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Chapter 367:Knife Thrower! Knife Thrower Appears Again!

    Chapter 367:Knife Thrower! Knife Thrower Appears Again!

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    Who wouldn’t know the name of Venerable Mei after these events became public? Her name was known to a very few people on the continent. But, the entire world knew of the four Great Masters.

    Could they ever go to a place where someone wouldn’t mock them behind their backs? Their reputations had been ruined. People would look down on them and laugh. [These four people joined hands in a battle, but still couldn’t beat someone whose name we haven’t even heard…]

    The three Great Masters who could still stand upright on their feet felt like digging big holes, and hiding in them.

    [I can’t afford to lose to this person!]

    "Our side concedes defeat in today’s war. Venerable Mei has thoroughly convinced us of the unrivalled power of their Xuan Cultivation." No one had spoken for a long time. So, Lei Bao Yu sighed and broke that embarrassing silence.

    "You’re throwing in the towel? Not a problem. I hope you remember my three conditions. Tian Fa is out of bounds for all of you as of this moment!" She pointed at the men of the powerful families on the continent. She then snorted heavily, "I will destroy the families of men to the ninth degree even if one of you enters Tian Fa. I’d like to see which one of you has the guts to enter Tian Fa after I do that!"

    "We will obviously agree to the three conditions you had set since we’ve lost this battle." Lei Bao Yu smiled. Anyone who heard him speak felt that this person from the Elusive World of Immortals didn’t care about the outcome. He continued, "The outcome has already been decided, but I still wish to say something to Venerable Mei."

    "What is it?" Venerable Mei asked coldly.

    "The three Holy Lands have agreed to a battle at the end of the seventh month — three years from now. The Elusive World of Immortals’ Empress hopes that Venerable Mei will take part in it."

    Lei Bao Yu then chuckled and continued, "Tian Fa forest’s name has stood at the end of the rankings for the past five hundred years… the Great Ruler has also been in seclusion for five hundred years… he he… he has presumably left the world. And, now that we speak of this… I have to inform you of another matter. Our Empress has sent these few words to you —"If the Lord of Tian Fa doesn’t show up… and if Tian Fa loses — we will revoke Tian Fa’s formidable status. And, the writ of the Three Holy lands will run large over the world from that moment onwards. Tian Fa would be considered nothing!"

    Venerable Mei trembled. She clenched her teeth and replied, "This was the real purpose for you visit today! Mediation in this war was merely an excuse! Can’t that hypocrite Empress of yours wait? Don’t forget that The War for Seizing the Heavens is on the advent. Will your Empress be able to bear the responsibility when the time comes and there’s no Tian Fa?"

    "This has been considered by her Excellency!" Bu Kuang Feng narrowed his eyes, and a cold light flashed in them. "Venerable Mei, do you think that Tian Fa would be able to do anything without the Great Ruler? Do you think that Tian Fa’s current power can do anything if it takes part in The War for Seizing the Heavens?"

    "No matter how useless we will be… it’ll still be better than trash like you two." Venerable Mei was unsteady. She wasn’t going to take nonsense anymore. Then, she waved her hand and said, "It’s time to pay up!"

    A bird-like screech was heard from the sky. Then, a dark shadow dropped down faster than the speed of sound, and shot down amongst the troops of the Xue Hun Manor like lightning.

    The positioning of this creature made it rather evident that it had remained hidden in the sky for a long time. It was at this moment that Jun Mo Xie realized why he hadn’t seen Long Crane since the start of the war. [So that’s how it was!]

    Li Teng Yun’s face was covered with tears at the time. He welled-up as he crouched in front of his father. He was anxious, and didn’t know what to do. He had gotten accustomed to relying on his father’s formidable reputation. So, it seemed like the sky was falling down on his head when he saw his father sustain serious injuries. He genuinely didn’t know what to do at that time. Li Jue Tian was seriously injured. In fact, he wasn’t even able to move. But, his life wasn’t in danger. His breath was weak, and his eyes were closed so that he could recuperate. He had already lost his honor. So, the preservation of his life, and the restoration of his strength was his top priority at this moment.

    However, that resounding screech echoed through the air at that moment, and a black shadow shot down. The remaining experts of the Xue Hun Manor had been guarding Li Jue Tian. They couldn’t help but cry-out in alarm. However, they couldn’t avoid that shadow at this moment, and everyone was hit a result. After that, a pair of huge claws grabbed Li Teng Yun. This figure stopped for a second, and then shot upwards once again. He had ascended over thirty meters in the sky in a split second. Then, a few thin but iron-like feathers floated down.

    Li Jue Tian’s eyes opened wide in anger. He suddenly sat up, and shouted, "My son…!"

    Everyone in the crowd suddenly exclaimed, "Crane King!"

    It was Tian Fa forest’s third ranked King — Long Crane!

    He was in his original form at that moment, and was floating away with Li Teng Yun clasped firmly in his sharp claws. Li Teng Yun’s given name meant ‘soaring above clouds.’ It was a good name, but he had never done so in his life. However, he was genuinely soaring above the clouds at this moment. He had finally lived up to his name!

    He was a pampered kid, and he had always acted like a bully. He had never been in such a thrilling situation. The young man was living up to his name for the first time, but he was so scared that he had started to lose control over both his excretory organs. He could only shout, "Daddy, save me!" He finally lost control, and started to spurt ‘things’ from front his front and back at the same time.

