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Chapter 325: Dongfang Wen Xin

    Chapter 325: Dongfang Wen Xin

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    "I thought that you were a young brat when I saw you in the daytime. But, you said that I’ve wrongly accused you when I called you a debauchee? You are indeed hopeless! You were quite drowsy a moment ago, but you woke-up quite quickly the moment I mentioned this matter…"

    Dongfang Wen Qing snorted and stroked his beard. He then spoke in a contemplating manner, "This is a headache… if… but it’s such a pity… but, if this brat… it is problem… this problem… is just not…"

    Dongfang Wen Dao and Dongfang Wen Jian scoffed as well. They even rolled their eyes. It seemed that the two old men were playing the same game. The two men had started to play dumb, and were acting all noble and virtuous. They were slyly concealing their intentions in the shade of ethics. Their mouths spoke the words of the world’s ways, but not their personal thoughts

    "This matter… we will discuss at length" Dongfang Wen Qing concluded and sighed. Then, he spoke again after a prolonged silence, "Mo Xie, your uncle scolded you because the rumors had mislead him to believe that you were unbearable. However, I finally see that you are an elegant and heroic person — a promising youngster, and the foremost in your generation. Your grandmother would be so gratified if she could see this. And, your mother would be so happy… if only she could open her eyes and see!"

    The three brothers then lowered their heads as he finished speaking. They felt depressed as they remembered that their younger sister had been unconscious for ten years.

    "Tell me my mother’s story." Jun Mo Xie felt a little sad. He realized that his heart felt a bit pained as he said that one word, "mother." He trembled a little. Moreover, he found that saying "mother" wasn’t difficult for him. In fact, it felt right. It seemed to be in his blood, and in his soul. He seemed to have accepted it — just like he had embraced his grandfather and his third uncle…

    Dongfang Wen Qing let out a long sigh. He had started to shudder a bit. His jaw and beard were also trembling. One could see that he felt very sad. The three brothers looked at each other. They saw each other’s eyes, and realized that they all felt the same sadness in their hearts.

    "Your mother was named Dongfang Wen Xin. We loved our little sister very dearly. She was gentle, beautiful and lovely," Dongfang Wen Qing’s voice shuddered with emotion. He seemed gloomy. And, his eyes had become misty; they appeared to be pulsating in the candlelight. It seemed from his voice that he was on a delirious rave. He continued to recount the story, and it appeared that his state of mind had gotten engrossed in the events of the past.

    … …

    Everyone loved my lovely little sister in those days.

    Now, unexpectedly…

    I still remember to this day — the entire family had opposed the idea of my little sister’s wedding with Jun Wu Hui. But, she was determined. She wouldn’t be fazed, and continued to insist on it. So, the family had no choice but to agree to their marriage. But, mother had told her, "Come back if you don’t like it there. This family would always be your home."

    Little Sister had laughed happily and said, "Wen Xin asks her heart, and Wu Hui has no regrets. I have asked my heart, and it shall have no regrets till the end," she had excitedly said.

    But, from then on…

    I remember that happy smile to this day. It was like a splendid and joyful flower. It warmed the heart of everyone in the family.

    Then, I remember the day she had come back… She had returned home haggard. It seemed that her heart had died from the depression. She’s been sleeping for ten years since… never to be Wen Xin again…

    I still remember that she was wide awake when she had returned home. But, her eyes were empty, and she didn’t speak. Mother and everyone else were at her side three days later… that’s when she mustered the last of her strength and muttered a line…

    "I have no regrets in this life. I have no regrets on being born. My Jun has no regrets; so, I have no regrets. I asked my heart what it wants… to be with Wu Hui — a world with Wu Hui; life and death with Wu Hui!"

    A tear had dropped on the pillow from her nearly dry eyes after she stopped speaking. She then slowly closed them — never to open them again.

    Little Sister didn’t have any regrets or deep-rooted hatred up till the very moment she lost consciousness.

