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Chapter 377:I Won’t Play, Would You?

    Chapter 377:I Won’t Play, Would You?

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    Dugu Xiao Yi wanted to cry but had no tears left. [What do I do? There was a lot of that stuff in it. That was a lot of it ah! How did he drink all of it so quickly…? I only wanted him to drink a little cup from it… I just wanted him to drink a little bit…]

    Who wouldn’t have thought about the occurrence of this error? An ordinary person tries to take every factor into account. But, Dugu Xiao Yi’s mental state had gone to trash. So, she had put a massive amount of the drug into that bottle of wine. Who spikes a person’s drink so heavily? Other people would’ve shaken their heads if they had seen this happen. Forget about others… Jun Mo Xie would’ve shaken his head to no end if he had known about this…

    This had turned into a matter of life and death. However, the main question was… whose life and death? Dugu Xiao Yi’s brain had gone completely blank at this time…

    "What’s wrong, little girl." Jun Mo Xie felt odd after he looked at Dugu Xiao Yi’s strange expression. So, he asked her.

    "No… Nothing… Why?" Dugu Xiao Yi was rattled. She sized-up Jun Mo Xie several times. But, nothing seemed different about Jun Mo Xie. She felt that there was something amiss. And, she wanted to assess the situation. Therefore, Dugu Xiao cautiously asked in a hopeful tone, "You… feel nothing?"

    "What could I feel, ah? I’m… good. I just felt a bit parched a moment ago. But, I’m fine after having drunk all that," Jun Mo Xie felt a little mystified. He felt that he didn’t understand something. [There shouldn’t be a matter with the amount I’ve gulped down in one go. There’s definitely something else going on.] So, he obviously felt that the little girl’s unusual actions must’ve had some reasons to them.

    "You’re fine? You’re really fine? I mean… you’re not even feeling a little hot? …like you’re being cooked or something…?" Dugu Xiao Yi relaxed to some extent, and asked in a scientist-like tone. The little girl had had some expectations in her heart. But, she couldn’t have guessed that the-said development would make her feel like crying…

    "Feel like I’m being cooked…? No…" Jun Mo Xie felt even stranger. [What’s wrong with this girl today? She’s talking in a very strange manner. I’m not something one can eat. So, why would I be cooked?] The Young Master Jun then extended his hand, and touched Dugu Xiao Yi’s forehead. And, he determined that she didn’t have a fever. So, he asked, "Are you unwell little girl? You’re acting very weird today."

    "That’s good! That’s very good! Not having that feeling is excellent!" Dugu Xiao Yi patted the pit of her stomach, and breathed a long sigh of relief after she saw Jun Mo Xie’s reaction. She was looking forward to seeing Jun Mo Xie getting thoroughly ‘cooked’. But, she was also anxious about inciting some mishap since he ingested a large quantity of that item. However, she became extremely relaxed after Jun Mo Xie reacted in a normal manner. She had barely relaxed when she suddenly recalled something, and a scowl appeared across her face as a result of this realization. So, the little girl cursed inwardly, "That’s so despicable! That young soldier gave me a fake item!"

    He obviously hadn’t given her a fake item. The thing was that the little girl had never seen such things. So, she was unaware that such things didn’t take effect immediate-after they had entered one’s throat. Which drug in that world would work so quickly… except for the one used by the Emperors to bring about the death of an enemy?

    The little girl obviously didn’t realize the seriousness of that matter once she saw that the Young Master Jun didn’t feel very different. Therefore, she left the entire topic after she had sighed for a while.

    "Fake? What’s fake…?" Jun Mo Xie sighed helplessly, and rubbed his temples as he considered her words. He had vaguely understood that there was an eighty-percent chance that the little girl was playing some scheme with him. The Young Master then felt his head ache as he thought about this, and said, "What’s wrong with you today, little woman? Why are you saying stuff which others can’t understand? Can you talk properly or not?"

    Dugu Xiao Yi looked-on as Jun Mo Xie questioned her, but her heart was filled with the thought that she had been cheated. And, she got angrier as she gave more heed to that thought. Therefore, the more she pondered over it… the more she felt cheated. So, she suddenly shouted, "That’s very despicable!" And then, she rushed out. Her posture made it rather evident that she had rushed out in powerful fit of rage. [That Skinny Monkey was dead the moment he gave me that medicine!]

    Dugu Xiao Yi was acting on impulse. She had been looking forward to ‘cooking’ the Young Master Jun and fulfilling her desires thereafter. Speaking of the effect — the medicine would slowly start to show its effect after it had been ingested. Its effect wouldn’t be fast in the beginning. But, it’ll have a huge effect later on. It obviously wouldn’t have made much of a difference in the beginning when one takes Jun Mo Xie’s physique into consideration. But, it would start to flow through his blood vessels with the passage of time. And, it would spread throughout his body thereafter. Then, its effect would become increasingly fierce with the passage of time, and the effect would spread rapidly throughout his body. And, Jun Mo Xie would start to experience the effect once that time would be upon…

    Jun Mo Xie’s innate aura had good resistance against most drugs. So, Dugu Xiao Yi’s terrifying medicine wouldn’t have had much of an effect on Jun Mo Xie if he hadn’t drunk the whole thing in one go due to extreme thirst. He would’ve at most become ‘excited’ for a moment under normal circumstances…

    However, the situation was different in this case. Jun Mo Xie had been very thirsty at that time. So, he had drunk the whole thing in a go, and had finished the entire bottle in a second. And, his blood vessels had been filled with the medicine’s essence as a result. Moreover, this drug was meant to increase a male’s libido. It was unusual in its nature, but it couldn’t be classified as a ‘poison’. So, the aura inside the Hong Jun Pagoda was completely helpless against it.

