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Chapter 928:Swallowing the Thunder Source

    Chapter 928:Swallowing the Thunder Source




    The grandmist space was broad and vast, extending outwards for over a thousand miles. As the Purple Lion Thunder Source was covered in the grandmist space, it suddenly felt its connection to the power of thunder in the world cut off, greatly startling it.

    "Law of Annihilation, Chain of Stars!"

    Lin Ming suddenly shook his long spear and the power of space erupted. A strong destruction twist force dispersed, combining with the elementary grandmist energy and spinning itself into a chaos storm. The lightning dragons sent out by the Purple Lion Thunder Source were all swallowed up!

    With the choking power of the chaos storm combined together with the suppression of Thunder Laws from the grandmist space, the lightning dragons shattered like glass in just several breaths of time!

    After the lightning dragons shattered, they turned into a pure power of thunder. Lin Ming swept out his purple long spear, swallowing up all of the power of thunder like a thirsty whale.

    As the Purple Lion Thunder Source saw a massive amount of its own energies being sucked up by Lin Ming, it flew into a violent rage.


    With a loud cry, it shot towards Lin Ming!

    A Thunder Source was the origin of thunder that was produced over hundreds of millions of years; it symbolized the greatest power of thunder. As it threw its body towards Lin Ming, even the grandmist space around it began to tremble.

    "You’re truly worthy of being a Thunder Source. But the more powerful you are, only means the greater the power you bring to me will be!"

    A flash of excitement shone in Lin Ming’s eyes. He raised his long spear and lashed it out like a whip. As the spear came smashing down, it contained the compressed energy of the Heretical God Sprout as well as the grandmist battle spirit. If someone who just entered the late Divine Sea were to withstand this strike, they would be greatly wounded and even their dantian might shatter.

    Although the inherent energy within the Purple Lion Thunder source was potent, it didn’t have the ability or knowledge of cultivation methods. Even though it held so much energy within itself, it was actually unable to display its full potential.

    Lin Ming didn’t fear the current Purple Lion Thunder Source’s main form. What he feared was what would happen after swallowing it, and the terrifying impact to his meridians that the terrifying energy would cause. If his control was lacking in the slightest, all of his meridians would burn to a crisp.


    The spear came slashing down like a purple arc of light, nearly splitting the void in half. But the Purple Lion Thunder Source suddenly vanished in that moment!

    A series of purple phantoms appeared in the void like an ethereal dream. Thunder was the fastest of the main elements, and this Purple Lion Thunder Source also had an intangible body. It’s speed was nearly unrivalled!

    "You want to compare speed? I also have faith in my own speed!"

    Lin Ming coldly smiled. The Gate of Wonder opened and it merged with the Mystic Lightning Shade and Golden Roc Shattering the Void. His body became a blur, splitting into countless fading lights that nearly filled the entire grandmist space!

    "Chasing Thunder!"

    While using his extreme speed, Lin Ming also poured the power of thunder from the Heretical God Sprout into his purple spear and thrust outwards!

    The attack power of Chasing Thunder wasn’t too high. But just in terms of being a Concept based martial skill, it was able to reach the limit of speed.

    To deal with the intangible Purple Lion Thunder Source, he didn’t need an extremely powerful attack. In fact, all he needed was a Thunder Law martial skill attack to damage the Purple Lion Thunder Source to an even greater extent.

    With so many movement techniques combined with Chasing Thunder, he overtook the Purple Lion Thunder Source in the blink of an eye!

    As the Purple Lion Thunder Source saw Lin Ming catch up, its eyes filled with an incredulous disbelief. The reason that it dared to attempt ambushing Lin Ming was mainly because it had to retake the Twinlife Thunder Crystal within Lin Ming’s body, and secondly because it believed its own speed was extraordinary and abnormal. It believed that no matter what happened, it could freely come and go as it pleased. It never imagined that Lin Ming’s speed would actually surpass its own.

    The Purple Lion Thunder Source finally began to feel fear!


    Lin Ming’s spear struck the Purple Lion Thunder Source!

    Lin Ming didn’t feel as if he stabbed into a body, but a violent energy still surged into his meridians, wanting to burn his body.

    This was the energy of the Purple Lion Thunder Source causing a backlash. If a normal Divine Sea powerhouse were to have such a brutal thunder energy enter their bodies, they would be severely wounded.

    But this wasn’t anything much to Lin Ming. His thoughts touched upon the Heretical God Sprout as he revolved the energy in his body, instantly sweeping away the violent thunder energy within him. As for his meridians, his own body had already been tempered by thunder, so he didn’t receive any damage at all.

    The Purple Lion Thunder Source was in a miserable state. After its stomach was pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear, its main form had been shaken by the power of Laws within Lin Ming’s Chasing Thunder, causing a massive portion of its energy to disperse. In this grandmist space, not only was it unable to supplement itself with energy from the Thunder Dominion, but instead it had to constantly consume energy. Its body suddenly turned much less ethereal and illusory, and its shining eyes began to dim down. If the Purple Lion Thunder Source had resembled a real lion in the past, the current Purple Lion Thunder Source seemed like a reflection in the water blurry and unclear.

    "It’s injured. Take this chance to cage it." Demonshine’s voice sounded out from Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. Without needing Demonshine’s advice, Lin Ming already shot out eight gray marks of energy that turned into thunder symbols and flew into the Purple Lion Thunder Source’s body.

    This was the Concept of Thunder that Lin Ming had perceived through Jiang Ziji’s jade slips. The 12 lighting symbols that comprised the Mystic Lightning Shade were also based off a similar principle. But those 12 lighting symbols revolved the power of thunder to stimulate the potential of the body, whereas these eight thunder symbols utilized the power of thunder to display a sealing effect.

