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Chapter 933:Lin Ming Returns

    Chapter 933:Lin Ming Returns




    The fist-sized thunderball appeared serene and listless. But as Lin Ming approached, he could feel the hairs on his body stand up. The energy within the thunderball was too dense; it had formed an energy field around it.

    This energy field actually caused the nearby space to twist together. As Lin Ming closed in, his heartbeat, his breathing, everything got affected by it.

    Facing this thunderball which was likely left behind by an Empyrean rank master, Lin Ming didn’t dare to be the least bit sloppy in his actions, even though he had the Heretical God Sprout supporting him.

    Although the Heretical God Force was a potent ability, it wasn’t infallible. As for what rank martial arts cultivation method it was, Lin Ming wasn’t sure. But no matter how powerful it was, it shouldn’t surpass a transcendent divine might rank cultivation method.

    One could approximate how powerful a transcendent divine might was just from observing the Heavenly Demon martial intent. The Heavenly Demon martial intent was only a Heavenly Demon martial intent, but it was able to instantly kill a Divine Sea powerhouse and allow Lin Ming to jump ranks to battle.

    Empyrean rank masters might even possess more than one transcendent divine might. If this thunder ball in front of him was formed by a transcendent divine might rank cultivation method, it’d be difficult for Lin Ming’s not yet fully grown Heretical God Sprout to suppress it.

    Lin Ming’s concentration was completely focused on the Heretical God Sprout. He slowly reached his hand out and began to suck out the thunder ball’s energy through his fingertip.

    As this small trace of energy entered his body, Lin Ming felt like a steel needle pierced into his body. Wherever this energy went, he felt like his meridians would burst apart at any moment, unable to withstand the burden.

    This energy gave of an unbelievably heavy feeling, just like grandmist energy.

    Thunder energy that was invisible and intangible could actually give off such a heavy feeling; Lin Ming thought this was incredible.

    Looking up at the large and small thunderballs that floated in the sky, Lin Ming thought they looked like stars in space.

    "This ancient powerhouse was actually able to transform the power of thunder into state like stars. If it weren’t for that sealed God Beast trying to free itself from its shackles and greatly weakening the energy within these thunderballs, there would have been no way for me to even absorb one."

    The supernatural powers of an Empyrean level character were already far beyond Lin Ming’s imagination. Any great array they casually left behind would contain a heaven-shaking grandeur.

    Lin Ming withstood the pain that wracked his meridians and continued to gather the thunder energy, having the Heretical God Sprout freely absorb it.

    After absorbing this thunderball, Lin Ming found two similarly sized thunderballs and also absorbed them. Only then was the Heretical God Sprout completely saturated with energy.

    Everything was successful. Lin Ming could feel that his own combat strength reached an unprecedented level. He was even looking forward to his battle with Yang Yun so he could test the limits of his own strength!

    Lin Ming descended from the Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion, a straight black line that zoomed towards the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. To the current Lin Ming, the dangers of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp weren’t anything much.

    After a quarter hour, Lin Ming reached the edge of the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. A flame suddenly lit up in front of him; this was unexpectedly the light of a sound transmitting talisman.

    "Sound transmitting talisman? Is it Duanmu Qun? Or the Forsaken god Clan?"

    Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. Within the entire Sky Spill Continent, the only ones who could find Lin Ming were Duanmu Qun and the others. When Lin Ming met with Duanmu Qun at the Forsaken God Clan, he had left his sound transmission mark at their dimensional realm so that they could contact each other in the future in order to help lead them back to the Holy Demon Continent.

    A sound transmission mark could only be used to send a message; it couldn’t be used to lock onto Lin Ming’s position. He had no fear that his sound transmission mark would be revealed to others.

    "Only Li Yifeng and a few others know of my relations with Duanmu Qun and the others. Moreover, Duanmu Qun tends to keep a low profile; Yang Yun shouldn’t be targeting them. But the Forsaken God Clan is different. Everyone under the heavens knows that I have significant ties to the Forsaken God Clan. Even so, Yang Yun shouldn’t try to start anything with them."

