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Chapter 370:The Devil’s Bite of the Flame of Primal Chaos

    Chapter 370:The Devil’s Bite of the Flame of Primal Chaos

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    Guan Qing Han was inside the tent. She had her hand on her cheek as she stared at the flickering candle. She then let out a long sigh.

    "Elder Sister Qing Han, are you thinking about brother Mo Xie?" Dugu Xiao Yi was sitting quietly at her side. The little girl hadn’t seen him for a few days, and had become somewhat thin as a result. Moreover, her eyes and face showed the indescribable and extreme worry that she had on her mind.

    She became extremely frightened after she spoke those words. She didn’t know whether she wanted the answer from her elder sister Guan to be a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’… Moreover, she felt that calling out Guan Qing Han’s name together with that of Jun Mo Xie’s in that manner made them faintly seem like a couple. So, she immediately corrected herself, "Could it be… that you’re thinking about him?"

    Guan Qing Han turned and smiled gently, "Why do you ask this, Xiao Yi? What do you want my answer to be?"

    Dugu Xiao Yi pouted before she replied, "Ah… Third Uncle Jun had tried to pair the two of you some time ago. So, who else would you be thinking about? No one thought highly of him earlier. Only I had chosen him! So, why’s everyone coming to snatch him away now…?" she felt extremely wronged by the time she finished speaking, and couldn’t prevent the rim of her eyes from turning red.

    A light flashed in Guan Qing Han’s eyes before she replied, "Don’t worry, Little Sister Xiao Yi. It’s just that he had gone out a while ago, but hasn’t returned since. That’s the only reason I’m worried about that man. I’m worried over a member of the family member in the capacity of an elder daughter-in-law. There’s no other reason to it."

    Dugu Xiao Yi pouted even more before she spoke, "You’re not his sister-in-law anymore! You’re his close relative now! You could use your proximity to him to your advantage… it’s only obvious that you needn’t think about it… humph! That guy has gone missing in accordance to his whims. But, I must be careful when he comes back, and…"

    Then, she suddenly shifted her gaze; the little girl had come-up with an exquisite idea. So, she stopped mid-sentence, and her face became red. Then, Dugu Xiao Yi became very restless, coy, and ill-at-ease for a moment. After that, she hastily stood up, "I have to leave… there’s this thing…" she said this and quickly flew out.

    Guan Qing Han seemed puzzled as she watched Dugu Xiao Yi leave. She eventually couldn’t help herself from smiling lightly. However, she become awash with worry again after she was done smiling. She sighed, and looked at the flickering candlelight in a perplexed manner as she muttered, "What should I do? What… should I do? I’m in such a fix…"

    Everyone was very worried about Jun Mo Xie. But, he was also faced with a great crisis at this time…

    He had taken a risk, and had used the Flame of Primal Chaos in order to deal with Li Jue Tian. The attack had gone smoothly. In fact, things had proceeded so well that even he couldn’t believe it at first. Li Jue Tian had been turned to ash with ease! However, the attack had been too successful! And, he had received a devil’s bite from the Flame of Primal Chaos as a result. In fact, things had taken such a dangerous turn that Jun Mo Xie might’ve gotten himself killed!

    Li Jue Tian hadn’t been able to strike him back when Jun Mo Xie had attacked him. But, the Young Master Jun was aware that he was in the presence of the three other top-experts. Moreover, they were watching his movements very closely.

    Those three experts were namely — Venerable Mei, Lei Bao Yu, and Bu Kuang Feng.

    Killing Li Jue Tian wasn’t a difficult thing in-itself when he got the opportunity to ambush him. But, the greatest problem was that there was a huge chance of his true identity’s exposure in the process of killing Li Jue Tian in such a public manner. Those three experts would’ve moved into action, and would’ve exposed his true identity if his method to kill Li Jue Tian didn’t keep in accordance with his presumed identity of a mysteriously skilled top-expert…

    And, the Jun Family would’ve genuinely been drowned in calamity if that happened. In fact, there would’ve been no means to rescue them from that situation.

    However, any effective and mysterious method would bring no small amount of danger with it. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie eventually took the risk, and used the Flame of Primal Chaos. Jun Mo Xie went all-out to get rid of the disease named Xue Hun Manor.

    He had by-and-large prepared himself to face the devil’s bite from the Flame of Primal Chaos. However, he hadn’t expected that the devil’s bite would take affect so quickly. Moreover, it was extremely intense as well! In fact, even the tough and incomparably steely-nerved Jun Mo Xie was also nearly unable to endure it.

    Jun Mo Xie had always boasted of his endurance ability. In fact, he had genuinely believed that no amount of torture could break him. He was confident that he could withstand any kind of torture. He had believed would die before he’d break. Jun Mo Xie had undergone tough anti-torture training in his previous life. Therefore, he had believed that he could endure any kind of a punishment…

    Therefore, he had always bragged that any form of torture was nothing more than a life experience in his eyes!

    Jun Mo Xie had never given much regard to any sort of physical or mental pain as a result of this firm belief of his’. And, he had always acted without restraint. This was the reason why he had always acted the way he had. This was the reason he had followed an ‘author’s fantasy’ approach to life, and had always treated life as a game. [I’ll do what makes me feel happy!]

    [Nothing in this world can scare me! So, I have nothing to fear!] This was the reason he could act like a debauchee in the Emperor’s presence. And, this was the reason he could dare to abuse a Great Master despite the fact that he was merely at the Jade Xuan realm.

    [What can you do to me?]

    [What would you do even if you could mess with me?]

    [I've endured the most extreme pain in the world. And, I'm not afraid of death. So, why should I be afraid?]

