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Chapter 361:The Snake King Comes Out to Fight!

    Chapter 361:The Snake King Comes Out to Fight!

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    Sikong An Ye and the others were walking away when they heard Jun Mo Xie speak. Then, Sikong An Ye turned to Duanmu Chao Fan, and smiled. He then exclaimed, "This brat is extremely shameless. He reminds me of your youth!"

    Duanmu Chao Fan got extremely angry at this. So, he grabbed the other party’s arm and replied, "Me… how… no… no… no… no…"

    Sikong An Ye raised his hands in surrender. He smiled even though he looked like he was going to cry. He spoke to his counterpart, but it seemed as if he was in pain, "My bad, brother. I shouldn’t have irritated you. Listening to you speak is very painful. Change it for me! Why won’t you? Damn it, I’ve tried to change this lousy habit of your speech for decades, but it’s still the same!"

    Dongfang Wen Qing pushed Jun Wu Yi’s wheelchair ahead, and came to a stop in front of Jun Mo Xie amidst all that confusion.

    Jun Wu Yi raised his eyebrows, and smiled helplessly as he looked at his nephew. Then, he gently asked, "You?"

    Jun Mo Xie chuckled and replied, "Third Uncle, you’re very brave! You single-handedly dealt with so many Level Nine Xuan beasts. And, they retreated! In fact, they retreated, and you aren’t even out of breath after going through all of that! This is miraculous! In fact, you remained seated on your wheelchair the entire time. You didn’t even move the entire time! This youngster genuinely admires you!"

    "You little devil!" Jun Wu Yi stared at him and snorted. However, he didn’t ask anything further. He knew that all of this was somehow related to Jun Mo Xie, but he didn’t inquire. This wasn’t something that he could ask at that time. One reason behind this was rather obvious… there were many present there who could listen-in. And, the other… he was sure that Jun Mo Xie had organized this, but the method to accomplish that must’ve been derived out of his secrets. Therefore, the lesser others knew of it… the better it was. After all, it was a secret…

    [It is better when one isn’t in the knowledge of some things.]

    Therefore, Jun Wu Yi chose to let it go.

    However, Jun Wu Yi was proud of his nephew. Because, his nephew had made such a miracle happen. In fact, he believed that no one besides his nephew could’ve pulled something like that off.

    It could be said that he was the apex expert of this world from that perspective.

    An empty space had been left open on the field at that point of time.

    An extremely pretty and delicate woman stood in the center of the open space. She seemed like a magnolia in a valley of flowers as she stood there in a calm and quiet manner. Such a beauty was rare to come by. But, that young lady’s temperament was even rarer than her beauty.

    A flourishing figure, a round bottom, and a waist so slender that one could almost clench it… In fact, it seemed as if a gentle breeze could break her figure. The first thought any person would get after laying their eyes on such a woman would be — she’s a stunner!

    However, no one got that feeling by looking at this young woman’s body. She simply seemed lovely, warm, pretty, and lively.

    Her eyes were as clear as water. Her facial features were extremely exquisite. The light breeze seemed to be gently caressing her long hair. This left one to believe that she was a fairy or an immortal. The more a man would look at her… the more he’d fall for her. He’d feel that this green-clothed maiden with her fresh and pure face wasn’t well-versed in the affairs of life, and that she was very innocent. And, this would leave a man to feel a strong desire to protect her.

    The Snake King!

    [How could such an attractive person… such a world-shaking beauty of a young woman be the legendary King of Poisons? How could something so pure have any relation with the cruel, sinister, and dreadful Xuan Beast Snake King…?! The disparity was akin to that between the heaven and earth!]

    However, she was!

    This green-clad young woman was one of the twelve Xuan Beast Kings of Tian Fa forest — the Snake King! She was the King of Poisons! And, she was also the most dreadful Beast King of Tian Fa — Snake King!

    Green Hunter!

