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Chapter 925:Merciless Indifference

    Chapter 925:Merciless Indifference




    In the span of three years, Yang Yun’s looks hadn’t changed but his temperament was completely different. The past Yang Yun had white clothes that fluttered in the wind and his temperament was ethereal, as if he were untainted by the world. His words were elegant and he was extraordinarily handsome. To describe him with a term would be:a jade-like gentleman.

    The current Yang Yun was completely different. There was no longer even the slightest shadow of his past self in his current incarnation. He wore a long crimson robe, and most of his clothes were pulled wide open, revealing powerful shoulders and a defined chest that surged with vitality. His muscles were aesthetic and beautifully cut as if they were formed from jade, crystalline and without flaw.

    There was a red line that slashed down between his eyebrows, with two sharp points and a round center, looking like an eye. It lent him a devilish charm.

    Such a transformation was because Yang Yun was approaching the demonic path. A martial artists aura was in the end the energy field that surrounded them. Those that studied orthodox cultivation methods would have an energy field that veered towards the correct path, and those that studied demonic path cultivation methods had temperaments that tended to seem demonic, their auras seemingly more demonic and bloody.

    Originally, with Yang Yun’s methods and outstanding talents, everyone believed that he would become a great leader and hero of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom. No one imagined that after the trip into the Temple of Marvels, such an unbelievable series of events would follow. Yang Yun had actually slain his own great grandfather and even forced his father into a dead end.

    Afterwards, not only did Yang Yun take control of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, but he also established dominance over the other three Divine Kingdoms. The world was already under his control. If he managed to fuse the four Divine Kingdoms together, he would establish a true sixth-grade sect!

    A fifth-grade sect took Life Destruction powerhouses as Elders, and if they had a Divine Sea leader then they would be called a Holy Land. A sixth-grade sect took Divine Sea powerhouses as Elders, and the highest under the heavens as their leader. For the last 100,000 years, there had been 10 people that appeared in the martial world that qualified as the highest under the heavens, but the number of sixth-grade sects did not surpass three!

    Every time a sixth-grade sect appeared, that was the gathering of the entire continent’s strength, a brief moment of flourishing history!

    If Yang Yun managed to join the four Divine Kingdoms together, he could complete this great goal.

    At this time, Yang Yun’s eyes were closed and his face expressionless. He exuded a forceful and compelling momentum from his body, making him feel unapproachable.

    "Demon Lord, why have you summoned me back?"

    Whitedemon fell onto one knee. The one he was kneeling to was the Ancient Devil within Yang Yun’s body. For these past three years, more and more of the Ancient Devil’s personality and past appearance began to reappear in Yang Yun. In the battle within the Temple of Marvels, the Ancient Devil had lost two-thirds of his soul. But for these last three years, the Ancient Devil had been restoring and nourishing himself in this blood pond. He collected the countless skeletons of Supreme Elders that had died in the great war 100,000 years ago, gathering them together to absorb their energy. The current Ancient Devil had already restored his combat strength to a certain degree. If he were to possess Yang Yun now, his strength would even surpass Whitedemon. Whitedemon became increasingly respectful towards him.

    "You cannot defeat Lin Ming."

    The Ancient Devil said. Although he hadn’t seen the great battle between Whitedemon and Lin Ming, he had been able to draw sufficient conclusions from the incomplete information Whitedemon had sent him.

    Whitedemon didn’t seem too convinced, but he couldn’t help but acknowledge, "I don’t know where, but Lin Ming has managed to inherit some extremely powerful force field. If I’m not wrong, then it should be part of the Primordius martial intent that Empyrean Primordius wielded in the past. Once this strange martial intent activates, it’ll form a mystical space around him, covering the world in a range of 1300 miles and all Laws and energy lose their effectiveness within. With a long distance attack, my lance light weakens to less than 30% of its original strength after piercing through to the center. But if I were to enter that strange space and fight him, that instead causes all of the true essence in my body to be suppressed by the undeniable principles within; there simply wasn’t anything I could do against Lin Ming."

    "If it weren’t for that strange space, I would’ve been able to kill him in three moves!" Whitedemon said with resentful bitterness. When he fought against Lin Ming, it made him feel like he had strength that he couldn’t use; it was an extremely vexing feeling.

    "Mm? Primordius martial intent!" The Ancient Devil’s eyes suddenly shot open and his expression changed. As someone who participated in the great war 100,000 years ago, he had personally witnessed the scene of Empyrean Primordius activate his Primordius martial intent and instantly exterminating tens of thousands of Divine Realm powerhouses where they stood. The Ancient Devil naturally knew just what these words meant!

    He pondered over this for fifteen minutes and said, "I’ve looked up Lin Ming’s life history. Before he was 15 years old, his talent was average and his achievements common. But after he reached 15 years of age, his growth became out of control. In just 10 short years, he grew to such a degree already. It’s obvious that 10 years ago he managed to encounter some heaven-defying lucky chance. And I suspect that this lucky chance has some relation with Empyrean Primordius."

    "Could that black vortex within Lin Ming’s body be the elementary form of the Primordius martial intent?"

    The Ancient Devil muttered to himself. He had only seen the Primordius martial intent; he had no understandings of it. It was impossible for the likes of him to speculate on existences at the boundary of Empyrean Primordius.

    As for the Magic Cube, the Ancient Devil simply didn’t know about this. He had no idea that Lin Ming would have such an fortuitous encounter at 15 years of age, so he came to such a misunderstanding.

    As Whitedemon saw the Ancient Devil deep in thought, he brown-nosed and said, "No matter what lucky chance Lin Ming had, after killing him all of that will belong to Sir Demon Lord. Everything he has done or achieved is just a gift for you!"

