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Chapter 331: Jun Mo Xie’s Doubts

    Chapter 331: Jun Mo Xie’s Doubts

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    "I won't ever dare to do that! I was merely advising the venerable Mei to consider what I’m saying…" Li Jue Tian was calm, "The heaven and the earth must not be disgraced. You mustn't mention the Holy Lands. I’m afraid that you may have committed a taboo."

    "He he… consider? To consider…? One shouldn’t overestimate oneself. But, when has this matter ever been worthy in my eyes? And, what can you do even if the Elusive World of Immortals, the Supreme Golden City, and the Illusionary Blood Sea unleash their full wrath at my Tian Fa?"

    Then, that individual continued in an arrogant manner, "Even Yun Bie Chen hasn’t dared to show himself in this world since eight years on my word. I'm confident that I can kick out the three great entities from my Tian Fa as well."

    "I'll wait and see if the venerable Mei says so!" Li Jue Tian finished speaking, and his figure started to float down from the rooftop. This indicated that the conversation was over.

    Then, another screech arose from a faraway spot in the forest.

    Then, an earth-shattering rumble started to echo. East, west, north… all three directions reverberated with a loud howl. Dust rose up, and coerced the entire sky.

    Innumerable Xuan Beasts rushed out of the woods and the mountains. They charged in orderly formations. These Xuan Beasts rushed from the outer regions of the city… in one direction — south.

    It seemed as if the Tian Fa’s Lord had commanded his troops…

    However, the strength of the troops in these three directions had left every head in the Southern Heaven City to explode.

    There were around ten golden-crowned Xuan Tigers on the eastern side. They had a sole silver horn on their heads. These Xuan Tiger moved in formation. They were being led by a white Xuan Tiger King. However, its crown was also golden in color. They moved at extreme speeds. Soon, all kinds of Xuan Beasts rushed out from the surroundings in neat and orderly formations. Their movements and formations didn’t seem any different from that of a military parade. And, they continued to charge at lightening speeds. Their skills didn’t seem beneath a Spirit Xuan expert.

    "Ninth level Xuan Tigers!" Solitary Falcon gazed and exclaimed; he stood behind Li Jue Tian. "There are so many of them! And, they're led by a Xuan Tiger King! And, he might even be at the peak of the ninth level!"

    And then, a similarly sized squad of White Jade Xuan Lions was spotted in the west.

    "There are White Jade Xuan Lions in the west!" Dongfang Wen Qing spoke in a serious manner. These two men were aware that Jun Mo Xie was young and inexperienced. So, he was unlikely to recognize high-level Xuan Beasts. So, they were deliberately trying to explain what they were witnessing since they were aware that he was beside them, and would be able to hear their words.

    Then, the sounds of a heavy stampede-like sound arose from the north. A huge bear led scores of giant bears and charged past.

    "The Mountain Splitting Bear! It's also a level-nine Xuan Beast! The Tian Fa forest is so strong!"

    These troops had barely covered half of the distance. Then, multitudes of shadows flew out from the rivers and mountains, and soared into the sky. They were seemingly of various magnificent colors in make. They circled disorderly in the sky for a while. But then, the assembled together, and organized themselves in a neat formation. They seemingly took the shape of a cloud, and skimmed over the Southern Heaven City.

    "There are too many of these flying Xuan Beasts just too many!" Dongfang Wen Dao wrinkled his nose, and bared his teeth as he stared. "Each one of them is at least at level eight! My good mother! How did you provoke such a powerful reaction? How on earth did we land such a battle on our hands?"

    A head-exploding sound echoed through the valleys and mountains. This was the sound produced by the Xuan Beasts’ stampeding feet against the ground. It sounded like an incessant torrential rain to anybody who listened to it. One could one image the sheer number of these beasts…

    Everyone had unknowingly stationed themselves at a high altitude. All color had left their faces as they looked at the incomparably formidable sight. The sight in front of their eyes could only result in such a feeling. There were tens of thousands of powerful Xuan Beasts in front of them at present.

    [Good heavens! This world has gone crazy!]

    Tens of thousands of Xuan Beasts had bubbled up. Moreover, not a single one of these beasts was lower than level six.

    Almost everyone’s mouths opened wide in an "O" shape.

    However, there was one exception to all that gaping. It was Jun Mo Xie. He could see all of this like the rest of the people. However, no one could know what he was thinking…

    He had countless questions in his mind…

    Everyone knew that there were two major powers on the Xuan Xuan Continent — the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor. No one could deny that the strength of these two clans was unsurpassable.

    Then, a few additional names had emerged from the mouth of this mysterious Lord of the Tian Fa forest.

    Elusive World of the Immortals, Supreme Golden City, and the Illusionary Blood Sea…

    [What do those names represent? What do they signify? Where are these three Holy Lands? What’s the extent of the tyranny of the people from these places? Why have I never heard any of these names?]

    He then recalled the words that Li Jue Tian had just spoken — [‘the heaven and the earth must not be disgraced. You mustn't mention the Holy Lands!’ Why does this Li Jue Tian place these three Holy Lands at the level of the Heaven and the Earth?]

    [What did this mean?]

