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Chapter 926:The End of Whitedemon

    Chapter 926:The End of Whitedemon




    "Impossible, impossible!" Whitedemon’s mental state became extremely unstable, "You sealed away the Demon Lord? How can you have the power!?"

    "There is nothing that’s impossible. Whitedemon, go in peace and follow your master!" Yang Yun’s hands grasped the void, and the blood pool around him suddenly soared up into the sky, turning into a massive python.

    "You damned beast! You ungrateful little bastard! If it weren’t for us, you would’ve already died unknown and forgotten. How could you have such strength to stand at the peak of this continent!" Whitedemon hysterically shouted. His eyes were blood red; he wished that he could tear Yang Yun to pieces.

    "Ungrateful?" Yang Yun sneered, "You think I’m a little child who’ll be fooled by such meaningless words? Between you two and I, we’ve already been mutually using each other. I’ve never trusted you, and you’ve never trusted me. If I didn’t act against your master, then once that devil’s supernatural powers reached large success, I would’ve already become a sacrifice or had my body stolen away.

    Yang Yun pulled out a bright crimson treasure sword from his spatial ring. This sword had also been refined within the blood pond, and its power was incomparable to the past.

    He stroked the flat blade of the sword, and left a touch of fresh blood on the edge. The sword blade absorbed the blood, becoming increasingly beguiling and bewitching!

    "Demon Lord! Demon Lord! Have you been sealed away!? Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

    Whitedemon revolved all of the energy within his body and poured it into his voice, forming a sonic boom that shot towards Yang Yun like landslides and tsunamis.

    This was one of the Hydra Clan’s unique sonic energy martial skills, called the Heaven Devouring Roar. He poured his energy into a sound wave to attack the enemy which was extremely effective towards the intangible and invisible divine soul. Whitedemon wanted to use this sort of impact to awaken the Ancient Devil.

    Yang Yun remained unmoved. He coldly said, "There is no need to shout. Most of your Lord’s strength was swallowed up by Lin Ming in the Temple of Marvels, and now his strength has sharply dropped. At that time, I bided my time, saved my strength, and while he was recovering from his wounds, I suppressed him in a single go and swallowed him up. For these past few years, the Demon Lord that you’ve been bowing to is me, Yang Yun. Even if you shout until your throat tears apart, he still won’t awaken."

    "What!?" Whitedemon found this unbelievable. He crazily shouted, "Without erasing the spirit mark, you’ll lose yourself if you swallow the souls of others! How is this possible!? How is this possible!?"

    "You’re right. I was unable to erase that devil’s spirit mark and could only seal him away. Even so, I will frequently lose my personality and my memories will become muddled. Sometimes I don’t even know who I am anymore. Everything that happens, I rely on my own willpower to withstand and overcome. In the future, once my cultivation rises further and my understanding of the soul increases, I’ll completely eat up that devil’s soul and cancel his spirit mark along with all his memories."

    A soul was composed of memories and a spirit mark; both were inseparable from each other. If Lin Ming wished to thoroughly erase the Ancient Devil’s spirit mark, he also had to destroy the associated memories. But by that time, the Ancient Devil’s memories would also become useless to Yang Yun.

    Whitedemon’s heart chilled as he heard this. This Yang Yun was simply a madman, a madman!

    Although Yang Yun seemed to casually say all of this, the truth was that this method was the same as suicide. No one was willing to take their own soul as a joke, and rely upon some so-called willpower to overcome the extremely dangerous loss of personality and individuality. Once they failed to do so, they would become insane, falling into depravity and becoming a lunatic with no sense of self.

    As for Yang Yun relying on enhancing his boundary in the future and then eliminating the devil’s spirit mark, that was far too difficult. Once memories were fused together, wanting to separate them was easier said than done. If he made a single misstep in the process, he could possibly erase his own memories.

    The reason Yang Yun chose such a dangerous path was because he truly did need the Ancient Devil’s knowledge. When the Ancient Devil tried to possess Lin Ming and suffered a near fatal backlash, he had lost most of his soul. But the part that was left behind was the essence of the Ancient Devil’s soul and the source of his memories; it was even more important than the other two parts combined. This was also a reasonable matter. In the dangers of possessing someone, the Ancient Devil would naturally save the most important part of his soul as a contingency.

    Yang Yun’s ambitions were great. He wanted to become an unrivalled powerhouse and climb to the peak of all martial arts. He didn’t want to be stopped at the Sky Spill Continent. So to do this, he had to take the risk.

    "Madman, you are an absolute madman!"

    Whitedemon’s complexion paled. Facing this maniacal Yang Yun, he felt nothing but fear.

    Those that didn’t fear a strong opponent, feared those that didn’t care for their life. Those that didn’t fear those that didn’t care for their lives, feared those that were demented. In Whitedemon’s eyes, this Yang Yun was a demented madman.

    He was ruthless to his enemies and even more ruthless to himself!

    From the start they underestimated Yang Yun and chosen the wrong person. They had raised a tiger, creating this disaster, and making all of their efforts a gift for someone else!


    Thousands of blood waves shot up into the sky, twisting together into the giant blood python that fell towards Whitedemon. Yang Yun soared high into the skies, seeming as if he controlled this world. "You’re truly a faithful dog. Now, show me your final worth!"

    At this moment, words were useless; there was only battle. Whitedemon gave a loud shout and a massive hydra phantom appeared behind him. He grasped his purple lance and shot towards Yang Yun!

    "Hydra bloodline, Broken Star!"

    As Yang Yun saw Whitedemon strike out with his strongest attack, a trace of pity appeared in his eyes. He casually formed a seal and sent it flying towards Whitedemon. Whitedemon’s body shook, and the hydra behind him suddenly vanished, all of the condensed true essence dissipating into thin air!