    As Whitedemon spoke to here, the Ancient Devil started to laugh out loud. "You’re right. After some more time passes, my Great Blood Refining Art will reach large success. At that time I’ll kill Lin Ming and obtain all of the secrets on his body as well as all of the destiny that he’s accumulated!"

    Whitedemon glanced over the surrounding blood pond and said, "Since the last time I was here, 20% of the blood pond’s power has been absorbed by you. If this continues, will it be enough for you to reach perfection in your Great Blood Refining Art?"

    Blood essence was highly nourishing to the divine soul. When the Ancient Devil killed Yang Laotian and Ouye Hua, he had done so to lay dominance over the four Divine Kingdoms but also for their blood essence.

    In these past three years, the Ancient Devil gathered the deep sea clans of the Fog Sea and ordered them to slay countless deep sea vicious beasts, using their blood to complete this blood pond. The Ancient Devil had collected the remains of some powerhouses from the Sea of Miracles and tossed their skeletons into the blood pond. All of these were conditions he prepared to cultivate the Great Blood Refining Art.

    "That’s right. The grade of these deep sea vicious beasts isn’t high enough. Although there are many high level vicious beasts in the sea, those Divine Sea rank vicious beasts normally stay far off in 500,000 feet water depths. Even I would find it hard to withstand the pressure at such depths, much less kill them. As for the remains of these Divine Realm powerhouses, although they used to be fierce existences, after 100,000 years have passed, their blood has nearly all driedup and they don’t have much effect."

    The Ancient Devil shook his head as he spoke.

    Whitedemon’s thoughts stirred. "Is the reason that Sir Demon Lord called me back so hastily that he wishes for me to kill some deep sea vicious beasts to help your supernatural powers reach large success?"

    The Ancient Devil nodded. "Indeed, what I need now is fresh blood essence. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to kill Divine Sea rank deep sea vicious beasts. Currently my supernatural powers are just short of reaching completion. The blood essence of basic vicious beasts is no longer useful to me."

    "Then what should we do? Although human Divine Sea powerhouses are easy to kill, they focus on their dantian, and the power of their blood is far inferior to a complete vicious beast." Whitedemon said with a thoughtful expression.

    At this moment, the Ancient Devil’s lips curved up into a sly smile. "Human blood naturally has a limited effect, but if they have the blood of different beasts within their bodies, then that is a different matter. For instance, the Ancient Phoenix Clan bloodline or the Hydra Clan bloodline are both excellent bloodlines."

    "Mm?" Whitedemon’s eyes widened and a chill crawled up his back. He had the Hydra bloodline!


    The surrounding world suddenly changed. A deep blood red barrier rose up, covering Whitedemon and the Ancient Devil inside!

    This was the Spectral Blood Skylock Array!

    This was far different from the Spectral Blood Skylock Array that had been set for Lin Ming. This Spectral Blood Skylock Array was personally controlled by the Ancient Devil and also had the massive blood pond as support. There was no comparison in the strength between the two. Even Lin Ming would be hard pressed to break through if he personally came here. Moreover, Whitedemon’s ability to break through array formations was far inferior to Lin Ming’s!

    "Demon Lord, you, you…!" Whitedemon looked at the Ancient Devil with a disbelieving incredulity etched onto his face. As a subordinate to the Ancient Devil, he owed a great debt of gratitude to him. The reason that Whitedemon was able to cultivate to such an extent was all because the Ancient Devil had provided him with sufficient resources. For all these years he maintained utter loyalty to the Ancient Devil. He never thought that one day he would be the one taken as a sacrifice.

    "If you look for vicious beasts, their blood won’t be enough. Lin Ming’s growth is too fast and I don’t have much time left; I’m only a step away from completion. I need your bloodline as the last finishing touch. You currently have a late Divine Sea cultivation, and in the past you even reached the higher Divine Transformation realm. Your Hydra bloodline is just what I need. All I can do is take your minor sacrifice to realize my great plans."

    The Ancient Devil had no expression on his face nor did his voice have any emotion.

    Whitedemon’s eyes turned blood red. He grasped his purple spear, feeling as if a knife had been twisted into his heart. He never imagined that one day the benefactor he respected so much would betray him in such a manner.

    "Sir Demon Lord, I don’t believe this. In the Sea of Miracles your physical body was destroyed and your strength greatly reduced. Without a mortal body you didn’t have any combat strength at all. If it weren’t for my shelter and support, you would never have been able to live until now. We spent over 100,000 years in the Sea of Miracles together, and yet you are doing this to me?"

    The Ancient Devil indifferently looked at Whitedemon. "There is no more meaning in mentioning matters that have already passed. You cannot resist me. 100,000 years ago when I trained you, I already placed a spell in your body. With this big array here as support, killing you is as simple as turning my hand."

    "I don’t believe this! I won’t believe this!" Whitedemon’s eyes blazed as he stared into the Ancient Devil’s eyes. Suddenly, his mind shook as he became aware of what was happening. "You-you are not the Demon Lord! You are Yang Yun! Where is the Demon Lord!? Sir Demon Lord! Sir Demon Lord! Save me! Yang Yun wishes to kill me!"

    No matter how much Whitedemon shouted, the young man in front of him maintained his cold apathy, as if everything happening was within his plans and under his control.

    "To think that you would recognize me at the end. Correct, I am not the Demon lord, I am me, I am Yang Yun!" Yang Yun stood up, looking over Whitedemon as a divine god oversees mortals, a merciless indifference in his eyes.

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