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Chapter 355:A Strange Battle

    Chapter 355:A Strange Battle

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    They had taken the lead. The masses naturally responded.

    Then, the twelve members of the Silver Blizzard City broke formation. And then, the experts from the powerful families followed in their suit. The ‘once’ Jun Wu Yi’s formation only had a square array of the three-hundred men he had brought along. And, they were almost the only ones left behind.

    It had to be said that the instigating words spoken by those of Xue Hun Manor were somewhat true. They would surely be victorious if each man managed to kill an average of two Xuan Beasts. However, did they have the strength to kill that many of the enemy’s troops? How many of them were Spirit Xuan or Sky Xuan experts…?

    However, it had to be admitted that the three-thousand-plus men who had rushed forward had a good tacit understanding amongst themselves. The men of the Xue Hun Manor had charged ahead first. They took a sudden left turn, and tried to outflank the Xuan Beasts. And, those from the Silver Blizzard City turned right in a similar fashion, and tried to outflank them from the other side. The people behind them didn’t understand what was happening. So, they turned right as well. Some people at the back were hesitant to go right, and found themselves stuck in their predicament. But, they soon saw waves of thousands of Xuan Beasts rushing at them, and were left to jump with fright. Then, they just quickly jumped out of the way. They didn’t care whether they ducked right or left… saving themselves was most important thing in that moment.

    However, the Supreme Commander Jun Wu Yi’s three-hundred men were left exposed to the claws of the charging Xuan Beasts as a result.

    The four-thousand Xuan Beasts charged forward, and roared as they came in!

    "Shameless! Absolutely shameless!" Dongfang Wen Qing shouted in anger. The head of the Duanmu Family — Duanmu Chao Fan — stood beside him. His mustache trembled in anger and confusion as he cussed in his usual stammer, "That… that… fu*king… Li… Li… Li… Jue… Jue… Jue… that… that… mother…"

    Another family’s head — Sikong An Ye — stood beside him. The expression on his face was that of a man who had been drowned in water. He roared angrily, "Dammit! I’ll kill everyone in front of my eyes! And, you stop stammering! You haven’t been swallowed by a Xuan Beast yet. So, stop being so gloomy!"

    "Bullsh*t! I… I still haven’t finished… abusing… abusing…!" Duanmu Chao Fan was very angry, but managed to speak somewhat smoothly. Especially the first word —"Bullsh*t!" That word had been spoken articulately, and without any stammer. Therefore, that "Bullsh*t!" sounded magnificent, powerful, and bold.

    "Stop talking!" Sikong An Ye flew into a rage, and drew his sword with a sinister look. A golden tiger was charging towards them. The bite of such a tiger could rip anything. Its tail was like an iron rod, and could cause destruction once it struck its target. However, the tiger’s movements were even weirder. Its fighting style made it seemed as if it had a wild fighting instinct, but it was still quite refined in make. The strong wind whistled as it moved forward in an orderly manner, and it was evident that it had mastered its own style of martial arts. The movements of its naked buttocks could only be described as ‘rhythmical’!

    Who stood a chance if these Xuan Beasts were to use martial arts?

    They were nearly submerged in that tide of Xuan Beasts moments later. Dongfang Wen Qing and the others were now faced with several Xuan Beasts of levels eight or nine. Their spiritual senses were alert. However, they wondered in their hearts if these extremely strong Xuan Beasts’ actions were akin to some sort of a greeting. The beasts then circled around them. And then, they just…

    Walked away!

    The faces of everyone who was watching from the hilltop had become dark.

    "Is this how you arrange your troops in an indomitable formation, Li Jue Tian? The experts have left, and have gone in different directions. They entered the battle without any commitment, and left their Supreme Commander exposed…! They’ve annihilated their own formation! Anyone who’d expose their Supreme Commander to such danger would’ve faced a criminal charge if this were an ordinary battle. Those three-thousand men wouldn’t have been allowed to live if that were the case!"