    The Young Master Jun seemed to have been ‘cooked’…

    "Who is too despicable? Tell me. I’ll help you vent your anger." Jun Mo Xie reached out to stop Dugu Xiao Yi as he saw her leave. He found this amusing. His interest had been piqued by that girl as a result. [You haven’t said why you want to leave…? You think you can leave like that?] Jun Mo Xie wanted to know what had made Dugu Xiao Yi abandon her plan.

    "They are too hateful! I, I, I" Dugu Xiao Yi's face had reddened since she couldn't control her rage anymore, "I had planned to cook something, but they didn't give me the real thing they're big bullies! They figured that I wouldn't understand this matter. So, they cheated me! Did they genuinely believe that it would be fine to deceive this little girl?!"

    Dugu Xiao Yi was eager for a fight. Her long and shapely eyebrows shot up as she spoke. Then, she instinctively felt that something was wrong. So, she immediately stopped speaking. Then, the little girl looked at Jun Mo Xie. She then blinked, and asked in surprise, "Huh? Why is your complexion so red, brother Mo Xie?"

    Jun Mo Xie felt that something was wrong as Dugu Xiao Yi asked this. Moreover, his body had suddenly started to feel feverish. Then, he felt a tumultuous and raging fire burst forth inside his dantian, and his eyes started to turn red. The Young Master then felt a volcanic-eruption-like sensation in his chest. After that, he suddenly felt that an impulse had started to rise within his body

    [What's going on?]

    Jun Mo Xie had always been an astute man. And, he had experienced two lifetimes. So, he had already understood what that thing was. He clenched his teeth, and lowered his head. He replayed everything in his mind, and realized what had come to happen. Then, the Young Master Jun reprimanded Dugu Xiao Yi from the bottom of his heart, [Girl! Oh, little girl! What you did isn't good! You shouldn’t have done this to me! The purity that I’ve conducted myself over these two lifetimes has been destroyed by you!] He looked at Dugu Xiao Yi as he thought about purity. And, the more he thought about it… the more his blood vessels opened. And, he started to lose control. Jun Mo Xie felt as if he was suffering the pain of fighting against the heavens. And, his expression also got increasingly sinister…

    "You you you what's going on? You don't scare me I" the little girl started becoming scared. And, she drew back with debilitating fear. Dugu Xiao Yi's unfathomable womanly intuition started giving her warnings of an impending crisis as she looked at Jun Mo Xie's sinister expressions. The little girl's courage to ‘cook’ fled her soul as she saw Jun Mo Xie getting ‘cooked’. Dugu Xiao Yi thought about this strange coincidence, and realized something as she looked at him… [He’s being cooked by the medicine I gave him. I want to go home!]

    Jun Mo Xie's breathing became increasingly heavy. He tried his best to control his inherent male instinct. But, the more he tried to resist… the more enticing the attraction from that green-clothed Young Lady's fragrance became for him.

    The attraction was extremely hard to resist!

    He couldn’t endure it.

    Controlling himself was becoming extremely difficult

    "You put some medicine inside that wine bottle…?!" Jun Mo Xie stepped forward. His nostrils were flared, and he breathed out warm air. It seemed like his nostrils were on fire.

    "Yes, I wanted to cook rice with you! I had no other intention!" Dugu Xiao looked at him in a miserable manner. And, she stepped back as he advanced. The Young Lady looked frenetic and confused as she looked at Jun Mo Xie's sinister expression. In fact, she was frightened-enough to cry out.

    "You wanted to cook rice with me? What does that mean?" Jun Mo Xie’s mind was in chaos, but he still became startled for a subtle moment. However, he thought about it for a moment, and realized its meaning. [Of course… that’s what ‘cooking rice’ means!] He couldn’t help but smirk in anger. He couldn’t prevent his heart from harboring further scruples. Then, the Young Master gnashed his teeth, and mocked her, "You wanted to ‘cook rice’ with me… so, you gave me that medicine? You thought you would just wave your hand, and I would be ‘cooked’? Do you know what the true cost of that matter is…?"

    "…I can see… that you still haven’t been cooked. You… stay away from me!" Dugu Xiao Yi was trembling. In fact, her body had nearly cringed. She had already retracted her steps to the corner of the tent. So, there was no place left to retreat…

    This made Dugu Xiao Yi feel very aggrieved.


    [Why? He has obviously taken the medicine. So, why is he behaving like this with me? He’s also come close to me… is it a good thing or not? I’m extremely afraid! I’m scared… I’m very scared! He looks so fierce…] Dugu Xiao Yi’s body had frozen. She felt that matching her gaze with Jun Mo Xie’s was giving her electric shocks. And, this was making her even more frightened. Dugu Xiao Yi couldn’t bear it anymore. She was at her limit. And so, she finally cried out, "I’m sorry! Let me go! I shouldn’t have messed with you! I don’t want to mess with you!"

    The little girl had genuinely come to regret her actions at this time. It had turned out like a situation where she had started a car, but couldn’t stop it no matter what she did. However, that wasn’t all there was to this situation. Jun Mo Xie had been enduring a lot of pain at this time. In fact, his condition was that of an arrow which was off its bow — there was nothing the arrow could do to retrace its trajectory. And, this situation was nothing like what Dugu Xiao Yi had expected it to be. [Boo hoo! Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?]

    Soon, a real hand-to-hand fight had broken out inside that tent.

    Then, suddenly…

    "Jun Mo Xie! What are you doing?" a sharp voice echoed.

    Guan Qing Han had suddenly arrived like a divine savior to rescue Dugu Xiao Yi at that crucial moment.

    "Huh? Jun Mo Xie! You, you, you despicable man! You let Xiao Yi go right this instant!" Guan Qing Han shouted. Her entire face reddened as she rushed forward.

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