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Chapter 371:Profits From Disaster, and Breaks Through a Third Time!

    Chapter 371:Profits From Disaster, and Breaks Through a Third Time!

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    The majority of the aura entered through the pores, and gushed out from Jun Mo Xie’s feet. It then disappeared without a trace. It seemed as if the aura was only passing through his body. However, the aura continued to cleanse his already clean body iteration-after-iteration. In fact, it seemed to be striving for perfection in that regard. Therefore, not even the slightest of impurity had remained after some time.

    However, Jun Mo Xie hadn’t realized this. And, that was because he was immersed in excruciating pain this entire time.

    Jun Mo Xie had used the Flame of Primal Chaos, but he hadn’t anticipated that its unexpected devil’s bite would entail the kind of pain that no living man could endure even one percent of! In fact, it could be said that this was the most excruciating of all pain that existed. Young Master Jun wouldn’t have been able to endure this pain if it weren’t for his enhanced state of mind… and if he hadn’t initiated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune… or if the aura wasn’t nourishing his body… Jun Mo Xie would’ve died if any one of these things had been amiss. His soul would’ve scattered away, and he would’ve never attained peace if that were to happen…

    It was the devil’s bite of the Flame of Primal Chaos! How could it be weak?

    There’s an old saying — good and bad fortunes are interdependent. And, these words have never been false!

    This was because a person could reach a level which ordinary people can’t if they are able to endure pain which the latter couldn’t. Consequently, they would benefit from advantages which an ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to imagine…

    One has to pay the corresponding price if they wish for some advantages. However, one is reborn, and reaches a new level after one pays the price with their conduct.

    In fact, no entity in this world is an exception to this if rule!

    One’s sorrows would eventually turn to joy if they endure extreme pain and suffering through hard-will.

    Jun Mo Xie had initiated the Flame of Primal Chaos. So, he was dealing with its devil’s bite at present. But, he had stuck to his will in order to survive it. However, the reward he’d attain after such an exceptionally enormous punishment would also be exceptionally great…

    That grim punishment was the most severe test. And, it was a very feasible price to pay. One aspect of this pain attributed to hell, but the other corresponded to heaven.

    Why else would the insignificant second layer of the Hong Jun Pagoda possess the Flame of Primal Chaos?

    Everything has its purpose. Every obstacle on the road to the top has its reason. Everything has its own usefulness…

    Jun Mo Xie’s body had been cleansed to its very essence when his body had obtained the Hong Jun Pagoda. It had become brand-new at that time. Therefore, his physique was far better than that of an ordinary person. But, he was still in the category of a ‘mortal’. However, his body changed in its entirety as he underwent this thorough cleansing process.

    One could attempt to draw an analogy to explain this better. Jun Mo Xie’s body had been like a trashy bag of meat when he had passed through to this world. But, his body had become a skilled one after he had received the Hong Jun Pagoda. It had become outstanding, but it was still within the scope and cognition of many people.

    That means… it was within the range of human understanding. And thus, their ability to scale…

    However, Jun Mo Xie’s shell couldn’t be described as a "body" anymore. It would be a bit of an exaggeration to say that the Young Master Jun’s body was now like that of the enlightened Tang Dynasty monk who had journeyed to the west to learn the Buddhist scriptures.

    That monk’s body was obviously made of flesh. The above explanation wasn’t given to show that the Young Master’s physique was equal to that of the monk’s. Rather, the Young Master had emerged stronger in comparison. The monk’s body had obviously accumulated far more aura than an ordinary person could imagine. The Young Master’s body had also accumulated a terrifying quantity of aura. However, the inner quality of his body had also far transcended that of an ordinary person’s…

    And, this would hold true whether one could discuss in terms of temperament or the spirit…

    His physique had been strengthened, his meridians flowed unimpeded, and the aura flowed dense throughout his body… and even… through his internal organs! And, that was because this transformation had changed him into something entirely new!

    The Young Master’s previous speed of cultivation was already enough to be labelled as ‘abnormal’. But, his speed would probably become several times faster after these events. Moreover, there would be no possibility of an accidental Devil’s Bite on his journey further…

    This was because there was no chance of a Devil’s Bite after this. The meridians of his entire body had been widened further. In fact, they had been widened to the very limit the meridians of a human body could’ve been…

    Therefore, Jun Mo Xie’s further practice would only be a process of ‘accumulation’; that’s all.

    For example, the capacity of an average person’s Dantian was equal to that of a well. But, Jun Mo Xie’s capacity had become equal to that of a lake. However, there was very little water in that lake at present.

    However, the misty waters of this lake could stretch beyond the horizon once it had been filled. But, this would obviously happen after a long process of accumulation…

    Jun Mo Xie had recovered after a day and a night’s time…

    Some fear still lingered in Jun Mo Xie’s heart as he slowly opened his eyes. He had felt as if the eighteen layers had simultaneously opened themselves up for him during that ordeal. And, this feeling had left even the fearless Evil Monarch’s heart to tremble…

    [It hurts very badly!]

    He tried to move his finger, but found himself to be completely helpless.

    He felt like every muscle in his body had seemingly been turned into cotton. He had no strength left in his body… except for the amount he’d need to pant.

