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Chapter 375:Turning Ordinary Iron into Wonderful Gold!

    Chapter 375:Turning Ordinary Iron into Wonderful Gold!

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    This had come to happen because Dugu Xiao Yi had heard someone say that a man and a woman they could never be separated once they’ve ‘cooked rice’. The man would then have to take responsibility of the woman. Dugu Xiao Yi obviously had no idea about how this particular ‘rice’ was ‘cooked’.

    Moreover, she had no idea about the effects the aphrodisiac would have. Dugu Xiao Yi only knew that the aphrodisiac would help her with the cooking of this rice. And, that’s why she had created such a huge drama.

    "Brother Mo Xie is mine; he’s all mine! Humph!" Dugu Xiao Yi opened her luggage trunk, and started to pick out some clothes. And then, she started to try on her clothes in anticipation of what clothing would be more effective in making Jun Mo Xie cook this delicious rice.

    The Young Master Jun was in a cheerful mood at that time. But, he was inside the Hong Jun Pagoda. So, he couldn’t have anticipated that a little witch had marked him for ‘cooking rice’, and was preparing the boiler pan for the same…

    In fact, Dugu Xiao Yi wouldn’t have needed to make so much effort if he had known about it since he would’ve made the ‘cooking’ preparation on his own. Moreover, the end result is always softer if the weapon is hardened by its own effort…

    Dugu Xiao Yi hummed a song as she continued to look for the appropriate clothes. Then, the curtain behind her suddenly opened, and an elegant fragrance filled her tent. It was Guan Qing Han.

    The leader of the troops had gone looking for Guan Qing Han. He obviously hadn’t dared to speak about the aphrodisiac scene. The man had only stammered that his Young Lady had been acting quite strangely for the past few days. And, he had added that her mood seemed to be quite odd. Moreover, he had told her that he was worried that some accident might take place since she may have some illness and so on…

    The more he stammered… the more Guan Qing Han became worried. And, she started to think that Dugu Xiao Yi may have some strange illness. She heard him as he spoke with great difficulty, and then rushed over after he had finished…

    "What’s the matter, little sister Xiao Yi? Are you unwell? Quickly tell your elder sister!" Guan Qing Han anxiously asked the moment she came in.

    Those sudden questions scared Dugu Xiao Yi out of her reverie. She jumped and shouted in shock. Then, she turned around, and asked in panic, "Why are you here sister Guan? Do you also want the medicine?"

    "Me? Medicine…? I’m not ill. What will I do with it?" This had given Guan Qing Han the confirmation that Dugu Xiao was indeed not feeling well. [Why else would she take medicine? And, why would she ask me to take it too?]

    "Ah!" Dugu Xiao Yi relaxed and breathed easy. Then, she patted her chest in fright. After that, the little girl asked in a tone which evidently portrayed the fears that still lingered, "I thought you had come over to contest with me from making the ‘cooking’ preparations. But, you haven’t. Thankfully, you haven’t!"

    "Cooking? What are you preparing to cook?" Guan Qing Han called out in shock. She had an extremely concerned expression on her face. The young woman moved her hand, and felt Dugu Xiao Yi’s forehead, "What’s wrong with you, little sister Xiao Yi? What’re you talking about… why are you being so incoherent?"

    [Ah, first she asked me if I want the medicine. And then, she wants to know if I’m going to stop her from making her preparations? But, how can the two of us prepare medicine in this military encampment? Moreover, Dugu Xiao Yi is preparing medicine? Isn’t this too strange?]

    "I’m fine. It’s nothing. Ha ha ha… it’s nothing… nothing at all… ha ha ha ha…" Dugu Xiao Yi gave a hollow laugh. But, she looked somewhat frantic. In fact, the guilt of her conscience made her reach out and feel the item that lay wrapped inside her clothing. Then, she became determined, and slyly looked up at Guan Qing Han and stammered, "Oh by the way… has he returned, elder sister Guan?"

    "He’s not back yet," A concerned expression emerged on Guan Qing Han’s face. But then, she continued in a consoling tone, "Don’t worry, okay? It’s nothing. He’s powerful, and he has so many tricks up his sleeves! So, what could possibly happen to him? I think he’ll be back in some time."

    Dugu Xiao Yi chuckled for a bit. She then spoke with relief, "Exactly! That guy’s skill is amazing! I’m sure he won’t have any mishap! I’m just waiting for him to return because I need to look for him over something."

    "You’re waiting for him to return? What are you looking for him over?" Guan Qing Han asked. [It’s unlikely that Dugu Xiao Yi would be overly worried. So, isn’t this too weird?] The more she thought about it — the more she couldn’t help getting worried.

    "I was waiting for him to return so that we can cook… ha ha ha… uh…" Dugu Xiao Yi almost blurt-out everything. But then, she quickly changed the topic, "I’ll go out and see if Little White has returned or not. I haven’t seen my sweet little thing for so many days. I really miss him."

    Her face had reddened by the time she managed to lower it. She then picked at the hem of her jacket with her chin she walked out of the cramped tent. She reprimanded herself as she walked; [Dugu Xiao Yi, oh Dugu Xiao Yi… why did you have to lose your cool like that? If the plan got leaked… what would have happened to your pre-emptive move if sister Guan found out…?]

    Guan Qing Han had secretly determined a course of action. [Dugu Xiao Yi seems to have a real issue. She usually doesn’t behave in this manner. She’s not making sense. Her actions are strange. I will follow her closely, and I’ll keep watch over her.] Then, she walked out of the tent as well.