    As these lighting symbols flew into the Purple Lion Thunder Source, the Purple Lion Thunder Source felt as if a saber had been thrust into its body, it’s strength rapidly reducing. It desperately roared out, wanting to use energy to break off all eight of the thunder symbols, but these thunder symbols were like barbed shackles that chained it down. They deeply dug themselves into its body. The more the Purple Lion Thunder Source struggled, the more pain it felt!

    "Awoo! Awoo!"

    The Purple Lion Thunder Source sent out pitiful cries!

    Lin Ming didn’t give it the chance to recover. He stepped on Golden Roc Shattering the Void, flashing through space and appeared right above the Purple Lion Thunder Source.

    Both of Lin Ming’s hands grasped the purple long spear. An endless amount of thunder energy swelled into the spear as he brought it crashing down!


    The long spear nearly split the Purple Lion Thunder Source in half!

    The fading Purple Lion Thunder was simply unable to dodge. Disregarding the pain that wracked its body, it cried out again and again, its roars shaking the heavens and earth. It wanted to shake loose these thunder symbol shackles, but at this moment, it suddenly felt as if it had lost control of all the energy in its body, all of that energy was being rapidly sucked out via Lin Ming’s spear.

    In just several blinks of an eye, the Purple Lion Thunder Source’s body lost its luster, nearly turning transparent.

    It’s roars were also feeble, lacking the strength hey had before. The eight thunder symbols in its body were like shackles of divine iron, not even allowing it to move in the slightest.

    The current Purple Lion Thunder Source could not ascend into heaven nor escape into the earth; there was no path left for it to go. The grandmist space blockade also cut off all of its energy supply. Finally, the Purple Lion Thunder Source was overcome by despair.

    It howled again and again, begging for mercy, but Lin Ming ignored its cries and continued to draw out the energy from its body.

    "Yield to me, otherwise I will destroy your spiritual wisdom and only absorb the source of your energy. Although this is a bit less effective to me, the different won’t be too great! Moreover, if I wipe out your spiritual wisdom and only absorb your energy, the energy would also be much easier for me to control! There are plenty of benefits to doing so!"

    Lin Ming’s face was mercilessly indifferent and the energy in his hands became increasingly strong. The Purple Lion Thunder Source didn’t doubt that at the moment it refused, Lin Ming would really wipe out its spiritual wisdom!

    After a brief moment of hesitation, the Purple Lion Thunder Source finally showed a begging expression. It issued a series of purring ‘awoo awoo’ cries as its body shrank, finally submitting itself to Lin Ming.

    "Hehe, if you take in this fellow without wiping out its spiritual wisdom, it’ll be a bit dangerous. If there is ever a day you are seriously wounded, this fellow might take that chance to revolt." Demonshine said. He wasn’t too approving of Lin Ming’s methods.

    Lin Ming had also thought of this point. He said, "If I erase its spiritual wisdom, that’ll be the same as erasing the most essential part of the Thunder Source. Not only will its strength be reduced, but attacks using it will lack that spiritual sense, and it won’t be able to evolve in the future either."

    "Moreover, what is more important is that if it submits to me without resistance, it’ll be much easier for me to absorb. If I try to absorb such a violent Thunder source now, that doesn’t have any spiritual wisdom, my meridians might not be able to withstand the immense pressure. I have no idea whether or not I would be successful."

    Lin Ming didn’t fear that the Purple Lion Thunder Source would betray him in the future. With his rate of growth, his strength would soon far surpass the Purple Lion Thunder source. And there was also the suppression of the Heretical God Sprout. Once the Purple Lion Thunder source entered the Heretical God Sprout, its energy would come under the control of the transcendent divine might. Wasn’t betraying him easier said than done?

    "Come in!"

    Lin Ming grasped out his hand and directly grabbed the tiny Purple Lion Thunder Source in his hand. In that moment, an energy vortex formed in Lin Ming’s hand. All of the thunder origin energy that comprised the Purple Lion Thunder Source’s body was continuously absorbed by this vortex, constantly flowing into the Heretical God Sprout, vitalizing the Heretical God Sprout’s leaves and roots.

    The Purple Lion Thunder Source didn’t dare to resist. It allowed Lin Ming to draw out all of its energy. At that time, it would only be able to retain its own spiritual wisdom, and most of its energy would be under Lin Ming’s control.

    As Lin Ming absorbed it, the Purple Lion Thunder Source became increasingly small. Finally, it shrank to a size even smaller than Lin Ming’s palm before it was also sucked into the vortex.

    Like this, it traveled through Lin Ming’s meridians until it reached his dantian. There it saw the Heretical God Sprout.

    The sprout didn’t contain too formidable a thunder energy; it was only a third of the Purple Lion Thunder Source’s prime condition. However, the energy it contained was extremely pure and moreover exuded a faint aura of the Great Dao Laws, causing it to feel fear and alarm as it approached.

    Compared to this Heretical God Sprout, all of the essence of thunder that it had ever absorbed in the past was nothing at all; they were on two completely different levels!

    After discovering this, the Purple Lion Thunder Source no longer held any resistance to being absorbed by the Heretical God Sprout. The key point was that it wasn’t able to resist.

    It obediently allowed itself to be absorbed by the Heretical God Sprout, completely fusing into the branches and leaves. At that moment, the Heretical God Sprout also began to gently wiggle around. A young leaf began to bud out from the crown of the sprout, slowly unfurling out from a curled form. The veins of the leaf became gradually clear. This leaf had an incomparably strange appearance. It resembled a small furnace, and on the surface of this furnace was the design of a purple lion.

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