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Chapter 930:Dark Clouds

    Chapter 930:Dark Clouds




    In a great and empty hall, fifteen individuals were sitting around a long table. There were men and women, each one of them had an extremely deep aura; all of them were Divine Sea powerhouses.

    Within the Sky Spill Continent, there were just over a hundred Divine Sea powerhouses. For the last several hundred years no Divine Sea powerhouse was born. On the contrary, the old Divine Sea powerhouses began falling from the skies. Now there were only 90 Divine Sea powerhouses left. In this grand hall, one sixth of the remaining Divine Sea powerhouses were gathered.

    Sitting around this table, many people had worried and anxious expressions.

    "I wonder just what reason this Yang Yun has to have summoned us here today." At the end of the table, a white-clothed woman was lightly rubbing her forehead, her voice uneasy and filled with doubt.

    She was the White Clan’s Fairy Snow Gale.

    In these past years, Yang Yun had become increasingly strong. In particular, he managed to unite the deep sea race powerhouses of the Fog Sea under his name, and now there were over 20 Emperor level powerhouses who pledged their lives to him. When this was combined with the deterrence of the two top powerhouses in him and Whitedemon, this made it so that no one dared to resist him.

    "No matter what it is, we should just do it and get it over with. We still have Yang Yun’s battle spirit tracing mark on our bodies; we can only erase these marks if the force of our will approaches his. Now, whatever he says is law, how can we possibly defy him?" Beside Fairy Snow Gale, a blue-clothed middle-aged man hesitantly said.

    Since ancient times, even if one was the highest under the heavens, they had rarely managed to take complete control of the continent in their hands like Yang Yun. The reason Yang Yun was able to accomplish this was because of his battle spirit. If anyone dared to defy his orders, he would be able to hunt them down across the world.

    As the blue-clothed man spoke, silence fell over the hall. After half an incense stick of time passed, another person suddenly whispered, their voice faintly trembling, "For the last year, there have been seven Divine Sea powerhouses that have gone missing. These seven people all have a single common characteristic, and that is that they have a divine body or variation bloodline."

    Just these words caused a chill to creep down everyone’s backs. A divine body, variation bloodline, or variation dantian, all of these belonged to geniuses amongst geniuses. Their cultivation was rapid and their chances of reaching the Divine Sea were much higher than others. So even if there were an exceedingly small number of martial artists that possessed a divine body or variation bloodline, that number wasn’t small within the population of Divine Sea powerhouses. They accounted for around 20% of all Divine Sea powerhouses.

    Moreover, these people tended to break into the Divine Sea realm by themselves; their overall strength was greater than others.

    In just the last year, seven of these variation bloodline Divine Sea powerhouses had gone missing. That meant that nearly half of them had disappeared!

    Of these people, three of them had been determined dead, because their lifesoul jade slip had shattered. The other four didn’t leave behind a jade slip, but they had left behind a message and declared that they had either ‘gone into seclusion’ or were ‘travelling the world to search for immortality’. How could these Divine Sea powerhouses that had lived for thousands of years possibly believe such words?

    For this sort of matter to suddenly happen, how could someone not be shocked!

    The Divine Sea powerhouse that spoke was only casually thinking of this point; they didn’t speak any further. But all of the present Divine Sea powerhouses were wise people who had each gone through their own trials and tribulations; none of them were idiots.

    It was likely that those seven people had all died!

    Underneath the heavens, there were only a few who possessed the power to kill seven Divine Sea powerhouses in a year and to leave very few clues as to who had done it.

    Whitedemon, Yang Yun, and Old Man Good Fortune qualified to do so.

    As for Lin Ming, everyone present thought he was a bit worse than Old Man Good Fortune. No one had seen his battle with Whitedemon. The only ones who had witnessed that battle had been Situ Yaoxi and the several deep sea Emperor powerhouses that had accompanied Whitedemon, and all of them were dead.

