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Chapter 413–Great Golden-Winged Peng

    Chapter 413–Great Golden-Winged Peng

    Yun Xi’s pretty face was slightly blushing, and she wanted to let go of Shi Hao’s arm. With the redness on her beautiful complexion, she looked even more alluring.

    Her beautiful hair was bright and gentle. Her skin was sparkling and full of luster. Her physique was elegant and curvy, so outstanding that others couldn’t help but be drawn to her charm. She was truly beautiful.

    However, Shi Hao did not allow her to let go and asked, “Even if you want to return to my village, you shouldn’t have been in that much of a hurry, right?”

    Not far away, the expressions of several pure-blooded creatures became ugly. All of their moods became utterly terrible after seeing the Archaic Divine Mountains’ most famous goddess walk that close to Shi Hao.

    “Where is my clan’s divine magical artifact?” The purple-clothed Yun Xi asked. She seemed extremely stirred up; it was clear that she had an ulterior motive.

    Shi Hao was startled. How could she ask for that precious artifact as soon as they met? Didn’t he already say that he wouldn’t exchange it no matter what? After seeing Second Baldy and being reminded again, it was even less likely for him to agree.

    “Please return my precious artifact. I could use other items to exchange for it.” Yun Xi spoke. After seeing Shi Hao again after a year and a half, she naturally became extremely excited. At the same time, she was rather anxious, for she was scared that he would refuse again.

    “I thought you wanted to return with me back to my village, yet in the end, you wanted to bicker over this matter. In that case, there isn’t much that needs to be said.” Shi Hao refused.

    “What do you need in order to return it?” Yun Xi asked. Within her excitement was also fury.

    “Yun Xi, what exactly does he owe you? Say it out loud for everyone to heard. With so many people here, how could justice not be brought to light?” A youth spoke up. He was a newcomer that came from outside the garden. He was one or two years older than Shi Hao and came from the Archaic Divine Mountains.

    He had a head of blond hair, and his eyes were flickering with golden radiance. His face did not carry any arrogance, but a glint flashed through the depths of his eyes.

    “This is one of the great Peng Race’s youth.” Not far away, a few old cultivators were shaken. They understood this youth’s background and became horrified.

    It was because the great golden-winged peng was definitely one of the world’s most powerful races. They were known to be able to devour deities and sweep through everyone before it. They looked down on the entire archaic era.

    This race not only ate gods and devils, they’ve become deities themselves. Moreover, those that became heavenly deities weren’t just one or two. From the archaic times until now, they were always ranked within the wasteland region’s most tyrannical races.

    How powerful was the archaic golden-winged peng? It was the direct child of the Kun Peng, and it had the most powerful bloodline. Even though it was still a bit off from the archaic vicious ten, its power had always remained shocking.

    “This one must be brother Shi, the supreme youth. I have been looking forward to meeting you.” The youth cupped his hands in greeting and did not lack in manners.

    Shi Hao nodded and didn’t say much. RIght now, he was comparable to an older generation king level figure, so this naturally wasn’t too rude. This was an era where the most powerful reigned supreme.

    A glint flashed through the golden-haired youth. He could also be considered a formidable and shockingly talented genius. Even if older generation figures saw him, they would also exclaim in admiration. He never expected that Shi Hao would merely nod, making him feel rather uneasy.

    “Brother Shi, what exactly did you take from Yun Xi? Could you please just return it?”

    “You don’t even know what I took, yet you want me to return it. Are you sure that I owe her anything?” Shi Hao calmly replied.

    He could tell that this pure-blooded peng race youth was extremely arrogant. Even though he didn’t act rudely on the surface, he was extremely unwilling inside. He was merely enduring it all silently.

    “Yun Xi has already stated that you owe her a magical artifact, so how could there be a mistake?” The youth spoke. His eyes were bright as he looked at Shi Hao, not showing any signs of fear.

