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Chapter 364:Four Great Masters Fight Tian Fa

    Chapter 364:Four Great Masters Fight Tian Fa

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    The battle was about to begin.

    The Solitary Falcon snorted as he took the initiative, and cupped his fists as he said, "Venerable Mei, this Solitary Falcon is happy to seek advice from you." His voice was hard yet endlessly sonorous. The Solitary Falcon came last in the ranking of the Great Masters. But, he had always been belligerent. Moreover, he had encountered that mysteriously skilled person twice before, and he considered that the-said person was even more astonishing and frightening than his present opponent. Venerable Mei’s strength must’ve been around the same mark as that of that mysterious person. And, this fact had genuinely astonished the Solitary Falcon. However, he didn’t fear this opponent. In fact, he considered that mysterious master to superior to Venerable Mei when it came to mindset and temperament.

    The Master of Life and Death — Shi Chang Xiao — closely followed suit, and gave a warm smile, "Venerable Mei, this one is called Shi Chang Xiao."

    Lei Wu Bei had returned only moments ago. He stood quietly for a short period, and then slowly walked forward. His expression was cold as he spoke, "Venerable Mei, I don’t think you need this one’s introduction, right?"

    "Very well! Is it only the three of you?" Venerable Mei snorted. She couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Her three current-opponents had a combined strength of the Crane King, the Bear King, and Snake King fighting together in their human forms. In fact, these three Great Masters might even have been a bit weaker than these three Beast Kings. [One has to first have qualifications if they wish to fight the enemy!]

    "Wait! This old man will also fight!" Li Jue Tian roared out with grief and indignation. The Great Master Li then stood-up with a totter. Li Jue Tian may have suffered serious injuries, but he was still one of the Eight Great Masters. So, he wasn’t going to lose his reputation at this juncture… despite the pain; he wasn’t going to back down at this moment.

    This was the only opportunity Li Jue Tian would get to retrieve his honor in front of Venerable Mei. In fact, it was perhaps the last chance to retrieve his honor. He would be able to wash away his disgrace if he were to defeat Venerable Mei by drawing support from the strength of the other three. In fact, he could even achieve a bit more.

    However, Li Jue Tian would waddle in hopelessness if he were to introspect about fighting in public again in case he missed-out on this opportunity today.

    He had sustained serious injuries with multiple fractured bones, and severe internal injuries a while ago. But, he had made his right-hand-man set his broken bones back in place while the Snake King and Lei Wu Bei were fighting. Then, he had forcefully initiated a self-mutilating method called "The Against the Heaven’s Will Law". This technique would cause wear and tear to his lifespan, but it would heal him to his optimum state of health. Moreover, his exquisite Xuan cultivation was enough to hold his bones in place.

    This battle was the most important final battle as far as Li Jue Tian was concerned. Therefore, he had to be the most splendid one. He needed his attacks to inspire awe in order to establish his authority amongst the people.

    "Venerable Mei, the so-called fortunes have been reversed! You had bestowed me with that kind of a treatment a while back. Well, I shall bestow the same treatment back to you now!" Li Jue Tian panted with anger as he fiercely glared at Venerable Mei. It seemed like he nurtured a deep hatred. In fact, it appeared that this opponent was the greatest personal enemy he had ever come across.

    In fact, the hatred between the two was irreconcilable; it could never be dissolved. It perhaps wasn’t so for Venerable Mei since she had won the previous round of their duel. But, that instance had been the greatest un-washable shame and humiliation of his life as far as Li Jue Tian was concerned. And, he felt that his honor wouldn’t be remedied unless he had achieved victory over Venerable Mei.

    "Are you going to go ‘all-out’ against me, Li Jue Tian?" Venerable Mei’s cultivation was extremely high. So, she could obviously tell how Li Jue Tian had been able to stand up despite his injuries. She couldn’t help but pity him as a result. She also knew that Li Jue Tian had been entirely innocent in that context. He had merely been unfortunate-enough to be caught in her moments of extreme rage on those two occasions, and had hence been subjected to those calamities.