    Although everyone thought that Lin Ming’s cultivation must have been extraordinary for these past few years, they all thought it was unlikely that his strength would grow to the point of being on par with Whitedemon or Yang Yun.

    This wasn’t to say that they underestimated Lin Ming. It was just that three years was truly too short a time and they didn’t know that he had comprehended a transcendent divine might. In truth, if it weren’t for the Heavenly Demon martial intent, Lin Ming really wouldn’t have been Whitedemon’s match.

    Of the three people capable of killing seven Divine Sea powerhouses in such a manner, Old Man Good Fortune didn’t have the motive to slaughter them. The most likely culprits were Whitedemon and Yang Yun.

    All seven of those Divine Sea powerhouses had a divine body or variation bloodline. This common characteristic resounded in everyone’s minds, making them draw some associations and conclusions. For instance, there were some demonic path cultivation methods that could refine the blood essence of variation bloodlines to vitalize one owns body. Yang Yun’s demonic atmosphere was enough to blot out the sky; it wouldn’t be strange if he used such a cultivation method!

    Moreover, he was even willing to slay his own great grandfather. If he could do that, what wouldn’t he do?

    As the martial artists present realized this, they all felt like lambs in a pen, waiting to be slaughtered. Especially the Divine Sea powerhouses present that had variation bloodlines; their complexions paled. If Yang Yun wished to kill them, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

    "Do we just sit here and wait for death?" Fairy Snow Gale sent out a true essence sound transmission. She only sent out a sound transmission to those people that she trusted most. Within Yang Yun’s domain, she wouldn’t dare to speak carelessly.

    A blue-clothed old man responded, "This child Yang Yun, his ambitions are far too great! He has already started to move against us. Once he has enough strength in the future, I fear he’ll unite the four divine Kingdoms. We must band together to oppose him. If the remaining 90 some Divine Sea powerhouses wholeheartedly join forces, we’ll still be able to resist him!"

    "Remaining 90 some Divine Sea powerhouses join forces?" A middle-aged man helplessly shook his head, "That’s easy for you to say. There are likely many of Yang Yun’s spies in the remaining Divine Sea powerhouses, and there is also the Asura Divine Kingdom that has completely surrendered to Yang Yun. To them, a world controlled by Yang Yun is better than one dominated by Lin Ming. Then again, even if we all get together, wanting to defeat top masters like Yang Yun and Whitedemon, and even those Fog Sea powerhouses under him doesn’t seem too possible. If we try that, it’s likely we’ll be instantly killed by Yang Yun instead!"

    "Then what do you propose we do? Do you think we should allow Yang Yun to slowly nibble away at our strength until we simply fall apart?"

    Everyone fell into silence. They lacked the strength to resist Yang Yun, but if they didn’t resist him, their ultimate fate wasn’t looking too good either.

    The Shang Clan Patriarch, Shang Yuetian said, "Yang Yun isn’t without threat. His greatest threat is Lin Ming. In these past years, Yang Yun has put out a world-wide arrest order for Lin Ming but no one has been able to find him. The Sky Spill Continent is incomparably broad. If Lin Ming is wise and finds some place to close up in seclusion and cultivate, then 10 years later he’ll definitely be able to kill Yang Yun. That is our last and only hope."

    "You think that Lin Ming is fine if he goes into hiding and cultivates by himself? Hey, don’t underestimate Yang Yun, his methods aren’t necessarily worse than Lin Ming. I have no idea what he’s been up to these years, but he might be able to sniff out Lin Ming’s location somehow."

    Fairy Snow Gale shook her head and said, "I’m hopeful about Lin Ming. You probably don’t know what happened in the South Horizon Region’s Sky Fortune Kingdom?"

    The Sky Fortune Kingdom was only a common and insignificant country within the vast Sky Spill Continent, moreover it was a mortal nation, lacking martial arts inheritances. It could be described as a tiny village in the middle of nowhere to those present. The only reason the powerhouses knew of it was due to Lin Ming.

