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Chapter 378:Must Have a Clear Conscience

    Chapter 378:Must Have a Clear Conscience

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    The two people who were present inside the tent were almost… intimate. One look at the scene, and it was evident that Jun Mo Xie was using force since Dugu Xiao Yi wasn’t willing. It was an ‘embarrassing’ scene to look at…

    Dugu Xiao Yi and Guan Qing Han had been sitting together some time ago. Dugu Xiao Yi had sneakily taken out her musical pipe, and had asked if Guan Qing Han would take a closer look it. The art of playing musical pipes had been one of the greatest interests of Guan Qing Han’s life. And so, she had gleefully agreed, and had taken that so that she could take assess it.

    However, Guan Qing Han hadn’t begun to inspect it when Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly clutched her stomach. And, she then said that she needed to leave. She had hurriedly fled the tent after that. Guan Qing Han obviously hadn’t suspected her of anything at that time. In addition, Dugu Xiao Yi had reddened all over, and it had genuinely seemed that she was at her limit. Moreover, she had also made a strange sound. Therefore, Guan Qing Han let her go, and started to inspect the musical pipe instead. She looked through the slender hole, and tested the sound for a while. And then, she started to wait for the little girl to return.

    However, she didn’t return in the first minute… or the second one. There was no trace of the little girl in the third or fourth minute either. So, Guan Qing Han couldn’t help but become anxious. She then finally went out to look for Dugu Xiao Yi, and asked the soldiers if they had seen the Young Lady Dugu. The soldiers merely pointed their fingers in the direction she had fled to…

    She followed their directions, and asked along. And, she got to know that Dugu Xiao Yi had gone to Jun Mo Xie’s tent. She found this rather amusing. But, she also felt another indescribable sensation in heart…

    [I had suggested that the two of us would go together to meet that guy. But, I never anticipated that Dugu Xiao Yi would use such a trick to ditch me, and would run away to his tent alone…]

    Jun Mo Xie was already there. So, there would presumably be no danger to Dugu Xiao Yi. Therefore, Guan Qing Han had hesitated outside the entrance, and had decided to go back. However, she suddenly heard something strange at that moment — Dugu Xiao Yi had shouted for help…

    [This can’t be good…?] Guan Qung Han suddenly remembered that Jun Mo Xie had acted like a complete debauchee until a few months back. So, she became nervous as she thought… [Could it be?]

    Dugu Xiao Yi’s shouts became increasingly shrill, and had soon turned into weeping. Therefore, Guan Qing Han finally made up her mind, and rushed in.

    She knew she had to rush in, but she had never expected to witness such an awkward scene inside the tent…

    Guan Qing Han felt her heart break, and became extremely disheartened. In fact, she became teary-eyed as she spoke, "You’ve really disappointed me, Jun Mo Xie!"

    However, it didn’t matter how Guan Qing Han felt. Jun Mo Xie had lost his mind by now. He couldn’t hear what she was saying. In fact, he wouldn’t have cared or understood even if he had heard it in his present state of mind

    "Hurry up and save me sister Guan! Boo hoo…" Dugu Xiao Yi cried as she implored. Her tear-stained face was grief-stricken, and looked very pitiful.

    Guan Qing Han became extremely angry, "You beast! You still haven’t release her!" she spoke those words, and rushed forward. She then started to push Jun Mo Xie on his side. But, she couldn’t move him despite having used the entirety of her strength.

    Dugu Xiao Yi somehow managed to bend her legs from underneath Jun Mo Xie’s body. And, she exerted with every ounce of force she had inside her body. And, she was somehow able to push away Jun Mo Xie to the side with Guan Qing Han’s help. What was revealed thereafter… was that the translucent white skin of Dugu Xiao Yi’s top half. In fact, it seemed as if her skin was blooming with flowers. However, the fact was that… Jun Mo Xie had wreaked havoc on Dugu Xiao Yi’s tender skin, and had covered it with love bites…

    Jun Mo Xie was confused and muddleheaded in this moment, and couldn't use any skills because of that. Otherwise, even ten Guan Qing Hans would’ve been of no help.

    Dugu Xiao Yi was terrified. She felt ashamed. She used this opportunity to crawl away with difficulty. Then, she threw herself into Guan Qing Han’s embrace, and burst into tears.

    "What’s going on?" Guan Qing Han grabbed the side of Jun Mo Xie’s fallen robe, and covered Dugu Xiao Yi’s body with it.

    However, Dugu Xiao Yi hadn’t even had the time to reply when Jun Mo Xie pounced at them from behind like an evil wolf.

    The Young Lady Dugu cried out in fear. She was frightened out of her wits. She wrapped the cloak tighter, and tried to escape in a frantic manner. Dugu Xiao Yi had gotten very frightened

    Jun Mo Xie’s condition was like that of an arrow which had been shot from a bow… but had lost its target. What could the arrow do? The arrow obviously didn’t realize that its original target had been replaced with a different person. Therefore, he pounced like a tiger, and grabbed the new target.

    Guan Qing Han’s delicate body shuddered as she shouted sternly, "Jun Mo Xie! You’ve gone mad! You still think I…" she hadn’t finished speaking when she suddenly saw Jun Mo Xie’s reddened face, his red eyes, and his confused expression. It was very unlike the calm and collected appearance of the past. It was evident that he had lost his sense of reason. She couldn’t help but become shocked at realizing this

    [What’s going on?!]

    Guan Qing Han was a maiden herself. But, she was older than Dugu Xiao Yi. And, her knowledge was much more profound than the little girl’s. She hadn’t noticed this when she had stepped in. But, she had seen the anomaly now, and could guess what had happened to Jun Mo Xie.


    [Moreover, it looks like a very fierce dose! Things wouldn’t have turned out like this otherwise!]