    [The entire world recognizes the ten peak experts. Eight of them are the Great Masters. Then, there’s Feng Juan Yun, and the supreme assassin — Chu Qi Hun. But, why does it sound like this Lord of Tian Fa doesn’t hold them in a high regard? What does this mean?]

    [From what I’ve heard and seen so far… I’m convinced that this Lord of Tian Fa has abundance of strength.]

    ["Even Yun Bie Chen hasn’t dared to show himself in this world since eight years on my word. I'm confident that I can kick out the three great entities from my Tian Fa as well."]

    These words were still ringing in his ears.

    [A mere few words had compelled the Greatest Master — Yun Bie Chen — to not show himself for so many years…]

    [What kind of strength would be needed for that?]

    The others had a look of horror on their faces. However, Jun Mo Xie had a tranquil expression on his face… unlike the others. But, innumerable waves were raging inside in his consciousness since many problematic questions had started to arise in his mind. [This Lord of Tian Fa seemingly has such strength… Moreover, he has decided to show him-self in public… So, why didn’t he wait a bit longer? He could’ve easily waited a bit longer until the war broke out on a full scale… and he could’ve easily inflicted a very heavy damage onto this coalition in that case…?]

    [This coalition would’ve surely suffered a terrible blow in that case… In fact, this fight between men and Xuan Beasts would’ve been over once-and-for-all if that had been the case…]

    [Moreover, this dispute arose two months ago. But, he didn’t appear once. So, why is he showing himself now? He has already waited for two months; couldn’t he have waited a few more days?]

    [It can’t be denied that his appearance would’ve overawed his enemies. His extreme strength is like that of a god. It would hit the morale of the experts. And, the morale of the force will be invariably destroyed!]

    [But, this issue shouldn’t be on his mind given his true strength. So, what’s he worried about? The method of the coalition’s attack shouldn’t be an issue either. He could’ve easily changed the tide of the battle… and everything else with mere one appearance of his’…!]

    [What’s the purpose of all this?]

    These series of questions made Jun Mo Xie’s head spin. He rubbed his eyes… only to find another unusual thing when he opened them.

    Everyone had moved to the same higher area ever since the Xuan Beasts had started to stampede towards the south. However, there was one exception. A lofty and solitary figure stood motionless.

    A young man stood alone and unafraid under the Baili Family’s banner… His face exuded calmness and indifference. His bright expression clearly portrayed, "These events are of no interest to me. None of these things have anything to do with me."

    He stood indifferently. Moreover, it seemed like he was almost lifeless. It seemed as if no one in the world held any importance in his eyes.

    A sudden interest in the youngster was suddenly kindled in Jun Mo Xie’s heart; a very strong interest.

    Not for anything else… but the fact that this solitary figure had reminded him of his own aloofness and indifference to society at-large in his previous life. [Wasn’t I like this once?]

    Jun Mo Xie was undeniably an oddball himself. Therefore, he had never taken interest in showing goodwill to others. And, this is the reason why he had always taken keen note of the solitary people on his vicinity.

    Dongfang Wen Qing finally collected himself, and noticed that Jun Mo Xie wasn’t beside him anymore. He immediately looked away from the waves of the Xuan Beasts, and frantically started to look for his nephew.

    Jun Mo Xie was obviously an ‘apple’ of the three Dongfang brothers’ eyes. They had come to treasure him very deep. The three brothers had even dreamt of taking him back to the Dongfang Family for a while. After all, how could their mother not be happy at the sight of such a capable grandson? In fact, they had even hoped that the connection between a child and a mother might help awaken their sister who had lain unconscious for the past ten years…

    Therefore, the three men behaved like ‘hens with a newly hatched chick’ around him. They didn’t intend to let their nephew out of their sight for even a bit. There was no denying that his miraculous agility techniques made for a great defense. However, that still didn’t bring any relief to them. The people from the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor had gathered there. Which one of their people would ever act with nobility?

    And, these men would cry rivers if anything bad ever happened to him…

    Therefore, they immediately tailed him and stationed themselves beside him once they realized that Jun Mo Xie wasn’t at their side anymore. Even that spectacular scene couldn’t take precedence over the issue of his safety…

    "Do you know who that person is?" Jun Mo Xie pointed at the solitary youngster.

    "He’s someone from the Baili Family. And… also someone who that family is bound to abandon. Why do you ask?" Dongfang Wen Dao tilted his head and stole a glance. He then replied with a disdain-filled voice.

    "Why? Why are they bound to abandon him? Why would they do that?" Jun Mo Xie asked in a confused tone.

    "Look at these people… who amongst these guys from the big families seems like a fool to you? Who doesn’t understand the severity of this uprising? These people were pressured by the Xue Hun Manor and Li Xue Tian to send help. So, they had no choice but to come and fight. But, has any family sent the entirety of their strength? Moreover, all these men are peak Sky Xuan experts. Do you see any weak men amongst them? In other words, these men have adequate strength to have a chance of saving their lives and fleeing away if this coalition doesn’t prove to be enough to deal with this threat. And, these families have less chance of suffering a great fall in their strengths in that case. However, have you seen any of the other families send their Young Masters?" Dongfang Wen Qing asked in a ridiculing manner.

    "So, they’re throwing his life away? He’s just cannon fodder?" Jun Mo Xie seemed somewhat shocked.

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