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Chapter 356:Trying to Steal a Chicken Only to End-up Losing the Rice Used to Lure it

    Chapter 356:Trying to Steal a Chicken Only to End-up Losing the Rice Used to Lure it

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    "Oh God, Brother! You’ve got to speak faster… listening to your words becomes very hard for me if you speak like that…" Sikong An Ye groaned. He had managed to fight-off several powerful Xuan Beasts a while ago. However, Duanmu Chao Fan’s manner of speech had left him injured.

    They were unaware as to what was happening in that outrageous scene. However, a man of Jun Wu Yi’s caliber had understood a few things very clearly. [A very able person is helping us out by orchestrating this whole drama. But, where’s the director of this show?]

    Duanmu Chao Fan finally wielded his long sword again. His sword glittered with silver light. He could finally coordinate better. Then, he took a graceful stance. In fact, his stance was an exhibition of excellent martial arts in itself. He then surged forward, and tried to strike the Golden Tiger. The Duanmu Chief wished to grab the tiger by its tail, but the tiger would never allow him to do that. And so, the ‘war’ between Man and Xuan Beast continued.

    Baili Luo Yun wasn’t too far off. And, his display had been even more exemplary. In fact, he seemed worthy of the ‘genius’ moniker since he was only at the Jade Xuan realm. He hadn’t fallen into a disadvantageous position even though he was attacking and defending against an ‘enemy’ of Level Nine. He’d give a loud roar, and would ‘fight’ lustily as the dust would rise-up around him. In fact, he had even gained an ‘upper hand’.

    However, his two Sky Xuan uncles were rather unfortunate. They had nearly been turned into grounded-meat by several Level Eight Xuan Beasts…

    These circumstances were quite ironic. The two Sky Xuan experts had been certain that they’d be able to rely on their strength to make an escape. They only needed to confirm Baili Luo Yun’s death before they left. He may have been a genius, but the youngster was still a mere Jade Xuan expert. Therefore, his death was sure to come early; he stood no chance. And, those two were simply waiting to watch him die.

    However, they hadn’t expected him to pick his sword, and not die when he should’ve a thousand times over. The two men had been left stunned by this. And then, they found themselves surrounded by many high-level Xuan Beasts. Baili Luo Yun — a Jade Xuan expert — was fighting with vigor. And yet, those two Sky Xuan experts couldn’t even move. They were soon eaten alive…

    Those two had died without understanding what was going on!

    It was a very clever plot…

    Blood-curdling screams were being heard from everywhere part of the battlefield. Those who had decided to break formation and retreat — the Xue Hun Manor, the Silver Blizzard City, and the rest of the men from every powerful family — had soon been caught in a crazy and deadly encirclement. Blood splashed every other moment, and the dismembered limbs flew into the sky. Someone or the other was dying every second…

    Big Bear crisscrossed through the battlefield. Big Bear had tough skin and strong bones; so did his fellow Beast Kings — Tiger and the Lion King. They disregarded the attacks that were launched on them, and charged into the Xue Hun Manor’s warriors. Then, they turned and moved-about the Xue Hun Manor’s formation. The three of them continued to launch powerful attacks, and kept crashing into everyone around them. The three Beast Kings ended-up cutting a path through the Xue Hun Manor’s formation as a result.

    The troops of the Xue Hun Manor descended into utter chaos. They were first divided into two groups. Then, they were forced to divide into four groups, and were eventually left to fight separately. Then, numerous Xuan Beasts made their way into their broken formation, and surrounded them. This resulted in continuous screams of despair that shook the sky…

    The original plan was that Jun Wu Yi and his men would die. But, their own people wouldn’t sustain many losses. In fact, the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor’s people weren’t even expected to receive any injuries…

    The eyes of all the Great Masters and the Spirit Xuan elders had nearly popped-out of their sockets as they stared from the hilltop in disbelief…

    [What’s going on?]

    [This is extremely unreasonable!]

