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Chapter 348: Don’t Snatch My Husband!

    Chapter 348: Don’t Snatch My Husband!

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    Perhaps it had been foreordained by the underworld. Even the Gods must have pitied such an unfortunate man. This was a time of crisis, and danger lurked around every nook in the Southern Heaven City; a strong murderous intention prevailed in the vicinity. In fact, even a chance to make a close escape seemed bleak. Therefore, Jun Wu Yi was convinced that he would die, and that there was no hope for him. However, this danger had been pre-empted by Jun Mo Xie’s mediation. And so, Jun Wu Yi would return unhurt.

    In fact, Jun Wu Yi needn’t even worry about a sneaky stab in the back. It was guaranteed that he’d be fine, and would return safe and sound.

    However, the Third Master Jun didn’t know about any of this. So, he was sure that he would die in the battle the following day. But, going through mortal danger, and surviving a near-death situation could possibly result in a huge change in his attitude. Therefore, this was perhaps an opportune turn of events. And, maybe it was better that he didn’t know about these turn of events.

    A person who dies, and is given a new lease on life would no longer harbor the same strong and inflexible aspiration to die. They would feel as if they owed something to life. Therefore, they would look at the future with a lot of enthusiasm, and wouldn’t wish to part with life very easily anymore.

    This was a subtle psychological phenomenon.

    Jun Mo Xie had realized that his Third Uncle needed to feel that premonition of death. Therefore, he didn’t say anything to dispel it. In fact, he even spoke a few words to stimulate him.

    "Those grudges… what do you wish to speak about them, Third Uncle?" Jun Mo Xie asked.

    [Third Uncle has anyway decided to go over a cliff. So, I might as well add some more fire to it. That’d help him to vent it out in a proper manner. He’ll feel much more relaxed tomorrow since he’d have vented it all out.]

    [Anyway, these high and dangerous cliffs have already been secured with excellent safety provisions.]

    "What I wanted to say regarding those grudges is…" Jun Wu Yi gave him a profound look, "…that they will be avenged. But Mo Xie, you must promise me something. I won’t be able to go with an easy heart if you don’t."

    "What is it? Please tell me, Uncle!" Jun Mo Xie replied.

    "I know your strength has already far-exceeded my imagination. But, I still want you to promise that you won’t try to take revenge before your strength has reached the level of a Supreme Master. You will consign the entirety of the Jun Family to damnation if you do so. The responsibility of the entire Jun Family rests on your shoulders now. You mustn’t disappoint me by any means!"

    Jun Wu Yi’s eyebrows shot up. There was a lot of anguish on his face. He continued to speak with a deep sense of bitterness and hatred, "Jun Mo Xie, given your wit and talent… I’m sure that the day you take revenge isn’t far. So, remember me — your Third Uncle — when you’ve become strong enough. I don’t even wish for a dog or a chicken from the Xiao Family to survive! I desire the entirety of it to be consigned to eternal damnation!"

    Jun Wu Yi gnashed his teeth. His usually calm and benevolent face looked very sinister and ruthless. It was justifiable to kill an enemy as per his morals. But, he had always believed in the principle that carrying out a vendetta against a woman or child was a crime. This was his usual belief. But, he had stated that he didn’t even wish the dogs and the chickens to survive… he wanted damnation for all of them. His hatred for the Silver City’s Xiao Family had already reached such extremes!

    "I will, Uncle. The Xiao Family’s destruction has been decided. It’s like you said — that day isn’t far," Jun Mo Xie also gnashed his teeth as he replied in a vicious manner. He then added, "You can go with peace of mind, Third Uncle."

    Guan Qing Han wasn’t happy to hear those words. Her face still had tear stains as her long and shapely eyebrows shot up. [Jun Mo Xie, you bastard… how could you say such a thing…?! What do you mean by "go with peace of mind"? What are you even saying?]

    Even Dugu Xiao Yi was unhappy with it. She pouted her lips as she looked at Jun Mo Xie. Her expression was also ill-favored.

    Jun Mo Xie raised his hand in surrender… [This matter has emotionally touched you women… but, I didn’t risk the provocation of this matter. You think I would’ve tried to fabricate such a tense atmosphere? I wasn’t prepared for this. And, who would be more worried about my uncle’s safety than me?]

