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Chapter 347: This Thought Shall Remain Immortal in the Realm of this World!

    Chapter 347: This Thought Shall Remain Immortal in the Realm of this World!

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    Jun Wu Yi sighed and smiled. Then, he started to shake his head in an exceptionally firmly manner. He then took out a copper token from his bosom. The gems studded on its surface glittered under the moonlight, and revealed the word "Jun". And, the word "Order" was written on the back of the token in accordance to the strict parlance of the era.

    It was the Order Token of the Master of the Jun Family.

    "This has been handed down from generation to generation. Mo Xie, your grandfather had handed me this token three months ago. And, I — Jun Wu Yi — have been the current head of the Jun Family since then. Whatever decisions I take with this… are the decisions of the Jun Family! No member of the Jun Family can violate my orders! Do you understand?"

    Jun Wu Yi finished speaking those heavy words. He then raised the token, and spoke with a cold expression, "Jun Family’s Third Generation Daughter-in-law, kneel and heed!"

    Guan Qing Han was a bit frightened as she looked at the Third Master Jun. His cold expression allowed no room for negotiation. So, she had no choice but to sigh, take a step forward, and kneel in front of Jun Wu Yi.

    "The daughter-in-law is warm and virtuous. Her mannerism and accomplishments are of the highest degree even though she’s only twenty. The parents of the senior generation had talked of making a match in the past, and had then settled on a marriage. The Jun Family’s cherished Eldest Son of the third generation couldn’t consummate the marriage since he unexpectedly died in battle. And, Guan Qing Han has vigorously spent her youth guarding her pure body for the past five years. She has suffered bitter hardships with the intention to preserve the friendships between the two families this entire duration of time. But, my Jun Family can’t extend this fallen marriage forever. You were considered as ‘married’… without an actual marriage. You are married… yet not married. Moreover, you’ve been living as a widow. So today, I — Jun Wu Yi, the Master of the Jun Household — grant Guan Qing Han her freedom by the power vested to me by this token of authority. We will no longer have anything to do with any wedding you may celebrate. Dugu Family’s Dugu Xiao Yi, and Jun Family’s Young Master Jun Mo Xie have borne witness to this. The heavens and the earth have borne witness to this!"

    Guan Qing Han had already known what he was about to say. But then, she heard those words come from his mouth… and they came without any hesitation. She heard the words in succession, and her heart ached; her tears fell like the rain.

    Dugu Xiao Yi was standing beside her. The little girl’s pretty mouth was opened wide. She hadn’t expected to be a witness to such a great event!

    Jun Wu Yi finished speaking. His face was cold as he turned to Jun Mo Xie, and called out, "Jun Family’s third generation’s third descendant — Jun Mo Xie! Step forward, and kneel!"

    Jun Mo Xie jumped with a scare, "What is it… Third Uncle?"

    "Jun Family’s third generation’s third descendant — Jun Mo Xie! Step forward, and kneel!" Jun Wu Yi repeated sternly.

    Jun Mo Xie muttered to himself a couple of times. He had no choice but to reluctantly kneel in such a situation; he felt dispirited.

    "Jun Family’s third generation’s third descendant — Jun Mo Xie! You are tough, open minded, and capable of bearing great responsibility. I — Jun Wu Yi — cede my position as the Jun Family’s head to you! Let the heaven and earth bear witness to this!"

    Jun Mo Xie had vaguely guessed this outcome. But, he still jumped in a startled when he heard the order. His hands shook as he stood up. "Don’t do this Third Uncle! You’re still robust, and at the spring of your life! You are still in the prime of your life! So, there’s no need to pass it on to me! I… I… don’t wish to be the head of the family!"

    "Impudence!" Jun Wu Yi glared and scolded, "Any Jun family descendent refusing to follow the orders of the Jun Family’s head is considered insubordinate! Are you still going to do it, Jun Mo Xie?"

    Jun Mo Xie blinked; he had no way out. He reluctantly took on the responsibility and said, "I know you’re worried about tomorrow’s battle, Third Uncle. So much so that you’ve even steeled yourself for death…! But, I’ve told you that I won’t take that order. I’ll only perform this duty for the time being. The title of the head of the house will revert to you if you come back safe and sound."

    Jun Wu Yi smiled faintly and replied, "I’ll leave that to you."

    Jun Mo Xie had spoken the truth. Jun Wu Yi was expecting his death in the next day’s battle. In fact, he didn’t even have the slightest hope of surviving it. And, that worry had incited him to take that decision this evening. Therefore, he had decided to resolve those two issues.

    Then, Jun Mo Xie took a solemn vow, and made that guarantee. Jun Wu Yi regarded his nephew’s words as those of comfort. How could he take them to be anything else? He expected the other Xuan experts to fly off to the fight like a swarm of bees. This would leave him–the Commander-in-chief — alone in the open. In fact, they’d probably ignore his fate in the frenzy of this battle. The countless powerful Xuan Beasts would surely charge, and shred him to pieces in this situation!

    Furthermore, it was to be expected that the Xue Hun Manor and the Silver Blizzard City’s experts would try something underhanded in the confusion of the melee. So, he would effectively have to face aggression from his enemies and his presumed-allies alike. And, he would have to do so with his Sky Xuan cultivation. Even a Spirit Xuan expert wouldn’t be able to return alive if he were to face such a situation alone.

    "Mo Xie, it’ll be great if I can return safe and sound tomorrow. But, the Jun Family will rely on you if I die due to some misfortune." Jun Wu Yi spoke in a tranquil manner. "Your grandfather is very old now. So, you’ll have to look after him. Moreover, we have negated Guan Qing Han’s marriage. But, she’s our family’s daughter-in-law. No one shall be allowed to bully her; no matter how much time passes. It won’t be a big deal if anyone who does so… dies for it!"