    Lei Bao Yu pointed his finger at the battlefield, and asked Li Jue Tian as he laughed and shook his head, "No wonder you didn’t wish to accept those conditions. You never intended to win this battle! I presume that many amongst those four-thousand are your enemies…? That is a great trick!"

    Bu Kuang Feng then cut-in and spoke, "That Supreme Commander is like a great expert of this generation when it comes to the ‘art of war’ by the looks of it. He had started by arranging the troops in the blade-edge formation. The blade-edge formation would defend against the attack in the beginning. In fact, that defense would’ve absorbed the brunt of it. He could then stabilize the situation… even if he wouldn’t be able to defeat the Xuan Beasts. Moreover, he had laid many traps at the front in order to minimize the casualties on his side. Then, they could’ve taken support from each other to garner strength for a counter-attack against the beasts if they had survived the first wave of attacks. That’s such a brilliant arrangement! It’s simply outstanding! It’s a pity that a lowlife has ruined it…! Humph!"

    The word ‘lowlife’ obviously referred to Li Jue Tian. The Great Master Li’s face suddenly turned blue and red since he had become embarrassed and upset.

    Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng didn’t come from a military background. However, over a hundred years of wisdom, an extraordinary eyesight, and experience had given them insight. Therefore, they had been able to recognize that trap.

    Li Jue Tian was evidently becoming increasingly resentful as Bu Kuang Feng added, "Great Master Li, it appears that you don’t care about your son’s legs much. How could you have handled things in such a reckless manner if you were concerned with your son’s well-being? This is unimaginable!"

    Li Jue Tian’s face reddened with embarrassment. He didn’t know how to reply to that. The man couldn’t utter a word as a result.

    How could Li Jue Tian have known that the Elusive World of Immortals would send someone to witness the battle? Would anyone have dared to say a word against him given his status in the mortal world…? Even if they disagreed with his conduct…? Anyone who’d say anything against him would obviously be made to disappear shortly afterwards. And after all, no one would wish to die for offending the Second Great Master.

    However, Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng had arrived, and Li Jue Tian had become distressed as a result. He had lost face in front of the Three Holy lands this time. In fact, he hadn’t just lost his face… he had also landed his son into trouble…

    However, he was completely unaware that the people from the Elusive World of Immortals weren’t only there to observe the battle…

    Jun Mo Xie had become extremely anxious at that moment. He had forgotten about two people — Duanmu Chao Fan, and Sikong An Ye! His uncle’s situation was scary, but not dangerous. In fact, it wouldn’t be a big deal if he was to be surrounded by many Xuan Beasts. However, the heads of the Duanmu and Sikong Families had been besotted with danger.

    Sikong An Ye had been surrounded by five or six Xuan Beasts even before he had a single move. His clothes had become raged, and he was in a flurry. And, Duanmu Chao Fan was in an even more battered and exhausted state. The head of the Duanmu Family repeatedly roared as he chopped down with his sword. But, he would often raise his left hand, and would place it in front of his garment’s lapel.

    Jun Mo Xie flew down, and realized that there was huge hole in the clothing over Duanmu Chao Fan’s posterior. He was completely unaware how a Xuan Beast had managed to do that, but a roughened butt-cheek had been exposed as a result. In fact, it had vague scratch marks on it…

    Jun Mo Xie laughed in a good-humored manner, and hurriedly spread the powder on top of those two men. Then, he quickly retreated.

    Sikong An Ye was gloomy, and was bellowing repeatedly. Then, he noticed that the pressure on him had reduced rather significantly. The Xuan Beasts who had been making threatening moves, and had been launching attacks at him until a moment ago were now looking at him with a confused expression in their eyes. Those beasts then beat their noses, wagged their tails, and went away.

    The Xuan Beasts were divided into four groups. The three Xuan Beast Kings had directed them to attack from all sides, but had left only a few of them for Jun Wu Yi. However, those Xuan Beasts were at level nine, and had exceedingly high strength. In fact, they could take out a few people by merely opening their mouths. However, they didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking this small group of humans.