    This was extremely unexpected in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes. [Venerable Mei hasn’t sent the strongest Beast King after them… that is… Long Crane…? They’ve sent the Snake King instead? Can it be that she’s more capable than he is? Or will she use poison to win?] Jun Mo Xie thought about it, but realized that it wasn’t very likely to happen.

    It was important to know that the Snake King was the King of Poisons. In fact, she was the king of all poisons. However, the person she’d face would be one of the Eight Great Masters of the continent. It couldn’t be said that no poison would be able to affect them… perhaps some very evil poison could infiltrate their body. But, a regular poison would have no effect on someone whose cultivation was at the peak of the Spirit Xuan realm.

    It could also be said that the Great Masters were astute, and had deep foresight. Moreover, they possessed rich and exquisite battle experience. Their lives would’ve perhaps been endangered by poisons on many occasions since there would’ve been no shortage of enemies who would’ve tried to poison them. Therefore, they must’ve come up with countermeasures to pre-empt such situations by now.

    What would be the use of poisons if such was the case? Even the legendary poison that could kill a person upon coming in contact with their body would have a significantly reduced impact on someone with a Great Master’s level of cultivation!

    There was an intense discussion amongst the Great Masters who represented humanity. Then, a lone black-clothed figure stepped forward, and stood opposite the Snake King. That person was someone Jun Mo Xie had never expected… the representatives of humanity had sent the Cold-Blooded Master Lei Wu Bei.

    The candidate had been selected much faster than Jun Mo Xie had forecasted. However, he didn’t think Lei Wu Bei was the best choice. The best choice would’ve been the Solitary Falcon. One needed someone with nimble movements… someone who’d end the fight quickly whilst dealing with an opponent who would poison as a weapon. Moreover, the humanity required someone who could hit the target from a height, and could avoid its attack by using an aerial advantage plus agility.

    The Solitary Falcon had a natural and comprehensive advantage in this situation. Moreover, his martial skills were derived from that of a bird. And, the enemy was the Snake King. Snakes were natural prey for such birds! Falcons eat snakes!

    Jun Mo Xie could think of this. So, why didn’t the alliance’s leaders? Shi Chang Xiao and the others also wanted the Solitary Falcon to fight in this round. However, they couldn’t dare to say it. The situation was quite obvious at that point. The alliance was in a losing position in this ‘three round’ battle since they had already lost the first round. So, there would be no need for the third battle if they lost the second one.

    The Solitary Falcon looked at Li Jue Tian and his son with displeasure. His relationship with the Young Master Jun was obvious to everyone. The fact was that the Jun Family had gone into battle with huge disparity in comparative strength with respect to their opponents. But, they had managed to return unscathed. One could say that Tian Fa had been negligent. But, who would believe that reasoning?

    [They were lucky? Three-hundred men were that lucky? Did they receive the Heaven’s blessings?] Only an idiot would believe that!

    No one believed that the Jun Family and the Solitary Falcon would betray the continent for their personal gains. But, what if they did… just in case…? Who would bear the responsibility if that were to happen? Therefore, the alliance decided to choose their second best option, and sent Lei Wu Bei instead.

    Anyway, Lei Wu Bei’s Xuan cultivation was more profound than that of the Solitary Falcon’s.

    Both the sides had sent their contenders — the Fifth Great Master from the alliances’ side… versus the Snake King!

    Suddenly, a bright ray of light flashed from the other side of Tian Fa, and a vigorous silhouette rushed forward. In fact, it only left a few after-images behind. It arrived between Jun Wu Yi and Dongfang Wen Qing like lightning. It grabbed the person who stood between them — Jun Mo Xie. Then, it left with a similarly lightning speed, and only left some after-images behind.

    Two blurry after-images had arrived on the left and the right side of the field respectively. They were so densely packed that they looked like two parallel lines. In fact, they resembled two squadrons of soldiers who stood in orderly formations. And then, they disappeared…

    "The Immortal Incarnation of a Million Mirages! The World Cage!" Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng cried out in alarm. The two men had been left shocked upon witnessing the endless and profound methods of the Lord of Tian Fa.