    Guan Qing Han wanted to draw her sword to scare Jun Mo Xie away. But, she hesitated for a moment. She was anyway a step too late. Jun Mo Xie pounced like a predator, and caught hold of her. Then, he puckered his mouth to kiss her…

    Guan Qing Han was suspicious, embarrassed, and worried at that moment. She shoved and jostled with everything she had. But, how could her strength compare to that of a grown man like Jun Mo Xie? Moreover, she could obviously see the danger Jun Mo Xie was in. And, her heart couldn’t endure the sight of that. So, she simply didn’t know what she should do…

    [Just look at Jun Mo Xie’s current condition… He may not be able to give vent to his urges if I leave… Would he be able to bear the effect of such a strong drug? His mind might shatter, and he might even lose his life…]

    Guan Qing Han had always carried herself in a frost-like cold manner. And, she hadn’t regarded Jun Mo Xie in a good light either. But, he was her younger brother-in-law at the end of the day. And, he was also the last surviving member of the Jun Family’s younger generation. Moreover, that image of him fiercely standing up to the world for the wrongs that had been done to her was still deeply engraved in her mind.

    The lonely heart of a twenty-year-old woman started to throb again. [This outstanding youngster has been so protective towards me! Will I just look-on as he goes through such torment? Also, he might suffer some grave consequences…]

    [Jun Mo Xie had dared to stand against the entire world by setting himself against the Xue Hun Manor for my sake. He didn’t shrink back even once! Shouldn’t I repay the affection of his friendship?]

    [The Jun Family didn’t care that I didn’t belong to their family. They still took action under those circumstances, and made every effort to protect me. So, how can I just look-on while the sole heir of the family suffers like this from an aphrodisiac?]

    [Even my foster father — Jun Wu Yi — was humiliated in a hundred ways by the Xue Hun Manor these past few days in this Southern heaven City. He was even entrapped by them. And, all of that had happened because of me. He barely managed to escape with his life. But, he would’ve died in this battle if he wasn’t lucky… and if someone hadn’t secretly rendered aid.]

    [All of that was for my sake!]

    [And now… Jun Mo Xie has been poison to such a degree… can I really walk away from this…?]

    [Jun Mo Xie has had a favorable impression of me ever since I’ve come to the Jun Family. And, he had tried to express his feelings with his debaucheries and mockeries. However, I’ve now come to realize that he had deliberately disguised himself like that. But, why did he do that? Why did he confess at that time?]

    [Such kind of feelings are very rare to come by nowadays… can I remain indifferent to that?]

    [Rare gems are easy to find. But, a paramour is hard to come by.]

    [How could the so-called ‘young talents’ of the other aristocratic families compare to Jun Mo Xie’s heavenly genius…? And, I have freedom over my body now. But…]

    The tide within Guan Qing Han was unexpectedly fluctuating in a crazed manner at this time.

    It had to be said that Jun Mo Xie's acts of ‘deep friendship’ were a misunderstanding on Guan Qing Han's part. Because… this wasn’t the original Jun Mo Xie inside that body! Jun Mo Xie's body was the same. But, the soul inside had been exchanged with another person’s. Therefore, everything related to the previous Young Master Jun had no relation to the current Jun Mo Xie.

    However, even the body appeared to be different at this time.

    It couldn't be said that Jun Mo Xie didn't have a certain degree of affection towards Guan Qing Han. However, the cold-blooded killer's feelings were somewhat distant. In fact, they were nothing close to those of red-hot passion. Moreover, they were distant-enough to negate the very thought of a marriage.

    The current Jun Mo Xie's nature was unruly and unrestrained. He was unscrupulous as well. But, he would never take initiative on his own to confess his feelings. In fact, he would stay unmarried if it weren't for the women chasing him… or his grandfather forcing marriage arrangements on him.

    This was because the current Jun Mo Xie's way of thinking was that of his previous life's King of Assassins’. And, getting married was an inconceivable luxury for an assassin!

    Guan Qing Han was lost in her own thoughts when she was alarmed by something. And then, she saw the fire of lust burning in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. But, a tender feeling arose within her

    [Oh, oh]

    [Let me use this life to repay the great kindness the Jun Family has bestowed upon me.] Guan Qing Han quietly closed her eyes, and beautiful tears flowed down her cheeks.

    She had already abandoned all resistance…

    The little girl had been scared out of her wits, and had escaped to her own tent like a wisp of smoke. She then quickly changed her clothes, and rested a bit since she was panic-stricken. Her entire upper body felt feverish, and awful very awful

    [My God!] Dugu Xiao Yi patted her stomach since a sense of fear still lingered over her psyche. She recalled the fierce appearance on Jun Mo Xie’s face. It had looked like he would’ve eaten her… like he would’ve swallowed her whole…

    [Thank heavens for elder sister Qing Han]

    [Ah! Elder Sister Guan!]

    Dugu Xiao Yi immediately stood up. Her beautiful eyes were opened to their limits. [How could I just escape and forget about elder sister Guan? Brother Mo Xie has been cooked since he took that medicine! What if he hurts elder sister Guan? How can I let Elder Sister suffer like that? And, that too because of my sins?]

    Dugu Xiao Yi became restless, and rushed out from her tent like a tornado. Nothing mattered at that time. She used her skills, and madly rushed towards Commander Jun Wu Yi's tent.

    Jun Wu Yi, Solitary Falcon, and the three Dongfang brothers were discussing the withdrawal of troops when they saw the tent flap open. Dugu Xiao Yi rushed in breathlessly, "Third Uncle Jun… ke ke Brother Mo Xie has had an accident in his tent… hurry up and go there if you’re late it'll be bad for elder sister Guan"

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