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Chapter 338: Fortuitous Encounter in Tian Fa

    Chapter 338: Fortuitous Encounter in Tian Fa

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    There were waves of Xuan Beasts on treetops. And, there were numerous more that travelled to-and-fro on the ground. They relayed information back-and-forth in a continuous manner. Then, there were beasts in the sky to keep an eye on the Southern Heaven City. They would circle above the treetops for some time, and would then return. They would then be replaced by another group of Xuan Beasts. It was evident that these new arrivals were meant as a change of guard. And, this entire routine had been deployed in a strict manner. In fact, the tightness of their defense wasn’t any less competent than that of the humans.

    It wasn’t known how many Xuan Beasts were there hidden in the dark of this forest. In fact, it could be said that each-and-every nook-and-cranny of Tian Fa had transformed into a fatal trap.

    However, the fatality of these traps didn’t do much harm to the Young Master Jun.

    For example, the Young Master Jun had just stepped on a level-nine Xuan Golden Tiger’s head. However, it was a pity that the said-Xuan Beast didn’t notice a thing. So, it merely continued to chat with the few Golden Tigers who sat next to it…

    "Growl… growl, growl? (Did you find anything or not?)

    "Oh, oh, growl…" (No, I haven’t.)

    "Growl, growl, oh, umm, ack" (I want to eat meat.)

    "Oh, oh, ack…" (I also want to eat it.)

    "Oh, oh, growl, growl, ack?" (Did your wife find out about your mistress yet?)

    "Oh, ack, growl…" (He proudly replied… This is so much fun… There’s no way that faded-old woman can find out…)

    The Young Master Jun couldn’t understand them even though his abilities were exceptional. In fact, he couldn’t get a single thing. However, he had glanced at them while they were making a lewd wink-like gesture at each other. So, he couldn’t help but halt out of curiosity. After all, it wasn’t common to see two Golden Tigers with such a lewd expression on their face. However, Jun Mo Xie certainly didn’t possess that great a ‘translation’ capability…

    Jun Mo Xie was unable to understand them in the end. So, he had no choice but to leave. He was just about to depart when he deliberately used some force to kick down on the Xuan Beast’s head. The Xuan Golden Tiger’s head dropped down as a result. In fact, it almost hit the ground. "Roar!" it got up with its tail straightened like an iron rod. The beast then looked around in an uncertain manner, and shook its head. It then looked around again, and bared its teeth, "Growl, growl, ummm?" (Did you see anything? Why do I feel like something hit my head?)

    "Growl, growl, ack!" the four other Xuan Golden Tigers turned towards their comrade. Their expressions were full of disdain as they rolled their eyes, "Growl, growl, ummm, ack…" (You’re going mental! Did you have another sleepless night? You look brain dead!)

    "Ummm, ack, growl!" (Bullsh*t! My body is in great health…!) The Xuan Tiger then stretched his hairy paw, and touched his head. He then tilted his head, and pondered for a bit. But, the Xuan Beast still couldn’t understand what had come to happen. So, he decided to forget about that mysterious event, and lay down on his stomach once again. He then resumed sharing his knowledge and experience about picking up females with his friends…

    Deep inside the Tian Fa forests…

    "Did you deliver the battle-challenge?" the black shrouded person was holding Little White as he asked in a low voice.

    "Ahem, I reckon these arrogant humans will take up this challenge!" Long Crane winked his delicate eyelid.

    "I’ll go into seclusion now. It’s important that no one disturbs me!" The black-clad person sighed, "I’ve been feeling the onset of a breakthrough of late. The strength inside my body has accumulated to the limit. And, it’s becoming extremely difficult to keep it at bay… this battle has come at a very bad time."

    "Be at ease, Eldest Brother. Your breakthrough is most important. You can’t be careless. Leave everything to us. Nothing bad will happen," Long Crane and Big Bear replied in unison.

    "Ahem, so it is decided. But, you take care of this little thing first. And, try to find its master as soon as you can… before the decisive battle starts. I’m pretty sure that there’s a huge chance that its master is one of the people from Tian Xiang’s Dugu Family. This can become an opportunity to do some investigations about making breakthroughs."

    The black-cloaked man then placed Little White in Big Bear’s arms. Big Bear grinned, and put him on top of his head. It looked as if a black gorilla had worn a snow-white hat. The scene was very funny.

    The black-shrouded individual laughed for a while, and then his towering figure suddenly disappeared. The speed of his movements was extremely fast.

    "Eldest Brother’s Xuan skills are becoming increasingly exquisite. He will overtake the Lord of the old days if he breaks through the twelfth layer, right? I can only look hopefully and wait for the rest of my life to tread on that route," Long Crane’s voice was full of unbounded admiration and sadness.

    "Huh! We both are losers! We’re still stuck at the tenth level. We’ve burned the midnight oil our entire lives, and we’ve only reached this tenth level!" Big Bear hung his head, and continued in a dispirited manner, "And, we had finally found someone who could help us advance after going through so much difficulty. Moreover, the conditions for his aid weren’t very difficult either. But, that bastard Li Jue Tian had to interfere I’ll catch that old man and eat him raw!"

