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Chapter 343: Whoever Believes in Me Will Live Forever

    Chapter 343: Whoever Believes in Me Will Live Forever

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    "Yes, it’s about your status? That… you are so tough that it’ll be humiliating to deal with him… you’ll be bullying Li Jue Tian if you act… because that man is a real bastard. So, you can’t do it yourself, and you’ll lose your dignity if you do so…" Big Bear drew his thick lips as he spoke this in a fluent manner.

    [This has been going on for so long that this mysterious man has also come down south. The original agreement stands voided at this time.] However, there was a faint hint in the man’s voice, and it suggested that he would like them to continue. This made their hearts fill with joy. And, they were ready to follow instructions without delay.

    [This mysterious man is giving us another opportunity! Doesn’t this mean that we have a chance to do what we planned? This is great! Yes!]

    It was just that Li Jue Tian was the Second Greatest Master, and someone like Big Bear wasn’t even worth a fart to him. In fact, this comparison was an exaggeration…

    "Ah, so…?" Jun Mo Xie muttered to himself.

    "…And so, we’re here to do you bidding." Long Crane and Big Bear’s mouths hardly moved as they got up and thumped their chests. They seemed to be rearing to start with the task.

    "Ah… if that’s the case… good… ah!" Jun Mo Xie sighed like an old man. The tone of his voice was one of waning interest, and one of loneliness. He spoke in a desolate voice, "This old man is in no mood to deal with that young Li Jue Tian…"

    "We’re glad that you don’t have any interest in handling this matter. But, you can feel at ease. We brothers will complete the task in a satisfactory manner for you," Big Bear clapped his hands and responded sharply.

    Long Crane had a thought; ["That Young Li Jue Tian…" Good God! This man’s manner of speaking is much more mature from the time we met him in Tian Xiang!]

    "This… it doesn’t matter what the Esteemed Sire is interested or not interested in… the Sacred Fruit is my Tian Fa’s property." The Snake King looked worried as she took a step forward and spoke, "This youngster was instructed to guard the Sacred Fruit. But, the fruit was taken from this youngster, and this will be considered as a fault on my part. Therefore, I request that you return the fruit. I will never be grateful enough if you do so, and I will never dare forget this gesture."

    The Snake King Green Hunter’s manner of speech was neither servile, nor overbearing. In fact, it was according to propriety. Jun Mo Xie was genuinely impressed by this… contrary to what one might expect. It was just that… would the Young Master Jun’s character ever allow him to give away a good thing he had already gotten his hands on…?

    "Oh? This energetic little girl is talking so sharply that it seems as if she’s scolding me. Is that so, little girl?" Jun Mo Xie was employing his evil intentions with those words. His voice had sunk. But, it still had incomparably frightful and tyrannical power in its make. First, he would try to threaten with his prestige, and intimidate the opposite party. And then, he would try to frighten even further… just in case it was required.

    Green Hunter’s expression was of a person who had just witnessed a formidable mountain. She groaned in a depressed manner, and took three steps back. Yet, she strove to stand her ground… even though her face was somewhat pale. She stubbornly raised her head and spoke, "It’s this youngster’s responsibility. I can’t abandon this at any cost. The senior seems to be offended by Green Hunter’s ignorance, and wishes to teach her a lesson. But, Green Hunter only requests him to return the Sacred Fruit to her… even if he does punish her later for her insolence…"

    Long Crane was anxious. Green Hunter had actually offended the mysterious and skilled man. The retrieval of the Sacred Fruit was a trivial matter. However, the mysterious man could easily decide her little fate if he got angry, and raised his hand thereafter. Therefore, Long Crane had no choice but to hurriedly interject, "Please calm down, Esteemed Sire. Green Hunter is young and ignorant. She’s only anxious about the fruit. She doesn’t mean to offend… please ignore her remarks."