    "I will follow him in life, and I will follow him in death! I have no regrets in either life or death!"

    Our family has tried every method to keep her alive for the past ten years. And, we’ve endlessly tried to revive her. But, we weren’t able to make her open her eyes.

    She had — Wu Hui — no regrets in her heart. And so, she had gone away…

    Mother became uncontrollably enraged. She had trained many fighters for the clan over the years. She sent out all of them out. 196 Earth Xuan and stronger experts unleashed indiscriminate slaughter upon the world. The Dongfang Family’s name shook the entire world for few years. And, the Silver Blizzard City was given special attention. The entire world felt endangered for a while; everyone was terrified.

    However, our Dongfang Family’s power was still insignificant. So, it was difficult to make the whole world tremble.

    Eventually, three Great Masters arrived to put a stop to it. Li Jue Tian and Han Feng Xue came out, and intercepted the many Dongfang warriors at the Broken Dragon Valley. Even the greatest Great Master — Yun Bie Chen — also made an appearance.

    It was mutually agreed to restrict the outcome of the war to the result of one battle.

    Mother was our strongest fighter. She was to fight Silver Blizzard City’s Xiao Xing Yun and Xiao Bu Yu on her own. They had then agreed that the fate of the lives of Xiao Xing Yun and Xiao Bu Yu would be left in our hands if the Xiao Family suffered defeat, but all the hate and enmity will be written off. However, if mother was to lose this battle — the Dongfang Family would have to retreat from the society at large, and go into hiding.

    That terrifying battle could only be called ‘world shaking’!

    Mother eventually became weary, and lost her strength while fighting the two level-four Spirit Xuan experts. She lost the battle, and was compelled to honor the condition. The Dongfang Family vowed that we’d only return to the society if the snow-capped peaks were to collapse, and the Xuan Beasts were to come out of Tian Fa. Else… the Eight Great Masters would severely punish our family.

    The Great Eight Masters weren’t the same at that time as they are today. The Supreme Blue Master Meng Hong Chen and the Solitary Falcon weren’t ranked in the Great Eight Master at that time. They ascended to their ranks after two of the Great Masters disappeared.

    Mother had begrudgingly lost that battle, but she left her mark behind. Xiao Xing Yun and Xiao Bu Yu would never cross the Spirit Xuan fourth level; their cultivation halted at their then-current levels. Consequently, they’d never be able to reach the level of a Great Master.

    However, the Dongfang Family’s strength was seriously weakened as a result of the battle.

    The Dongfang family hasn’t come out of its hiding in ten years… except to avenge Mo You and Mo Chou’s deaths.

    …. ….

    Dongfang Wen Qing finished speaking about the past. Jun Mo Xie felt a heavy mountain-like burden press down upon him after he heard of it. The other three felt the same. The Young Master Jun stared at the flickering candlelight. His face was expressionless, but he was enraged inside.

    His parents’ unchanging love for each other flashed in his mind, and his stomach turned to knots.

    His soul was transported to the battles of the past for a moment. He could almost see the warriors of the Dongfang Family spread far and wide. They spilled blood as they continued to take people’s lives. Their strikes would never return empty. Thus, their prestige rose within the society.

    His mind then rushed towards the Broken Dragon Valley to witness the Dongfang Family’s fight of desperation — a fight which the lady of the Dongfang Family could have won, but didn’t; she couldn’t be defeated, but lost. A fight she couldn’t win even though she was certain to…

    Sometimes a victory can bring more hardship than a defeat!

    Yun Bie Chen, Li Jue Tian and Han Feng Xue — three of the strongest Great masters were present there to keep watch. How could this bloody enmity be written-off if the Dongfang Family was victorious?

    Write off the enmity? It was very pleasant to hear about this notion. However, the Xiao Family would’ve never agreed to resolve this enmity even if the Dongfang family were to uphold their word. How could they not avenge the deaths of the two elders who’d die fighting in this battle?

