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Chapter 184–Even in death, I will have no regrets

    Chapter 184–Even in death, I will have no regrets

    Seeing the two terrifying existences in the sky, the present experts were astonished. No wonder they are two of the Major families, their foundation is simply unimaginable.

    The two Major families, who knows how many trump cards they’ve been keeping?

    The Shadow Devil and the Snow Wind Spiritual God fought. In that instant, everything was in a state of chaos as the sky darkened. Multiple amounts of condensed ice hammers shot towards the Shadow Devil. The Shadow Devil wasn’t going to take the attack lying down. It turned into shadow claws to counter the hammers.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    An exploding force burst out that looked like it wanted to drown all the other experts below.

    This type of force isn’t something Gold rank Fighters and Demon Spiritualists can withstand, so they all pulled back and looked from afar.

    The power of the Snow Wind Spiritual God is a little stronger than the Shadow Devil. The sky filled blizzard rolled towards the Shadow Devil, the icy temperature was causing the Shadow Devil’s body to go stiff as it became covered with layers of ice.


    The Snow Wind Spiritual God was like an ancient deity, the lower half of its body is within the blizzard, its physique is large and sturdy, like a mountain. It made slashing movements with its ice axe, creating twisted, inexhaustible wind blades.

    Under the attacks of the Snow Wind Spiritual God, the Shadow Devil issued a miserable shriek as it was slowly pushed back.

    The faces of the Black Gold rank elders were all very unsightly. They originally thought that the Shadow Devil that they summoned would be enough to suppress the other experts from the other families. However, they never expected Ye Xiu to summon the guardian of the Snow Wind Family, the Snow Wind Spiritual God. The frightening power of the Snow Wind Spiritual God completely suppresses the Shadow Devil.

    How many years has it been, before they all thought that the Snow Wind Spiritual God was only a legend?

    When Nie Li saw the mountain like Snow Wind Spiritual God, he held his step and said, “I was was wondering why Ye Xiu didn’t make any preparations earlier and start the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array the moment the battle began. They were already prepared. The Snow Wind Family really aren’t simple.” Nie Li can still vaguely recall what happened in his previous life when Glory City was destroyed, he once saw the huge Snow Wind Spiritual God from afar. Except in his previous life, even though the Snow Wind Spiritual God is a powerful existence, it was still engulfed by the endless demon beast horde.

    The reason why Ye Xiu did not start the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is because he chose the Snow Wind Spiritual God instead. They probably intended to keep the array as the last, unrevealed trump card, since the Snow Wind Spiritual God was already exposed.

    That being the case, there’s no need to activate the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array for the time being. They want to first see how this will go before they decide to use the array. The Snow Wind Spiritual God is enough to suppress everyone in the Sacred Family.

    The Shadow Devil miserably shrieked as its endless amount of blades clawed towards the Snow Wind Spiritual God.

    The Snow Wind Spiritual God let out a deep roar, and its huge palm reached towards the Shadow Devils blades.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    The black blades attacked the palm of the Snow Wind Spiritual God; however, all of the attacks sounded as though they were striking steel, unable to cause any damage to the deity at all.


    The Snow Wind Spiritual God caught the Shadow Devil, and waves of Snow Wind energy went rolling towards it. The body of the Shadow Devil quickly froze up as it continued to struggle to break free from the deity’s grasp and was issuing miserable shriek as it turned into a block of ice.

    The Black Gold rank elders of the Sacred Family all spat out blood and were sent flying. The Shadow Devil was summoned at the price of their soul force, so after the Shadow Devil was turned into ice, their soul force also suffered an impact.

    Ye Xiu, standing below the Snow Wind Spiritual God coldly snorted, “Just a puny Shadow Devil, how can it shake my Snow Wind Family? You still dare to be so presumptuous in the territory of my Snow Wind Family?”

    Every time they summon the Snow Wind Spiritual God, they must use a large amount of Sacred Spiritual Rocks. The stockpile of Sacred Spiritual Rocks that is left in the Snow Wind Family is only sufficient to summon the Snow Wind Spiritual God three times. They have to be very careful in every summon they make. However, since they have the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, the Snow Wind Family now has another trump card. Which is also the reason why Ye Xiu could be so decisive in summoning the Snow Wind Spiritual God.