    "What Tian Fa’s Sacred Fruit? Why are you confusing the names?" Jun Mo Xie continued evilly, "This is obviously the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit! Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand things! Do as you may, little girl! You eight little Xuan Beasts think that you’re very strong. But, I’m telling you clearly that you’re not! You won’t be able to handle the Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit! One drop from this fruit will overcome you! None of you will be able to handle it… no matter who it is! This Old Man has revealed himself, and has done this deed out of kindness! Are you unable to tell the good from the bad? Don’t tell me that this little girl doesn’t recognize this Old Man’s magnanimity, and is actually haggling with me…?"

    [Second step. Lay it out. If this doesn’t convince her, then…]

    "Then, to explode and die… would be this youngster’s fate," The Snake King was being stubborn. She opened her delicate and small white hand. She was hell bent on her course. And, she was consistently ignoring Long Crane and Big Bear’s strong gazes, and meaningful glances.

    [You’re saying that we Third and the Fourth brother shouldn’t be anxious? Our job is to only assist the rest of you in advancing with the use of the Sacred Fruit. But, the side-effects of the fruit are very dangerous. So, it would be excellent if we had another method. And, this mysterious person before us seems to have a better method!]

    [Therefore, it’ll be great if we can form better relations with the masked person in lieu of the fruit. The profit will be much higher than the losses suffered. Yet, Green Hunter is speaking her heart, and is making a complete mess out of things. The Sacred Fruit is already in his hand. And, it’s obvious that he’s far stronger than us. So, how can you even do this? It’s not like this old man will just leave without causing a problem. It would be great if he does so! But, what if he gets mad? He can get rid of us very easily! So, why are you provoking him with your words?]

    "Ah! This little girl’s words are reasonable in this regard! This Old Man has taken your fruit. He did it with good intentions, but he has still taken your fruit. And, that is indeed unreasonable of him. But, it’ll be a waste of resources if I let your presumptuous self consume it. Moreover, it’ll be hard to avoid the threat to your life. This means we have been brought together by fate. This Old Man plans to use this fruit to refine medicine. And, he will do it right!"

    It seemed that Jun Mo Xie had a pained expression on his face. In fact, it nearly seemed that he had suddenly gained weight, "This Thousand Evils and Ten Thousand Poisons Fruit is important for this Old Man in refining his medicines. And, you need this fruit for nothing more than making a breakthrough. Therefore, this Old Man will finish refining the pills, and will give you several of them. You can then rejoice, and make a non-frightening, and non-dangerous breakthrough. So…? What do you think about this? The eight of you are anyway on the verge of exploding to your deaths. So, what do you have to say about a non-frightening, and non-dangerous method where there’s no fear of death?"

    This was the third and the final step. Jun Mo Xie would run out of all possible means if she wasn’t convinced after this. Jun Mo Xie had a mean cunningness to him… but, he would have no choice but to leave in stealth if this didn’t work…

    However, his words made the eyes of the Xuan Beast Kings present shine almost instantly. In fact, it also left the Snake King to hesitate. Her Third Brother Crane and Fourth Brother Bear were continuously staring at her. They were urging in their heart; [just hurry up and agree to this, younger sister Green Hunter!]

    Every Xuan Beast King present was well aware that there was a high chance of succumbing to death due to the fruit’s side-effect. They would be telling a complete lie if they said that they weren’t afraid or nervous of this possibility. But, they had decided to take the risk for increased strength, and a longer life span…

    However, they could now avoid this frightening and dangerous method, and could advance in a smooth and settled way if they wished it. How could they not be excited?

    None of the Xuan Beast Kings would’ve believed these words if an ordinary person had spoken them. They would’ve thought… [You damned cheat! This kind of nonsense is merely a case of swindling by a crafty cheat! You think we can be swindled? You must be dreaming!]

    But, who was this person before them?

    [This is a very able person! His cultivation is even higher than our Lord’s! And, Third and Fourth have confirmed that he can easily help us advance!]

    [Moreover, there is another undeniable and shocking proof… even if Third Brother Crane and Fourth Brother Bear’s testimony is unreliable or questionable! That Iron Winged Panther’s cub has made it to Level Eight at such a young age! This obliterates any doubt that this man has as some miraculous and devilish methods!]

    Therefore, the Xuan Beast Kings looked at the Snake King. And, Green Hunter was left to fidget in her state of dilemma.