    This was similar to a person feeling that their entire body was functioning normally, but they had still been paralyzed for some mysterious reason…

    Jun Mo Xie panted as he exerted a great effort to slowly initiate the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune. He then focused and cycled his Qi. However, he suddenly opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

    [This is unreal!]

    A cycle of the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune required few breaths’ time to work inside his body. However, it had happened in a blink of an eye this time. He had thought about the idea, and had merely initiated it… but the entire thing had already cycled through his meridians, and had returned to his Dantian.

    It had happened at a lightning speed.

    The greatest advantage to that lightning speed of movement was that he’d never have to be worried about his Xuan Qi not being enough. Moreover, he’d never have to worry about running out of it…

    That is to say that Jun Mo Xie could fight endlessly if he so desired. In fact, he could fight forever!

    …As long as he didn’t starve or an extremely powerful expert didn’t cut-off his head…

    [What does this mean?]

    Jun Mo Xie was already a genius. But, this meant that he had now transformed into an inexplicable monster.

    Jun Mo Xie was ecstatic!

    He couldn’t understand everything at this time, but he still knew that he had been fundamentally reborn. And so, he contained his excitement with difficulty. Then, Jun Mo Xie initiated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune since he still hadn’t regained any control over his body. And, he wanted to break-away from that state of affairs. After all, what use would his remarkable physique be if he remained paralyzed?

    Fortunately, his strength to gain control over his body also started to increase with each cycle of his Xuan Qi. And, he felt a comfortable sensation every time his Xuan Qi cycled through his body.

    His practice had now become pleasurable; not painful or difficult.

    Jun Mo Xie's excitement rose each time his strength increased. His Xuan Qi had cycled seventy-two times by this point. It stopped cycling after that, and Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt a surge of explosive power throughout his body. In fact, he felt that he could destroy anything as long as he wished to…

    Jun Mo Xie straightened his back and slowly got up. Then, he stretched his legs. He was about to cut-off his connection with his Xuan efficacy when his Xuan Qi was set into motion. And, it had been set into movement without the aid of any cheats either…

    The Hong Jun Pagoda's aura stormed out with a violent blue light, and vanished into nothingness.


    Jun Mo Xie's posterior touched the ground.

    He had spiraled into a state of absolute shock!

    [Mother What could that blue light possibly be? I'm going crazy!]

    [I was at the Jade Xuan peak before this flame devastated my body. So, how am I at the initial level of Sky Xuan realm? Even sitting on a cultivation-rocket couldn’t have advanced my level this fast, right?]

    This great surprise… had been an accident in reality!

    He stared blankly for a long time before he was able to come back to himself. Jun Mo Xie half-believed he was dreaming. So, he waved his hand. And, a blue light emanated from it. Moreover, it was a bright light-blue in color. [This is definitely Sky Xuan realm’s initial level!]

    [But how is this possible?]

    [Don't tell me that using the Flame of Primal Chaos has produced such a great effect?!] The Young Master Jun couldn’t help but be immensely pleased with himself. In fact, he had even forgotten about how terror stricken he had been a while ago…

    One must know that the Flame of Primal Chaos was the best flame for concocting pills. Moreover, it was also the origin of the fires of the world. And, it was the most destructive flame. No other flame in this world could surpass it.

    The Flame of Primal Chaos existed inside the Hong Jun Pagoda. And, the Hong Jun Pagoda existed inside Jun Mo Xie's consciousness. So, he would have to transfer it from the Hong Jun Pagoda if he wished to use it. In other words, the Young Master Jun would have to transfer it into his conscience from the Hong Jun Pagoda. And, as everyone knows… one’s conscience resides in one's mind… not in one's posterior

    It must be known that extracting such a dangerous entity into one’s mind, and then allowing it pass through one’s meridians could’ve easily caused extensive damage. In fact, it was even risker than walking on a tightrope ten-thousand feet above the ground.

    Jun Mo Xie knew that he was taking a risk when he had begun to use it. However, he hadn’t expected the danger and difficulty to be that immense. It was only due to the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune that he was successfully able to extract it. And, it was with the help of the Hong Jun Pagoda and the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune that he was able to safeguard his fragile meridians. Else, he would’ve died on the spot. He had been extremely lucky.

    Each and every condition had been indispensable.

    It must be said that he was ignorant and had experienced such a terrible situation thereof. But, his luck had also been unrivalled in this instance!

    It was as if a poor beggar had gone off to a desolate area in order to defecate. Then, he had extended his hand to grab a piece of stone in the hope of using it as a replacement for toilet paper. However, he had suddenly discovered a giant heap of gold instead of dog sh*t around him…

    The Young Master Jun’s situation was similar to that person’s lucky…

    Jun Mo Xie was flabbergasted. He had just met with an accident. But, he had also reached the initial level of the Sky Xuan realm. And, this fact was undeniable.

    A seventeen-year-old Sky Xuan expert!

    His cultivation had reached the Sky Xuan realm in four months!

    He was a mere level-three Xuan practitioner four months ago. But, he had become a Sky Xuan expert in four months. His speed was so frightful that it was almost like sitting on a rocket and shooting up…

    Jun Mo Xie was overjoyed. Then, he suddenly remembered, [my Xuan cultivation has taken such an astonishing jump. What about the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune? What level would the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune have advanced to?]

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