were extremely imposing on the contrary. They were very ferocious, and seemed unafraid to die.

    This new group of men had clashed against the other with the intensity of a volcanic eruption within a span of a couple of breaths.

    The newcomers’ facial expressions were grim and emotionless. They were confronted with a group of cold-blooded assassins. However, their own facial expressions were far more cruel and cold than a cold-blooded assassin’s. Their panic-stricken enemies were attacking them in a very chaotic manner, but these newcomers made no attempts to flee. In fact, they didn’t even try to dodge the incoming attacks. They merely used their shoulders and chests to confront the attacks head-on as they sent their own swords of their enemy’s body.

    It seemed as if they were fighting for the fate of their lives. In fact, it seemed as if they could change their lives by sustaining these injuries.

    Their strategy was extremely cruel.

    [If you confront a cruel enemy — then you’ve to be even crueler!]

    The battle had begun quickly, but it had ended even quicker. The battle was already half-finished when the two forces collided. This was because… the black-clad men had attacked in order to slash at the bodies of the other group. And, the bodies of their victims would turn black once their skin had been pierced. Then, the said-individual would cease to breathe and die in a moment’s time.

    The weapons of the newcomers had been smeared with a highly toxic poison. This bloody poison could easily take someone’s life in an instant. Even the Earth Xuan experts were unable to resist this poison for more-than-half a breath’s time.

    Jun Mo Xie had stored the poison he had expelled from Jun Wu Yi’s body. And, that was same poison he had decided to use in this battle. The swords of these men had been dipped in that poison for an entire night’s time. And, this poison was a mix of the top-ten most poisonous substances in the world. In fact, this poison could be bestowed the title of the ‘King of all Poisons’.

    Those 200-plus men were divided into different groups. Each group of 4 or 5 had been tasked with taking-on one individual. One member would act as a ‘meat shield’ and bear all strikes from the enemy. The remaining 3 or 4 members of the group would swarm around, and cut the enemy down into pieces.

    The Earth Xuan experts were able to resist this onslaught for a moment with some difficulty. However, they’d die the next moment since the poison would corrode their body.

    The two Sky Xuan experts were trying their best to force-out the poison as they watched this scene unfold. Their eyes were calm because they possessed the strength of a Sky Xuan. However, their brows couldn’t help but twitch at the sight, while their bodies started to get covered with cold sweat.

    [These… these… people?! This group of people is considering our life… and even the life of their own comrades as dispensable, isn’t it? It is understandable if one fights ‘tooth-and-nail’ in the battlefield… But, isn’t their strategy too barbaric?]

    They saw a man’s shoulder getting resolutely chopped by one of their Earth Xuan comrades. The blade had nearly pierced the man’s shoulder down to its hilt. This was certainly a fatal blow. In fact, he would’ve been able to cut the man into two parts if he had applied a little more force. However, the victim didn’t even flinch. He unexpectedly turned his shoulder. This allowed the blade cut-in even deeper. Then, his muscles held the blade in place… tightly. After that, his comrades vigorously rushed-over. They let-out loud roars and turned that Earth Xuan expert into minced meat.

    …Another man’s abdomen had been pierced by a sword. That was a certain fatal injury. However, just as before, the impaled man remained expressionless. He then put his hands to work… with one — he grabbed the edge of the blade that had pierced him in an unwavering grip. With the other — he held the red-clad Earth Xuan expert’s wrist. Then, he actually smiled in a sinister manner! It was then that many swords fell down from besides him, and turned his red-clad enemy into grounded meat…

    The same happened with another person…

    Then another…

    [These people…! They’re more desperate than a man on a death sentence!]

    Those who are desperate to fight… usually still feel fear and weakness when they are at death’s door. However, these warriors had genuinely ignored the prospect of death. They were only concerned about the death of their opponents.

    Fifteen Earth Xuan experts and forty red-clothed Jade Xuan experts were killed in the blink of an eye. What was crueler… was the fact that none of the fifty-five men’s corpses were preserved. Their dead bodies had been transformed beyond recognition. Their corpses were a far-more miserable sight than Zhou Jian Ming’s.

    It went without saying that those assassins could confirm that what they had just witnessed… was the best way to kill since the corpses had been completely dismembered. However, to witness so many dismembered bodies with their own eyes obviously came as a shock to them.

    This scene made the two Sky Xuan experts recall their expedition into the Tian Fa forest a year back. They had gone to look for some medicines, and had unexpectedly faced a pack of wolves. However, this group of men was even more dreadful than that pack of wolves. [Isn’t this immense murderous intent even beyond the category of Assassins? Even the most blood-thirsty and cruel Xuan Beasts of the Tian Fa forest won’t be able to achieve such a high level!]

    And then finally…

    Then, there was an extremely mournful and blood-curdling scream. It was full of indignation. Then, this sad howl came to an abrupt stop. The two Sky Xuan experts turned around in anticipation — only to see that their leader… who had recently killed the Sky Xuan Zhou Jian Ming… had both of his hands chopped-off. He hadn’t yet fallen to the ground. His mouth was opened wide, and his eyes and nose had been beaten into terrible bloody cavities.

    They saw their leader’s body being kicked high into the sky with a "Bang!" the moment they turned around. Then, a storm-like rain of attacks fell upon his body. Everything… from his throat, heart, crotch, skull… all the vulnerable points of his body were being struck frantically. The two could clearly see that every attack had landed at the vital points of the body. Moreover, these intensive attacks were being carried out very accurately! This fact-alone was worthy-enough to make them tremble!

    This incessant and accurate attacking method was very cruel, and cold-blooded. And, it had left them to tremble. Strikes on even half of those vital points could cause a fatality. Therefore, a storm of such strikes was obviously a shocking sight to watch.

    Finally, the scene became still after a tart and sour ‘snapping’ sound was heard. What had just been an awe inspiring Sky Xuan expert… had now turned into a ‘walking stick’. That devilish black-clothed man thrust his hand through the pit of his victim’s stomach. It passed through the inner cavity like a ramrod, and pierced through his back. The black-clad man’s fist firmly held a piece of his victim’s heart.

    It was hanging in midair!

    The hair on the two Sky Xuan experts’ body stood up.

    This couldn’t merely be called as ‘cruel’ or ‘cold-blooded’… or anything similar.

    This was abnormal! Extremely abnormal! The abnormality of this scene had crossed the limits of what humanity could bear!

    This black-clad individual was naturally Jun Mo Xie. He knew that things couldn’t be dragged-on for much longer. So, the Young Master Jun had obviously decided to attack first in order to gain the upper hand. However, he realized something after he had launched his attack. And, this realization had left him very gloomy… very, very gloomy.

    The Hit-man Jun was the King of his generation’s assassins. He had always been against such tyrannical and abnormal indulgences of playing with one’s target. He had always paid attention while striking the target, and had tried to kill the ‘target’ as cleanly as possible. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie was secretly troubled since he had been forced to deal with his enemy in this manner as a last resort.

    The Ecstasy Fragrance had reduced his opponent’s fighting strength to a freakishly low level. The enemy had no will left to fight. Moreover, his initial movements and speed had caught his opponent unprepared. The speed of his movements had been faster than his enemy’s from the start. But, still…

    The strength of the Sky Xuan expert’s body was too high! The Young Master Jun’s growth had been lightning fast, and he had quickly reached the Jade Xuan realm… but, the gap between the two individual’s strength was still supposed to be very great! Therefore, he had decided to use this intensive attack method. He had destroyed his enemy’s bones to a point where one couldn’t even find their dregs. However, his enemy had still managed to let-out a few painful howls in the face of such attacks…

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