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Chapter 417–Divine Valley’s Wondrous Medicine

    Chapter 417–Divine Valley’s Wondrous Medicine

    When the news arrived from the divine valley, it immediately raised an uproar within the Medicine Capital. The streets immediately clamored with noise, and everyone began to reveal fervent gazes.

    What kind of treasure ground was that? When it was first discovered, everyone already knew that it was unordinary. There were formations everywhere, protecting the divine precious medicine. They never thought that this might be the grave of a true phoenix. This made this place too important.

    This discovery was not inferior to that of the Kun Peng nest, because it was also one of the Archaic Vicious Ten. Back then, no one knew just how many people died in the Northern Sea. Now, a true phoenix suddenly appeared within the wasteland region as well, which was utterly shocking.

    “How could that be? Even though there was a rumor that the true phoenix’s blood had been shed in this region, its inheritance was not left behind in this region. What exactly is that divine valley?”

    “Wu, so far, there’s just a possibility that a true phoenix bone might have been discovered. Nothing is certain yet. It might just be the remains of another divine bird.”

    On the main street, a few experts were discussing with each other.

    The luxurious carriage that stopped in the street did not hesitate and immediately took to the skies. It quickly left for the distance and disappeared into the distance.

    Soon after, streak after streak of divine light flew across the Medicine Capital’s skies into the horizon. They all departed for a single destination: the divine valley!

    The aggressive middle-aged male’s expression changed, because the great elder of the Divine Medicine Gate did not pay attention to his matter and instead left just like that. It was clear that the elder wanted to obtain some of the treasure.

    He immediately felt conflicted. Should he hurry back? Even though there were countless formations in that divine valley, making it a difficult place to take over, they’ve already discovered a phoenix bone outside, so there might still be great opportunities.

    “You all better return my precious bone. Otherwise, I won’t be polite!” The middle-aged male threatened. A flash of killing intent appeared in his eyes.

    Shi Hao brought forward his arms from behind his back. Symbols flickered within his palms. Without a sound, a piece of dark and swarthy rock was picked up and flung out. “You truly are lacking in reason, taking advantage of others when it benefits you. Fine, you can think of it as me being scared of you. Here!”

    A’De quickly went up to catch it.

    However, he was a bit suspicious. The pile of items from before was extremely messy, so he didn’t have a deep impression of the contents.

    He only recalled that there was a black piece of bone. He wasn’t sure if the one in front of him was that piece.

    As for the middle-aged male, he also didn’t recall what it looked like exactly. He revealed a look of confusion and carefully looked it over. However, he noticed that it was just a normal piece of bone.

    “This isn’t it. Hand over the divine bird bone of mine!” The middle-aged male’s eyes revealed a vicious glint, and killing intent surged.

    “You are simply extorting others! You threatened and forced me to bring out a piece of bone, and now not only did you break the promise, you still want me to bring out another divine bone. Do you think I’m easy to bully?” Shi Hao’s face fell.

    The middle-aged man hesitated. He also felt that he might have been mistaken, and that the black bone he received might have been this one. It wasn’t some true phoenix bone, and it seems like he had been too cautious.

    “Youngster, count your luck to be good. Right now, I have urgent matters to take care of, so I won’t bicker with you anymore.” It was clear that this middle-aged man was an expert. He remained inside the Medicine Capital this entire time, and now, he directly took to the skies.

    The rainbow luan was puzzled and said, “Why did you act so politely? You should have just straight up dealt with him!”

    Shi Hao shook his head and said, “Even though that person was overly aggressive, directly killing him wouldn’t be good. It will draw attention from everyone in the Medicine Capital.”

    He did not want to attract attention right now. After hearing about the divine valley, he wanted to go take a look. If too many people knew that he was an expert, then it wouldn’t necessarily be something good.

    This time, they had paid close attention to making sure that their identities were hidden before entering the Medicine Capital. They didn’t want others to stare at them.