    Moreover, how could the three greatest masters allow another one of such disputes to arise? Therefore, this matter had to end with tragedy for the Dongfang Family. They had been doomed the moment they had been intercepted. The lady of the Dongfang Family had no choice but to accept her defeat in order to protect her family.

    She could’ve won, but she was forced to lose. It was a tragic and moving sight…

    Jun Mo Xie was convinced that the people present at that scene were well aware that Lady Dongfang couldn’t have lost the battle. [How could it be that she lost the battle, but secretly forced Xiao Xing Yun and Xiao Bu Yu’s cultivation to halt at level four of the Spirit Xuan realm?]

    This outcome had taken shape under the pressure of the three Great Masters. And, the Dongfang Family had no choice but to surrender.

    Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt disgust arise from the bottom of his heart. This dislike was directed at those three Great Masters.

    [The snow-capped peaks were to collapse, and the Xuan Beasts were to come out of Tian Fa…! What kind of harsh conditions are these?]

    [These are the most fu*ked-up conditions!]

    [Damn it! Why didn’t they just say that it’s better to have the heavens fall and the earth rend than allow the Dongfang family to return?]

    [If I were to set-up a condition… I’d say… only when the eagles scurry underwater at the sight of rats soaring in the sky! Or perhaps, only when the fishes start to race on land…!]

    [Damn it!]

    "And then, mother… that is, your grandmother… broke all ties with your Jun Family because of this matter ten years ago. She was very dissatisfied. In fact, she was extremely disgusted with the way your grandfather handled things then," Dongfang Wen Qing let out a long sigh. His eyes were filled with an indescribable emotion.

    Jun Mo Xie remained silent. He found it inconvenient to speak. He had always known his grandfather’s temperament. [The Royal Family must have gotten involved, and grandmother must have wanted to eliminate them. However, Grandpa must have resolutely refused that idea.]

    [This disagreement would’ve brought the two families to break off all ties!]

    [This is possible owing to Grandpa’s foolishly loyal attitude at the time. But, it may not stand the same after such a long time and after so many events…]

    "Jun Zhan Tian was his generation’s hero. He is upright, honest and incomparably loyal. However, this is his biggest weakness as well as his greatest merit."Dongfang Wen Qing sighed, "The bird has fallen to the bow, and the rabbit has fallen to the hunting dog since ancient times. He is extremely loyal, and his services have been highly appreciated by the entire country. However, a highly admirable war general’s fate is very tragic. He doesn’t die on the battlefield. He is beheaded and his property is confiscated… One can shake the gods if they fly too high…"

    Dongfang Wen Qing looked at Jun Mo Xie in a profound and meaningful manner. He then chanted in a loud voice, "High position, huge wealth and endless glory — are fleeting like the mist. What can these aspects be compared to the prospect of roaming free and unfettered in this world…"

    "Haha… you do not have to worry about me on that count. Do I look like the foolishly loyal type?" Jun Mo Xie laughed. He intentionally laughed in order to lighten the mood since the heavy atmosphere had become extremely oppressive and stifling for the four men.

    "You really don’t look like one, brat! You’re a little crafty one on the contrary! One shouldn’t be that crafty!" Dongfang Wen Qing laughed.

    "However, the Dongfang Family can’t show themselves… so, how come you have come out?" Jun Mo Xie asked curiously.

    "Dongfang Family can’t be that upright. However, can’t we come out if we don’t use the Dongfang Family’s name, and operate in secrecy? Anyway, won’t we all starve if everyone from the family withdraws from the world?" Dongfang Wen Dao gave a "are you stupid?" look to Jun Mo Xie.

    Jun Mo Xie was stunned.

    "Besides, this Xuan Beast uprising is unprecedented. It has resulted in the formation of strong alliances. Powerful forces are being gathered, and we three have come here since we’ve been hired by the Xue Hun Manor." Dongfang Wen Qing laughed in order to alleviate Jun Mo Xie’s embarrassment.

    "You were hired?" Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes wide in shock.

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