    The stench prevailed in the air. Everyone who stood below held their noses, and scuttled to safety.

    Li Jue Tian’s heart turned cold. He recalled his wager with the Lord of Tian Fa. His body had sustained very serious injuries. So, he couldn’t attend to this matter regarding his reputation on his own. Therefore, the Great Master looked towards Lei Bao Yu and shouted, "Brother, Lei! Look at this Li! This Li has spared no efforts for the Elusive World of Immortals over these past years! I ask you to save my child!"

    He had used his status as the Second Great Master to back these words. However, this wasn’t any different from kneeling and pleading.

    Lei Bao Yu hesitated and looked at Venerable Mei. He had thought that the matter was finally over. Moreover, he had already angered the other party with the words he had spoken. So, how could he face them again at this moment, and intercede on someone else’s behalf?

    His nose would be whipped-away from his face if he said anything at this juncture. How could Lei Bao Yu support this man in front of the world's apex expert? Moreover, it would be even worse since it would come from a representative of the Elusive World of Immortals

    Li Jue Tian's expression turned into that of a man who had been overcome with despair. In fact, it seemed as if he had aged dozens of years in an instant. This brilliant and world-renowned Second Great Master hadn’t put-up such an expression even when he was thoroughly beaten by Venerable Mei. His face had merely displayed his grief and indignation. However, the cruel fact that he was helpless at this time made Li Jue Tian collapse

    "Lei Bao Yu! You've reneged on your word! You had promised me that you will defend my son. You had promised that he would be fine!" Li Jue Tian called out softly. It sounded like he was groaning. Then, he opened his eyes, and stated in a ferocious manner, "I — Li Jue Tian — take a vow that I will destroy everyone present here… and their families to the ninth generation if anything bad happens to my son today!"

    This was followed by a screech in the air as Long Crane laughed, "Our dream of three months has finally been realized!" He waved his right wing, and a blood-curdling scream erupted from Li Teng Yun’s mouth. The air had been filled with blood in a moment. Li Teng Yun's legs had been snapped-off from the base! They then fell down with a squishing sound.

    "My son! My Teng Yun!" Li Jue Tian sobbed. Blood dripped from his gut while he screamed. It was unknown where he got the strength from, but he somehow stood up. "My son, Teng Yun!" Li Jue Tian was in tears. He was in bitter pain at the moment.

    However, who could be blamed for all this? How could Li Jue Tian act like a bully and be bossy if it weren't for Li Jue Tian's extreme arrogance? And, what kind of a Young Master from a powerful family would ever try to snatch the wife of someone else? Moreover, Li Jue Tian actually knew about his son's unbearable actions. However, he didn’t even try to stop him. In fact, he encouraged this tyrannical behavior of his son’s, and even vowed to fulfill his son's desires.

    A thorough study would reveal that Li Teng Yun was bound to suffer such a dark and painful fate. And, Li Jue Tian was the man responsible for this. Was the Second Great Master truly that amazing? Could no one ever provoke him?

    Li Teng Yun's legs dripped with blood, and this had revealed the greatest error that Li Jue Tian had committed.

    Suddenly, matters took a drastic turn…

    A golden light flashed between the tents, and two exquisite throwing knives suddenly appeared before Li Jue Tian. One of them struck his throat, and the other pierced through his chest.

    Many able people were present there. But, none of them could tell where the knives had come from. Nobody could locate the person who had thrown these knives either. However, everyone was clear about the intentions of the person who had thrown these knives — Li Jue Tian’s death!

    Another throwing knife appeared. It had reached Li Jue Tian's eyes in the blink of an eye!

    Li Jue Tian roared with anger, and raised his hand to obstruct the knife. The knife struck his hand, penetrated deep into the flesh of his hand.

    His name could shake the world. He was one of the Great Masters. His skin was almost indestructible, and his bones were like steel. No one in the world could stand up to him. However, he couldn't even evade a small throwing knife with the strength that remained in his body at this moment.

    "Who?" Li Jue Tian looked up and roared sharply, "Who wants to kill me? Come out if you have the guts?"

    Everyone present also wanted to ask this question. [Who wants to kill Li Jue Tian? Who is throwing these knives?]

    It was true that many amongst those present at the scene wanted to take advantage of the opportunity in order to kill Li Jue Tian.

    He had made a threat a moment ago, "I — Li Jue Tian — take a vow that I will destroy everyone present here… and their families to the ninth generation if anything bad happens to my son today!" these words had realized into a threat to everyone present. Perhaps everyone wanted to kill him after that. But, they didn't. No one had dared to take action in order to kill Li Jue Tian in front of everyone.

    After all, the Xue Hun Manor's remaining strength was still exceptional despite the fact that it had been reduced very considerably. Therefore, not many people would rashly dare to poke the hornet's nest. If they wanted to take action — they would have to do it in secret. But, this person who had openly thrown these knives was rather impatient. Or perhaps, the Second Great Master wasn't much in their eyes.

    Then, an extremely powerful pressure started to emanate in the area. This force pressed upon everyone's minds, and left them to tremble.

    After that, a person suddenly appeared high above in the sky. This person had seemingly appeared without any prior indication. That person was dressed in black. One could say that this person’s dressing style was very similar to that of Venerable Mei’s. In fact, most people would’ve assumed this person to be Venerable Mei if they hadn’t seen the Lord of Tian Fa standing apart in the vicinity.

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