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Chapter 349: The Hero Won’t Be Alone!

    Chapter 349: The Hero Won’t Be Alone!

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    Dugu Xiao Yi’s tone was that of a child whose candy had been snatched away. Or… like that of a child who had been waiting under a tree for a fruit to ripen for half a year. But then, a two people suddenly come up, and take a look at the fruit… and start to discuss how to distribute the fruit amongst themselves while completely ignoring the waiting child.

    [They’ve forgotten about me!]

    She had been driven mad, and felt wronged.

    Jun Wu Yi and the other two stared wide eyed, and broke into laughter almost at the same time. The actions of this little girl were too adorable. She had completely driven-off the heavy load on Jun Wu Yi’s mind, and the embarrassment that Guan Qing Han had initially felt.

    The three individuals were staring at her. So, Dugu Xiao Yi couldn’t help but react. She pouted, and proclaimed whilst seething with rage, "Mine!"

    She finished speaking, and realized that she had completely forgotten her manners. Not to mention that she and Jun Mo Xie weren’t even engaged. And so, she was in no position to make such thoughtless remarks. Moreover, the Third Master Jun was most-probably approaching the end of his life. This was another reason for her to not make such a ruckus. Plus, she had done this while acting as a witness. So, she really shouldn’t have done that at that point.

    Moreover, were those words sure indicators of his marriage to his elder sister-in-law? She had also forgotten her status as the only daughter of the Dugu Family.

    He little girl couldn’t help her face turning red with embarrassment. She quickly released her hold on Jun Mo Xie’s arm. She bit her lip, and stood embarrassed for a bit. The little girl had no idea what she could do to remedy it.

    The little girl opened her mouth, but didn’t know what to say. Jun Wu Yi, Guan Qing Han and Jun Mo Xie didn’t know what to do to smooth things over either. The three people had been shaken by the thunderous and valiant actions of the little girl, and hadn’t yet recovered from it.

    The four people stared at each other wide eyed for a while; it was a deadlock. Then, the little girl screeched like a bird. She then covered her face — which was now hot with embarrassment — and rushed out like she was being chased by a dog. And then, a loud "Thump!" was heard. Though, no one knew what she hit.

    "Mo Xie… ha ha… you’ve got quite the charm. To draw the treasure of the Dugu Family to become jealous for your affection is quite exceptional!"

    Jun Wu Yi smiled in a jubilant manner. Guan Qing Han may be undecided, but he could clearly see that the Dugu girl already had deep feelings for his nephew. He could obviously let go of any worry he might’ve had for his nephew’s marriage. Moreover, one couldn’t forget about the little girl’s family background. The two families were well matched in terms of social status as well. The Emperor may be against their family. But, even the Emperor would have to consider his actions better if the Jun and the Dugu Family were connected by marriage. His nephew’s good deeds had been harmonious. So, the Uncle would go to the otherworld with a smile… even if his body would turn into a bloody corpse the next day. The only thing was that… it was probably a tough scenario where he’d be able to drink at his nephew’s wedding.

    The Young Master Jun was also quite embarrassed. He opened his mouth several times to speak. But, he was unable to say even half a word. He genuinely didn’t know when he had become that little girl’s private property. He eventually had no choice but to spread his hands and shrug his shoulders. It looked like he would cry as he forced a smile, and spoke-up with a lot of difficulty, "I look handsome… this isn’t my problem… how can I be guilty?"

    Guan Qing Han’s felt her face turn cold again. She snorted, and stayed silent for a while. Then, her face suddenly became red. In fact, it had started to resemble a bright red cloud.

    Jun Wu Yi smiled in an elated manner. He also felt that he hadn’t acted with the dignity of the elder generation. More so since it involved his recently adopted daughter… He smiled in an awkward manner, and waved his hands as he spoke, "You go back. I wish to think about tomorrow’s battle in silence."

    Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han looked at each other, and retreated. The Young Master Jun wanted to say something to Guan Qing Han, but she disappeared without a shadow as they went out of the tent since the expression on her face had become even more shy and anxious.

    Jun Mo Xie let out a long sigh, and looked up at the moon in the sky. He then assumed an annoying and narcissistic attitude. Then, he lowered his head, and spoke in a coquettish and muffled manner, "I’m able to make such beauties fall for me. My spotless personality makes beautiful women blush. These women wish to elope with me." He walked forward, and returned to his tent while continually narrating narcissistic accounts of himself on the way.

    Inside the tent…

    Jun Wu Yi flicked his sleeve, and extinguished the lights inside the tent. The tent went pitch black. The soft moonlight started to come in after a while. The wicks of the recently extinguished candles still glowed orange. A slight smoke still rose from them… only to dissipate in the air above.

    The black clothed Jun Wu Yi’s silhouette slowly got concealed in the darkness. But, it remained motionless…

    The three Dongfang brothers put their hands on their swords while they stood outside. They remained motionless, and didn’t utter a single word. They had decided to accompany their younger brother in silence.

    That night was perhaps the last night of Jun Wu Yi’s life… the Third Master Jun’s last night amongst the living! Their blood-brother was going to go far into the netherworld. He would then be away from those who were close to him. But, the hero wouldn’t be lonely when he was at the end of the road.

    [We will keep him company!]

    Guan Qing Han stood not too far from Jun Wu Yi’s tent. Tears flowed down her beautiful face in silence. She stood there motionless, and didn’t dare to utter a word.

    [Uncle… Godfather, you won’t be alone tonight.]