    "What?" Whitedemon was shocked. He glared at Yang Yun with hatred blazing in his eyes, "You despicable scum!"

    He wished that he could devour Yang Yun, but an irresistible energy was suppressing him, giving him no chance to defy. At the same time, the rivers of blood in the air that formed a python fell down and swallowed him. Energy violently exploded and a massive wave of blood shot into the sky, forming endless clouds of blood. Finally, all of it rained down.

    Over 30% of Whitedemon’s meridians shattered. He floated face up in a sea of blood, his face pale and fading.

    His nose and ears were leaking blood, and his eyes were filled with wavering despair.

    Whitedemon smiled. It was pitiful and wretched. "Demon Lord, you didn’t trust me, in the end you didn’t trust me! In the Sea of Miracles I was loyal and devoted to you for 100,000 years, and yet you still didn’t lift the binding spell in my body. Now, that choice will take my life today. It’ll take my life!"

    Yang Yun glanced at Whitedemon without sympathy. He hadn’t used any martial skill just now. All he had done was use his great strength to activate the spell that the Ancient Devil had left within Whitedemon.

    This was the safest and also cruelest method to defeat Whitedemon. There was not even a chance for him to desperately struggle. To a martial artist, this was the saddest way to die. They possessed supernatural powers, had unwavering confidence in their strength, and yet they didn’t even have a chance to fight for their life.

    "In the battle with Lin Ming, you consumed far too much energy and you rushed all the way here without giving yourself a chance to restore your strength. All of that led to you not having any chance to resist this spell."

    Yang Yun’s words were ruthless and indifferent. "Before you die, I would like to advise you one last time. In this world, the only one you can trust is yourself. Your lord was not mistaken. The only reason he would be defeated by me, is because his destiny is lacking and he was severely wounded by Lin Ming. But as for you, you died in a far too stupid manner."

    Yang Yun lifted his right hand and grasped the void. An arrow of blood pierced through Whitedemon’s chest and then flew up high into the sky!

    All of Whitedemon’s blood essence began to be attracted by an invisible force, streaming out from his body. It condensed in the air, forming a blood red light that constantly sparkled, incomparably brilliant.

    Whitedemon watched helplessly as all his blood essence left through his heart and formed a beautiful yet strange scene in the air. The corners of his lips curved up in an ironic smile. He never thought that his end would come like this.

    Blood continued flowing out from Whitedemon’s body. The Hydra bloodline was extremely tough. In addition, Whitedemon had once reached the Divine Transformation realm that existed above the Divine Sea, making his physical body that much tougher. Even though his heart was ruined and his blood essence sucked out from his body, he still didn’t die. Instead, his body withered as more and more blood was pumped out of his body.

    Finally, all of Whitedemon’s blood essence and vitality were completely sucked out by Yang Yun!

    Yang Yun shot seals of energy into that mass of blood. Faintly, a blood-soaked phantom hydra appeared in that mass of blood; it was the last struggles of the blood essence and vitality.

    "The blood vitality actually formed a true shape. Whitedemon’s blood essence quality is indeed wonderful." Yang Yun murmured. His hand movements became faster; he wanted to refine the blood vitality form.

    There were many times when a precious pill was formed and produced a phantom form after leaving the furnace. This was because the medicinal energy was too rich. After a long period of time, it might even develop its own intelligence. Heavenly materials that existed for a long period of time would also possess a medicine spirit; this was the same concept.

    Although the blood vitality phantom form was from forming a spirit, it didn’t have any intelligence, merely survival instincts. As it was covered by Yang Yun’s blood energy and began to be slowly refined, it crazily struggled.

    However, it was ultimately impossible to resist Yang Yun’s strength. All of its spiritual energy was sucked out and it began to slowly sag down.


    Yang Yun clutched his hands together and the phantom hydra blood vitality was eventually absorbed by the mass of blood essence, becoming one and turning into a thumb-sized blood pill.

    "With this blood pill, this blood pond will become a blood spring; that is a qualitative leap upwards. It will finally allow me to achieve perfection in my Great Blood refining Art. So long as my Great Blood Refining Art reaches perfection, I’ll be able to rely on an array formation and sense a person’s blood vitality, locking onto them in a range of one million miles."

    "When that time comes, Lin Ming, there will be no place left for you to run to!"

    "You have the life of an Emperor, and your destiny rises like a rainbow. As for me, although I have gathered and accumulated my own destiny for 40 years, my destiny is still inferior to yours, and even your life is tougher than mine. If I fight you, even if I’m stronger than you, I still don’t have too great of an assurance to defeat you. But even so, our battle cannot be avoided. I tried to kill you, I had the entire world hunt you, and I even harmed your family; our enmity will never be resolved. Just the destiny and secrets that you possess leave me with no choice but to slay you!"

    Yang Yun’s ambitions and heart were higher than the heavens, but his true life and talent were worthless. The reason he could obtain his current achievements was because he relied on the Ancient Devil’s resources and teachings. In the Divine Realm, although the Ancient Devil could be considered having some ability, he wasn’t an overlord, much less a great figure. Even if Yang Yun swallowed his memories and reached his boundary in the future, it would be exceedingly hard, nearly impossible to rise any more. He had to inherit another destiny. This destiny would come from Lin Ming.

    Since ancient time, if a genius didn’t experience lucky chances, they would never have great achievements. But all lucky chances came from betting one’s life and struggling until the end. Now, with such an extraordinary and singular lucky chance placed in front of him, even though Yang Yun knew that there was danger, he still had to stake his life on it!

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