    Right now, the little Stone’s might was utterly shocking. Forget about those his age, even the older generation would feel restraining fear. Right now, under these circumstances, he was practically invincible.

    All of the creatures believed that they should move out of his way. They were all extremely fearful of him.

    In reality, they believed that no one dared to provoke him, yet right now, a golden-winged great peng was confronting Shi Hao. Even though it couldn’t be considered a direct conflict, but he seemed to want to ‘argue for what is right’, making many people cast sidelong glances.

    Could it be that he wants to challenge Shi Hao? Many people’s hearts began to jump. They felt a wave of excitement.

    “I say, I think a stalk of divine medicine that belongs to me landed in your clan. Can you please return it? Is that okay?” The big red bird continued and said, “Could it be that just because one raises a request, then it’s definitely true? If that’s the case, please return a stalk of divine medicine to me.”

    Everyone revealed expressions of shock. Could it be that they were going against each other tit for tat?

    “Dao friend, you are making trouble without reason.” The golden-haired youth shot the big red bird a look and then looked towards Shi Hao again and said, “Brother Shi, you clearly owe Yun Xi a precious artifact, so how could you not return it? With brother Shi’s current identity, you wouldn’t go so far as to refuse to admit this wrong, right?”

    Everyone became shocked. He actually dared to speak these words!

    Soon after, some people understood the reasoning. It was most likely not only because the purple-clothed girl was too beautiful, but also because as he was a Peng bird, he was interested in Shi Hao’s Kun Peng precious technique.

    “Right, this definitely has to be the case!”

    Everyone gasped. Today, another great disturbance was going to be created! Everyone clearly knew what kind of background the Peng Race possessed.

    It was rumored that the race’s greatest desire was to find the Kun Peng’s undamaged inheritance. They wouldn’t tolerate it ending up in anyone else’s hands. Right now, the rumor was that Shi Hao might have the Kun Peng technique, so it naturally startled the golden peng race.

    Even though this race was few in numbers, each and every one of them was terrifying. They were known as one of the most powerful pure-blooded creatures. It this was truly what the race thought, then they might try to get rid of Shi Hao while disregarding the consequences.

    It was possible that a supreme expert might emerge from their sealed mountains without fear of life or death.

    “Do I need your opinion when dealing with my matters?!” Shi Hao simply shot him a cold look, almost as if he didn’t put him in his eyes.

    The golden-haired youth was unsatisfied inside. This was a type of contempt. He already said so much, yet the other side didn’t seem to pay any attention or get angry. The other party didn’t seem to even think of himself as someone of the same level.

    Then, Shi Hao turned around and looked at Yun Xi. “That item was what your grandfather owed me. Didn’t we already talk this through last time? Why are you asking again?”

    Yun Xi grabbed him without letting go in fear of losing him. It was because that magical artifact was too important, and only as a pair could they create a key that could open up their sect gate.

    In reality, Shi Hao was already somewhat aware. When he returned to the village, Second Baldy had told him that this magical artifact definitely could not be given back. They had to worry a bit first, because it was just too important to them.

    Shi Hao had already guessed that Second Baldy might know the Celestial Race’s secret, and that’s why it was forced to hide in the Hundred Shattering Mountains before. This was probably the reason why it didn’t want to come out.

    The truth was not far from what he guessed. Right now, the Heavenly Divine Mountain’s people also finally understood that secret, only they were too late and could only regret. Their most important key was actually unintentionally gifted out, falling into Shi Hao’s hands.

    This was truly was a case of ‘what’s gone can never come back’.

    “I am willing to exchange with another divine magical artifact!” Yun Xi said.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that it was tied to a shocking great secret, touching upon the so called ‘divine domain’, she definitely wouldn’t act so anxiously.

    “Not exchanging!” Shi Hao shook his head and refused.

    “Brother Shi, acting like this isn’t too good. This is originally the Heavenly Divine Mountain’s treasure. If you take it for your own like this, it is a bit excessive.” The golden-haired youth opened his mouth again.