    With the Shadow Devil being defeated by such a powerful existence like the Snow Wind Spiritual God, the people from the Sacred Family were doomed to death!

    The Snow Wind Spiritual God bent down, extended its huge palm and made a grab for the Black Gold rank elders of the Sacred Family. If they are caught by the Snow Wind Spiritual God, these elders from the Sacred Family will instantly be frozen and shattered into pieces.

    Shen Hong, seeing this scene, felt his heart ruffling. Every time he tried to break away, he would be hindered by Duan Jian. He couldn’t break away, no matter what he tried. If he were there, even if they couldn’t defeat the Snow Wind Spiritual God, at least the Shadow Devil wouldn’t lose so easily and Ye Xiu’s side wouldn’t be able to have such an easy win.

    Shen Hong’s face went dark, why hasn’t that guy come, yet?! The Sacred Family wouldn’t have been abandoned by the Dark Guild, right?

    Nie Li looked into the distance. The foundation of the Sacred Family is still lacking compared to the Snow Wind Family. It seems that there is no need for him to activate the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

    Just when the huge palm of the Snow Wind Spiritual God was about to grab the Black Gold rank elders, a black light suddenly shrouded them.


    The Snow Wind Spiritual God’s palm collided against the black light and was rebounded, unable to proceed any further.

    “The Snow Wind Family really does have a deep foundation. This Snow Wind Spiritual God does have decent strength!” said a man floating in midair in front of the Snow Wind Spiritual God with a pair of black light wings on his back. Although his voice is faint and soft, everyone present was able to clearly hear it.

    Seeing the youth floating in the air, Ye Xiu’s gaze went slightly narrow, “We have not meet before, you are……”

    “Dark Guild, Gui Sha!” the youth laughed, “Currently holding the position as the law enforcement elder of the Dark Guild. My master has already entered into his secluded training, so the Dark Guild is managed by Long Sha and me for now. Once my master comes back from his training, he will show you guys an unimaginable pinnacle realm. All of the Snow Wind Family’s resistance will be pointless. As long as the Snow Wind Family is willing to bow before my Dark Guild, we will grant the Snow Wind Family a chance, and let you guys become one of Dark Guild’s branches!”

    “Conceited nonsense!” Ye Xiu coldly snorted, “Talk to the Snow Wind Spiritual God!”

    The Snow Wind Spiritual God reached for Gui Sha.

    Gui Sha’s body suddenly bursted with black light, forming a black sphere. When the Snow Wind Spiritual God’s palm landed on the black sphere and used its strength to crush it, ice instantly covered this sphere; however, no matter how much strength the Snow Wind Spiritual God used, it wasn’t able to break this black sphere.

    Seeing this scene, Ye Xiu frowned. A defense that even the Snow Wind Spiritual God couldn’t break through, this Gui Sha definitely has the strength of a Legend rank. A Legend rank expert actually claims to be a servant? Then, exactly how powerful is this master?

    “Exterminating the branch of my Dark Guild and even upturning the Sacred Family’s nest, it seems like the Snow Wind Family truly is harder to deal with than I imagined; however, my offer stands. If the Snow Wind Family is willing to bow down, there is still a chance of survival; otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Gui Sha coldly snorted, slowly raising his right hand towards the Snow Wind Spiritual God. He let out a low growl, and blazing black flames burst out from his palm that confronted the Snow Wind Spiritual God’s biting frost.

    The flames slowly took the upper hand, and was slowly suppressing the Snow Wind Spiritual God.

    “Just a puny Snow Wind Spiritual God, yet you still dare to confront me?” Gui Sha let out a cold snort as he stood in midair. His body emitted an unrivaled, frightening aura.

    Even the Snow Wind Spiritual God is unable to withstand him?!

    This Gui Sha is actually strong enough to such a pinnacle degree? Then, what about the Dark Guild’s true master? What kind of terrifying existence is that?

    At this moment, the experts from the various families were utterly shocked. Gui Sha’s powerful strength has intimidated them.