    Sikong An Ye suddenly found himself puzzled. There was only one Xuan Beast in front of him at the moment. And, it was a very intelligent one. It faced him, winked at him, and then pulled a face…

    [Winking? What are you up to? I’m here to fight a battle. So, why do you have such an expression on your face?] Sikong An Ye’s eyes were wide open as he stared. He couldn’t understand anything when that Golden Tiger anxiously lifted his claw, and pointed to the surroundings. The beast then roared and charged towards him. Its power and prestige was extremely terrifying, and Sikong An Ye’s life seemed to be in real danger.

    Sikong An Ye gathered the entirety of his strength, and moved to block the attack with a sense of uncertainty in his heart. However, he made contact with his opponent, and realized that his opponent’s power and prestige was only for show; there was no real strength in the attack. The other party merely wagged its tail and winked at him again!

    It was then that Sikong An Ye finally understood. [Crap! It intended a fake attack on me!] He turned his head and realized that everyone else had already understood. Each of his comrades was shouting loudly at the Xuan Beasts. And, the Xuan Beasts were roaring back. The swords would move like lightning, but would lose accuracy and miss their target. The claws would move like the wind, but would fail to hit their targets…

    However, the person who had been nailed in the most difficult position was the Supreme Commander — Jun Wu Yi. He had been crazily besieged by two level Nine Xuan Beasts. But, he was safely seated on his wheelchair nonetheless. Even a hair on his head hadn’t been harmed in this chaos situation. Two earth-cracking Xuan Bears — weighing over a ton each — jumped at him from either side as they roared loudly. Their paws hit the ground, and filled the sky with dust. Even an intermediate Great Master, or a Spirit Xuan expert would’ve had a tough time while evading that attack, and would’ve only managed to make narrow escape. However, he saw the Supreme Commander Jun calmly extend his sword, and both the earth-cracking Xuan Beasts moved to avoid it. That sword-attack was no genuine victory; it was only a maneuver in a clever demo-swordplay.

    The bears would pounce again in a similar manner, and the opposition would wave their sword. And then, they would retreat once again…

    [What’s going on here?]

    Sikong An Ye’s mouth gaped wide; it nearly seemed as if his jaw had been dislocated. Then, he turned and found that Duanmu Chao Fan had also been bailed out of his precarious and dangerous situation. However, he was still in a somewhat awkward position. He hurriedly peeled clothes from a dead man’s body, and tied them around his waist in an attempt to make an apron. But, that apron only covered his backside…

    And then, Duanmu Chao Fan threw his sword down, and used the entirety of his energy to cover himself with his apron. However, his opponent was a Level Nine Golden Tiger. The beast fiendishly rushed forward, roared, and raised dust as it jumped over him. Then, it turned around, and jumped back over him. However, it still looked mad throughout this maneuver. Then, it raised its head and roared…

    It attacked the air, and it attacked the ground to display the extent of its might. However, it never once came into contact with Duanmu Chao Fan. It seemed as if the head of the Duanmu Family had some kind of heavenly Xuan Qi which would injure someone on contact…

    [My word!] Sikong An Ye’s mouth had opened to its greatest extent. He then heard a cracking sound. His jaw had actually dislocated! He was left to let out a blood-curdling scream as a result.

    The Golden Tiger became frightened, and stopped jumping-about. Then, it suspiciously tilted its head, and looked at his ‘opponent’. [This one is so frail. I didn’t touch him! But, he has managed to injure himself by opening his mouth a bit too wide. He has such a weak physique! Or perhaps I’ve mastered the legendary Qi technique!]

    "What are you doing, Chao Fan? We’re in the middle of a battle! Yet, you’re more interested in wearing an apron! Do you wish to turn into fried rice or something?"[1] Sikong An Ye seemed to be in a mood for some jokes since the danger had seemingly passed. Therefore, he rubbed his hands on his chin as he forced it up to speak.

    Duanmu Chao Fan covered his posterior, and picked-up his sword in an unhurried manner. He then replied in a merry tone, "Little, little… little Sikong… my… my… name… is… Duanmu… Chao… Chao… Chao… Chao…"

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