    "So, that’s how it was! I finally understand!" the Solitary Falcon was shocked, and twirled a strand of his hair.

    "You understand?" Bu Kuang Feng was puzzled, "What do you understand? Quickly explain to this old man!"

    "Master Bu, can’t you see?" Solitary Falcon triumphantly pointed his finger, "Great Master Li had planned a purge for his Xue Hun Manor! And, he had also involved the Silver Blizzard City in it! Li Jue Tian’s original plan was —"I’m not feeling well about some guys. And, you’re not feeling any better about a few of yours. But, I have a way of making us feel good even though we’re feeling sad right now. And, their devastation would make me happy!’ Can’t you see it Master Bu? It’s so obvious…"

    Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng spat out in contempt when they heard that. [Fool! Can’t you see how shocked Li Jue Tian is? Why would he wish to purge his Xue Hun Manor? The Xue Hun Manor is his life’s work! Its value is only second to his son Li Teng Yun in his heart! Li Jue Tian is no fool. So, why would he dig his own grave?]

    [But, how the hell is this happening in front of us if that’s not the case?]

    Li Teng Yun gaped. His face was ashen pale, and his lips trembled; he looked lifeless. He suddenly felt great regret. In fact, he could faintly feel his legs going half-dead…

    Li Jue Tian’s hands were clenched tightly. He felt extreme rage.

    He would’ve been an idiot if he still hadn’t been able to figure out that he had been played. However, he couldn’t understand that who’d have such a heavenly skill that they could order the Xuan Beast Kings to play out such a big farce?

    "Argh!" a blood curdling scream rang out. A Spirit Xuan expert from the Xue Hun Manor had been hit by Big Bear’s palms and a leg. Blood gushed out from his body as a result. But, Big Bear smiled in an evil manner, and continued to attack. He quickly landed an explosive punch. Then, Big Bear threw out a kick, and made his other legs crisscross with the first one. The Spirit Xuan expert had already sustained serious injuries. His strength was nothing compared to Big Bear’s. And, Big Bear wasn’t done even after he had broken the other party’s legs. Therefore, he resolutely kicked his lower back.

    A disembodied leg flew high into the sky, and sprayed a lot of blood around. Moreover, the rest of that Spirit Xuan expert’s body was kicked high into the sky… while he was still alive. Blood gushed out from each one of the seven orifices in his head. Big Bear jumped, and caught up with the body in the air. Then, he landed two quick punches. "Bang! Bang!" the punches hit that expert in succession, and continuous snapping sounds were heard. In fact, the crackling sounds had been very crisp in their make…

    Big Bear roared loudly, and caught the thighs of his victim. Then, his chest muscles became taught, and he started to hiss as his arms pulled the victim’s body wide. The Spirit Xuan expert was then torn into halves in midair. His vital organs then poured out of his once-body, and crashed onto the ground.

    Screams of panic and shock reverberated throughout the battlefield. However, Big Bear merely laughed as that bloodied body dropped to the ground. It seemed as if a tiger had slaughtered a sheep.

    Li Jue Tian trembled, and couldn’t help but take a step forward. His mouth opened a little as a look of pain flashed across his face. But, the Lord of Tian Fa was looking at him. In fact, they tilted their head as they looked at him. It was obvious that they would step-in if Li Jue Tian were to get involved!

    Li Jue Tian saw the flesh and the blood of his people flying-about, and he heard their screams. He felt the urge to open his mouth, and concede defeat on many occasions. But, he used the entirety of his willpower to control himself, and didn’t make this decision. His face was still calm and tranquil. It seemed as if the people getting slaughtered below hadn’t been trained by his hands… as if they were merely trash to his eyes.

    The human army had been doomed to suffer a crushing defeat even before the battle had started. The difference in the strengths of the two sides was too great. To explain with an example… The Xuan Beasts had prepared a force of elite experts. But, the human allied army had no preparation, and had basically assembled an inexperienced mob.

