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Chapter 360:How Can You Be So Shameless?!

    Chapter 360:How Can You Be So Shameless?!

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    Jun Mo Xie had expected that his rain of curses would be even more effective than Venerable Mei's punches if Li Jue Tian got to hear them properly. Li Jue Tian would lose control over his mind, and that would make his injuries worse. He would be enraged, and his Xuan efficacy would be damaged. This would lead to his internal organs sustaining harm. This would lead him to spit blood, and his condition would worsen.

    Jun Mo Xie looked on coldly, and was delighted to see Li Jue Tian spitting blood. [This is only the beginning, old man. You will soon be delighted to see your child die in front of your eyes. Just wait for a moment, and I will show you your son's corpse. Then, I'll see that you spit more blood, you bastard!]

    [Li Teng Yun, this Young Master had warned you of a bloody event. I had told you that you wouldn’t be able to avoid it even if you wanted to. You hadn’t believed me, right? Just wait. This Young Master will show you proof!]

    [I’ve gotten a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity today. My name isn't Jun Mo Xie if I don't kill you!]

    These successive abuses were meant to attack Li Jue Tian's psyche! It could be said that Jun Mo Xie had employed the greatest psychological tactic. He had identified the weakness in his psyche, and had caught hold of that weakness. He had then advanced to catch hold of him, and had created an opportunity step by step. Jun Mo Xie had attacked him repeatedly, and had widened the breach as a result. And thus, he had reached his purpose.

    Jun Mo Xie had seen Venerable Mei beat Li Jue Tian up. And, that’s when Jun Mo Xie had come up with that bright idea to break his enemy down.

    He had planned to humiliate Li Jue Tian from the beginning. The Silver Blizzard City had only helped him along by giving him an opening; that’s all. In fact, Jun Mo Xie would’ve found a reason to rain abuses at Li Jue Tian even if Xiao Han hadn’t jumped-in and spoken those stupid words.

    However, that idiot Xiao Han stating "we aren't defeated till they're dead" gave Jun Mo Xie a better reason to start.

    A malicious thought had arisen in Jun Mo Xie's mind. [I won’t spare anyone who tries to entrap my Jun Family!]

    [It doesn't matter who you are… it doesn’t matter if you had been forced into it… it doesn’t matter if you had some difficulties. You will face my wrath if you were involved — the wrath of the Evil Monarch!]

    "Ahem, this matter has ended in defeat, and it’s not without reason. My brother and I sympathize with Supreme Commander Jun's bitter experience. And, we are glad that he has been lucky today, and has survived unhurt. It’s indeed a matter worth a celebration!" Bu Kuang Feng's temperament was somewhat straightforward. Moreover, he had been discontent from the very beginning with respect to what he had witnessed in this battle. However, he was mainly annoyed with Li Jue Tian and the Silver Blizzard City.

    This was because he had witnessed that a very tragic hero had come from afar to render aid to a person, but that person was too busy scheming to entrap this hero. But, the hero had stuck with his beliefs and duty. In fact, he had gone ahead by deciding to fight and die without any regrets! He had stuck with his duty even when he had faced imminent death. Moreover, he had given it everything he had… regardless of the schemes.

    The cowardly conspirators had acted like tyrants. They didn’t obey his commands, and broke ranks. But, the hero would have a clear conscience whether he lived or died. He had decided to employ the entirety of his military prowess to protect everyone; even the people who wanted to entrap him… and this was simply because they were a part of his group.

    Anyone who had seen Jun Wu Yi's formation of troops with a discerning eye could’ve guessed that the result would’ve been a loss. But, one could also tell that it wouldn’t have been such a miserable one. However, no one could blame Jun Wu Yi for the errors made.

    He knew it was a trap. But, a soldier is a soldier. And, a commander is a commander. Jun Wu Yi was fighting for the Continent, and not for taking another breath. This seemed stupid. But, it was enough for men to follow his orders, and treat him with high esteem and admiration.

    Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng had come as witnesses. But, the Elusive World of the Immortals and Li Jue Tian still had some relations. Therefore, their point of view was a little biased towards Li Jue Tian, and this side of the continent. However, they slowly and unconsciously found their point of view deviate when they saw the events unfurl in front of their own eyes.

    Jun Wu Yi had made no mistakes. And, people anyway sympathized with the underdog's situation. Moreover, the envoys of the Elusive World of Immortals considered themselves to stand on the side of justice. So, they obviously and unknowingly found themselves stationed on Jun Wu Yi's side.

    It was enough at that moment… even if it was only temporary.

    Tragic heroes were always easy to admire. And, Jun Wu Yi was the leading hero that day. He had become the focus of many Spirit Xuan experts.

    "The first battle has ended in victory for Tian Fa!" Bu Kuang Feng stated. He then looked at Venerable Mei before he asked, "Who will fight the second round from Venerable Mei's party?"

    "The second round will be fought by Snake King! You can send any individual to fight this one. Regardless of victory or defeat in this round — I will fight the third round against all the senior experts present. I’m confident I will beat everyone."

    Venerable Mei snorted, and stared at Jun Mo Xie as her robe swayed gently. That glare felt like piercing pins to Jun Mo Xie, and he suddenly felt a fit of pain on his face.

    "Venerable Mei is indeed bold!" Bu Kuang Feng smiled and continued, "This youngster is also very good. He hasn't opened his meridians with some special medicines. Nor has he had any Spirit Xuan expert pour Qi into him. And yet, he’s already at the Jade Xuan peak despite his young age! It can be said that he’s a rare and talented genius… the likes of which are born once in a thousand years! Venerable Mei had approached close to him a few moments ago. Is it possible that you wish to take him as a disciple?"