    “Then we should hurry over as well and take a look. It wouldn’t be good if we get there too late and end up with nothing,” said the big red bird excitedly. It wanted to get in on the action immediately.

    At this moment, many precious artifacts took to the skies and headed into the distance. Shi Hao’s group also moved and followed these cultivators without drawing attention to themselves.

    After moving for about a hundred li, they arrived at the center of a divine mountain range. They could see immortal energy surging in the distance and all types of glistening symbols around this valley.

    “This is a good place! I can tell that there is an ancient divine figure’s cave here. There are extraordinary formations laid here.” The nine-headed lion sighed in praise.

    They could feel the refined energy without even getting close. The spiritual essence that passed through the great formation was ridiculously dense. The medicines inside were definitely not ordinary and might have developed spirituality.

    The unique medicine that was under special protection was even more special. It was definitely extraordinarily precious, and it should be a holy medicine at the least.

    There were many creatures here, and they were from all different races. Normally, they all lived in the Medicine Capital. Their cultivations weren’t weak, because normal people wouldn’t be able to even get close to the divine valley.

    “If it wasn’t for the supreme experts secluding themselves from the rest of the world, this mountain valley would have been completely smashed apart. There wouldn’t be any life left in a circumference of tens of thousands of li,” Huo Ling’er said.

    They were fully aware how extremely powerful those experts were!

    “These symbols are so mysterious. They aren’t weaker than the ones in my clan’s divine mountain.” Yun Xi frowned. She was deeply shocked. Exactly what kind of place was this? Could it be that one of the Archaic Vicious Ten really fell here?!

    “Let’s give it a try too and see if we can break into the valley depths.” The sable spoke with a fiery expression in his eyes.

    Shi Hao stopped them. After taking a look with the dual-pupil, he revealed a serious expression. “I can see more than a hundred formations. They are too complex and mysterious, and they are even linked up together like an ancient formation. Forget about those like me, even a supreme expert would have a hard time breaking through them.”

    He was considerably shocked. This place was too mysterious. How could there be such terrifying symbols? They seemed holy and auspicious, but once one entered, they would definitely be killed.

    No wonder the experts of the Medicine Capital were left helpless. It would be hard for them to overcome these formations anytime soon.

    The entrance into the valley seemed to almost be completely red. It was clear that quite a few people died. However, the ground surrounding the valley had been dug ten zhang deep; it was clear that this was where the damaged magical artifacts and bone fragments were dug up.

    “What do we do then? Do we just sit here and stare at it?” The big red bird was unsatisfied.

    “This might have been left behind by a heavenly deity. Even if all of the Archaic Divine Mountains’ ancestors revived and cooperated, it might be just enough to open this place,” Yun Xi said.

    She was able to say this because she came from that place and knew just how terrifying these ancient symbols were. Even though her clan’s ancient formations were damaged, they had the same aura.

    “Heavenly deity?” The nine-headed lion gasped.

    Who could break through this formation right now? There was simply no way.

    “It really might be something left behind by the Archaic Vicious Ten.” Yun Xi added.

    Once this sentence was spoken, the group’s eyes became red. The formation laid by the Archaic Vicious Ten were all for the protection of a wondrous medicine, so if one ate that, wouldn’t one immediately ascend into the heavens?

    Even though they couldn’t break through the formation, they could still fly into the skies to take a look. Upon doing so, they found that people were scattered about here, and no one stayed in one place for too long.

    “Yi, I can’t see too clearly. There’s only a verdant mountain valley.” They were all astonished.

    When they looked downwards, they saw immortal energy surging. This place was filled with spirituality. They could tell that this was divine earth, but when they reached this higher position, they noticed that the mountain peaks were green and the valleys were bluish-jade. Nothing seemed out of place.

    This was precisely the so-called divine valley, yet everything seemed normal.