    "Yes, I’ll never forget it."

    Jun Wu Yi let out a long sigh. Then, he looked distant… and very sentimental as he spoke… in fact, it seemed as if he was talking in his sleep, "Also, I have another thing to entrust you with. It is very important. If you ever go to the Silver Blizzard City and meet her… tell her these words I speak…" Jun Wu Yi suddenly stopped talking…

    Jun Mo Xie listened to his uncle calmly, and didn’t ask any questions. He knew who that ‘her’ Jun Wu Yi was referring to was. It was that pitiful woman who resided in the snowy peaks. The one who was suffering bitter hardships for his love… She was also the cause of the entirety of these calamities — Han Yan Yao.

    However, the matter with Han Yan Yao was quite complicated in Jun Mo Xie’s mind. This was because no tragedy would’ve occurred if it weren’t for her. [You were the Young Lady of the Silver Blizzard City! Why did you go out to the secular world to amuse yourself? Why was there a need to lead my uncle on? Didn’t you know that your marriage had been set since your childhood days?]

    [Xiao Han’s methods of handling things are extremely wretched. But, thinking from his point of view… which man would willingly allow himself to be cuckolded? What kind of a man would sit idly if his fiancée of ten years wanted to run away with an unfamiliar man? This matter would be unbearable for any man! Who wouldn’t go mad because of it?

    However, Jun Mo Xie also knew that no one could give a sermon on love; it was an unreasonable emotion. It could turn the wisest of men into fools if they were struck by it. Even two people who would stay guarded and restrained would form an intimate relationship. And, who could say why such a thing happens?

    What could he say about love? He could see that Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao had been suffering for ten years. And yet, they still held their silly love through those bitter hardships… even if they lived far apart. Couldn’t something like this move an individual whose heart was made of stone?

    Jun Mo Xie knew that there was a storm raging in his Third Uncle’s heart with regards to that matter. And, that vivid experience was making him go through an emotional rollercoaster at the time.

    The words that he was about to give him for Han Yan Yao were perhaps what Jun Wu Yi had felt for her over those years.

    Jun Wu Yi gasped his breath out after a while. He was seemingly sighing. But, that sigh seemed to be related to his lingering attachments. The corners of his mouth rose as he displayed a mournful smile. Yet, it turned extremely tender and sweet as he slowly said, "The grudges are unforgettable, but so are you. I’m love-struck, but only for you. I may travel to hell, but I shall still keep a dream. This thought… shall remain immortal… in the realms of this world!"

    Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly burst out crying, and started to choke on her tears.

    Guan Qing Han’s pretty face was also full of tears.

    They knew of his past rather distinctly. And, hearing Jun Wu Yi state those words left them to shed tears of sadness. Those verses were enough to express how deep the love between Jun Wu Yi and Han Yan Yao was. The two women felt touched, and their hearts softened. They felt overwhelming sadness in their hearts at the state of his despair.

    "The grudges are unforgettable, but so are you. I’m love-struck, but only for you. I may travel to hell, but I shall still keep a dream. This thought shall remain immortal in the realms of this world!"

    [I still love you despite the tragedies that have happened. And, I am now going to hell for you. But, I still believe that I won’t forget you… whether I go to heaven or hell. I will never forget you! This thought will remain with me forever.]

    This was ‘love unchanged by life or death’! Any other oath or pledge would pale in comparison to this love.

    Jun Mo Xie’s heart was suddenly shaken inside after he listened to those words spoken by his Third Uncle.

    Those feelings of love and hate in his uncle’s heart were strong and touching. That meagerly worded verse had admittedly made Jun Mo Xie realize that his uncle’s love would remain unchanged and steady till death. But, he understood its other meaning as well…

    "The grudges are unforgettable, but so are you." The grudges had been unexpectedly mentioned before the rest of the verse. The grudges were clearly central in Jun Wu Yi’s mind. The grudges regarding the death of his two elder brothers, and two nephews had been nagging at his heart from the beginning.

    He couldn’t forget what had happened even if got ‘her’! He simply couldn’t forget it!

    This was the biggest disease that had plagued his heart.

    "I’ll remember it. Rest assured, Third Uncle." He had originally planned to divulge his secret to Jun Wu Yi to make him feel relieved. He would at most have to weave another bunch of lies to cover-up. He would have said that his Mysterious Master and the Lord of Tian Fa were good friends… and so on…

    However, he changed his mind after he realized those two meanings. Jun Wu Yi had steeled himself for death. And, this desire had already been rooted deeply in his heart. He would still feel ashamed even after he had gotten revenge for his brothers and nephews. He would still feel very guilty. In fact, he would still feel guilty if he got Han Yan Yao. This emotion would never allow him to be happy. He was destined to be tormented for the remainder of his life.

    One could easily dispel others’ torment. But, dispelling the torment at the depth of one’s own heart was like bashing one’s head against the wall; it couldn’t be done.

    It didn’t matter if Jun Wu Yi remained a cripple for his entire life… or lived apart from his lover for the entirety of it without any chances of meeting her again. There would still be that unparalleled lifelong enmity, and it would continue to bore down upon Jun Wu Yi. In fact, it wouldn’t even let him breathe. And, that was merely the external pressure. It couldn’t compare to what he felt in the depths of his heart…

    Every person in the Jun Family — whether it was Jun Zhan Tian or Jun Mo Xie — could only take pity on the Third Master Jun. Even the deceased Jun Wu Hui wouldn’t ever blame his third younger brother. But, the only person in the Jun Family who didn’t realize this… the only person who would never realize this… was Jun Wu Yi!

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