    However, she had been the gloomiest and the most pained she had ever been in her entire existence during those two moments. Therefore, she had been in an urgent need for someone she could vent-out her resentment upon in those moments of grief and indignation. Li Jue Tian was a second Great Master. And, there was stronger presence present there. Whether it was Xuan cultivation or status — Li Jue Tian had served as the most suitable candidate around!

    Therefore, Li Jue Tian had suffered that tragedy.

    And, this tragedy had been birthed by her mistake…

    Because… a Master could be killed, but shall not be shamed!

    Venerable Mei obviously understood this truth. But, she had grabbed him by the throat, and had smacked him under the gaze of everyone present. And, she had destroyed the entirety of the Great Master Li Jue Tian’s accumulated respect from the past in the process.

    He hadn’t resisted her with everything he had in that moment. And, that had been the strangest thing. But, his strength had been hopeless in that scenario… So, how could he have done it? But, all the Great Masters were to join hands in this battle. So, how could he say no to such an excellent opportunity?

    "Is it worth it?" Venerable Mei felt somewhat apologetic as she reminded him, "You’re using the ‘Against the Heaven’s Will Law’. You should understand what kind of a price you will have to pay for this, Li Jue Tian. Won’t you reconsider before you make such a huge sacrifice? You’ll only need to let go if you reconsider this now. And, it will be reinstated in a few months. There’s still time."

    "No! It’s too late! Too late!" it seemed like a fire had been ignited in Li Jue Tian’s eyes as he replied in a shrill and mournful voice, "Are you afraid, Venerable Mei? You should’ve known that it becomes ‘too late to turn around’ the moment you smack someone in their face! I — Li Jue Tian — have a reputation. I also command respect amongst people. And, this is the only way I can wash away this kind of humiliation. There’s no other way!"

    "Oh? Afraid…? I’m afraid of you…? So, is killing me the only way to wash away your shame?" Venerable Mei laughed softly as her black robe swayed lightly.

    "That’s it!" Li Jue Tian replied seriously. "This is a matter of this Li’s lifetime worth of reputation and status. So, I request that Venerable Mei doesn’t act stingy with her life!"

    "Not be… stingy with my life? You’re asking me to not be stingy with my life while you’re being stingy with your insignificant reputation…? You should know that your reputation is nothing in my eyes. I had advised you a moment ago. It was the mercy of a superior master. It was given in charity and pity. That was a rare act which originated from a good frame of mind of mine. And so, I had been that kind to you. But, you actually took it as fear…? You’re genuinely as naïve as the frog in the well!"

    Venerable Mei couldn’t help but sneer and laugh. She then spoke while she shook her head, "How will you be able to take my life… if that’s your skill level, Li Jue Tian? I’m afraid that you’ll lose your head instead."

    "Venerable Mei has decided too early regarding whose head will fall!" Li Jue Tian snorted heavily, "Venerable Mei has spoken the truth. My reputation is of little value in your eyes. But, it’s much more important than my ‘head’ in my own!"

    "I fear that the ranking of the Great Masters will change again after today’s battle ends," the black-robed Venerable Mei spoke-up with a faint hint of disappointment in her tone. "I had harbored misgivings for many years regarding the reputed Rainstorm Master’s life. Then, Feng Juan Yun’s cultivation reached a sufficient level, but he wasn’t able to become a Great Master. He he… there will be an empty spot after today. And, I suppose that Feng Juan Yun wouldn’t be able to back away from the duty even if he wanted to, right?"

    Bu Kuang Feng smiled from a distance, "The title of Master Rainstorm doesn’t apply to me anymore. Venerable Mei makes me feel small with those words."

    Venerable Mei snorted and smiled before they spoke-up again, "And, there’s this Cold-Blooded Master then. He had fought one battle. But, he was still taken up arms against me! He has presumably come as a scapegoat, right? I genuinely don’t know what he thought while he was taking this action. Does he think that I won’t kill a Great Master?"