    It was similar to the case of being a ‘pretentious prick’. But, one needs power to be that as well. One could nurture a strong mental state and could act with arrogance if they had power. However, one would only mock themselves at the thought of acting with arrogance in case they didn’t have power.

    A country's princelings could act like pretentious pricks in a country's marketplace… or anywhere else in front of the common people. In fact, they could act in any manner they so desired without any misgivings. Even the rich could treat the poor who served them in a horrible manner without worrying about it…


    It was because no one could threaten them. They weren't afraid of anything. Those people wouldn't have to worry about any repercussions even if they did were to shoot their mouths.

    However, could a beggar act forcefully in front of a rich businessman? That scenario was unimaginable.

    Jun Mo Xie had the strength to back it up. So, he obviously acted like a pretentious prick. [Why should I worry or care? I have the Hong Jun pagoda. The experts of this world can’t kill me even if they all were to join hands. So, why shouldn't I act pretentiously when I have such power?]

    [I’ve achieved a level of cultivation that people struggle to attain even after they’ve spent a dozen years in practice. And, I’ve only been here for a few months! Why can't I be a pretentious prick when I have such a strong advantage? Who will dare to call himself the first genius of this world if I call myself the second one?]

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie acted in a proud and wildly arrogant manner. He always looked askance at the world and its people. He even thought that heaven and hell were of no threat to his existence. He wasn't scared of anything. So, he harbored no worries.

    However, he knew that he had made a mistake this!

    And, it was a massive mistake!

    There was a kind of pain that even the spirits couldn’t bear… let alone a living man!

    Jun Mo Xie could smile and wave-off the physical pain that related to the breaking of hands and legs… and even the ‘setting right’ of the broken bones. But, even a golden immortal would crumble when faced with a pain that could torment the soul of a person.

    And, this case was an example of that…

    The devil’s bite from the Flame of Primal Chaos!

    He was inside the Hong Jun Pagoda at this point, and he was covered in thick Aura. He was holding his head, and was rolling-about in pain.

    He could’ve never thought that the devil’s bite from the Flame of Primal Chaos would have such a tyrannical effect.

    There were some things which no one should ever try… even if they had no choice but to take the risk.

    Jun Mo Xie hadn’t felt any discomfort or pain when he had used the Flame of Primal Chaos. In fact, he had even felt slightly rejuvenated. But, felt his entire world had toppled by the time he had retrieved the Flame of Primal Chaos into his body after having killed Li Jue Tian.

    And, these words entailed for his spiritual and conscious world alike!

    The Hong Jun Pagoda could cure any kind of pain or sorrow. However, this was one kind of horrifying pain which even the Hong Jun Pagoda couldn’t help with…

    And, that’s because the Flame of Primal Chaos was the flame everything had originated from…

    And, this flame was burning a major part of his soul's core at this moment…

    Jun Mo Xie had clenched his teeth tight in pain. And, his face was contorted. He felt every inch of his soul disintegrate and burn. A small flame seemed to be burning inside his heart. That flame burnt neither fast nor slow. The flame was slowly burning his fragile heart, but it still kept him conscious. And, this meant that he would have to live through the most cruel and unbearable torture he had ever known…

    The inside of his brain had stopped burning since it had been turned to a pulp at one point. But, it had started to burn again. It was almost as if the ashes had caught fire once more. It had started slowly at first. But, it had then sped-up to such an extent that the inside of his brains had started to boil…

    And, he had been fully conscious this entire time…

    Moreover, the pain in his nerves had been magnified by ten-million times!

    He had rolled-up his black robe, and had stuffed it into his mouth. In fact, he had already chewed it to shreds by now. Jun Mo Xie had thought that he would faint at one point of time, but he couldn’t dare to. This was because there was a chance that the devil’s bite from the Flame of Primal Chaos would burn him like Li Jue Tian in case he fainted.

    And, that would be tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot.

    Therefore, he could only support himself with rigidity at this moment! He could only support his spirit! Jun Mo Xie would cease to exist in this world if he were to lose his consciousness during this hardship!

    In fact, he would cease to exist in any world that had ever existed!

    The pain of being tortured with poisonous bamboo sticks that had been inserted in one’s twisted fingers seemed like a rainy day’s bliss compared to the devil’s bite of the Flame of Primal Chaos.

    In fact, the aforementioned example was probably better explained as the difference in pain from a mosquito bite and the kind that entails after one’s leg has been smashed. The disparity was huge!

    Sweat flowed out of his body like a stream. In fact, it evaporated and turned into mist the moment it flowed out.


    Jun Mo Xie looked up and screeched. He stood straight up, and then his face turned downwards. After that, he turned upside down with his face positioned upwards. He was like a zombie. His body contorted into extreme positions on the ground. In fact, his body had violated all laws of nature with its contortions…

    And, that kind of pain continued for a day and a night!

    The dark-flamed Flame of Primal Chaos jumped-around in a cheerful manner as if it was boiling noodles in a stove. In fact, it seemed as if Jun Mo Xie’s pain and suffering was only adding to its pleasure…

    It was just that the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune was flowing through his meridians. Moreover, that thick aura inside the Hong Jun Pagoda was flowing through his meridians as well. It repeatedly washed over them. And, it was far higher than it had ever been before. In fact, it was greater than the sum of the entire amount he had witnessed in his previous life…

    The dense milky-white aura in the air resembled a huge suction-whirlpool. And, there was an incessant sound of jeering as it would break into Jun Mo Xie’s body. In fact, the aura entered his body in an endless stream… never-ending waves-upon-waves of it…

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