    However, the Tian Fa would’ve been forced to pay a huge price for victory if the human army had followed Jun Wu Yi’s strategy. After all, many strong individuals were present within their ranks. And, they could’ve made up for the difference in strength if they had been backed by a good strategy.

    However, there was internal strife within the allied forced. So, they had disobeyed their orders, and had rushed forward. And, the defeat of the allied human forced had become foreclosed conclusion from that point onwards that. They would see no luck! And, there would be no hope for change of tides!

    The traps were still present on the battlefield, but there was no one to follow-up. The Xuan Beasts would fall into them, but they’d quickly jumped out. And, they’d obviously become more ferocious after that.

    Li Jue Tian had become a sore loser. He couldn’t even afford to admit defeat to save his forces. He was reputed as the Second Great Master throughout the continent. So, he would lose face if he admitted defeat. Moreover, the Lord of Tian Fa wasn’t far-off, and that earth-shaking expert was watching him. Therefore, Li Jue Tian would have to take his consent… even if he wanted to concede.

    However, any attempts to seek their consent after his display was a very ridiculous notion. It was impossible!

    Therefore, Li Jue Tian was inwardly left to pray… [Why don’t they just run away if they aren’t a match for the enemy? The Xuan Beasts wouldn’t chase them to the ends of the earth to kill them, right? They only want a victory at this point; that’s all.]

    However, they hadn’t tried to flee in the beginning. And, it was too late if they wanted to try that now.

    He had intended to entrap Jun Wu Yi. But, this had turned out like the situation where one ‘tries to steal a chicken… only to end up losing the rice used to lure it’. In fact, it was like he had lost the entire jar of rice!

    The three Xuan Beast Kings eyed the humans like a hunter eyes its prey. They divided had three-thousand-seven-hundred Xuan Beasts into several assault groups to attack in a vicious manner. The Xue Hun Manor’s seven-hundred men had been reduced to around two-hundred. The Silver Blizzard City hadn’t suffered any losses yet since their comparative individual strength was much higher. But, they had also started to become weak and weary…

    The Third, Sixth and Ninth elders had formed a ring along with the Silver City’s Seven Swords. These people put-together had a combined strength much higher than that of ten Spirit Xuan experts. Xiao Han and Mu Xue Tong were protected inside this enclosure. Anyway, it wasn’t like those two were ordinary experts either. So, the Xuan Beasts couldn’t harm them either.

    However, they could only protect themselves when faced with that wave of Xuan Beasts.

    However, Xiao Han’s eyes were already bloodshot inside the encirclement. He had become irritated, and could explode any moment like a maniac. He stamped his feet and shouted, "Why? Why so many Xuan Beasts are present here when there are none attacking Jun Wu Yi? Why hasn’t that cripple died yet? I want him dead! Why isn’t he dead?! Jun Wu Yi! Why aren’t you dead?! Argh!"

    Jun Wu Yi’s situation was rather peculiar in that bitter and chaotic battle. Xiao Han had first taken pleasure in his misfortune, but he was shocked at the moment. In fact, he could only resign himself to the Xuan Beasts’ besiege as he watched from afar. Xiao Han had already been forced to endure such deathly pressure. So, his mind couldn’t endure such grief anymore. And, he blindly continued to shout like a madman as result of this…

    He had prepared his frame of mind to watch Jun Wu Yi’s death. An outsider couldn’t understand why this was such a huge problem for him at this moment.

    Jun Wu Yi had wanted to kill Xiao Han with his sword… and that too for over ten years!

    So, wouldn’t Xiao Han also have wished to kill Jun Wu Yi the same? He too had desired it for ten years. In fact, he had wanted it for several months more than Jun Wu Yi had…

    The experts sent by the other families had already died… except for some of the strongest Spirit Xuan and Sky Xuan ones. They were still struggling with each other’s support. However, the rest of the army had been wiped out.