    "How about this…? You may be anxious, but do you even mistrust Long Crane and Big Bear? They can vouch for me! They thoroughly understand this Old Man. So, how about it? He he… fanciful little girl! Wouldn’t Long Crane and Big Bear wish to protect me, and vouch for my authenticity? I’ll even refine one for you!"

    The Young Master Jun had spoken this in the manner of an old person. He then turned to look for the Crane and the Bear Kings. He then opened his eyes in order to look for their support.

    "We will vouch for him. Will you distrust us, Ninth Younger Sister?" Big Bear opened his mouth, and spoke as he took the initiative.

    Long Crane was relatively cautious from the beginning. He felt something was wrong since the mysterious experts had taken the initiative to start this dialogue. But, he thought that he was merely imagining things. So, he kept quiet. [Some hope is better than no hope…]

    "Agreed, then… how much time will the Senior take to refine the dans?" The Snake King hesitated for a moment since she felt embarrassed. She then bit her red lips, and asked in an awkward manner.

    [Damn! She’s a heartbreaker! She looked so appealing with that ‘lip biting’!] Jun Mo Xie groaned inside. His mind had started to run-off by the time he hastily stabled it. Then, he extended three fingers to indicate a time of three years, "I can finish this in three years… including finding the necessary ingredients."

    He was in the middle of speaking this when he suddenly thought of something. So, he searched around in his clothes, and said, "This Old Man won’t take you youngsters’ possessions in a cheap manner. I had said earlier… that we’ve been brought together by fate. So, I will help you somewhat. There’s some medicine inside this bottle. I’ve been practicing and trifling with below-quality materials. So, taking these medicines will only increase your cultivation by ten years. Ah! I wish I had better ingredients. These things would’ve been more effective in that case…"

    He took out eight dans as he spoke, and threw them high in the sky. There weren’t many there. There was one for each individual. That is… one for each Beast King.

    The Lion King and Tiger King showed signs apprehension since they didn’t know if they could trust this man enough to take those dans…

    However, Big Bear had no apprehensions whatsoever. So, he extended his neck, and consumed the dan. Then, he moved his aura around his body, and became startled. He then called out, "Huh?!"

    He had cycled his aura thrice inside his body. And, he had already absorbed the efficacy from the dan. Big Bear was already a top-level expert. In fact, his body was extremely powerful, and no humans could compare to him. So, he could obviously verify the result. He felt startled, and pleased by the result. So, called out, "This dan can genuinely raise your strength! Ah! It has raised my cultivation by ten years at least! This is a heavenly medicine!"

    Long Crane also got impatient after he looked at his younger brother, and ingested a dan himself. He was then left to seem pleasantly surprised…

    Everyone looked at Long Crane and Big Bear, and figured that this wasn’t a scam. So, the remaining Xuan Beast Kings looked at each, and then consumed their dans. And, they suddenly stood erect the next moment. Then, they all looked at Jun Mo Xie in unison… their eyes were fervent.

    [Good God! This world actually has a miraculous dan that can increase one’s cultivation like this! It really exists!]

    [My God! This doesn’t even have any side effect!] Each and every Xuan Beast King’s eyes had become even more fervent upon this realization.

    [He’s such a skilled person!]

    [Now I’m convinced that this mysterious person is extremely skilled, and can refine those dans from the Sacred Fruit!]

    [What did this senior say earlier? "I’ve been practicing and trifling with below-quality materials. So, taking these medicines will only increase your cultivation by ten years. Ah! I wish I had better ingredients. These medicines would’ve been even more effective in that case." Good God! What kind of dans will he be able to refine if his dans from below-quality materials have such an effect?!]

    [The facts have been laid out now. What’s there to be uncertain about? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We don’t have to make a life or death decision to advance anymore. This is such a great thing! It wasn’t even this good in our dreams!]

    Jun Mo Xie’s cloak fluttered as he floated in the air. He put his hand behind his back, and stylishly floated-up like the world’s top-most expert of this era…

    [Humph! Whoever believes in me will live forever!]

    [I’ve finally gained control of these foolish beings!]

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