    [How many hidden tricks does this Venerable Mei have in their treasure chest? Could it be that their strength has caught up with that of the Lord of the Elusive World of the Immortals?]

    [But… Tian Fa is… also…] The two men barely managed to swallow their saliva.

    Venerable Mei had used her profound technique to capture Jun Mo Xie. It was the same one that she had previously used to deal with Li Jue Tian — The World Cage. Jun Mo Xie had stealthily escaped from her hands a while ago. And, she was somewhat confused about the ‘how’ of it… But, she was sure that it was a profoundly mysterious technique nonetheless.

    However, she had then joined the dots, and had figured that it was quite possible for this Young Master Jun to be that mysterious experts’ disciple. This would also explain his mysterious technique. She couldn’t understand that technique. Nor could she comprehend the method of dealing with it. However, being on guard against that brat, and being able to restrain her desires were two entire different matters!

    Therefore, Venerable Mei used her World Cage technique to capture Jun Mo Xie. She hadn’t used this technique in her last attempt because she had sensed that the little brat’s power was as good as ‘trash’. Therefore, the usage of such a heavenly skill would’ve been akin to ‘overkill’. However, she had confirmed that his evasion skills were unparalleled in the world even though his strength was trash. Therefore, she had employed the entirety of her effort by using that sharp skill in order to capture him. She had then quickly returned to her own side of the field, and threw him buttocks-first to the ground.

    "Bang!" Pain surged through Jun Mo Xie’s posterior as he hit the ground. Fortunately, there were no stones on the ground… otherwise something would’ve exploded… ahm…

    Jun Wu Yi raised his eyebrows. Dongfang Wen Qing hastily whispered to his ears, "The one who has just taken action was the lord of Tian Fa… the same person who took a fancy to Mo Xie’s excellent aptitude… And, we had also heard that this person has taken an interest in taking Mo Xie on as a disciple. In my eyes, this matter is a good fortune rather than a disaster for Mo Xie. So, let’s not be reckless." Jun Wu Yi’s eyes were full of worry. But, he knew that he couldn’t do anything against the powerful Lord of Tian Fa. He could only pray for Jun Mo Xie’s safe return to Tian Xiang.

    No one had expected Venerable Mei to move into action, or to use that skill. In fact, even Jun Mo Xie hadn’t anticipated it. However, he realized that he couldn’t move a single part of his body by the time he had thought of doing something in response. The Young Master had then thought of going into the Hong Jun Pagoda to escape from his captor. After all, his spirit was still connected to the pagoda. However, he was shocked to find that his body still couldn’t make that movement.

    His body was as inanimate as a trophy cup!

    Venerable Mei could block all possible types of Qi from functioning inside the World Cage. Jun Mo Xie had reverted to the original stage inside this cage. This is… he had gone back to the first level. His spirit could enter the Hong Jun pagoda, but his body couldn’t. Jun Mo Xie hated this… thoroughly! [What does this old man want…? Why is he acting with me like this over and over…?!]

    [How did I offend him? Why this merciless treatment?! Could it be that you’ve become addicted to mistreating me? Are you a sadist?! Why would you mistreat me when there are so many Spirit Xuan peak experts around? They could make you feel much more accomplished. So, why are you targeting me?] Jun Mo Xie remained perplexed despite much thought.

    "Behave! Be an obedient brat, and sit still! Else, you won’t feel good." Venerable Mei slapped his buttocks. She had positioned Jun Mo Xie’s body in a manner that the others couldn’t see this action. Jun Mo Xie had nevertheless taken this abuse. The pain pierced his very soul, but he remained motionless. In fact, he actually had a smile on his face.

    [A wise man knows not to fight when the odds are against him. Just you wait for me!]

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