    One must know that even the Snow Wind Spiritual God is someone that even Lord Ye Mo couldn’t fight against, and he already reached the pinnacle of Legend rank.

    Could it be that this Gui Sha is also a Legend rank pinnacle existence? With that extraordinary strength of his, destroying Glory City might not even be a problem.

    Ye Xiu knitted his brows. Although he could sense that something was not right, he couldn’t tell what it was. The strength that this floating Gui Sha has exhibited is indeed terrifying. Since Gui Sha has such terrifying strength, adding on a Demon Lord, why didn’t they directly destroy Glory City?

    What is the reason?

    While watching this scene, the corner of Shen Hong’s mouth instantly had a rampant smile. He has personally witnessed Gui Sha’s strength before, and knows that he’s already a Legend rank existence. Adding on to Long Sha and the Demon Lord, they are three Legend rank experts. Once the Demon Lord comes out from his seclusion, the Snow Wind Family is doomed to be destroyed. This is also the reason why the Sacred Family joined the Dark Guild.

    Over the accumulation of the long years, the Dark Guild’s strength was already not something that Glory City can confront!

    The Dark Guild still has that fear, since Ye Mo is still alive; however, he is gradually getting old. It was already determined that Glory City will fall into the Dark Guild’s hands.

    Seeing this scene, in contrary to everyone else, Nie Li sneered, “He’s at the pinnicle of Black Gold rank; at most, he’s only on par with Ye Zong. He actually pretends to be at the pinnacle of Legend rank. Although those treasures he’s got are quite decent, but in front of me, you’re still too inexperienced!”

    Nie Li could see through the façade in just one look.

    Whether the Demon Lord himself has Legend rank strength or is even in the Legend rank realm, Nie Li is not sure. However, this Gui Sha in front of him doesn’t have the strength of someone that reached the pinnacle of Legend rank!

    “With those treasures, he can advance and retreat at least, unless I activate the array!” Nie Li looked towards the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Only this Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array can get Gui Sha to stay behind. Hearing Gui Sha’s tone, he should be the number three in the Dark Guild, a big fish. Therefore, he’s worth for Nie Li to use the Ten Thousand Demonic Array.

    The Ten Thousand Demonic Array is the trump card of the Snow Wind Family. In the views of Ye Xiu and the others, if they can avoid using the array, then that’d be for the best. However, Nie Li doesn’t have the same view as them. If one trump card is revealed, then he’ll just have to prepare a few more.

    Very quickly, Nie Li reached of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array and started to form the seals.

    Gui Sha suppressed the Snow Wind Spiritual God and looked at the experts of Glory City from high up, this caused these experts to be pessimistic. Without Lord Ye Mo here, who else can be the opponent of this Gui Sha in Glory City?

    Suddenly, a voice came.

    “Look! Over there!”

    “It’s the City Lord, the City Lord has returned!”

    After Ye Zong exterminated the Dark Guild’s branch and upturned the nest of the Sacred Family, he immediately rushed back without stopping. However, the moment he returned, he saw the scene of Gui Sha suppressing the Snow Wind Spiritual God.

    The Dark Guild’s experts have also taken action? He never imagined that the experts of the Dark Guild would actually come to Glory city.

    Even the Snow Wind Spiritual God has been suppressed. The strength of this Gui Sha has indeed reached into a realm that’s even unimaginable for him. For the Dark Guild to send such an expert, are they thinking of destroying Glory City?

    With Ye Zong’s current strength, even he couldn’t be the opponent of Gui Sha. If he goes up, it’ll be the same as meeting death!

    However, he can’t retreat now. He’s the War God of Glory City, the pillar of all of Glory City’s citizens. If he retreats, then wouldn’t everyone in Glory City be the slaves of the Dark Guild? Scenes flashed passed Ye Zong’s mind, Ye Ziyun, Nie Li, Ye Xiu and many others. His gaze gradually become firm.

    “To protect the safety of my Glory City, even in death, I, Ye Zong, will not have regrets!”

    The moment Ye Zong faced this opponent, who is several times stronger than himself, his eyes were very firm. He took a step into the air in front of him. *Bang!* A soul force ripple extended beneath his foot.

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