    “I am not an unreasonable person. You have also seen that Yun Xi admitted herself that the item is mine and that she just wants to exchange. Why is an outsider like you interfering?” Speaking up to this point, Shi Hao’s eyes erupted with divine radiance as they stared at him. His tone immediately became much more severe. “You’ve been speaking nonsense this entire time. Could it be that you think that I don’t dare to kill you?!”

    At this moment, he showed of his ability. His gaze was extremely terrifying, and a wave of forceful energy was released, forcing that golden-haired youth to take steps backwards. He was greatly shaken, and a wave of coldness ran through his body.

    He was still a golden-winged peng in the end, yet in front of Shi Hao, he still felt powerless.

    The golden-haired youth was unreconciled. In a loud voice, he said, “What do you mean outsider? Yun Xi will become my sister-in-law in the future, so I naturally can stand for what’s right. Why can’t I?”

    “Nonsense. I have nothing to do with your race,” Yun Xi retorted.

    “It’s him. Could it be that person returned?” Someone said in a soft voice, seemingly understanding something.

    “I’ve heard a rumor that the Golden-Winged Peng Race went to the Celestial Race to ask forgoddess Yun Xi’s hand in marriage.” Unknowingly when, two more pure-blooded creatures entered the garden and began to discuss this.

    “That person truly returned! He is known as the Archaic Divine Mountains’ most powerful genius!” Someone gasped.

    Soon after, everyone knew what was going on. The golden-haired youth’s older brother had left this region to learn through experience and hadn’t returned all this time. He must have returned to the wasteland region now.

    “I’ve heard this rumor!” said the nine-headed lion. Even he heard about this before, so it could be seen how powerful that Peng Race expert was.

    Shi Hao also seemed to realize with a flash what kind of figure it was. When he fought that great battle against the pure-blooded creatures, Yun Xi had said before that only one or two individuals could fight against him, only, those two geniuses have both left this region.

    It was clear that one of them was the Golden-Winged Peng Race’s most powerful genius, and he seems to have some kind of relationship with Yun Xi.

    “My clan elders have already departed to ask the Heavenly Divine Mountain for marriage. In addition, my elder brother has arrived too,” said the golden-haired youth. There was a bit of confidence in his expression, as well as a bit of pride.

    It was clear that he admired his elder brother greatly and believed in his strength.

    Shi Hao revealed a curious expression. He also wanted to try this elder brother of his. After all, this was a talent that has left the wasteland region. All of the pure-blooded creatures in the great divine mountains admired him, so he must had have areas where he excelled in.

    This was especially since he had heard about these two individuals’ might previously.

    A different wave of energy rose, and then a golden ripple appeared. A few more people appeared within the garden. Many people couldn’t even see how they arrived. It was as if they teleported here.

    Only Shi Hao remained calm. He could tell that this was the golden-winged peng’s incredible movement technique. It truly was ridiculously fast.

    “Yun Xi, we have not seen each other for a while. Have you been well?” The young male spoke.

    Everyone sighed. This male was too handsome. His golden hair was like a divine sun, and his build was well shaped and sturdy. He was an extremely charming and beautiful man.

    “There is no relationship between me and you,” Yun Xi said. She once again grasped Shi Hao’s arm.

    Shi Hao frowned. At this moment, he finally understood. Not only did Yun Xi want the armguard back, she also wanted to be freed from this blonde male. She was going to borrow his might here.

    However, his eyebrows soon smoothed out again. He didn’t say anything.

    “Please don’t come looking for me again.” Yun Xi calmly spoke towards the blonde male.

    When Shi Hao heard this, his eyebrows jumped. He didn’t want to be used by others. When he smelled the fragrance in her hair and then saw her sparkling ear so close to him, he thought back to his experiences inside the Hundred Shattering Mountains. For who knows what reason, he suddenly felt an urge. Just like before, he reached out and embraced her, then he bit down on her sparkling ear.

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