    He had used common sense. Jun Mo Xie's present condition was enough to determine that his skills would enhance by leaps and bounds once his Spiritual Energy underwent a qualitative transformation with the increase of levels. In fact, it would probably be ranked amongst the best in the continent. And, something like this couldn’t have stayed hidden from the eyes of a person who had enjoyed the status of a Great Master for hundreds of years. In fact, he too had wanted to accept the Young Master as a disciple at first! But, Venerable Mei had acted first. Therefore, he had followed common sense, and had inferred that the Lord of Tian Fa's non-fatal non-injuring attack was merely a test…

    "Huh? To take him as a disciple…?" Venerable Mei's eyes flashed around. She then smiled and replied, "Senior Bu is correct… contrary to what one would expect. It is true! I had genuinely intended that!"

    [Why wouldn't I take him in as a disciple? I can mistreat this repulsive creature to my heart’s content if he’s my disciple! He will be tortured every day. He will be tortured every night. I will torture him anytime and anywhere!] Venerable Mei felt quite happy as she looked at Jun Mo Xie.

    "He he… congratulations Venerable Mei! This is a good disciple! I’m sure that the society will see another Great Master overtime!" Bu Kuang Feng had a sense of regret and envy in his voice. Venerable Mei — the apex expert — had decided to take this young boy a disciple. However, he couldn’t help but think… [that Young Master of the Jun Family hasn't even cried and called out in gratitude to accept the privilege? That should’ve been a given in this case!]

    "Ah this worth the congratulations!" Venerable Mei played on the words heavily. [So, I don't have to be occupied with for now humph!]

    Venerable Mei let out a long and loud screech after she spoke that, and ordered for the troops to withdraw. But, the troops who stood in confrontation were somewhat reluctant to part. Duanmu Chao Fan, Sikong An Ye and others — including Dongfang Wen Qing — waved their hands, and the opposing Xuan Beasts also politely waved their claws at them. They then wagged their tails, and withdrew.

    This extreme harmony between man and beast had left the many who were watching from the hillside dumbfounded. But, those who had returned after escaping the calamity were in tears

    [Fancy that! Jun Mo Xie had shouted all day! He had accused us wrongly to gain sympathy; that too with conviction! But, it was all just a big drama! Some people unexpectedly didn't even have a hair amiss in this chaos while the rest of us had literally carried our skulls in our hands and fought the real battle!]

    Xiao Han had almost spat blood. He raised a trembling finger at Jun Mo Xie with indignation and desire to kill. He then spoke, "As it turns out as it turns out… you guys are in cahoots this is despicable!"

    "Your mother's fart! Who can be more despicable than you?!" Jun Mo Xie retorted fiercely, "Where did you see us collude? It's called ‘manners’! Do you feel nothing after having fought someone for so long? What's wrong with waving someone goodbye before departure?"

    "What? How do you have the face to say that…?" Xiao Han was feeling indignant to the point of dying… "Only a few of your men had died in battle. But, you still hit-out at people's emotions. Do you have no shame?"

    "Nonsense! Only a few of us have died…? We have lost around half or more of our strength! But you…? You haven't lost a single man! And yet, you still have the guts to face me on this!"

    Jun Mo Xie was also very indignant. So, he glared back, "And, that’s human life we’re talking about! Human life is beyond value, don't you know? Do you know how much I will have to pay in funeral expenses? It will be an astronomical figure!"

    [Astronomical figures? Funeral expenses? Is this guy really calculating all of that at this time?]

    "You you you" Xiao Han couldn't breathe. He was stuck at "You" for a long while. In fact, he had nearly fainted from excessive anger.

    "You just know how to make bloody accusations! First, you covet your life and escape to save it. Then, you accuse us of being in cahoots with the enemy! Have you ever seen a man and a tiger collaborate? Why don’t you try to collude with them and show me?"

    Jun Mo Xie wasn’t going to let it go. He stamped his foot and rained curses, "Most people don't like this sort of a person. You don't have any achievements of your own. So, you're trying to diminish other's achievements! You you why can't you bear the truth? How can you be so shameless…?"

    Xiao Han roared loudly with anger. Then, he suddenly fell down… face up! He had fainted due to excessive anger this time.

    Everyone looked at each other and thought, [we don't know how you managed to collude with them. But, one look at that last scene was enough to let everyone know that there’s something very fishy going on! We haven't seen how you collaborated, but we have never seen Xuan Beasts and men fight each other for a half a day and then become friends instead of killing each other…

    Moreover, the sight of those Xuan Beasts waving their claws in farewell was the final proof. It was something which hasn’t been seen for hundreds of thousands of years! I will cut my head, but I still won’t believe that you didn’t collude with them!]

    Everyone very sensibly chose not to utter a word… even if they all thought it.

    [Did you hear what he said? He said that we should try to collude with them and see for ourselves! As if we can collude like that according to our wishes…! Wouldn't we be treated like heavenly beings if we could do it?]

    [Colluding with those Level Nine Xuan Beasts? Where’s the collusion in that? Isn't it like sending food to them?] They had just faced those Xuan Beasts, and they had spent a great deal of energy in doing that. The stomachs of these men had become deflated as a result. [I haven't lived enough. I’ve just broken away from that encirclement and escaped before they tore me to shreds! Why would I go again?]

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