    Venerable Mei’s words could be considered as a ferocious psychological attack. She had first damaged Li Jue Tian’s mental state. And then, she had drawn more blood by pointing out the real reason behind Feng Juan Yun’s failed attempts to be elevated to the status of a Great Master. She had obviously intended to cripple the fighting spirit of the equally famous Solitary Falcon by doing that.

    [He was as strong as me. Neither was able to step ahead of the other. You weren’t better than him. In fact, he should’ve become a Great Master a long time ago. However, you got lucky and became the Great Master!]. It had to be said that the Solitary Falcon was shaken after he heard Venerable Mei Speak.

    After that, Venerable Mei had taken aim at Lei Wu Bei, and had pointed that he had stepped-up even though he had received injuries merely a moment ago. She had indicated that he had come to fight, but he was there to add to the numbers. In fact, she had implied that he was merely a sacrificial lamb. Wouldn’t he be used by the other Great Masters as a shield, and be sacrificed thereof…?

    The effect of these words might not have been very evident in the case of others. But, the heaviness of anxiety and suspicion had always plagued Lei Wu Bei’s heart. Lei Wu Bei had always considered every man of the world as an enemy. Hence, those words struck deep into his heart. In fact, they struck the very root of it.

    In fact, this was the reason he had been hesitant earlier!

    The completion between the various Great Masters had always been very fierce. So, they would be rid of one competitor if they were to sacrifice Lei Wu Bei to save themselves. Moreover, they would also be able to take cheap advantages of the ensuing opportunities, and formulate an explosive counter-attack to increase their fame thereafter…

    [Wouldn’t that be a great thing for them?]

    However, he had no choice since he had obtained the halo of the continent’s hero a moment ago. Therefore, he had to come forth even if he knew the risks…

    However, these words from Venerable Mei had made Lei Wu Bei’s face change color after they had emptied Solitary Falcon’s. The halo of the continent’s hero seemed quite glorious. But, it was nothing more than a useless decoration for a dead man…

    "Venerable Mei’s psychological attack is very sharp! This Shi genuinely admires it! However, I fear that the Venerable Mei is aiming at the wrong targets."

    Shi Chang Xiao gave a gentle chuckle, "The four of us are veterans of hundreds of battles. One can even say that we are the originators of psychological warfare. Is Venerable Mei looking down on us by using this against us? The fact is that the four of us are the same. But, let’s come back to the point. We four shoulder the great trust of millions of people. So, how can Venerable Mei instigate us against each other? Why would Venerable Mei waste their words if they have that much confidence in themselves?"

    His words immediately woke the other two up.

    Li Jue Tian gave a ferocious shout and said, "There’s no need to waste your words! We can see the truth! The four of us wish to seek advice from the so-called frightening Lord of the Tian Fa today!" He laughed and gave a broad smile. And then, he took the lead, and came forward despite the seriousness of his injuries.

    Someone always has to strike first in a battle between five people. And, that person suffers the most because he faces a head-on blow. But, taking this ‘hit’ could nevertheless provide an opportunity for those who remain at his side.

    It seemed that Shi Chang Xiao’s words had indeed dispelled the effect of Venerable Mei’s psychological attacks from the others’ hearts. But, they had never been afraid of Venerable Mei’s extremely strong and tyrannical methods in all fairness. And, now that things had come to a head — they had no option but to fight.

    Moreover, there was another major point one needed to consider… Most of the Great Masters wouldn’t suffer much even if they lost this battle… Only Li Jue Tian would suffer in that case.

    He had already lost half of the Xue Hun manor’s strength in the battle between humans and Xuan Beasts. Then, he was humiliated by Venerable Mei. And then, it was pointed out that he had disregarded the safety of humanity, and had schemed against Jun Wu Yi. This made his reputation hit rock bottom, and had singled him out the man who had betrayed humanity. Therefore, whatever that still remained would also vanish if he wasn’t able to prevail over Venerable Mei in this battle.

    Therefore, others had a choice… but Li Jue Tian didn’t. So, he had no choice but to stake everything in one throw. And hence, he could only dash forward.

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