    By all reasoning, Lin Ming was only a friend to the Forsaken God Clan. Even if Yang Yun wanted to force out Lin Ming, it was meaningless for him to try something with the Forsaken God Clan. But that didn’t guarantee that Yang Yun wouldn’t fall into a demented state and release his anger on the Forsaken God Clan. If that happened, there was no way the Forsaken God Clan would be able to resist him.

    After the flame flashed for several breaths of time, it extinguished itself. Lin Ming thought for a moment as he heard the message in the sound transmitting talisman. "Yang Yun is planning on laying down a massive network of transmission arrays through the world to deal with me? And they want me to go to White Cloud Mountain Range to discuss countermeasures with Fairy Snow Gale?"

    "Could it be a trap?" Demonshine suddenly asked. "If Yang Yun has taken control of the Forsaken God Clan, then it shouldn’t be difficult to find your sound transmission mark."

    Lin Ming shook his head. "It shouldn’t be. This message should be sent by Duanmu Qun and Feng Shen. In order for me to trust this message, they even added on several matters that occurred in the Eternal Demon Abyss’s 1000 mile forbidden zone. Besides us, no one else should be aware of those matters. It’s unlikely that Duanmu Qun and Feng Shen would be discovered by Yang Yun. And with their personalities, even if Yang Yun caught them, they wouldn’t willingly be controlled by him."

    Demonshine nodded. Indeed, this sounded true. Especially that Feng Shen. He was an indifferent and proud character, and would rather die than be controlled by others.

    "It seems like the Forsaken God Clan is safe. Yang Yun hasn’t done anything to them yet." Lin Ming let out a sigh of relief. If the Forsaken God Clan was exterminated because of him, the guilt would weigh heavily on his heart.

    "It might be because of the goddess and Empyrean Primordius. Don’t forget, that devil also comes from the Sea of Miracles, and the Forsaken God Clan is significantly related to Empyrean Primordius and the goddess; they might even be their descendants. The Ancient Devil should also be aware of this. Not just that, but the Forsaken God Clan also has to bear a mysterious bloodline curse. Even if Empyrean Primordius already perished, the Ancient Devil wouldn’t rashly do anything to the Forsaken God Clan. There is always the possibility that he might get himself killed by the curse."

    "Yeah." Whether it was the Eternal Demon Abyss or Forsaken God Clan, they both had an inexplicable curse placed on them. An Emperor level powerhouse that entered the Blood Slaughter Steppes would also be killed by this curse.

    "White Cloud Mountain Range, Fairy Snow Gale, let’s go!"

    Lin Ming flew straight towards the White Cloud Mountain Range. The truth was that even if this was Yang Yun’s trap, Lin Ming wouldn’t have been afraid to go. He already knew the level of Yang Yun’s array formations. After he combined the Ancient Devil’s knowledge of demonic path array formations with the knowledge of orthodox array formations he knew, his comprehension of array formations far surpassed Yang Yun’s. Even if Yang Yun laid down an array formation to trap him, Lin Ming had the ability to break through it.

    As for a battle, Lin Ming didn’t fear that at all. In fact, he was even anticipating it.


    Millions of miles away in a hidden cave dwelling deep within White Cloud Mountain Range, Fairy Snow Gale sat at a jade table, a trace of worry coloring her face.

    Beside her was a blue-clothed old man and a white-clothed middle-aged man. They were respectively the Shang Family’s Highest Elder, Shang Yuetian, and the Seven Star Divine Kingdom’s Divine Emperor, Li Yuxiao.

    Out of the four Divine Kingdoms, Li Yuxiao was the Divine Emperor with the least achievements. He only ruled for a mere 300 years, and his cultivation wasn’t too extraordinary either; he had barely stepped into the middle Divine Sea realm. Compared to an established, older middle Divine Sea powerhouse like Situ Haotian, his strength fell short. This was also the reason why the Seven Star Divine Kingdom was ranked at the very end of the four Divine Kingdoms.