    Jun Wu Yi then smiled, "Guan Qing Han, you’re not the Jun Family’s daughter-in-law anymore. But, will you be willing to be my Jun Family’s daughter?"

    "Third Uncle?" Guan Qing Han was startled, but her spirits lifted a bit. She had been feeling miserable due to the annulment of her marriage. This meant that she’d have to return to the household to the Guan Family. And then, she’d have to go to the Xue Hun Manor to keep them happy. She was willing to make this sacrifice since she didn’t know what else she could do.

    In contrast, she would have liked to face any suffering or loneliness at the Jun Family if she were given a choice. It was needless to say that she didn’t wish to marry that scoundrel Li Teng Yun. Her loathing for him had increased a great deal when she heard him from behind the flaps some time ago. Merely glancing at such a scum had been very loathsome for her. So, what could one possibly say about the prospect of marrying him, and staying with him for a lifetime…?

    Guan Qing Han listened to Jun Wu Yi, and realized that his original intention wasn’t to have nothing to do with her. He was merely replacing the method to give her the Family’s protection. She couldn’t help but be extremely moved.

    "Qing Han, I — Jun Wu Yi — would like to take you as my adopted daughter if you agree to it. I probably don’t have long to live. But, Qing Han will still be considered a part of the Jun Family. And, any man will be repaid with a flood of blood by my Jun Family if he dares to wrong you. Even your birthing Guan Family shan’t be an exception to this."

    Jun Wu Yi snorted coldly after he said that.

    Guan Qin Han’s lips trembled. Her delicate body shuddered violently. However, she didn’t hesitate as she slowly knelt, and knocked her forehead heavily on the ground. She then spoke, "Daughter Qing Han pays her respects to Godfather."

    "Good! Good! Good!" Jun Wu Yi was extremely glad. He even exclaimed thrice. Then, he took out a jade pendant, and handed it to her. "Qing Han, your godfather is giving you this pendant. It is the symbol of the Jun Household. Take this, and remember that you’re not only the daughter of the Guan Family anymore… but you’re also the daughter of the Jun Family. So, the Guan Family will have to consult with our Jun Family regarding your marriage!"

    Guan Qing Han took the jade pendant. The words "Qing Han is our descendant" were engraved on its smooth and glossy surface. Moreover, it had been done in Jun Zhan Tian’s handwriting. So, it was obvious that this had been prepared well in advance. This entire mater wasn’t something which had taken place in haste. Guan Qing Han seemed puzzled as she raised her head, and looked at Jun Wu Yi.

    "Ha ha, this jade pendant had been commissioned by your grandfather a few years ago. Your grandfather had said then, ‘Annul Guan Qing Han’s marriage. She won’t be the daughter-in-law of our family once that happens. But, she’ll be our daughter!’ And, I’m fulfilling that old man’s wish today." Jun Wu Yi chuckled and continued, "Qing Han, everyone could see your suffering. We wouldn’t let you waste your entire life. And, no man will ever be allowed to shame you as long as even one man from the Jun Household lives!"

    Jun Wu Yi let out a long sigh after he said that. He then continued, "Today has passed. And, there is that battle tomorrow. So, I don’t know if I will see another day after that. Also… there isn’t any need to tell you that… he he… ever since you joined the family… Mo Xie… he he… has acted a bit… but, you were constraint by your position as his elder sister-in-law. But, those worldly restrictions don’t stop you two anymore…"

    He gave a dry smile, and didn’t speak further. However, his meaning was understood by the other three… as clear as day.

    This had shocked the other three individuals to the extreme. The three hadn’t understood Jun Wu Yi at first. But, he had then shot a quick and secretive glance at Dugu Xiao Yi after he had finished speaking.

    [This is for you to decide Mo Xie. But, I can still give you a suggestion, right? Do you wish to let go of this beauty, or do you wish to light two firecrackers with one flame. You could kill two birds with one stone. But, that depends on what you choose… I probably won’t be around to witness it anyway…]

    [I’ve spoken these tabooed words today after great difficulty. And, I’ve lost all respect in your eyes as your Third Uncle! How could I have spoken something like this unless I had known that I wouldn’t survive in tomorrow’s battle? You’re my elder brother’s son. So, I’ve replaced him when it comes to taking control of the task of matchmaking for his son. But, to have targeted my dead nephew’s woman as my living nephew’s wife… and that too someone I’ve just adopted as a daughter… It’s unpleasant to hear… no matter what else it might be. You must understand that saying this was even harder that dying, okay?]

