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Chapter 362:Lei Wu Bei Fights

    Chapter 362:Lei Wu Bei Fights

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    Venerable Mei’s World Cage technique was extremely mysterious and couldn’t be gauged.

    "I want to move. But, they are controlling my movements ah!" Jun Mo Xie rained curses in his heart as he sat in front of Venerable Mei with a smile on his face. He couldn’t even control his own facial muscles inside the World Cage’s influence.

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!" Her feet flew thrice, and three heavy kicks landed on Jun Mo Xie’s buttocks. The Young Master Jun cursed in his heart. In fact, he was ready to explode with anger. [Has kicking me become a habit of yours or what…? You damned old pervert!]

    He didn’t know this, but Venerable Mei’s mouth was silently mumbling the same thing over-and-over again behind their veil, "I’m sure you still wish to spank my buttocks every day! I dare you to knead it again! I dare you to rub my buttocks! I dare you! You repulsive bastard! The tables have turned, and I won’t allow you to die that easily!"

    She was silently recalling what had happened on one hand. And, she was relentlessly setting her legs loose on the other. In fact, she was milking every bit of satisfaction from kicking him. It seemed that she may even have become addicted to it since she continued to speak those lines in silence as she continued to kick him. The fight between the Snake King and the Fifth Great Master hadn’t even begun. But, Jun Mo Xie’s posterior had already swollen round. In fact, it had swollen to an unbearable degree, and was almost exploded-open by now.

    Dongfang Wen Qing looked-on carefully from the other side. Then, he smiled in relief and said, "You see? Jun Mo Xie has been smiling this entire time! It seems that something good is happening!"

    Jun Wu Yi focused as he looked. Then, he also smiled in relief and spoke, "That brat is really blessed with good fortune! Such a high-level expert has favored him. Mo Xie is very lucky. The Jun Family is very lucky!"

    "Yes. Just look at him smiling like that! It seems he’s doing great! I reckon that Venerable Mei has provided him with a lot of benefits!" Dongfang Wen Qing touched his chin with his hand and laughed.

    "You don’t say! I too would be very happy if I were him! After all, that person is the most skilled person around!" Dongfang Wen Jian glanced at his three brothers. [Is that something that needs to be mentioned? How could anyone not feel good after being favored by such an expert at such a young age?]

    [Why weren’t we so lucky when we were young?] The three brothers were very jealous. [Our bloodline is very close to this brat…]

    However, they were completely unaware that Jun Mo Xie was indeed "very happy"! In fact, he felt so "very happy" that he had nearly died of it. He was in so much pain that he wanted to die. His posterior had been attacked to no end, while the rest of his body had repeatedly been twisted. His entire body had reddened, and the pain had reached the depths of his very soul. He wanted to cry, but his face couldn’t even show any of those feelings…

    His uncles wouldn’t have been so jealous if they knew what method was being used on their "very happy" nephew…

    Jun Mo Xie could clearly feel that his posterior had started to resemble a bulging balloon. It had increased to no less than three-or-four times of its original size. And, it still had the tendency to expand further

    [Is this a fu*king butt? Or is this a hot-air balloon?! I would feel like I’d be sitting on a tall chair even I was to sit on a flat land with this butt… ]

    And then, there was a sound of some movement from nearby.

    "The Cold-Blooded Master, Lei Wu Bei?" the Snake King’s voice was quite clear and melodious. It even had a trace of gentleness to it. She blinked her eyes. In fact, she had sounded naïve and inquisitive as she had asked that question.

    Her appearance and demeanor had made it seem as if she was a young girl who was naïve in the ways of the world. It had seemed like she was shy at seeing a stranger, and was too bashful to say hello. Nearly every onlooker felt a strong urge to go pat her head and say, "Little girl is a good little child. Don’t be afraid. I will buy you sweets…"

    However, her opponent — Lei Wu Bei — would never dare think like that!

    The Xuan cultivation of the Xuan Beast Kings were no match for those of the Eight Great Masters; Venerable Mei was the only exception. But, the reason why they were as famed as the Eight Great Masters was the fact that their bodies were extremely tyrannical. In fact, normal attacks were like itches to them.

    In fact, these Xuan Beast Kings could keep up with the Eight Great Masters with the help of their tyrannical bodies… even if their cultivation was slightly inferior. Moreover, they could possibly turn the tables on their opponents if they managed to employ some sinister methods.

    The girl in front of him would seem sweet, petite and fragile… almost as if she wouldn’t be able to stand up against a gentle breeze… as if she was a water bag… and, a very delicate one at that… But, Lei Wu Bei clearly knew that this girl’s body was nevertheless that of the Snake King!

    Moreover, she was one of the most poisonous individuals in the Tian Fa forest!

    [I doubt if her skin would even redden if my fist struck her. However, would I be able to endure if she struck me?]

    "You’re the Snake King? It’s an honor to meet you!" Lei Wu Bei behaved like he was facing a great enemy. He turned his hand, and drew-out a glittering and grotesquely serrated blade. One side was bright and clear. It was so bright that it could bathe a man in bright light. In fact, it seemed similar to a sharp cutlery blade. But, the other side was densely serrated like a saw-tooth. This was clearly the more lethal part of the sharp weapon.

    Jun Mo Xie finally understood the reason for Lei Wu Bei’s nomination after he saw that weapon. The first reason was obviously the fact that they didn’t have a better candidate at the moment. But, his lethal weapon was the most important contributing factor towards his selection. That weapon would bestow great destructive power against the Xuan Beasts even though they had extremely thick skin. Moreover, the saw-tooth serrations would be very destructive against the Snake King’s exquisite skin in particular.