    The most crucial aspect of a Divine Kingdom’s strength was the peak strength of the Divine Kingdom’s highest master. In this aspect, the Seven Star Divine Kingdom was simply unable to compete with the other three Divine Kingdoms.

    "In these past 40 days, we’ve split up to dozens of places and sent out over a hundred sound transmitting talismans. Yang Yun only gave us a two month deadline to complete the transmission array network. We only have 20 days left and we still haven’t managed to find Lin Ming." Shang Yuetian slowly said, his wizened eyes tinged with nervousness.

    "The sound transmitting talismans we use can only go 6 million miles at most. If Lin Ming isn’t in the scope of this range, we won’t be able to find him."

    Li Yuxiao sighed. The Sky Spill Continent was simply too vast. With the four great seas also added on, even with Lin Ming’s sound transmission mark and these sound transmitting talismans that had a 6 million mile range, wanting to find him was easier said than done. They couldn’t do as Yang Yun had done and lay down hundreds of ultra-long distance transmission arrays in a single go. Moreover, if Lin Ming was trapped in some great array or mystic realm, it was possible the sound transmitting talisman would be blocked.

    "At this point there is no way to reach him. If we cannot find him, then that is our fate and there isn’t anything that can be done." The Forsaken God Clan Patriarch Shibai said from across Li Yuxiao and Fairy Snow Gale.

    Sitting beside Shibai were three people; Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin.

    There were only 20 days remaining. With every passing day, their hopes of finding Lin Ming became increasingly dim. Producing this sort of ultra-long distance sound transmitting talisman wasn’t easy at all. Even with the Seven Star Divine Kingdom, White Clan, Shang Clan, and many other Holy Land level family clans joining together, they were only able to gather up a hundred some of them. If they wanted to create new sound transmitting talismans, they simply didn’t have enough time to find the raw materials.

    If they used up all these sound transmitting talismans, they really had no hope of finding Lin Ming.

    Shang Yuetian frowned. "Could it be that Lin Ming doesn’t believe us and thinks this is a trap instead?"

    "No." Feng Shen’s words were as precious as gold. He was confident in his belief.

    "I hope that’s true." Fairy Snow Gale shook her head. Yang Yun’s tracing mark was on her and Shang Yuetian’s body. Although she had used the excuse of arranging a transmission array to come here, she had still taken an enormous risk in doing so. If Yang Yun wasn’t closing up in cultivation and secretly hid himself here to ambush them, there was no way they would be able to sense him with their differences in strength. At that time, the results could be imagined.

    As Fairy Snow Gale was lost in worry, her mind suddenly stirred. She could faintly feel the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy restlessly moving as a strong aura suddenly came shrouding down.

    "Someone has come!"

    Everyone’s hearts tightened. They swept their perception outwards and could actually see a white-clothed young man gracefully passing over the White Cloud Mountain Range. The White Cloud Mountain Range was hundreds of miles long, and Fairy Snow Gale and the others had all chosen an extremely covert location for the cave dwelling. Moreover, there was concealing array formations at the cave entrance. Even so, the white-clothed young man took less than half an incense stick of time to lock in on their position.

    This white-clothed youth was naturally Lin Ming.

    Lin Ming swept his divine sense outwards. After he couldn’t find any signs of traps or ambushes, he moved directly towards the cave dwelling. To someone like Lin Ming who was proficient in both the demonic and orthodox array formations of the Divine Realm, seeing through this array formation was a simple matter.

    "Lin Ming! Lin Ming has come!" Fairy Snow Gale’s eyes lit up, her heart swelling with joy!

    "What amazing methods. Such a great White Cloud Mountain Range and there is even a concealing array formation, yet he’s managed to find our positions so soon. The young are truly worthy of respect!" The Seven Star Divine Emperor Li Yuxiao acclaimed. To see Lin Ming was to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just the actions of him discovering their location so easily was enough to startle everyone!

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