    They may have been defeated, and Jun Wu Yi may have died if they had acted in accordance to Jun Wu Yi’s plan. But, these Spirit Xuan experts would’ve managed to survive, and would’ve returned safely even if their army had been defeated. In fact, more-than-half of the Sky Xuan experts would’ve managed to return safe and sound!

    They would’ve been defeated, but they wouldn’t have lost the core of their strength. And, Jun Wu Yi had been confident of achieving that!

    However, these men were scared of Li Jue Tian and his authority. So, they had chosen to throw-in their lot with Li Jue Tian instead. They had followed after the Xue Hun Manor, but they hadn’t anticipated that ‘rejoicing in someone else’s misfortune’ and ‘kicking them when they are down’ would bring about their funeral.

    The meaner the person’s nature… the quicker their deaths would come in a battle this brutal.

    Wasn’t this a warning?!

    That one-sided slaughter was slowly coming to an end. No one had noticed, but the screams had already become sparse. The bellowing roars also became broken. Only Jun Wu Yi’s party had the same energy as before… and so did their ‘opponents’. And, they were attacking hard. Their fights had become an intense event.

    The Young Master Jun finally made himself visible. He walked to the top of the hillside where the Solitary Falcon stood. Everything was going according to the plan he had scripted out. In fact, things were going very smoothly.

    [Damn! More than half of them are dead! And, the ones who haven’t died yet… are rather unlikely to.]

    [I had once said that you’d better prepare for your funeral if you try to entrap us!] Jun Mo Xie’s clothes fluttered as he walked to the hilltop. His elegant face had calm cruelty written all over it.

    Who could’ve thought that such a frail looking youngster could possess the skills to orchestrate a dramedy of this scale?

    The Supreme Commander Jun Wu Yi was in a tragic situation before the battle had started. And, he was helpless when it came to doing anything about it. And then, the situation became a comedy since the tables turned. Many people were happy with his misfortunes, and had schemed his downfall. However, these people themselves had fallen into tragic turmoil.

    Jun Mo Xie was akin to unknown peak expert. He had planned this entire elaborate thing in secret. He hadn’t only planned for himself, but he had also pre-empted the enemy. He hadn’t overlooked anything in this entire matter.

    He had Jade Xuan cultivation. But, what difference would it make if his plans could implicate Spirit Xuan experts and Sky Xuan experts? Their tragedy would never turn into comedy!

    And, this kind of conduct of could truly be described as —‘turns his palm up, and he gathers the clouds. Turns his palm down, and he turns them to rain.’

    Everything was under control!

    How could he not appear now that he was reaping the fruits of his labor? How could the overjoyed director of the play not appear to accept the applause? How could he not enjoy it?

    [One laughs wildly when they are frustrated. And, one should do it even more strongly when they are pleased.]

    [Laughter must be hearty and unrestrained. And, one should sing loudly when they are pleased with themselves! Why have so many misgivings? Life is tough and short. So, enjoy it while you can. And, intoxicate oneself in songs.]

    [Be calm and tranquil if you're proud of yourself. Why would you act cocky if someone talks to you? I dislike those who act like pretentious pricks. Why would anyone proud of themselves act anxious? I dislike too much strain. I'm proud of myself, and I'm awesome! Who dares to take me as a madman and laugh? Ask yourself… do you have any achievements the kind this madman does? Shut your mouth if you don't! The eighteen generations of your ancestry have been sissy, and your socks had stinky holes in them! I won’t even urinate in your water bottles!]

    [Why should I concern myself with any of those damned matter? How’s it my business?]

    This was Jun Mo Xie's philosophy.

    [Sing when you're proud. And, stop when you've failed. Many worries and regrets can last for ages. Live in the moment. Worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.]

    [Those who fail to show their skill shall break. And, those who shall break will eventually break. And, I will kill them when they break. It’s important to laugh at the clouds if one wishes to run amok the lands. It’s important to go about one’s own means. And, it’s important to… go fu*k it!]

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