    “It truly is strange. The things you see from different sides are all different. There’s clearly a space restricting formation distorting this area. If we charge in rashly, we might be annihilated by the spatial fissures.”

    Everyone descended a bit to look into the valley. They were finally able to see some strange scenery within the haze. There seemed to be quite a few immortal palaces hidden within the mist.

    “There is an enormous boulder there, and some great figures are observing from atop,” said the flame crow.

    Quite a few people were here, waiting for great figures to leave so they could view the valley from their location atop the giant boulder. They wanted to see what was inside for themselves.

    Sure enough, after asking around, Shi Hao found out that this was the only place where the wondrous medicine could be seen. This was a platform where one could vaguely see the divine medicine.

    “This divine valley has already been hidden for countless years. It is really difficult to break in with the power of mortals. Could it be that the divine precious medicine has matured, so this mountain valley is going to appear in this world as well?” The nine-headed lion frowned. It was clear that he had heard a few rumors.

    Ancient caves like these cannot remain hidden forever, as a day will eventually come when they reappear in this world. However, it usually only happens after a series of conditions are triggered.

    “Who was the one that saw the so-called phoenix bones?” An important figure asked. This was an individual who was half a step away from becoming a supreme expert. A strong medicinal fragrance could be smelled from the elder’s body.

    “Reporting to Divine Medicine Gate seniors, this young one received a piece.” Someone stood out from the crowd, not concealing it at all. It was a youngster that spoke out, because he knew that he couldn’t hold onto it with his cultivation alone.

    “Let us take a look.” The Divine Medicine Gate’s respected elder did not hold back at all.

    Everyone’s eyes gazed over, and even Shi Hao’s group was paying close attention. They wanted to see whether there truly was a phoenix bone.

    “Yi, this really is the divine bird’s bone.” Next to the Divine Medicine Gate’s respected elder, there were a few others. They were all quite powerful, and right now, they were all observing it.

    They couldn’t ascertain that this was phoenix bone, but they could tell that this definitely belonged to a heavenly ranked divine bird. What was rather unfortunate was that it didn’t include the important part of the primordial symbol bone. Moreover, the immortal divine essence was already nearing its end.

    “What a formidable mountain valley! Even a heavenly ranked divine divine bird had fallen here. Truly formidable!”

    Finally, several great figures walked down from that giant boulder stage, for they already knew that it wasn’t the time for the divine valley to emerge yet. They couldn’t break in with their current strength.

    The crowd immediately flocked over and gazed into the valley.

    Shi Hao’s group waited for an extremely long time. Only after the crowd dispersed did they go up.

    “This really is a strange place. In the other areas, we can’t see through the formation at all, yet we can over here.” The rainbow luan was extremely shocked.

    They could vaguely see an object there. It was suffused with divine splendor, as if stellar rivers were curling about it. The scene was extremely indistinct. They could actually smell an extremely faint fragrance.

    “Good stuff! We are separated by at least ten meters, and there are even layers of great formations between us, yet we could still smell a faint fragrance. That wondrous medicine is formidable. Could it be the wasteland region’s first precious divine medicine?!” The nine-headed lion cried out in amazement.

    Shi Hao naturally used the dual-pupil to carefully observe this place, allowing him to see far clearer than what an ordinary person could. It was a small tree only a foot tall. He saw an astonishing sight.

    He simply didn’t dare to believe what it was he saw. Within the hazy white immortal mist, he saw a flower on top of the small tree turn into specks of light. They then congregated together, forming a fist sized figure. The little figure was full of life and jumped about there.

    There were three flowers in total on the small tree. Another one turned into specks of light, and then it merged into a magical artifact. It was extremely resplendent, and a sphere of light surrounded it.

    Not even the dual-pupil could see it clearly. He could only vaguely see that it was like a pagoda, yet also like a furnace and a cauldron; it was ever-changing.

    As for the third flower, it didn’t budge an inch. It grew on top of the small one foot tall tree.

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