    It was already the noon of the third day by the time Young Master Jun stopped the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune and came out of the Hong Jun Pagoda.

    He continued to ponder over something as he returned to Southern Heaven City. [The ‘power of gold’ and ‘power of wood’ seem to be very magical. It’s a pity that I don’t know how to exploit them…]

    [Turn ordinary metals into wonderful gold. Obliterate everything into nothingness. This would mean that I can turn normal metal into a Devine Weapon with the help of this power? Isn’t this the only way I could obliterate everything into nothingness…?]

    However, Jun Mo Xie scolded himself the moment he thought of this. [Could something like this even exist in this world? Won’t that be tantamount to touching a normal item and turning it into gold? Isn’t that something very unnatural? That’s merely a divine magic technique from the legends.]

    Pitiful Young Master Jun… he didn’t even know that the skills he had mastered until this point were no less than a divine magic in their own merit. They were ultra-powerful techniques.

    Being able to practice and cultivate to the top in a smooth manner wasn’t something unprecedented in history. But, the extremely rapid speed of his cultivation would leave many men to break their skulls for failing to comprehend the strangeness of it…

    Jun Mo Xie figured that it had been around two days since he had disappeared. So, his Third Uncle must have been worried. Or perhaps, he wasn’t. After all, his Third Uncle knew of his methods. But, the same couldn’t be said for his three maternal uncles. So, he couldn’t tarry for even a moment. He went straight to the Southern Heaven City, and ran straight into Dongfang Wen Jian thereafter. He was obviously admonished to great lengths, was then sent to Jun Wu Yi's tent with an armed escort.

    The news of Jun Mo Xie's return obviously became the most important one. And, it was eventually passed onto Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi as well. Guan Qing Han was very relieved. In fact, it could also be said that she felt a little pleased. Dugu Xiao Yi had suddenly started to blush when she found out about his return. Her little heart had skipped a beat, and was unable to stabilize for a long while. No one could tell what that little girl was thinking…

    Jun Mo Xie dealt with the indiscriminate admonitions by Jun Wu Yi. The Young Master Jun's skin was obviously thicker than the city's walls. So, he smiled through the entire lecture. He disappeared like smoke after it came to an end, and escaped to his own tent.

    Jun Mo Xie sat up straight, and started to think about his newly acquired capability. Then, he took a blade that was hung in his tent, and decided to test if his new and miraculous magical power had any worth to it…

    Jun Mo Xie exhaled deeply as he held the blade. After that, he half-closed his eyes, and started to move the "Power of Gold" within his body. It moved to his palms through his meridians, and then onto his fingers. Then, it was transferred into that cold and shining blade that he held in his hand.

    A strange transformation for occurred in a blink of an eye.

    A faint golden light started to flicker. After that, the entire blade was illuminated by a splendid and starry-sky-like reverie.

    The bright light flashed for a moment and disappeared without a trace. And then, a green smoke smoldered for a while. Then, it disappeared as well. Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes, and couldn’t help but be dumbstruck as he saw what he held in his hand.

    [My God!]

    The half-a-man sized broadsword in his hand had disappeared. And, it had instead been replaced by a tiny toothpick-sized one.

    It perhaps couldn’t be called a blade anymore. It was more like a needle. Moreover, it was like a needle, but it weighed ten times the weight of a normal one.

    However, it was distinctly visible that this needle was in the shape of knife. And, that was precisely in accordance with what Jun Mo Xie had wanted it to be. Jun Mo Xie had wanted the shape of this broadsword to be altered into a ‘very small’ knife at the time he had initiated the ‘Power of Gold’…

    The only difference was that it had shrunk thousands of times in size.

    And that was all!

    Jun Mo Xie was between laughter and tears. He had started to believe the line, "turn ordinary iron into wonderful gold,' to be true. However, the existence of such a method was in defiance of heaven's will. Moreover, it wasn't that a piece of iron that been turned into wonderful gold. Rather, this piece of iron had been compressed to its highest strength. There was another great advantage in addition to this. This piece of metal could take any shape he desired it to take.

    Jun Mo Xie was puzzled. So, he took hold of another blade, and tried to use that miraculous magic again. However, he watched the transformation process with rapt attention this time. So, he saw everything happen very clearly this time.

    [My original guess was actually right! It unexpectedly shrunk!]

    He had seen the golden light flicker in the air. The light had then flashed brilliantly. And, it had disappeared after that. This was followed by a faint green smoke; this smoke had smelled like vomit. The blade had disappeared with the rising smoke, and had been replaced by a tiny toothpick sized "pocket knife."

    Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly at this result. He would perhaps need a mountain of refined iron if he wanted to build a proper sword which possessed the same quality that these two tiny ones did.

    Moreover, these two new blades were surely tooth-pick sized, but they weighed several times more. [Wouldn’t a properly sized sword of this quality weight hundreds of pounds? It would be a Divine Weapon in more than just its name. But, who would be able to wield it?]

    Jun Mo Xie’s hands loosened, and the two toothpick-sized blades slipped through his fingers and fell down. He only heard a faint sound as an unbelievable event occurred in front of him. The willow wood table in front of him was pierced by the two tiny blades. In fact, they punched holes in it with the same ease a hot knife would pass through butter. He couldn’t tell where they had gone at first. But, he then heard them run through, and pierce into the ground. Even the handle of the blades weren’t visible above the ground anymore…

    Jun Mo Xie was left dumbstruck by this…

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