    Her first evening as his daughter might’ve also been her last evening as one…

    The entire field was quiet. A group of soldiers came from the Tian Xiang’s army. They wore helmets, and were ‘armored and armed to the teeth’. They stood tall and straight like pikes outside the tent in an orderly formation. They were real men, and their eyes had a fervent feel to them. So much so that everyone tried their best to reduce the sound of their breathing…

    These men had come to fight a battle. So, they could’ve been asked to throw-away their lives in the process. But, the commander of their army had chosen to sacrifice only his own self.

    [The Commander will go to battle tomorrow.]

    [But, we will keep him company tonight!]

    [The Commander shouldn’t be alone! The hero shouldn’t be alone!]

    The Blood General was an Idol for the army. This illustrious name was engraved in the military men’s hearts like his elder brother Jun Wu Hui’s name was — the White Commander! They had become immortal in their hearts!

    And so had their achievements…

    The Legend of the Blood General’s achievements!

    The beautiful and serene moonlight slowly rose and spread throughout the sky. It splendidly bathed the mountains and forests surrounding the Southern Heaven City. However, no one knew how many men's blood would spill in the battle the next day.

    A faint silhouette suddenly swept in-and-out of the tent, and disappeared into the air… in fact, it seemed as if it had melted into it. The three Spirit Xuan Dongfang brothers had been station close by. They could faintly feel that something had moved above their heads. However, they were stunned to find no trace of anything…

    Jun Wu Yi was in the tent. He had also noticed it very faintly. But, he didn't care; he didn't care at all.

    It might’ve been a top assassin who had been sent to kill him. But, what’s the worse that could’ve happened even then? He was already going down the road to the underworld and his demise the next day. So, what was the big deal?

    Therefore, he didn't care about it.

    And, the others weren't even aware of the traces of that movement.

    Jun Mo Xie finally dazzled past the last person he wanted to save in the battle, and returned the small bottle back inside his pocket. [I hope Long Crane's bottle works. I'll have to work against a strong tide to save everyone if it doesn’t.]

    [But, wouldn't it be a nice surprise if Third Uncle returns safe and sound when he's expected to be done for?]

    The glowing moon eventually set, and the east gradually became brighter.

    The light of dawn has always followed darkness.

    Jun Wu Yi slowly stood up. Then, he took two steps, and hesitantly sat down on his wheelchair. His legs had become fine by now. The movement and skills he hadn’t been able to employ for the past ten years had been restored. But, he couldn't show it to everyone else at that point of time since it would mean endless trouble for his Jun Family if he did. Therefore, he would have to close his eyes and die with a contended heart in this manner only!

    [The outcome will anyway be the same since I’m faced with such high-level Xuan Beasts. I will die one way or the other. So… what's the use of creating unnecessary accusations and troubles for my family…]

    He slowly turned his wheelchair. Then, he motioned with his right hand. And, the ancestral sword flew through the air, and came to his hand. He opened the flaps and went out. But, something happened outside. This left him startled. In fact, it had given him a bit of a fright.

    Even the usually calm and collected Jun Wu Yi was scared by the terrifying scene outside.

    The Dongfang brothers were standing outside. They had been waiting for Jun WU Yi. Dangfang Wen Qing smiled as he quickly walked behind him, and started to push the wheelchair. There was a huge crowd on both the sides. Nearly 20,000 officers and men were stationed on the two sides. They stood silently in an orderly manner. They looked at him with reverence as their eyes redden with emotions.

    Jun Wu Yi's eyes also somewhat redden as he said, "What’s all this? Everyone ought to leave. It's not like we're parting forever! So, why all this?"

    No one moved an inch. What ‘not parting forever’? They knew everything!

    Jun Wu Yi was silent for a while. His eyes looked at each and every familiar face on his sides. The Commander's expression was complicated. His expression then became steady as he softly commanded, "The men who shall go to war today — step forward!"

    Three-hundred men stood out in an orderly manner at Jun Wu Yi's command. There were a few who hesitated a bit at first. But, they finally refused to turn back, and fell into formation. So, there was now a large square behind Jun Wu Yi.

    Dongfang Wen Qing slowly pushed the wheelchair, and the three-hundred men behind them followed after with large strides. They were moving away when a loud shout interrupted their procession, "Wait!"

    Jun Mo Xie had a solemn expression on his face as he waved his hand, "How can we not have wine when we send-off the brave heroes of Tian Xiang to war?! I have the best quality wine to match the occasion! Mo Xie wishes the gentlemen a safe and prosperous battle, and hopes that everyone returns in glory!"

    Someone appeared from behind Jun Mo Xie; this individual held a wine jar. Others appeared and handed cups to everyone. Then, the wine was poured into everyone’s cups.

    There was a sense of regret in the depth of Jun Mo Xie's eyes. He may have had some conflict with a few of those men, but they now stood resolutely behind his uncle. Moreover, they stood with pride even though they knew that they were about to die. In fact, not a single one of them had cowered.

    That was sufficient to earn Jun Mo Xie's respect.

    They stood unchanged in the face of such adversity — whether they had been good men or bad. And, this made them heroes! In fact, only such a man can be called a Hero!

    Heroes don’t have good or bad personalities!

    [But, I'm sorry! I could’ve saved you! It would’ve been easy for me. But, I can't do it! People must die in a battle. Even more so in a battle we’re about to lose…]

    [For Third Uncle's sake… For Jun Family’s sake — I can’t save you!]

    [I'm sorry!]

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