    He got angrier as he talked. Then, he grabbed Little White and suddenly opened his mouth wide like a basin. He then brought Little White to his mouth, and it seemed as if he’d toss the little creature into his mouth. Then, he straightened and jolted as he sneezed with an "Atchoo!" His mouth sprayed spittle as he sneezed, and the spray reached a great height. Then, he raised his head once again, sneezed again, and sprayed more spittle.

    Little White was frightened by Big Bear’s mischievous antique. So, it squeaked and shouted. But, the two Xuan Beast Kings nevertheless broke into laughter. Apparently, playing with little balls of fur wasn’t a pastime of common bears alone; it was also enjoyed by Xuan Beast Kings.

    One look at Big Bear was enough to tell that this was a rather typical behavior of his’.

    "Enough! Stop teasing it! You’ll be in trouble if you frighten it to death! This thing’s master and the Mysterious and Skillful Masked Expert are certain to have a close relationship. So, you’ll be caught unprepared if you’re accused of anything…"

    Long Crane then looked at a particular direction inside Tian Fa. Then, he spoke in a thoughtful manner, "I was unaware that Snake King was looking for Tian Fa’s Sacred Fruit. How can she do it at such a time?"

    "Pondering over it is useless. We anyway can’t have it. Our power is at the breakthrough level again. So, our bodies will explode if we act stupidly and take one. And, Eldest Brother had said that only they should have it. In fact, we wouldn’t be able to consume it at our stage even if we were allowed to. But, I don’t know if they can withstand it either." Big Bear caught the frightened and dispirited Little White, and placed him on his head again. But, he didn’t dare to mess with the little thing another time.

    Then, Big Bear suddenly became furious and stamped his feet, "This is all because of that bastard Li Jue Tian! That bastard and his jinx of a son! Would such a huge force have assembled here if we had been able to complete the task earlier on? It would’ve been great if we had made a breakthrough with the help of that mysterious man, and had taken the sacred fruit thereafter. But, this father-son duo has made us miss this extremely rare opportunity. This makes me uncontrollably angry. I may not be able to handle the father, but I’ll kill the son if I get the chance…!"

    "We’ve certainly missed the opportunity. So, there’s no use pondering over it; especially at such a critical time. Several Xuan Beast Kings had exploded and died after consuming the sacred fruits when they had appeared the last time since they weren’t able to handle the power. And now, if…" Long Crane’s eyes were full of worry, "How will it be any good if we lose several more of them at such a critical juncture?"

    The two of them became quiet. They then looked at the depth of the forest with thoughtfulness and worry on their minds.

    Jun Mo Xie rushed like the wind. He had been searching for Big Bear’s aura for quite a while. However, the forest was too vast to make it easy for him to find the Xuan Beast King. He was moving fast when he suddenly noticed something, and came to a stop.

    This was because he had noticed that the air in this specific area was very heavy. Moreover, it was full of myriads of wild and ferocious poisons.

    [This is an extremely poisonous area.] And, this was an understatement in the Young Master’s eyes. Even an extremely powerful Xuan expert would die due to the poison if he wasn’t on guard and breathed the air of this vicinity. These poisons were absolutely exceptional.

    [What kind of poison can be so tyrannical?] Jun Mo Xie broke into a cold sweat. [It’s a good thing that I was using the Yin Yang Escape. Otherwise, I would’ve fallen and turned into a pile of dried bones with the negligible strength I possess.]

    Then, he noticed a rustling sound in the distance while he was thinking of this, and his eyes suddenly turned forward.

    There was a flash of green light, and a young lady dressed in green suddenly appeared under a tree. Her face seemed full of excitement as she bent down to look at something…

    The young lady’s skin was exceptionally fair in tone. Her face was pretty, elegant, and indescribable. She exuded an innocent and charming aura. Moreover, her figure was quite seductive. To speak honestly… her figure was the best amongst all the young women Jun Mo Xie had ever seen…

    The front of her body was convex in shape, while the rear portions stuck out. Her figure was streamline from her jade neck to the ankle. It seemed as if it had been engineered by the heavens. In fact, the aforementioned convex areas stuck out to an exaggerated degree. But, the concave area that followed this natural rise nevertheless seemed very smooth; the sight of her body was extremely thrilling to one’s heart.

    [She looks seventeen or eighteen from her face. I don’t know how these people mature But, she has an angel’s face, and a devilish figure!]

    He had been stunned for barely a little while when he suddenly became even more amazed at another fact — this young lady had appeared out of nowhere in a place as dangerous as the Tian Fa forest; and, that too at such a dangerous time! However, he was even more amazed by the fact that she didn’t seem to be scared of the extremely dangerous poisons that filled the air! And, the thought of this catalyzed Jun Mo Xie’s interest in her even further…

    An extremely strange plant grew under the tree. It was quite strange in shape, and had a multicolored stem; this stem was as thin as a finger. Nine leaves sprouted out from it. Each leaf sparkled with a different color, and each one had a drop of dew on it. The dew drops rolled back and forth, but they never dropped off the leaves. A sparkling seven-colored exotic fruit had grown on top of the plant. And, it slowly exuded a concentrated and wonderful smell.

    The seven colors gradually converged into one as the scent in the air became more concentrated. And, the various poisons in the air became similar to storm winds, and formed a whirlpool — with each scrambling to get absorbed into this exotic and strange fruit.

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