    Jun Mo Xie looked at his uncle dumbfounded. [Third Uncle, you dug up this dredge for your nephew? You’re thinking about this one day before the decisive battle? I don’t admire you for the thoughts you harbor at the brink of your death. But, I do admire you for the courage to say them out loud!]

    Guan Qing Han’s entire body started to tremble. Her pretty face had turned red. The redness had also reached her neck. In fact, her tiny white earlobe was red as well; bright red. She felt extremely embarrassed as she shot accusatory stares to her side. Her mouth was opened as big as a hippopotamus as she glanced at Jun Mo Xie. But, she hung her head low after a moment.

    Dugu Xiao Yi was standing beside them. It was like she had been struck by lightning. Her eyes were opened wide, and her lovely face had become deathly pale; no traces of blood were left in it.

    [I’m being referred to as a witness, right? And heavens, I have witnessed! But, why do I feel that I will never witness marital bliss? What’s this feeling called?]

    The little girl started to worry about her personal gains and losses. And, she became extremely nervous thereafter. She looked at Guan Wing Han, and the look in her eyes changed. That benevolent and kind-hearted spirit of an elder sister had turned into a malevolent and frightening existence in a moment’s time. [She wants to take my man away!]

    Every matter was open for discussion; except for this one.

    The little girl was furious. She rolled her eyes, and exerted the entirety of her strength to think of countermeasures.

    Dugu Xiao Yi had been very delighted this entire time since she was the only one who knew of Jun Mo Xie’s good personality. Everyone else regarded him as a lecher, hoodlum, bully, debauchee and a skirt-chaser.

    The little girl had always felt very pleased with this fact. It was like someone was happy since they possessed a secret stash of treasure. She obviously couldn’t speak that thought out loud. [Everyone would try to snatch him away if they got to know about it. Brother Mo Xie is mine! He’s meant for me alone!]

    Therefore, Dugu Xiao Yi had feelings of extreme tenderness towards Jun Mo Xie. She wanted to make him her own… and, as soon as possible! She knew that gold always finds a way to shine. So, she wouldn’t be able to monopolize him if others found out about this. She wanted to keep him all to herself until he was no good for anyone else. [But, what is this old man saying…]

    Princess Ling Meng had suddenly come up with that blood oath that day. The motive was different, but it had still startled Dugu Xiao Yi. However, she was very fortunate since Jun Mo Xie felt nothing for her. So, that was still an acceptable thing. There was another reason why Dugu Xiao Yi was determined to accompany Jun Mo Xie to the Southern Heaven City…

    As the saying goes —‘those who strike first… gain the advantage’. It would’ve been too late if the Princess decided to get serious, and got the Emperor to sign an Imperial Decree for the marriage.

    So, she had painstakingly formulated a plan to garner his affections. And, her plan required Guan Qing Han’s assistance in order to enhance her chances of success. But, her plan was suddenly struck by thunder from the clear sky when she heard Third Uncle Jun refer to Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han as a couple. The hen had changed into a duck… the helper had transformed into a rival. This had resulted in her becoming worse-off than she had started. She had become the victim of her own ingenuity.

    [How is this possible?]

    "This won’t do!" Dugu Xiao Yi started to get angrier with every passing moment. Her tiny chest started to fill with righteous indignation as she thought about it. And then, she unexpectedly roared out loud. Her voice was loud and fierce. In fact, it was very fierce and very loud. It shook the entire tent, and buzzed as it echoed for a while.

    The other three individuals were given a fright by her roar, and jumped startled before they looked at her.

    Dugu Xiao Yi couldn’t be shy in this moment. She scrambled and stepped forward. She then clutched Jun Mo Xie’s arm, and declared, "He’s mine, and mine alone! You can’t snatch him away in marriage!"

    Then, she suddenly felt wronged after she had spoken that. She then started to sob incessantly, and wept as she spoke, "I’ve been eyeing him for a long time. How can you snatch him away from me? He’s mine, and mine alone! I won’t let you take him away…"

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