    The Snake King — Green Hunter — stood there delicately and timidly. In fact, she seemed lovely and somewhat pitiable at that moment. She appeared somewhat shocked as she shouted, "Great Master Lei! Such a horrible weapon! You are indeed very cold-blooded!" she first exclaimed in a shock manner. Then, she moved her hand to cover her tiny mouth. It seemed like she would turn around and flee…

    Jun Mo Xie couldn’t move any part of his body… except for his eyes. So, he rolled them. And, he obviously made good use of them. He could see that the Snake King’s clothing fit very well around her narrow shoulders. But, the same wasn’t true for her sleeves. The sides of her sleeves were too wide. In fact, they almost hung down to the ground.

    [That’s odd. That’s very odd.]

    As expected, Lei Wu Bei snorted when the Snake King spoke this sentence. Then, he made a sideways cut, and that exceptionally long weapon in his hand swiftly chopped sideways. The blade crisscrossed in the air as a result. It seemed as if two small flashes of lightning had intersected in the air as ‘chi’‘chi’ sounds were heard. Two small chop-stick-sized snakes were cut into four small pieces. Then, they fell down to the ground as they withered in pain.

    "You are genuinely worthy of your sinister reputation, Snake King!" Lei Wu Bei snorted angrily. His dark face had become somewhat discolored. Those two snakes were extremely venomous. His ‘Great Master’ status wouldn’t have helped him if they had bitten him. He wouldn’t have died, but he would’ve surely been paralyzed for a while.

    This paralysis would’ve only lasted for one or two breaths. But, that would’ve been enough for someone at the Snake King’s level to use hundreds of moves. And, things would’ve been very different if that had happened…

    "You accuse me wrongly! What would people make of it?!" The Snake King gave a lovely smile, "Oh, what’s that? It’s quite dreadful!" she spoke as she looked at a snake on the ground. Her eyes opened big and wide… as if she was in shock to see those things.

    Lei Wu Bei’s blade hit the ground with a "Bang!" as it struck another snake. This one was moving more urgently, and had actually attempted to target Lei Wu Bei’s throat. And, that would’ve resulted in a very terrible but silent death. The snake hadn’t even left a small shadow in the sunlight. That attack from the Snake King had almost been impossible to guard against. She would engage the opponent by speaking sweetly. And then, she would give them a wordless death by poisoning them.

    Jun Mo Xie looked at the scene, and felt his back going cold. It was genuinely the case of ‘not being able to judge a person based on their looks’.

    One would think she was merely a young and adorable girl who was naive and pure… that she’d be harmless to man and beast alike. Who would’ve thought that she’d have launched three sinister attacks at Lei Wu Bei in the blink of an eye! It was like sweetly calling a man "elder brother" to his face while quietly stealing things from his pocket. Her conscience had fallen to the ground.

    The situation had once again changed on the battlefield.

    The Snake King twisted her narrow waist, and her beautiful body quickly spun. And then, her two sleeves suddenly started to waive. After that, their appearance suddenly changed, and it seemed as if two long green dragons had rushed out from them. In fact, they stretched for over twenty-one meters. They reached everywhere… regardless of the distance. A strong gale whistled around them as they turned into something similar to a green ocean, and shrouded Lei Wu Bei thoroughly.

    This was the display of the Snake King's true strength.

    And, this was just the beginning

    Lei Wu Bei's black silhouette jutted-out in-between that ocean of green like a block of reef. He stood motionless like a stone pillar amidst the turning waves.

    Then, a deep roar was heard. The Snake King's offensive had become more intense instead of coming to a stop. A delicate figure then flew into the sky. And, it appeared like this figure had started to dance with grace above the waves of that green ocean. In fact, it seemed as if a fairy of the ninth heaven had descended to sky above the waves.

    She then flipped her hand as she raised it. Countless shiny stars flashed about. Then, these stars suddenly flashed again, and sprinkled towards Lei Wu Bei in a watertight form. However, the Snake King's expression was still one of innocence and enjoyment. It seemed as if she was having so much fun playing this game that she’d never wish for it to end.

    Lei Wu Bei couldn’t remain entrenched in that ocean of green. And, the Cold-Blooded Master was eventually forced to make a move. A dark sound was heard as his long blade crisscrossed, and an extremely majestic and powerful aura emanated from him. It slowly and ceaselessly alighted from the center of the green ocean like the sliver-white sea-spray from the ocean waves…

    Blades covered in aura crisscrossed, and flew high into the heavens. The people who were watching the Great Master from the sides used their Xuan Qi to defend themselves in a firm manner. Lei Wu Bei's blades would’ve scuttled through their defenses if they hadn’t done that, and would’ve fallen upon the group of bystanders like a dragon crossing a river. In fact, his blades would’ve paved an alley of blood in its path. One must compensate a higher amount from one’s own side when they set out to hurt the others…

    Lei Wu Bei gained an advantageous position as he rolled-out one counter-attack after another. However, the Snake King tried to regain full control of the situation once again. Her delicate white arms and her white jade-like legs started to move quicker. And, her giggly expression gradually transformed into a serious one. She waved her white arms. All the cold stars joined into a stream piece-by-piece, and transformed into a bright ray of light.

    The field of battle which had previously borne witness to a fierce and gruesome fight had unexpectedly become pleasing to the eye at this moment. The silver-white spray continuously alighted from the middle of the green ocean, and the cold bright light continued to shine in the sky. This was a very beautiful scene…

    Anyone who saw this scene seemed carefree and relaxed… even though they knew of the great killing intention inside it!

    This scenery couldn’t be described as one to belong to the lands of the mortals anymore.

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