    They had also heard of the trap Yang Yun had arranged at the Sky Fortune Kingdom.

    "Mm? What happened?" The Sky Fortune Kingdom was far too distant from the four Divine Kingdoms, and Lin Ming had also killed off almost everyone present at the time. News of the event hadn’t yet spread out. Of course, the Asura Divine Kingdom that had suffered the greatest losses was certainly aware of what happened, but they would never have spread such news outwards.

    "All of the Asura Divine Kingdom powerhouses that were stationed at the Sky Fortune Kingdom’s Lin Family, including Situ Yaoxi and the Sun Family Clan Patriarch, all of them have been completely exterminated. Even the Lin Family clansmen and buildings have all been completely swept up by some great supernatural power. Does this help you draw any associations?"

    "Mm? Are you saying that the one who did this was Lin Ming? Lin Ming has finally shown himself again!?"

    Fairy Snow Gale’s words shocked everyone! Lin Ming had gone missing for over three years, but he had actually reappeared!

    Some people were immediately excited. This young man Lin Ming always gave them a pleasant surprise. Now they finally had a chance of toppling Yang Yun!

    "It’s only been a bit more than three years, he’s too impatient." The middle-aged man who had been a bit gloomy shook his head, "And killing Situ Yaoxi and Patriarch Sun isn’t much at all. They are the weakest Emperor level powerhouses that only managed to reach the Divine Sea through lucky chances. Yang Yun and Whitedemon could kill them by lifting their fingers. If Lin Ming were compared to Yang Yun, I’m afraid the difference is still too great."

    "How come you always say such depressing words?" Fairy Snow Gale slightly frowned, "Lin Ming killing Situ Yaoxi and Patriarch Sun indeed isn’t much, but don’t forget, how could Yang Yun not keep some alternative chess pieces within the trap he set at the Sky Fortune Kingdom? Even though Lin Ming knew it was a trap and he didn’t know Yang Yun’s true self was waiting there, he still dared to rush in and save others. He even managed to safely escape! This is enough proof that Lin Ming has confidence he can freely escape from Yang Yun and Whitedemon’s hands. It might even be possible that he fought with Whitedemon. Lin Ming is an unrivalled talent, the likes that we’ve never seen before; it’s impossible to judge his limits with common sense."

    Fairy Snow Gale’s speculations were reasonable. Everyone glanced at each other, a faint ember of hope lighting up in their hearts. With Lin Ming reappearing, they could follow Lin Ming and engage Yang Yun in a final battle.

    Of course, the premise of this was that Lin Ming had the ability to frontally contend with Yang Yun. Even if he was weaker, he needed to at least be able to contend with him.

    "We just need to endure for a few more years. Once Lin Ming has grown enough, we can join together and counterattack Yang Yun."

    As Fairy Snow Gale spoke, she suddenly felt a powerful aura surge over her. Looking up, she could see a tall young man walking into the grand hall. He wore a red robe and a thin red line cut between his eyebrows. His posture was straight, his looks perfect, his skin as clear as jade, and his demonic temperament incomparable.

    This person was Yang Yun!

    By just meeting his eyes, Fairy Snow Gale felt as if her own soul had become lost, as if he saw through every inch of her body. She even suspected that he listened in on the true essence sound transmissions she sent out.

    "How-how could he have such terrifying power?"

    Fairy Snow Gale’s breath was caught in her throat. After not seeing him for over half a year, Yang Yun had become even more unfathomable. It was like he succeeded in practicing some monumentally strong devil arts. The momentum that rolled off of him left her alarmed and horrified!

    "Were done for. Yang Yun’s strength has already reached this level, how can anyone still hope to defy him?"

    Despair filled Fairy Snow Gale’s heart. It wasn’t just her, everyone else had similar feelings. All of the confidence they had of relying on Lin Ming to bring down Yang Yun came crashing down like an avalanche."

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